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The Quest for the Sporran of Power

The adventurers in this plot were Pinche Cabron, Ferryn, Syn, Ebenezer, Neeip, Xane, Peas of Crab, and Beeker. The whole thing was orchestrated by Escemfer.

The Invitation

You wake up. It's a hot, sticky morning, and something is obstructing your breathing. Half-awake, you tear the something off your face and sit up, squinting miserably. The something crinkles. You look down to find a piece of paper. It had been taped to your face while you were sleeping, and there's a message. In curly, girly handwriting. The i's are dotted with hearts.

You've been chosen to join a team of adventurers in the search for a rare and powerful Improbable artifact, called the Sporran of Power by those who know of it. It is rumored to grant immortality, superpowers, access into a society of super-cool people, or large amounts of money. If you wish to join this expedition and discover the truth of the Sporran of Power, be in Improbable Central at 4:30pm EST on Friday the 25th, and wait for a message. Be sure to bring food and drink for the journey, and don't tire yourself out beforehand.

Well, are you going to go?

Improbable Central

[09/25 02:14pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron slinks into town and nonchalantly sits in front of the Haberdasherry. He takes out today's Enquirer and pretends to read while scanning the square thru holes strategically cut in the paper.
[09/25 02:29pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads into central, and waits. if his clock is right, just a little while longer...
[09/25 02:30pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn whrrs back to life. The screen blinks a few times, diplaying a set of numbers. 4:30
[09/25 02:32pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip smiles to ferr, and sets one of his clocks to the right time. now then, it gets interesting...
[09/25 02:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron bats at buzzing fly annoying him. At least it's not armored. Finally, he traps it in the barrel of his sun gun. Peeeew! Peeew! and the poor little fly is obliterated.
[09/25 02:32pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's camera pans to neip. THe robot raises a grasper and waves, awkwardly
[09/25 02:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron nods to Ferryn and Neeip in turn.
[09/25 02:33pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip returns the wave, and pads over to her. "i assume your for the same thing i am?"
[09/25 02:34pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods back to Car, smiling
[09/25 02:34pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn holds out a crinkled and tor note in one grasper. It was kind of destroyed by ROBOT HANDS. Text flashes across the screen. what is a sporran?
[09/25 02:35pm] Ebenezer wanders into the Outposts and checks the clock on the Inn. He looks down at a piece of paper in his hands and then around to see who else has showed up here.
[09/25 02:36pm] Ebenezer mutters, "I can't believe I'm late." He flinches at Ferryn's text. "Erm... it's something from a game of golf."
[09/25 02:36pm] <ROGUE> Syn waves to Eb. "You here for the Sporran hunt too?"
[09/25 02:36pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip says, "its a kind of pocket slash pouch for a kilt, i had one way back..."
[09/25 02:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sees Ebenezer and starts to wave, then decides to wait. Let's see who else arrives to this shindig before making a move.
[09/25 02:37pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip waves to Syn and Eb
[09/25 02:37pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's camera pans to Syn. The robot tromps over, words flashing across it's screen. greetings Syn.
[09/25 02:37pm] High Lady Escemfer skips into town, munching from a ratpack. "Hi, everyone!" She seems happy.
[09/25 02:38pm] <ROGUE> Syn waves to the clunky bot ”Hi. Do I know you?”
[09/25 02:38pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip smiles and waves to Es "hi!"
[09/25 02:39pm] <ROGUE> Syn waves "Hi Esc."
[09/25 02:39pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn would laugh if it could. Sadly it has no audio capabilities, aside from beeps. you do. I am Ferryn.
[09/25 02:40pm] High Lady Escemfer smiles brightly. "Are you guys here for the sporran thing?"
[09/25 02:40pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron approaches the assembled group. "A sporran is a Scotsman's purse, where he keeps his sheep lube. That's all I know."
[09/25 02:40pm] <ROGUE> Syn should have guessed. Ferryn always does wind up as the strangest things.
[09/25 02:41pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip growls to Car. "what was that comment?" Neeip is part scottish. he takes offense like a full one.
[09/25 02:41pm] Ebenezer says, "Well, well, erm, yes. I'm here for the sporran thing. It was sort of my job to find one during the golf tournament. I think there was a definition in the Enquirerer once." He babbles.
[09/25 02:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron holds his hands up in mock defense. He didn't wish to offend.
[09/25 02:42pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn scrolls more text at Syn. i have no luck. i cannot even end up an up to date robot.
[09/25 02:42pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe pops in,(Xane for any of those listening to the commons, he's considering this before those events for the sake of not being a morbid idiot). He waves, "Sorry I'm late!"
[09/25 02:43pm] Ebenezer starts at Pinche's comment and sputters, "I'm-I'm sure that's not at all what the Enquirer said!" He looks around, as if trying to find a newspaper dispenser to prove Pinche wrong.
[09/25 02:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm a bit wound up about this, Neeip. All the secrecy and whatnot. I just wanted to break the tension."
[09/25 02:44pm] High Lady Escemfer says, peacably, "Let's not argue. We're going on a treasure hunt!"
[09/25 02:45pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip says, "fine, fine. No more comments like that though..."
[09/25 02:45pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | As if on cue, a frog hops awkwardly into Improbable Central, heading towards the group of adventurers. There's a note tied to its back with orange ribbon.
[09/25 02:46pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads over to the frog
[09/25 02:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Lady Escemfer, would you do the honors?"
[09/25 02:47pm] High Lady Escemfer watches the sudden frog and tries not to pounce on it.
[09/25 02:47pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip stands aside to let Es read the note.
[09/25 02:47pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The frog croaks loudly. This note is very uncomfortable!
[09/25 02:48pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks. Note?
[09/25 02:48pm] High Lady Escemfer looks around at everyone and wanders over to the frog. She picks it up and unties the note. Setting the frog back down, she unfolds the paper to see what it says.
[09/25 02:49pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The note reads, simply, "Find the ribbon at 16, 9."
[09/25 02:50pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly observes from the stocks. SHe won't be able to participate in the hunt just now. Perhaps later.
[09/25 02:50pm] Ebenezer leans over Escemfer's shoulder nosily and adjusts his spectacles so he can see it too.
[09/25 02:51pm] High Lady Escemfer reads this message aloud. She blinkds, then looks around. "16, 9?" she repeats, asking for input.
[09/25 02:51pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn beeps at Escemfer, flashing text. what does it say?
[09/25 02:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron raises his eyebrows. y16x9?
[09/25 02:51pm] High Lady Escemfer absently steps on the gremlin that sneaked a d into her blink. That felt uncomfortable.
[09/25 02:51pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip Peers over Es's shoulder. he grins. "well peoples, shall we get going?"
[09/25 02:51pm] Ebenezer repeats, "Find the ribbon at sixteen, nine. Erm. Coordinates, do you suppose?"
[09/25 02:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The Map, of course, Lady Escemfer!"
[09/25 02:51pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn whrrrs. Flashes a map of the Island on it's screen.
[09/25 02:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Do you each have a map?"
[09/25 02:53pm] High Lady Escemfer nods and smiles! Map coordinates! She pulls out her map. "Is it exes or whys first, though?" She's not especially good at reading maps.
[09/25 02:53pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods.
[09/25 02:53pm] Ebenezer points to Ferryn's map. "Well, I suppose we're going there, then. Erm... after you," he says generally. He'll follow anyone, so long as he doesn't have to be the first one out.
[09/25 02:53pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "I do. Shall we go on our way?"
[09/25 02:53pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I think Y's, but I know not the wherefores."
[09/25 02:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "After you, Xane."
[09/25 02:54pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn flashes text. it is best if we leave now.
[09/25 02:55pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The frog hops away to the southeast.
[09/25 02:55pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods, and pads out. he turns around near the gates "c'mon yall! we've an adventure!"
[09/25 02:55pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe heads out, hoping the others follow...and that he doesnt get mauled....
[09/25 02:56pm] High Lady Escemfer skips out of town, holding her map in front of her. Hopefully, they'll all end up at the same spot. At the right spot.
[09/25 02:56pm] Ebenezer hurries out with the others, trying to stay in the middle of the crowd, just in case of danger.

