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The Kittania Flour Incident

Scene: Relative normality for Kitt. People talking, someone pestering... Then the flour hits the bat.

Nightstalker Grace blinks. "Huh?"

Divided One dark knight glances to Grace "They are talking about abilities and tricks."

Nightstalker Grace ahhhs. "Like messing with fire..?"

Quiet Clayton headtilts a bit.."The bat?"

Honey Loving Nurse Rin nods, "I think some one said he is called 'Clue'"

Divided One dark knight nods slightly "Something like that."

Divided One dark knight glances to Clayton "The one that kept passing out at my place the other night."

Nightstalker Grace peers at her shadow.

Quiet Clayton blinks,"Clue? I know Clue but didnt know he was a..bat. Then people change so much around here.." he waves his paw in the air with a sigh.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin shrugs, "He was a bat with fruit, and changed size. There was a bloody bracer on him"

Nightstalker Grace giggles. "He's a fruity batty bat-bat."

Honey Loving Nurse Rin says "Neither did I"

Shadow Of Clue peers back and giggles.

Nightstalker Grace hmms. "Oh! He thought I was gonna eat him, too..." She pounces the shadow!

Shadow Of Clue flails!

Nightstalker Grace noms on a shadowy ear.

Divided One dark knight arches a brow slightly as she watches Grace and shrugsrelaxing back as best she can her pendent flickers slightly and her brow twitches.

Shadow Of Clue forms an ear for nomming. And squirms! He flows up onto Grace, and lurks.

Nightstalker Grace moves back to Dark.

Divided One dark knight smirks at Grace slightly "So how have you been..?"

Ittybittykitty Arodang's head peeks up over the outpost wall, eyes wide and flitting from side to side comically. "The meanies cow in lamp desk," he says thoughtfully, watching everyone below.

Divided One dark knight glances to Dan and arches a brow slightly.

Nightstalker Grace smiles. "Not too bad, you?"

Batty Bat-Bat Clue snickers in a tree.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin hums quietly to his self

Shadow Of Clue lurks about Grace's ears.

Nightstalker Grace flicks both ears idly.

Divided One dark knight shrugs a bit "I'm alright.. The situation on Fayn is going to drive me crazy one of these days bu I'm fine.. fine.. just fine.."

Ittybittykitty Arodang scrambles up and over, scrawling straight down the inside of the wall. Vertical challenge! Paws hit grass and he resumes his this-way-that-way eye- flitting maneuver.

Nightstalker Grace headtilts. "Situation..?"

Shadow Of Clue shadowbatbats at Grace's ears.

Divided One dark knight shrugs slightly "Nothing to worry about.. nothings happening.. that's the problem.. if something happened it'd be better ten this feeling of something abou to happen going on for months!"

Shadow Of Clue batbatbats!

Nightstalker Grace flattens her ears. "...Quit is a bad thing?"

Quiet Clayton looks at Dark, smiling softly."It will be ok Dark, dont let it get to you. Thats what he is trying to do...get to you. Dont let it."

Divided One dark knight shakes her head "If it was just quiet it wouldn't be a problem..." She glances to Clayton "I'm trying not to.. I'm.."She takes a deep breath "just having a moment.. I'll be fine."

Honey Loving Nurse Rin looks around for the snicker he heard.

Nightstalker Grace aws, patting Dark on the back. "Any time you need help, right?"

Quiet Clayton sirks.."You were having a moment when you threw me in the lake too."

Batty Bat-Bat Clue slinks out on his branch...

Divided One dark knight shoots a dark look at Clayton and puts a hand on her prank supplies filled pouch "You really want to push it?"

Honey Loving Nurse Rin waves at the real Clue, "Hi mister Batty Bat!"

Shadow Of Clue lurks into Grace's ears.

Ittybittykitty Arodang starts to slink towards the cafe, low to the ground, trying to stay out of sight. It's really not successful, his tail pokes up like a waving flag in the cheery afternoon sunlight.

Nightstalker Grace hmms. Flour! She gets up, gahs, and rummages through her bag...

Batty Bat-Bat Clue is spotted! Squeak! He leaps! He Dives! He pounces towards Grace and Dark!

