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The Improbable Island Irregulars

A motley gang of youths, born and bred in the slums of Improbable Central, and banded together by calliaphone, when the need for an army arose. Sticky, scruffy, and in many ways revolting, they are also intensely loyal. Their run-ins with Mountjoy and Sister Murgatroyd have become lore among their kind. Peace is yet to be declared.

Key figures include:
Albert: calliaphone's lieutenant. A steadfast boy with sticky out ears and a mass of ginger hair. His knees are knobbly but his heart is stout, and he was born a strategist.
Stinker Stevens: brown hair, brown eyes, tattered norfolk jacket. Famed as a crack shot with the conker-loaded catapault, and handy in a scrap. Best if you don't call him 'Robert'.
Little George: the smallest irregular by some distance. Snot-nosed, inclined to whine, and perpetually hungry.
Fido and Rover: improbably horrible puppies.

Part 1 - Assembling The Army
Part 2 - That's The Ticket!
Part 3 - The Irregulars In Cyberia
Part 4 - Kidnapped!
Part 5 - The Telegrams
Part 6 - Search Parties
Part 7 - Search Parties II or , The Irregulars Meet Their Match
Part 8 - The Return Home
Part 9 - The Rescue!

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