Map Square: 16, 9

[09/24 06:32pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Just off the road to Kittania, a friendly-looking copse of trees blends the plains into the southern jungle. If you look that way, you might glimpse a flash of red among the branches.
[09/25 02:52pm] <ROGUE> Syn looks for a ribbon.
[09/25 02:55pm] <ROGUE> Syn sees something on one of the nearby trees and reaches up to try and grab it.
[09/25 02:56pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromptromps in, dragging a few saplings that got stuck on it.
[09/25 02:56pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe stumbles in, improbability seems to have neglected him with any ability to fight today. He looks around for the ribbon, seeing the others. "Need some help syn?"
[09/25 02:57pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads into the copse, waving to the others. "see anythin yet?"
[09/25 02:57pm] High Lady Escemfer wanders in, nose in the map. She handily pulls a few branches off Ferryn.
[09/25 02:57pm] <ROGUE> Syn can snag the ribbon all by herself thank you very much. “I’ve got it Xane.”
[09/25 02:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I got a bit turned around. Lady Escemfer was right. X first."
[09/25 02:58pm] Ebenezer pops into the square. "Angh! Something tried to grab me! I barely got away with my life!"
[09/25 02:58pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The ribbon is attached to a potato, which is attached to a tree branch. Carved into the potato is the message: X = 16, Y = 7
[09/25 02:58pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "So...what are we supposed to do with the ribbon?"
[09/25 02:59pm] High Lady Escemfer waves Ebenezer off. "Oh, shush." He's so dramatic.
[09/25 02:59pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks...."Right then...off to the next spot, eh?"
[09/25 02:59pm] Ebenezer says, "Oh, great. More coordinates. Let's get going, then, I suppose."
[09/25 02:59pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip smiles to Eb, and turns to Xeno "follow the yellow gold 'tater?"
[09/25 03:00pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe heads south, jogging and hoping he doesnt run into any of his fellow Jokers...they don't seem to like him today...
[09/25 03:00pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn zooms in on the potato. The map flashes on its screen again, the coordinates hilighted helpfully
[09/25 03:00pm] High Lady Escemfer follows everyone else! Whee, this is fun!
[09/25 03:00pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip starts towards the next spot.
[09/25 03:00pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromps off again

Map Square: 16, 7

[09/24 06:35pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | In this hot, sticky gloom, it might be hard to spot the next clue. If you look carefully, though, you can find a battered math textbook between two rocks.
[09/24 06:37pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | There's a yellow ribbon tucked inside the front cover, and if you open it, you'll find a math equation written on the page...
[09/25 02:59pm] <ROGUE> Syn waits for the others
[09/25 03:01pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ebenezer is good at math."
[09/25 03:01pm] <ROGUE> Syn falls asleep waiting.
[09/25 03:01pm] High Lady Escemfer stumbles in. "Hi, Syn!" She waves. "You're fast!"
[09/25 03:01pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromps in, a small birds nest on it's casing this time.
[09/25 03:02pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads into the area, and waves to the others. he sights a text book, and grabs it.
[09/25 03:02pm] Ebenezer stumbles into the scene, puffing and brushing his shoulders. "Angh! Attacked by an armoured housefly back there."
[09/25 03:02pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron admires Ferryn's bird's nest toupee. Or is it a merkin? Hard to tell with robots.
[09/25 03:02pm] High Lady Escemfer smiles at Ebenezer. "I got free money," she says.
[09/25 03:02pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe frowns...math...it had to be math...
[09/25 03:03pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip says, "hey! i think i found it!" he opens the book. math, great. "we need Eb.""
[09/25 03:03pm] Ebenezer suddenly looks excited! "Oh, oh, is it maths? Let me see."
[09/25 03:04pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Oh boy, math! The equation is: X+4-Y=[_]
[09/25 03:04pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods, and hands the book to Eb
[09/25 03:04pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Beneath the equation is another short message: co = [_], 6
[09/25 03:05pm] High Lady Escemfer peeks at the textbook. "I don't know how to do it," she says obviously.
[09/25 03:05pm] <ROGUE> Syn says "13?"
[09/25 03:05pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn , if it could read the equation, would have already solved in. But it is big and clunky and too far away.
[09/25 03:06pm] <ROGUE> Syn then promptly falls back asleep.
[09/25 03:07pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron inputs the equation into Ferryn's terminal.
[09/25 03:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Y in the equation equals 6?"
[09/25 03:08pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn beeps a few times then flashes 13 on it's screen. Syn was correct.
[09/25 03:09pm] High Lady Escemfer frowns, thinking. "Hey, wasn't there an x and y on the potato?" She seems to think that might be related to this.
[09/25 03:09pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's display switches to the map, showing the coordinates 13, 6.
[09/25 03:10pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has never been especially good at math, but he's not sure how one can arrive at X from the information given.
[09/25 03:10pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods and smiles to Ferr "arright, we got the location folks, lets move out!"
[09/25 03:10pm] Ebenezer takes the book and adjusts his spectacles nerdishly. His says, "Well, erm...we need an x and a y." That's obvious. You don't need a genius to tell you that!
[09/25 03:11pm] Ebenezer is a bit slow. He picked a bad time to space out.
[09/25 03:11pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn still has a bit of creative human thinking let. FLashes text. X and Y in the equation are the previous co-ordinates given.
[09/25 03:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wrinkles his brow, but the answer dawns on him. "OK, I get it."
[09/25 03:12pm] High Lady Escemfer looks at Ferryn's display. "So... 16 plus 4 minus 7?"
[09/25 03:13pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab enters. "Hey guys.... Hig, Hig, hig."
[09/25 03:13pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip grins. "arright then, off we go!" he starts towards the new location.
[09/25 03:13pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromptromps off. It's already given the answer!
[09/25 03:13pm] Ebenezer facepalms and mutters, "Thirteen." He's in agreement with thirteen, six.
[09/25 03:14pm] High Lady Escemfer works the math in her head... then follows everyone else.