Shadow Of Clue licklicks inside!

Quiet Clayton smiles,"Sis...Im just teasing. And trying to help you. At least I can help here by supporting you...Im not much good otherwise anymore."

Nightstalker Grace flings flour at Clue and dives to the ground!

Batty Bat-Bat Clue gahs, flails, and tumbles towards Dark!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin is near Dark, he chuckles as Clue gets closer.

Quiet Clayton snickers at Dark, then steps over to Rin, sort of hiding behind him, from Dark..

Batty Bat-Bat Clue crashes into Dark! Flail! Poof of flour!

Shadow Of Clue squirms and licklicks!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin gets hit by the shroud of flour

Nightstalker Grace hrrrnghs! "Nuuuu... Gerroff."

Shadow Of Clue tries to direct Grace towards the flour catastrophe!

Divided One dark knight is crashed into.. she winces and coughs and oh she was going to get someone for this..

Nightstalker Grace remains on the floor, thankyouverymuch.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue flails and squirms, and, inadvertently, spews fruit juices all over the place.

Quiet Clayton waves away some rogue flower dust as he watches Dark flail."Hey! ..that looks good with the red highlights sis!"

Nightstalker Grace gahs! Stickyflour! She flees!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin pounces Clue trying to calm him down.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue squirms and flails even more! Batbatbat with the wings!

Divided One dark knight tries to get out from the floury sticky mess fuming more... oh if she was going down so was everyone else... she reaches for the nearest wisp of improbable energy...

Shadow Of Clue steers Grace to the pile!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin latches onto Clue not wanting to let go.

Ittybittykitty Arodang has made it to the Cafe without being noticed? Hurrah! He crawls up into a seat, ordering a stake as he watches the craziness o'er der.

The sky suddenly clouds over and a sticky bright purple goo starts to rain from the unnatual clouds.

Nightstalker Grace has not got a steering wheel in there! She charges straight for... Maiko's. Wuh-oh.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue is absoloutely loving this, and sneaks an improbable fruit from his pocket, tossing it into the air.. It reaches it's apex, glows, and spins, shredding itself before exploding into a shower of grapes!

Ittybittykitty Arodang squeaks as he's knocked off the chair and hugs Clay. "Mrrph!" he exclaims right back, only a little upset at being noticed.

Nightstalker Grace slams into a group of students! person pile-up!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin pulls a strange bottle of honey from his pocket. He seems to have set a charge to it. He tosses the bottle up and triggers a makeshift detonator. Adding honey to the odd showers.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue licklicklicks at random. Tasty! He pulls another improbable fruit from his pocket and lobs it at Grace's pile.. It glows and disperses, infecting the pile with the need to lick the purple goo! And fur, if they didn't have any before.

Quiet Clayton sits Dan back in the chair, then pulls one next to him, throwing his drover around them both as the purple goo honey drop rain starts falling."Oh bloody hell.." he chuckles.

A thunderous crack is heard as it possitively downpours with the Honey and purple goo... seems the mix made it worse..

Ittybittykitty Arodang squawks and cowers under the coat. "Badwords stuffraining!" he chitters in a mix of disdain and excitement, tail wagging.

Divided One dark knight nahs and eventually tries to pull herself out.. gahing and trying to get away from Clue whom had started to lick things too.. oh bloody hell get me outta here.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin tosses up a few more of the honey bombs.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue latches onto Dark! HoneyFruitFlourGoo! LickLick!

Nightstalker Grace gaaaahs. "Ew..." She flings more flour at Clue! Direct hit! On... Dark... Oops.

Shadow Of Clue hnnggs and starts to drag Grace towards Clue!

Quiet Clayton snerks and points at Dark."Dan...did you see that?! Oh she is going to be mad. hehe" he snickers

Ittybittykitty Arodang's head pokes out and he deftly avoids the rain, giggling madly when he sees Dark in the midst of things.

Nightstalker Grace flails madly!

Shadow Of Clue snrks, and envelopes Grace, sinking into the ground, the reappear in Clue and Dark's shadow!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin detonates the honey, adding more of it to the rain.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue squirms around and noms at Rin as well!

