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Unfortunately, this may not exist anymore! Feel free to read what was left behind, but bear in mind you may not be able to use the information!

Also known as the Grassy Field, this is just a big, grassy meadow. Honest. Nothing much happens here. It's a place to have a nap, let your kittybike or budget horse graze for a while, and chat with other contestants. Sometimes, you'll find your poor aching body gets healed. Other times, you'll just waste some time before your return to the jungle. Ain't that what life's all about?1)

The grassy meadow has been paved over and replaced by a five-star restaurant by the name of The Grassy Field, owned and operated by Bortwood Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bortwood Entertainment Enterprises Inc. The restaurant went broke after persistent reports of rampant food poisoning, it was demolished. It is now a grassy field again.

By general consensus, the Grassy Field has been declared a clothing-optional area. This makes it a very popular destination2) for kittymorphs and Uncle Bernard. Pass the mindbleach.

1) If one uses up all of one's chat in the grassy meadow, the hillside opens up a hellgate to the Failboat. One will immediately fall in, and all - not just some percent - of one's experience will be lost. Nobody ever said life was fair.
2) Even though you can't control when you show up there.
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