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Let us coordinate our thoughts on this proposed contest of great glee! Please run your proposed events by Zahnnie and/or Bernard prior to putting up descriptions/etc.

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The Islympics

Brightly colored pennants snap in the wind over Improbable Central; surly midgets scurry about pushing carts of filth and debris out of the streets, probably just to dump them outside of town limits, but it's the thought that counts, right?

It's time, it's nearly time: for the Islympics. A grand and all-encompassing event of events; a friendly and exuberant contest between all Clans, large or small.

Any Clan which wishes to participate will host an Event, and will send contestants to participate in other events (and in their own, no worries). The Clan will also see about getting a panel of judges from outside the Clan, just to make it all fair, and award gold, silver, and bronze medals with the appropriate pomp and circumstance.

In the end, the Clan with the most medals (gold scoring three, silver two, bronze one) shall be the Champion of the Island- well, at least until next time! Huzzah! Come on, Clan spirit!

Ideally we'd like to run this the upcoming weekend (Aug 29-30), but if folks need more time to coordinate, we could push it off a bit.

Have at!

Seems it didn't happen as planned. . . nor at all. -------

Participating Clans


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