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The Hunter's Lodge offers a range of specialty commodities that can assist players with their campaigns throughout the Island. Players can exchange real money for Supporter Points which they can then use to buy unfair1) advantages such as req and cigs or general fun items such as disguises. Occasionally, special items such as the Emily bundle or a Builder's Box will be introduced. These special limited edition items are usually very good value for money and completely awesome.

The Lodge has a building in each major outpost, and all of them are carefully designed to be identical. However, the one in Kittania has a large hole in the roof. See here.

List of items ALWAYS available from the Lodge

Builder's Brew


Prop Up the Bar

I'll Get This Round

The Good Stuff's on Me

Small box of Cigarettes

Medium box of Cigarettes

Large box of Cigarettes


Super Chronosphere


20-Pack of Cookies

50-Pack of Cookies


Picture Frame

Custom Armour Kit

Name Colourisation Kit


Cunning Disguise

Title Change Document

Weapon Disguise

Blank Memory Chip

Extra Logic Grid

Extra Programming Column

Extra Programming Row

Small bag of Requisition Tokens

Medium bag of Requisition Tokens

Large bag of Requisition Tokens

Small bundle of Quills

Medium bundle of Quills

Large bundle of Quills

Story Pass: Coffee with Jill

Story Pass: Jill and the Jokers, Part One

Story Pass: Jill and the Jokers, Part Two

Story Pass: Jill and the Jokers, Part Three

Story Pass: Mister Stern's Museum

Story Pass: Rohit the Robot Part 1

Story Pass: Rohit the Robot Part 2

Story Pass: Rohit the Robot Part 3

Story Pass: Stern and Punishment

Story Pass: The Watcher, initial scenes

Yeah so, that's all the ones that are always in stock

However, there are many more that are sold in limited quantities. Grab 'em while you can!

This list doesn't explain what all these items are, do, cost, etc. All that information can be found in the Lodge itself! Go have a look!

1) Funfair?!?!
2) See MotD dated 2015-11-03 06:30:41
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