Map Square: 13, 6

[09/25 03:15pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab enters. It appears no one else is around!
[09/25 03:16pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron arrives, puffing. Out of breath. From the jog. Puff puff.
[09/25 03:16pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromptromps in. There is a confused squirrel seated on it's head.
[09/25 03:16pm] High Lady Escemfer skips into the area. She looks around for a clue.
[09/25 03:16pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Peas, is this the right place?"
[09/25 03:17pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab has come on the adventure because of some villagers who had overheard the group talking.
[09/25 03:17pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads into the area. "everyone as confuzed as i am?"
[09/25 03:17pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron needs to cut down on cigarettes. Maybe take up cigars, instead.
[09/25 03:18pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab nods. "I think so. Unless the equation was referring to the y of the coordinate that was given to us. Not the one we were just on."
[09/25 03:18pm] Ebenezer stumbles in, gasping. He was obviously attacked three more times on his way down here.
[09/25 03:18pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | A rock drops from the sky, landing on the ground with a thump.
[09/25 03:18pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's headsquirrel runs off. Flashes text. does anyone see anything? my field of vision is limited.
[09/25 03:19pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab adds, "In that case it would be (14, 6)."
[09/25 03:19pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip GYAHS! as a rock falls from the sky. "nevermind!"
[09/25 03:19pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab nearly had his head dashed in by the rock. He looks at the clue.
[09/25 03:19pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's camera tracks the rock and the robot moves over to it.
[09/25 03:20pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab mutters, "I guess I was wrong then."
[09/25 03:20pm] Ebenezer is narrowly missed by a falling rock. He jumps to one side, "Angh!" He looks up into the sky to see what might have dropped that.
[09/25 03:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "In which case it would be what?"
[09/25 03:20pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab wonders if the stone really was that big to nearly have hit him and Ebenezer.
[09/25 03:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Should I go look and then report back?"
[09/25 03:20pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The rock has something written on the bottom. '2 west.'
[09/25 03:21pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab runs off.
[09/25 03:21pm] Deputy Beeker wanders past.
[09/25 03:21pm] Ebenezer was just standing really close to Peas, of course.
[09/25 03:21pm] High Lady Escemfer looks around. "Is someone throwing rocks at us?"
[09/25 03:22pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn examines the bottom of the rock. Its screen flashes again, displaying the new coordiantes
[09/25 03:22pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Hullo, Ebenezer, hullo, Escemfer. Why are you looking at the bottom of rocks?"
[09/25 03:22pm] Ebenezer would suspect Beeker was throwing rocks at them if he didn't know better. Beeker would never be so mean.
[09/25 03:22pm] Deputy Beeker looks at the rock. "Oh, huh."
[09/25 03:22pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip looks at the rock. "i think we got our answer!" he pads off to the direction.
[09/25 03:23pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromps off again.
[09/25 03:23pm] Deputy Beeker doesn't look like he has been throwing rocks, though, of course, one never knows.
[09/25 03:23pm] Ebenezer replies to Beeker, "It's, it's some sort of scavenger hunt. It's sending us everywhere."
[09/25 03:23pm] High Lady Escemfer waves to Beeker. "We're looking for a magic sporran!" she tells him.
[09/25 03:23pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Huh. West? Um, all right."
[09/25 03:23pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Ooh!" and troops off westwards.
[09/25 03:24pm] Ebenezer realizes that everyone else is going West! He waves to Beeker and says, "Well, I'm off with the others. Best to stick with the group and-and not get lost."
[09/25 03:24pm] High Lady Escemfer goes west along with everyone else!