Nightstalker Grace gahs and adds handfuls of feathers! What the hell is in that bag..?

Divided One dark knight flails and fumes..

Quiet Claytons hat tips up and an umbrella pokes out, a yellow featherless wing opening it and protecting them a bit more from the falling honey goo.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin pouts, he is out of honey bombs. Some how he gets nommed on Clue's back by Clue.

The rain cloud thunders again and red paint starts comeing down as well admist the purple goo and honey..

Batty Bat-Bat Clue's neck can do that. He's done worse.

Nightstalker Grace hides under Clue! Too goopy for her!

Ittybittykitty Arodang curls up on Clayton's lap, giggling as he watches the chaos.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin is drenched in purple, red and honey.

Divided One dark knight flails and still tries to get out "Get off me or you'll all regret it!" She calls out after a moment..

Batty Bat-Bat Clue wingshields and snuggles Grace! Dark and Rin get nomlicks! More Of them, Mwuhaha!

Batty Bat-Bat Clue chirups, and licks Dark's forehead at her statement.

Nightstalker Grace sticks feathers in Dark's hair. Surely it can't get any worse.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin giggles at Dark, "Regret what?"

Divided One dark knight's eye twitches.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue giggles as well, and offers Dark a pear.

Quiet Clayton scritches Dan as they watch Dark twitch."She is going to be so freaked tonight...you should come over and watch." he whispers in his ear...chuckling as he does.

The ground starts to rumble omiously before glitter starts to comes down with the paint, honey and goo.

Nightstalker Grace giggles and keeps putting feathers in hair!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin digs through his pocket. He gets out bottles and starts to collects every thing that rains down.

Divided One dark knight gahs and tries to crawl out more.. twitching slightly and her pendent starts to flicker.

Ittybittykitty Arodang nodnods with a nearly evil giggle, grinning widely.

Quiet Clayton starts to laugh.."It will take a whole horde of gremlins to clean this place up...gawd." Frank squawks in agreement from under Claytons hat.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin quickly closes his bottles before the sudden water attach.

Ittybittykitty Arodang freezes, then turns and sniffs at Clay's hat insistently. What was that?

Batty Bat-Bat Clue squirma nd flails and latches onto Grace and Dark!

Nightstalker Grace latches onto Clue! Halp!

Quiet Clayton eye go wide as Dan basically is now in his face."Um..that was Frank...hes holding the umbrella for us..soaky Dan." he scritches him again then peeks around him to watch the carnage.

It thunders again as the horrible mess continues to downpour as the water heads straight for the group with a decent bit of fource but nothing that would cause much more the bruising..

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin is ignoring the unatural rain as he accepts that improbable things happen. such as the green stripes in his fure are now pink.

Ittybittykitty Arodang ohs, licking Clayton's nose before nosing the hat gently. "HiFrank." Then he drops back down, watching the mayhem.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin sticks to Clue like glue, he tries to speak, but all you can here is "Raflgarbble"

Deimos Caelan limps in, looking bedraggled and much worse than what he did earlier.

Divided One dark knight sqerms and flails too busy cursing and trying to get out to notice jericho or the impending water advancing on them.

Quiet Claytons Frank gives a short cluck in greeting, then peeks out to watch the mess.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue squirms and noms! He flings an improbable fruit at the water and it explodes on contact!

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin tucks his staff behind him into his bandoleer. he grabs dark and pulls trying to get her out of this mess

Deimos Caelan groans and deposits himself in front of the Cafe. He's tired and beat up. He just doesn't feel like being energetic.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin puts the filled bottles away.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser rubs her ring finger, and, by extension, her ring as she enters the outpost. She stares out at the..... Frankly, the mess. She turns to merely head out before spying Rukatin and frowning at him. Starting to head over and avoid the mess as best she can.

The water hits the group and seems to be a continous stream for a full minute before it stops.. it thunders again.. the purple Goo, glitter, honey and red paint only just letting up from being a downpour to being just a heavy rain.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin is basically plastered to Clue's back.

Divided One dark knight is apperently helped from the pile.. or at least tried to.. as she is likely pulled between Jericho and Clue and Grace whom where clinging to her.