Map Square: 11, 6

[09/24 06:39pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Walk softly, there's a panthzer sleeping in the area. Around the barrel of its gun is tied a blue ribbon, attached to which is a little bronze compass with writing on the back...
[09/25 03:22pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab enters quietly and spies the panthzer. Ducking behind a large rock, he pulls out his chainsaw...
[09/25 03:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I think I can do this."
[09/25 03:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "No, wait, Peas! This will require stealth."
[09/25 03:23pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab creeps along quietly, making sure not to make a noise. Though the chainsaw isn't on, he's ready if it accidentally wakes up.
[09/25 03:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Let's wait a moment for the others, then I'll creep up on it."
[09/25 03:23pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab makes a motion to quiet Cabron. "I've got it," he whispers.
[09/25 03:24pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads into the area, and sights the panthzer. he grins.
[09/25 03:24pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromps in. Its camera spies the panthzer, at Ferryn stops moving.
[09/25 03:24pm] Deputy Beeker comes padding up, shuffling through the underbrush. "Hullo, Pinche, what ar—" he goes quiet. "Uh."
[09/25 03:24pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip sighs. this could be done so much faster with the liberal use of explosives... he still waits by the wings, letting them try.
[09/25 03:24pm] High Lady Escemfer wanders in and, upon spying the panthzer, immediately shushes and creeps quietly.
[09/25 03:24pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab keeps on creeping towards the panzther. Not a sound is made. So far, so good.
[09/25 03:25pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron whispers back, "I'll flank him. Her. It.
[09/25 03:25pm] Ebenezer stumbles onto the scene and then freezes upon seeing that panthzer. He squeaks quietly and sneaks to stand behind Neeip.
[09/25 03:25pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The panthzer rumbles in its sleep. Twitch.
[09/25 03:25pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron moves around to the side, and creeps bush to tree to rock. He's in an overwatch position in case there's trouble.
[09/25 03:26pm] Ebenezer whispers loudly, "If nobody minds, I'd like to have that ribbon for something as well." He makes a shooing gesture. "Someone go get it."
[09/25 03:27pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn is NOT SUITABLE FOR THIS TASK.
[09/25 03:27pm] High Lady Escemfer looks at Ebenezer and whispers, "For your hair?"
[09/25 03:27pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab leaps forwards, wings out. In a few seconds, the panzther is awake. However, PoC is already running back towards the other contestants.
[09/25 03:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks over at Peas and gestures. He makes a fist, then twirls his finger, makes a few short waves, then wiggles all his fingers, as if playing a trumpet.
[09/25 03:27pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip sighs, and pulls out his scrap axe. "run, or fight?"
[09/25 03:27pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab holds the blue ribbon and compass in his hand. He shouts in a voice not normal for him, "Kill the fucker!"
[09/25 03:28pm] High Lady Escemfer sees that someone has woken the beast and whips out her foam sword. Pause. Crap. Whips out her katana.... DAMNIT! She should have bought the rusty chainsaw!
[09/25 03:28pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab sprint behind Ebenezer. "You'll help protect me... right??"
[09/25 03:28pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods. He can deal with that. He charges by the side, popping a makeshift smoke to give the others(and himself) cover
[09/25 03:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron lets loose with his sun gun. One shot usually does it, but he lays in a burst of three shots.
[09/25 03:28pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn whrrthmps forwards, and grasps the front of the beast, restraining it. With awesome robot powar.
[09/25 03:29pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Uh! Couldn't you have mentioned that plan earlier?" He fumbles for his chainsaw, which isn't at the ready. Fumble, fumble. He drops it to the jungle floor. "Ack!"
[09/25 03:29pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The panthzer is enraged at the interrupting of its nap. It is going to snack on some adventurers!
[09/25 03:30pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron shouts, "Mind the folding! Don't get too close, or you'll get sucked in by the implosions!"
[09/25 03:30pm] Ebenezer flinches, lets out a brave warcry of "AAANGH!" and prompty ducks and covers behind Neeip. Someone else can kill this beast!
[09/25 03:30pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip doges the shots the panthzer makes, and hops on the back, macking a nice large cut in its back with his axe. he deposits many, many grenades. "RUN!"
[09/25 03:30pm] High Lady Escemfer dashes forward to stab the beast.
[09/25 03:30pm] High Lady Escemfer takes Neeip's word and RUNS!
[09/25 03:30pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip looks to Car as he fires. SHITSHITSHITSHIT! he runs as fast as he can away
[09/25 03:31pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab folds himself around the ribbon into his egg-form.
[09/25 03:31pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn decides retreat is the saftest option. It thumpthumps away as fast as possible
[09/25 03:31pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Three... two... one... KABOOM! Panthzer stew, anyone?
[09/25 03:31pm] Ebenezer yelps and lunges to grab Escemfer by the back of the neck. He tugs her back! She's not going to get exploded by Neeip's grenades on his watch!
[09/25 03:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is happily surprised no one was injured by the gravitational effects of his sun gun.
[09/25 03:32pm] Deputy Beeker gets thwacked in the chest with a flying bit of panthzer. Ew. "Oof!" he says, and makes a face.
[09/25 03:32pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab uncurls as the fire die away on his scales. Sniffing the air he comments, "Not bad, really..."
[09/25 03:32pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip catches the chunks in a handy stew pot. yum!. he looks back to Pocky. "oh yeah, real stealthy. what was the point of sneaking, allerting it by grabbing it to fast, then attack!?"
[09/25 03:32pm] Ebenezer is spattered with Panthzerbits. "EUGH! It had to be grenades!" He stomps his foot.
[09/25 03:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Next time, we need to plan first, and not go in all Leroy Jenkins."
[09/25 03:33pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab thinks that maybe Cabron's BFG is faulty. Uncurling his segmented fingers, he holds out the ribboned compass.
[09/25 03:33pm] High Lady Escemfer brushes the panthzer off herself with distaste. Ewww...
[09/25 03:33pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's screen flashes at whoever is responsible for this. perhaps not the smartest plan of action
[09/25 03:33pm] Deputy Beeker brushes panthzer gore out of his fur. Brush. Brush brush.
[09/25 03:34pm] Ebenezer eagerly reaches for the ribbon, more interested in that than the compass. "Oh, oh, oh. Nobody minds if I take this, yes?"
[09/25 03:34pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip points out that at least he gave the others cover with his smoke 'nade. its bloody hard to make those things....
[09/25 03:34pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab answers Neeip. "Experience?"
[09/25 03:34pm] On the back of the compass is written another clue, obviously. 'North by Three'
[09/25 03:35pm] Deputy Beeker offers Escemfer his brush. "Sure, Ebenezer," he says.
[09/25 03:35pm] Deputy Beeker can't read what the compass says from here. "What's it say?" he asks.
[09/25 03:35pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn beeps to draw attention to its screen, now reading what is our clue?
[09/25 03:35pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip shrugs. "kindof." he knows when to let the sneaks sneak when theres something that size around. he also knows that ussualy they DONTWAKE THE DAMN THING UP!
[09/25 03:35pm] High Lady Escemfer accepts the brush. "Thanks." She brushes herself off.
[09/25 03:35pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab runs off, panzther bits sliding off him as he sprints.
[09/25 03:36pm] Deputy Beeker watches Peas run off with the clue.
[09/25 03:36pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn tromps after Peas.
[09/25 03:36pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Uh. Did he just read the clue and run off?"
[09/25 03:36pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn beeps to get people to follow.
[09/25 03:36pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip Peers at the compas, "well, shall we be going yeah?" he idly wonders why Eb wanted the ribbon so much....
[09/25 03:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "3 North. And someone tell Peas not to rush headlong before the others get there."
[09/25 03:37pm] Deputy Beeker follows, he knows not where. Tra la.
[09/25 03:37pm] High Lady Escemfer stares after Peas and Ferryn. "I guess?" She hands Beeker his brush back and follows.
[09/25 03:37pm] Ebenezer follows after everyone, not wanting to be left behind!
[09/25 03:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron nods to Beeker and sighs.

Map Square: 11, 9

[09/24 06:42pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | In the center of a small clearing is a tree stump, flourishing with moss and mushrooms. Standing on the stump, glittering in the filtered light, is a cracked pitcher.
[09/24 06:43pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | There are three ribbons tied to the handle; blue, yellow, and red. Is this what you've been searching for? There's something inside...
[09/25 03:37pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab walks into the clearing, but stays back. This time he'll be part of the solution! He'll be the solute! [09/25 03:38pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn whrrrs into the clearing.
[09/25 03:38pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pads into the grounds, and sights the pithcer. he waits for the others to arrive
[09/25 03:38pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab thinks the solvent might be Neeip or Cabron. Possibly Escemfer or Beeker.
[09/25 03:38pm] High Lady Escemfer follows close behind and immediately spies the pitcher. "Is that the sporran?"
[09/25 03:38pm] Ebenezer stumbles into the area and promptly snatches the blue ribbon away from Peas. He needs that ribbon. "Thanksverymuch," he mumbles quickly, tucking the ribbon into his pocket.
[09/25 03:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is more of a precipitate kind of guy.
[09/25 03:39pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn steps closer to the pitcher, zooming in on it. Clickclickclick goes the camera.
[09/25 03:39pm] Deputy Beeker walks over to the pitcher and looks inside.
[09/25 03:39pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip waves to the others, and pads over to Eb. "whats whithchu and the Ribbons mate?"
[09/25 03:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Shoud we pull one at a time or all three at once?"
[09/25 03:39pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab spots Neeip. "Hey, sorry about the thing. I could've sneaked all the way, but then I might not've been able to react so quickly to run back after it woke up. 'Sides, I knew you guys could kill it.
[09/25 03:40pm] Ebenezer freezes and stares at the pitcher. "Could, could that be it? The-the sporran?"
[09/25 03:40pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The pitcher is filled with... dried beans? What?
[09/25 03:40pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says to Neeip, "Eb is a scrounger. As am I."
[09/25 03:40pm] High Lady Escemfer nods at Ebenezer and sneaks forward to investigate.
[09/25 03:40pm] Ebenezer looks embarrassed and answers Neeip, "Oh-oh, I just need this one for, for something. It's a bit complicated."
[09/25 03:41pm] Deputy Beeker picks a bean out of the pitcher and looks it over. "Huh."
[09/25 03:41pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "OK, if no one objects, I'll pull a ribbon out."
[09/25 03:41pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip shrugs to Car, then turns to Pocky. "... what? why not let someone else sneak then? someone could have at least killed it, or tried to to take the shite without allearting it"
[09/25 03:41pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods to Eb, then watches as Car picks one
[09/25 03:41pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab picks up a bean and pops it into his mouth. "It tastes... interesting."
[09/25 03:42pm] Deputy Beeker sets down his backpack and rummages through it. He pulls out a canteen of water. "We could, uh, maybe something's buried in there and might float to the top or something?" He looks to the others.
[09/25 03:42pm] High Lady Escemfer looks at Beeker's bean. "Maybe we're supposed to bury them." These beans are not going to sprout plants, Esc. "Or eat them."
[09/25 03:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron reaches forward and grasps the BLUE ribbon. He slowly pulls it out.
[09/25 03:42pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip shrugs. "anythin's possible mate..."
[09/25 03:42pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn grasps the pitcher and dumps it upside-down. Much simpler.
[09/25 03:42pm] Deputy Beeker looks at the ribbons tied to the handle. "Well, uh, I don't know why that would help, Pinche, but I guess those ribbons are there for a reason, sure."
[09/25 03:42pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab shrugs at Neeip and then pops another bean into his mouth.
[09/25 03:43pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Err," as Ferryn dumps the contents onto the ground.
[09/25 03:43pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Or, we could try that, I guess."
[09/25 03:43pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The pitcher contains nothing but beans. Maybe they're immortality-granting beans.
[09/25 03:43pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip does not think one should eat strange beans around here....
[09/25 03:44pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's screen flashes sudenly. the items! potato, book, compass. Maybe place them in the pitcher?
[09/25 03:44pm] High Lady Escemfer goes ahead and picks a bean up. She examines it, then pops it in her mouth. Crunch. She buries another bean for good measure.
[09/25 03:44pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip thinks if they are imortality beans, Fuck-no, thankyoukindly.
[09/25 03:44pm] Ebenezer leans closer and says, "Is-is-is that all? Just-just beans? Look through and see if that's it!"
[09/25 03:44pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab is thinking of a fable. Something about a magpi- No, a raven.
[09/25 03:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hands Ebenezer the Blue Ribbon and says, "You win the county fair grand prize."
[09/25 03:45pm] Deputy Beeker scratches his ear. He takes out his teapot, empties the canteen into it, scoops up the beans from the ground and dumps them in the teapot. Reading tea leaves! You never know!
[09/25 03:45pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab pops a few more strange beans in his mouth.
[09/25 03:45pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn beeps, trying to draw attention to its screen
[09/25 03:45pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Let's see if we can trade these for a cow."
[09/25 03:46pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab remembers the fable and decides it doesn't work in this context...
[09/25 03:46pm] Ebenezer pulls a face at Peas and says, "Well, well, erm...thank you." He doesn't dare ask what he won the prize for.
[09/25 03:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I bet we could find someone gullible enough to give us a cow for them if we told him they were magical."
[09/25 03:46pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Peas' eyebrows begin turning bright blue at a slow, but steady speed. Esc's seem to be doing the same, but not as readily.
[09/25 03:46pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip looks back to Ferr as she(him? it?) beeps. "huh. mabey your right."
[09/25 03:46pm] Ebenezer actually was talking to Pinche, not Peas. This adventure left him a bit confused, it seems.
[09/25 03:47pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron laughs at Eb, "For collecting ribbons, of course."
[09/25 03:47pm] Deputy Beeker is peering into his teapot, and failing to notice people turning blue.
[09/25 03:47pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip watches as Pocky and Es turns blue. "probably should have voiced my concerns. oh well"
[09/25 03:48pm] High Lady Escemfer peeks over Beeker's shoulder. "Are you cooking them?"
[09/25 03:48pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn waves the pitcher around a bit, trying to get people to plae the items inside
[09/25 03:48pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab does not have eyebrows; let's say, his wings, instead.
[09/25 03:48pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I think I saw this in a movie, once."
[09/25 03:49pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip puts the text book in the pitcher. Eb has the ribbons, he thinks..
[09/25 03:49pm] Deputy Beeker doesn't have any items (except beans in a teapot) and thus fails to respond to Ferryn's wavings. He answers Escemfer, "Well, I thought some of them might float, or something."