Deimos Caelan sighs, then begins grooming himself back into pristine-ish condition. It's not going to do much for his limp.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue clings to Dark as well, dragging Grace along as they are all thoroughly soaked!

Nightstalker Grace is clinging to Clue, now, noone else.

Quiet Clayton applauds quietly at the scene..oh yeah.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser stops a little bit aways, watching this menagerie as she rubs her forehead. "Dare I...." She glances over at Clayton, wondering whether to peer or glare and wondering whether Dark caused this or just moved it along.

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin drops her arms and thinks about this. "would you two please stop clinging to my friend?"

Divided One dark knight is positively livid right now as she is let go of and tries to get away from Clue.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue squeak!s at Rukatin! "DarkAFriend, GoodFriendADark!" He's no idea how angry she mgiht be right now. He's a bit off his rocker anyways.

The mesy storm thunders once more before finnally starting to petter off.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser heads over and sighs again, standing slightly off to the side of Dark and the others.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue meant Jericho of course.

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin shakes the improbable percipitation off himself. which leaves him poofy

Deimos Caelan dozes off, sighing in exhaustion.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin tries to get off of Clue's back, but he can't "Can you help? I am stuck to a Bat"

Quiet Clayton wavewaves at Jasser.

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin walks over and grabs Rin's hips and pants a foot on clue. he pushes and pulls on rin

Batty Bat-Bat Clue hnnnggs and tries to peel himself ogg of Rin.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser glances at Clayton and gives him a small wave before glancing at Dark. "Fun day?"

Batty Bat-Bat Clue batbats at a gremlin that turned his off into a sound file. How odd.

Nightstalker Grace offers Jericho a crowbar.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue flails! And Clings to Grace, Clings! He turns and nibblelicks at the joining, trying to wear away the improbable glue like substance.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser smiles slightly. "Dare I ask your part in this?"

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin accepts and pries it between rin and clue

Batty Bat-Bat Clue hhhnnggg and flails! That hurts!

Human Mara runs into the Outpost from the South gate, her rifle clutched in her arms. She hops up on the fountain rim, dashes along it, then leaps clear over the heads of a knot of contestants. She hits the ground feet first, her long-legged stride unbroken.

Nightstalker Grace tries to tug Clue free!

Honey Loving Nurse Rin can't flail about, he still is stuck to Clue, So he starts to make some very odd flailing sounds.

Divided One dark knight tries to unstick her fingers appart from one another "I was just standin there minding my own buisness when I was attacked.."

Human Mara lopes on through the north end of Kittania, snapping her rifle up as she cuts into the Jungle through the North Gate, heading a touch west towards the Bordello.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser walks over to at least help Dark. "You sure?" Jasser did a pretty good job at avoiding most of the mess, her shoes getting the worst of it.

Batty Bat-Bat Clue hhhnnnggggs, and flicks his Brace.. He starts growing, and growing, and the expansion weakens and breaks apart the bond! He huffs as he reaches ' "! He peels Rin off of his back, and subjects him to licks.

Minor Mage Jericho Rukatin blinks.

Quiet Clayton watches, and scritches Dan."Im not getting close to her for a while.." he whispers in his ear."though It will probably be safe once she is back at the Oasis."

Ittybittykitty Arodang nodnods in agreement, clambering up to perch on Clay's shoulder. "Scaryangry."

Divided One dark knight is a complete wreak.. glitter, honey, purple goo, flour, fruit juice and red paint.. she looks around and fumes.. glowerin as she searches for any that escaped. "Yes I was attacked.. you don't belive me? and how are you clean?!"

Batty Bat-Bat Clue smacks the gremlin that stole his r. Bracer. Of the Bloodstained variety.

Honey Loving Nurse Rin comes off of Clue's back with a sickening thwoack, "T-th-thanks"

Divided One dark knight's hair is full of feathers too.. almost forgot.

Seemingly Odd Jenner Jasser bahs. "I do believe you. But can you really blame me for being suspicious?" She smirks. "And.... I just avoided the worst bits and stepped on the unavoidable bits."

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