[09/25 03:49pm] Ebenezer stares at the beans and, hesitantly, takes one. He looks it over, frowning. When he looks up, he points to Esc and snaps, "Your-your-your eyebrows!"
[09/25 03:49pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab eats a few more beans. "I don't know why, but these taste really good now. Better than Mutant Steak!"
[09/25 03:49pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip starts humming an oompaloompa song.
[09/25 03:50pm] Ebenezer only has the blue ribbons, actually. The one from the compass and the one that Pinche just gave him.
[09/25 03:50pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Some of the beans float to the top, forming a smiley face.
[09/25 03:50pm] High Lady Escemfer looks at Ebenezer quizzically. "What?"
[09/25 03:50pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn steps over to peas and nudges him with the pitcher. compass!
[09/25 03:50pm] Deputy Beeker points at the teapot. "Oooh! It's a... um. Is that a clue?"
[09/25 03:51pm] Ebenezer says to her, "Your eyebrows just turned blue!" He jumps and points to Peas, "And so did yours!"
[09/25 03:52pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip peers over Beeker's shoulder, and shrugs. "dunno"
[09/25 03:52pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab puts the compass into the jar. Oddly, it swings around to point south. Peas would also like to note that it's his wings that are turning blue, if he knew that that was happening.
[09/25 03:52pm] Deputy Beeker looks up at the mention of blue eyebrows. "Um," he says, "blue... eyebrows..." he looks down at the beany smiley. "And a smiley face." He's sufficiently flummoxed now.
[09/25 03:52pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab is Violet Beauregarde.
[09/25 03:52pm] High Lady Escemfer feels her eyebrows. They don't feel any different... She looks at Peas. And grins. "Hey! This is awesome."
[09/25 03:53pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab chomps on a few more beans. He sure did get a handful!
[09/25 03:53pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip takes out a (small) mirror from his bag, and angles it so Pocky can see his Wings. "your wings are blue mate" he chuckles as he remmembers a gorge carlin bit...
[09/25 03:53pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn lets out a beep again. who has the book? and the potato?
[09/25 03:54pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The rest of Peas begins turning blue as well.
[09/25 03:54pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip appearently put the book back in his bag after Eb finished. he gives it to Ferr.
[09/25 03:54pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab looks at the mirror. "That's never happened before. I'm glad I don't have eyebrows then! Jeez. This looks much more cool."
[09/25 03:55pm] Deputy Beeker scratches his ear. He stands up and walks around the tree stump itself.
[09/25 03:55pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab begins to turn blue. Fortunately the swelling and little orange-green men have not occured yet.
[09/25 03:55pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Um, I was going to put water in the pitcher before, we could try that? After Ferryn's done."
[09/25 03:55pm] High Lady Escemfer says, "I don't have the potato." She looks around for Syn.
[09/25 03:55pm] <DICE> KK Victoria wanders into the clearing. He looks wet. Must have been swimming.
[09/25 03:56pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab giggles a bit, unseemly. *Chomps on a few more beans*
[09/25 03:56pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn places the book in the pitcher. Screen flashes again. potato!
[09/25 03:56pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip waves to KK. "mabye were supposed to tie the ribbons to the pitcher?"
[09/25 03:56pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The water in Beeker's teapot is turning blue, too.
[09/25 03:57pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab waves to KK. "Hey, I'm turning blue!" After the giggle that followed that statement, he pours the rest of the beans into his mouth and chews furiously.
[09/25 03:57pm] High Lady Escemfer waves at KK. "Have you seen the potato?"
[09/25 03:57pm] <DICE> KK Victoria blinks. People are outside of the outposts. Huh.
[09/25 03:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron doesn't think they're anywhere near to solving the puzzle.
[09/25 03:57pm] Deputy Beeker says, absently, to Neeip, "They came that way, they were tied to the handle."
[09/25 03:57pm] <DICE> KK Victoria looks up. "Which potato?"
[09/25 03:58pm] Ebenezer slaps his hand against his forehead and mutters, "What on earth is going on? Is this all there is?"
[09/25 03:58pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip sighs. "arright, be back in a minute." he rus off to grab the potato
[09/25 03:58pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab NOM NOM NOM NOMS!
[09/25 03:58pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Hullo, Kai, and I don't know. I didn't see a potato. Someone else has it. Ferryn, when you're done, can I have the pitcher?"
[09/25 03:58pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip meant the other ribbons, the one's they collected. he returns with the tater, and the red ribbon Syn found.
[09/25 03:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron addresses the new addition, "What do you think?"
[09/25 03:59pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab hiccups a few times. His tongue, is stained dark blue it appears. Before, it was a translucent green.
[09/25 03:59pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn waves the pitcher at neeip. put the potato in
[09/25 03:59pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The main property of the beans, evidently, is turning things blue. Peas now looks like a Crayola crayon. They also taste good in soup.
[09/25 04:00pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip places the Potato in side the pitcher.
[09/25 04:00pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab is now completely blue.
[09/25 04:00pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab burps out a heavy fog of blue that quickly covers the clearing. "Hee Hee!"
[09/25 04:01pm] Ebenezer relinquishes the blue ribbons to Ferryn and mutters, "Alright, alright. Maybe it has something to do with these, I don't know. But when you're done, I want that light blue ribbon back."
[09/25 04:01pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab lies on the floor, still smiling.
[09/25 04:01pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn watches the pitcher to see if anything happens
[09/25 04:01pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The pitcher hums for a moment...then shatters. One large piece lies on the ground, with a written message that says, "Congratulations! Eat more beans! Love, Horatio."
[09/25 04:02pm] High Lady Escemfer startles. That was unexpected... or was it?
[09/25 04:02pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn has a rather large piece of pitcher embedded in it's screen. uhoh.
[09/25 04:02pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip blinks as he reads the note on the pitcher. "huh. wow." he picks up a few beans, and the pitcher peice with the message on it, and places them in his bag.
[09/25 04:03pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh," and looks inside his teapot. "I hope this doesn't stain my teapot."
[09/25 04:03pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab has eaten beans, beans the magical fruit...
[09/25 04:03pm] Ebenezer jumps back, startled. "Angh!" He reads, "Congratulations. Eat more beans. Love, Horatio." With a frown, he says, "Erm. What?"
[09/25 04:03pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, what have we got to lose? It's just an invitation to dine from a thing I've killed 40-odd times."
[09/25 04:03pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip takes the red ribbon where it fell of a pitcher chunk, and places it in his bag as well.
[09/25 04:04pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn sulks a bit. The screen flashes. ...i cannot eat.
[09/25 04:04pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab gets up and cracks his neck a few times. Focusing, the blue starts clearing away.
[09/25 04:04pm] High Lady Escemfer carefully removes the pitcherbit from Ferryn's screenface.
[09/25 04:04pm] <DICE> KK Victoria edges over to Escemfer. "What is on going?" He asks quietly.
[09/25 04:04pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron takes a handful of beans and begins munching on them.
[09/25 04:04pm] Deputy Beeker pokes at one of the floating smiley-face beans in his teapot.
[09/25 04:05pm] Ebenezer collects his light blue ribbon again and takes a dry bean to put into his pocket. He announces, "I'm not eating them. They turned Peas blue."
[09/25 04:05pm] High Lady Escemfer smiles brightly up at KK. "We had a treasure hunt for a pitcher full of magic beans that make you turn blue." She is having quite a lot of fun.
[09/25 04:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ferryn, do you have a maintenance panel?"
[09/25 04:05pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe busts in, "Hah! I finally caught up? What did I miss?"
[09/25 04:05pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn scoops op several beans and places them inside its tiny craftbag. For later.
[09/25 04:05pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip looks around, and grabs the items they placed in the pitcher. he places them in the bag as well
[09/25 04:06pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab 's body is a swirl of colors ranging from blue to green. Finally all the color is stored into his pointer finger, making it dark and black.
[09/25 04:06pm] Deputy Beeker looks at Pinche, then at the smiley face. "Um," he says. "Right." He pulls a bean out of the teapot. Chomp chomp.
[09/25 04:06pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn whrrs, and turns to Pinche. yes of course. why?
[09/25 04:06pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "We coud put a handful of beans in your maintenance panel if you want. Pop it open."
[09/25 04:06pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe catches the echoes...beans? Ah. Horatio. Of course.
[09/25 04:07pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab grins slightly. "Anyone wanna dye?"
[09/25 04:07pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's screen blinks a few times. There is a click as a panel on the robot's underside falls open.
[09/25 04:07pm] Deputy Beeker looks at Peas oddly, not catching the homonym. "What?" he asks, puzzledly.
[09/25 04:07pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The beans, predictably, turn people's eyebrows blue when eaten. Best sporran ever, eh?
[09/25 04:07pm] Ebenezer points at Peas and spouts, "Don't threaten me!"
[09/25 04:07pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab holds out his hand in a gun shape. The barrel, his pointer finger, throbs slightly.
[09/25 04:08pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's screen has a request. please do not touch any buttons or switches
[09/25 04:08pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip pulls out a small swatch of grey fabric, and hands it to Pocky. "think it'll work?"
[09/25 04:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron stuffs a few handfuls of beans into Ferryn's panel. He doesn't comment on the intimate nature of his actions, as he doesn't want to see a robot try to blush.
[09/25 04:08pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks that, sadly, makes a good deal of sense. He scoops up some beans and giggles as his eyebrows turn teal. Neat!
[09/25 04:08pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab shakes his head. "Er... No. I meant does anyone want to have something or other of theirs dyed? I can secrete this color."
[09/25 04:08pm] Deputy Beeker has blue eyebrows, though he is unaware of this fact.
[09/25 04:09pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs, looks like he missed the big chase...too bad, he was having a good time while he kept up....
[09/25 04:09pm] High Lady Escemfer bounces and claps delightedly. "This was a fun adventure!"
[09/25 04:09pm] <DICE> KK Victoria 's eyes light up. "Treasure?"
[09/25 04:09pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's panel swings shut. There is a whrrr, and a click. Its screen turns blue, along with the text. did anything happen?
[09/25 04:10pm] <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "Indeed it was, I'm glad I could make at least some of it Escemfer." he waves goodbye to the group and fades from sight.
[09/25 04:10pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab focuses and a thick, blue liquid comes out of the top two segments. It quickly covers the piece of fabric and dries, staining it blue.
[09/25 04:10pm] Deputy Beeker picks up the potsherds from the broken pitcher (except for the one that ended up in someone's bag) and looks them over. "Um, I'm confused. Not that I'm not usually confused."
[09/25 04:10pm] High Lady Escemfer points KK to Beeker's teapot full of smiley beans.
[09/25 04:10pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You're talking blue, Ferryn."
[09/25 04:10pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab waves good bye to XaNe with his other hand.
[09/25 04:10pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip hhms. he pulls a batterd and worn jacket out of his bag, which once could have been navy blue. "could you try this?"
[09/25 04:11pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's screen blinks. my text, you mean? interesting.
[09/25 04:11pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip waves farewell to Xeno.
[09/25 04:11pm] Ebenezer seems completely stunned. "Why does everyone keep eating them?" This Island is full of madness!
[09/25 04:12pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab rubs his hands together as liquid secretes. "Sure, I've made this batch so that it will only stain about 30 seconds afterwards." Holding out his goo covered hands he says, "Quickly, now."
[09/25 04:12pm] High Lady Escemfer cries, "Eat one, Ebenezer!" She holds one out. "Wear your blue eyebrows with proudness!"
[09/25 04:12pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip shrugs. "the effects dont seem permanant, and seem rather harmless."
[09/25 04:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks at the dyed fabric for additional clues.
[09/25 04:12pm] <DICE> KK Victoria raises an eyebrow. "They are beans." He says, obviously having missed the 'The treasure is the beans' bit. He tends to get excited around the concept of treasure.
[09/25 04:12pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods, and quickly runs the jacket over Pocky's hands
[09/25 04:12pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab is done eating them, thinking that everyone should have a chance to enjoy them, not just him.
[09/25 04:13pm] Ebenezer shakes his head. "No, no. I'm not eating one." He folds his arms over his chest in a grouchlike manner.
[09/25 04:13pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn 's panel clicks open, and a beany dust falls out before the panel shuts again that's much better. it was uncomfortable.
[09/25 04:13pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The blue effect of the beans will wear off after a few hours. Fortunately, for those who don't want to be blue forever.
[09/25 04:14pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip smiles and admires the Jacket. s' not quite the same colour, but hey, close'nuff. he places the jacket back in his bag.
[09/25 04:15pm] High Lady Escemfer zooms the bean like an airplane to Ebenezer's mouth. "Zrrrrrrwm...."
[09/25 04:15pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron agrees with Mr. Victoria. There's treasure, Treasure, and TRAY-SURE. This seems to be of the first kind.
[09/25 04:16pm] Ebenezer squeaks and flinches out of the path of Escemfer's zooming bean. "No, I don't want one," he grumps.
[09/25 04:16pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, there's no PURSE of POWER?"
[09/25 04:16pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab adds that there's also... my precious...
[09/25 04:16pm] High Lady Escemfer shakes her head at Pinche. "What purse?"
[09/25 04:16pm] <SUGAR> LoaderBot Ferryn wander out. Beans are not particularly exciting to this robot.
[09/25 04:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron turns to Escemfer. "I'm just not sure how beans could be construed as a Sporran."
[09/25 04:18pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab sprays the remaining liquid (about a gallon... or two) out of his finger and onto the other of the contestants. "Happy Treasure-finding Day!"
[09/25 04:18pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip waves farewell to Ferr, and shrugs. "pouch, by the way. and seems to be none here."
[09/25 04:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm not absolutely sure we're done yet."
[09/25 04:18pm] <DICE> KK Victoria is caught up in thoughts of mountains of gold and rubies. He doesn't know what he would do with all of it, but he likes the thought...
[09/25 04:19pm] High Lady Escemfer shrugs. "The whole pitcher was the sporran. And the beans were the power part. The power of blue." She seems to think blue is a very awesome power.
[09/25 04:19pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab still has no idea of even the barest concept of what a sporran is. He still has the one Escemfer gave him, though old and rusty.
[09/25 04:19pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip GAHS! and takes out a bucket from his pack. it maneges to catch a fair amount.
[09/25 04:19pm] Ebenezer says, "That...was an odd sporran." He doesn't seem to have any problem with the idea of a pitcher full of beans being a sporran. That's because he's played golf before.
[09/25 04:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "If you think so, Escemfer."
[09/25 04:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Milady, I mean."
[09/25 04:20pm] High Lady Escemfer is sprayed with the blue Pease ate! Now her fur is blue! She shakes her pawlike hands and feet fussily.
[09/25 04:20pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab watches contentedly as the thick, viscous liquid spatters around the clearing.
[09/25 04:21pm] Ebenezer is now blue and red (he is still stained from the Panthzer). "ANGH! Horrible!"
[09/25 04:22pm] Deputy Beeker wanders back over to the tree stump. He pours a little of the blue water on the moss and mushrooms. Hm? Hm?
[09/25 04:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron takes another handful and packs them in his bag. They might come in handy. You never know.
[09/25 04:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron watches Beeker. Like his fellow Kittymorph, he is also stumped.
[09/25 04:23pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Where did those ribbons go?" He looks around for the pitcher handle. Didn't it have ribbons tied to it?
[09/25 04:23pm] Ebenezer pauses and looks at Escemfer. Slyly, he says, "You seem rather certain about the interpretation of that message, hmm. Pitcher is a sporran. Power of blue?" He is suspicious.
[09/25 04:23pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip wonders just how many of those Beans there are. he picks up another handfull and places them in his bag.
[09/25 04:24pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip coughs. "err. why?" he likes the ribbons he took. Eb still has the blue one though.
[09/25 04:24pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | The fungi begins to turn a light teal.
[09/25 04:25pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks again at the dyed cloth, turning it over for additional clues.
[09/25 04:25pm] High Lady Escemfer smiles cheerily. "I know a lot about sporrans," she says.
[09/25 04:25pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron suggests to Beeker, "Eat one. You might have a Dream Quest."
[09/25 04:26pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip wonders about the fungi. he gently scoops a few up, earth and all, and places them in small pots(yes, Neeip does carry damn near everything) inside his bag.
[09/25 04:26pm] Ebenezer points at her and says, "Fowl."
[09/25 04:26pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab wonders what the beans (or bean water) would do to the: A) Potato, B)Pitcher, or C) The Ribbons.
[09/25 04:26pm] Deputy Beeker says to Pinche, "Um, I already did. It tasted funny. Dry beans aren't that good."
[09/25 04:26pm] High Lady Escemfer grins.
[09/25 04:27pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab adds, that he wonders what they might do other than turn them blue.
[09/25 04:27pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip points out that the pitcher is in manymany peices on the ground. he allso picks a few more peices up.
[09/25 04:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "No, eat a mushroom."
[09/25 04:28pm] Ebenezer gives a very small smile. After a pause, he stoops and collects another bean from the ground. He removes a handkerchief from his pocket and polishes the bean before popping it in his mouth.
[09/25 04:28pm] Deputy Beeker shrugs. Why not? He picks a blue mushroom and chomps on it.
[09/25 04:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has a sudden hunger for Otter Pops.
[09/25 04:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron watches both Ebenezer and Beeker to see what effects they will show.
[09/25 04:31pm] High Lady Escemfer smiles happily at Ebenezer. Now he'll have the power of blue, too!
[09/25 04:31pm] Ebenezer stuffs his handkerchief back into his pocket and mumbles to himself, "Malchia gave me that handkrechief."
[09/25 04:31pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab walks off, his wanderlust still not sated. With a wave and a laugh he shouts, "Don't be blue!"
[09/25 04:31pm] Ebenezer ignores the gremlin that shuffled his letters around.
[09/25 04:31pm] Rookie Anonymous Source | Are those hallucinogenic mushrooms? Heaven only knows what kind of trip magic blue improbable shrooms would give.
[09/25 04:32pm] High Lady Escemfer waves to Peas. "Bye!"
[09/25 04:32pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip smiles and waves farewell to Pocky.
[09/25 04:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron considers singing a Joni Mitchell song, but thinks better of it.
[09/25 04:33pm] High Lady Escemfer hopes everyone had fun on the Hunt for the Sporran of Power. She sure did.
[09/25 04:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron had lots of fun!
[09/25 04:35pm] Ebenezer 's eyebrows slowly begin to turn blue, just like what happened to the other bean-eaters' eyebrows.
[09/25 04:35pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip had great fun on the hunt! odd, but fun!
[09/25 04:36pm] Deputy Beeker , having chomped on one of the mushrooms, may soon find out what Heaven (for now) only knows.
[09/25 04:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks he still might have time to finish off another DK.
[09/25 04:37pm] High Lady Escemfer gathers up any remaining beans or bits of pitcher and packs them up in her backpack. There!
[09/25 04:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron "Be well, friends," he says with a wave and departs.
[09/25 04:38pm] Ebenezer shakes his head. "Well, erm...that was unusual. I need to clean up." He's all covered in blood and blue sludge.
[09/25 04:38pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip waves farewell.
[09/25 04:39pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip nods to Eb. Neeip is coverd in a fair bit too.
[09/25 04:39pm] High Lady Escemfer nods at Ebenezer. Yep, this quest ended messily. "I'll go to IC and wash up," she says.
[09/25 04:39pm] Ebenezer waves goodbye to everyone. He pats Escemfer on the shoulder and makes his way out.
[09/25 04:40pm] <ROGUE> Civilian Neeip stretches. "well, im going to head home, got enough exp to take on me master! see ya later mates!" he pads out.
[09/25 04:40pm] High Lady Escemfer waves. "Bye!"
[09/25 04:41pm] High Lady Escemfer holds her hand out to Beeker. "Wanna walk back to town with me?"
[09/25 04:42pm] <DICE> KK Victoria snaps out of his daydream of riches.
[09/25 04:42pm] Deputy Beeker takes Escemfer's hand. "Oh! Sure!"
[09/25 04:43pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Let me just get my teapot!" He drops her hand, and cleans up his teapot, packing it into his bags.
[09/25 04:45pm] High Lady Escemfer smiles. "Okay!" She wats patiently.
[09/25 04:45pm] High Lady Escemfer stomps another typo gremlin.
[09/25 04:46pm] Deputy Beeker hefts his backpack and settles it on his shoulders. "All ready!"
[09/25 04:46pm] <DICE> KK Victoria blinks. Huh. It has calmed down quite a bit.
[09/25 04:46pm] High Lady Escemfer holds her other hand out to KK, invitingly.
[09/25 04:47pm] <DICE> KK Victoria looks at her hand, then frowns. He pats his coat, then pants pockets. "No gloves." He says, but falls in with them anyway, taking care to not touch.
[09/25 04:47pm] Deputy Beeker walks with Escemfer and KK back to town.
[09/25 04:49pm] High Lady Escemfer walks along with the both of them.

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