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The Watcher enters, picking leaves out of her hair. She retires to a shady corner to observe the proceedings, arms folded, unobtrusive.

Excited Groom Farkas steps in, granting the Watcher a sidelong glance before walking to and standing at the altar.

The Watcher nods at Farkas, and goes back to waiting.

Skeletal Isaac steps in slowly, and blinks, in a way, as he spots the Watcher."Oh." He shrugs, then steps over to Farkas. "Well now. This is an occasion." He glances at the Watcher and bows to her politely.

The Watcher shows the smallest of nods.

Excited Groom Farkas nods. "It is..."

Skeletal Isaac nods, then crouches behind the altar, before rising with... well, much to nobody's surprise, the hat of those Popes from the jungles, as well as the vestments. And the crook. Okay, he's been murdering too many popes in the jungles for his own good.

Thomas Devareaux III steps in, moving towards the front of the pews. He wonders, though, if there shouldn't be three rows of pews, since there's two brides... Oh, well. He picks the bride's side, since he's here for Isabelle.

Technical Sergeant CarryOn enters quietly, staying toward the back.

Skeletal Isaac bows to those who have entered and pulls out his rather ratty-looking bible. If it even... is a bible. It has no words, and is mainly handwritten...

Excited Groom Farkas casts a glance at Isaac's "bible".

Dexter steps inside and looks around, mouth straight. "Well, this is nice...I just hope all goes well fer Asha." He looks around a bit, then goes to sit by Thomas on the bride's side of pews.

The faint echoes of Solebarr is a shadow of a doubt, the remnants of a train of thought that left the station without its passengers. He is not visible, or at least in your tradition sense; more like something to be referred to as a flicker of bygone things.

Admin CavemanJoe sneaks in, and stands in the corner opposite from Her.

Thomas Devareaux III nods to Dexter as he sits. "Been to many island weddings?"

Skeletal Isaac snaps the bible shut. "Nope. You don't get to read this. Not now, anyway." He taps Farkas on the forehead with the staff. "You're not married yet, you know." He tilts his head at the Man who arrived, and bows politely. "Welcome!"

Excited Groom Farkas' ears flick as he senses...something familiar, but dismisses the sensation.

Dexter shakes his head, arms crosses at his chest. "Nope. First one, Mr. Thomas. What 'bout you?"

Thomas Devareaux III opens the side of his tuxedo, revealing an assortment of grenades, guns and bladed weapons. "

Thomas Devareaux III says "A few. Need to borrow any?"

Dexter peers down at the inside of his tux, face still straight. "Give meh a few grenades, if ya don't mind."

Mister Stern steps shakily off the ladder and takes a seat, breathing hard, rubbing his knee. He mutters something about Extremely Tall Trees and casts an eye over the assembled crowd.

Thomas Devareaux III picks a few that he shouldn't need and passes them to Dexter. Hopefully, he won't need any of them, but he's been to too many island weddings to get his hopes up too high.

The faint echoes of Solebarr fades - is that the correct word? At least for something that was never there in the first place - fades, and is present near the altar where it's presumed the best man would stand. Of course, what's present? Nothing, really, just a slight shimmer.

Second Lieutenant John jumps down from the branch, looking a bit tired"holy.. hell I have never... ran that far... for how long I was here..."

Excited Groom Farkas' ears flick again. What is that?

Dexter nods in thanks and suffs them inside of his black coat. "Thanks, Mr.' Thomas. Also, I'll git back ta ya at time point soon, fer ya job."

Second Lieutenant John eases himself into a sitting possition "Next time... I need... to get a watch..."

Skeletal Isaac beams at the crowd. Not like he can do anything else, being nothing but bones.

Thomas Devareaux III nods to Dexter, and then turns his eyes to the front. He assumes that they should be starting, soon.

Second Lieutenant John pushes himself standing again after having rested a bit

The faint echoes of Solebarr, by rights should not even be here, for the sake of universal constants and continuum continuity. That the slightest bit of the lost memory may manifest, out of time and away from the rules, is bending things already. He cannot speak, nor interact here.

Carver, Mrs. Lillian slips in at the back.

Second Lieutenant John brushes himself off and straightens his tuxedo, and then his hat before looking for a good place to stand

Firebrand Modesty climbs down to join the wedding, looking over to Isaac and other people assembled. Hmm.

Excited Groom Farkas glances sidelong at the spot his best man should be, feeling like he is, but seeing nothing. Either way...it's a nice feeling, one that makes him smile even more than he already was.

Carver, Mrs. Lillian squeezes over to John's side and adjusts the blankets shes wearing just so.

Second Lieutenant John realizes that he's missing a tie, and uses his card to summon up a tie and he ties it around his neck.

Skeletal Isaac catches Modesty's eye, and nods to the corners where a man and a woman stand opposite each other.

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman blinks as he walks in "Wow."

Second Lieutenant John adjusts and straightens his tie "Hello Lillian."

The Watcher glances at her watch, hears the footsteps of confused would-be attendees elsewhere in the tree. She rolls her eyes, and heads over to the ladder.

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman looks around and then snaps his fingers, appearing in a seat that is either next to or near Lillian. "Hey Lil." Carver, Mrs. Lillian says "Hey John." "Oh! Mike!"

Second Lieutenant John was not only slightly worried but also surprised when he saw the watcher leave

Carver, Mrs. Lillian says "Ah, shes probably gonna catch some of the stragglers."

Skeletal Isaac, if he had sweat glands anymore, would sweat now. Not for the Watcher leaving, but for who was so late that the Watcher had to go find them.

Dexter peers around again, trying to figure out who he might know.Man...don't feel right around here...

Thomas Devareaux III glances at his watch. "Hmmm... I'd have thought they'd be ready by now. Sheesh... Women..."

The Watcher's boots can be heard approaching...

Firebrand Modesty is kinda waiting around, but she looks over, glaring at Thomas. "...hey, it's a big day, you know..."

The Watcher re-enters, the sound of footsteps seeming to follow her. She leans against the back wall, and grins.

Thomas Devareaux III smirks at Modesty. "Yeah, it seems that way."

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman says "Well, good thing I turned my vision back on."

Second Lieutenant John makes sure to adjust his hat to be more straight, thought he's trying hard not to become excited at the people around Skeletal Isaac bows to the Watcher politely, and clears his nonexistent throat. "Dearly beloved, we're gathered here to say our goodbyes." He tilts his head, then looks down at his book. "Wait, no, that's a funeral. Why was this bookmarked to a funeral rite."

Carver, Mrs. Lillian leans on John and rolls her eyes at Mike.

Mister Stern eyeballs The Watcher, and declines to comment. He's seen more personable ushers, in his time.

Around Those Curves Hyde slips in and sits at the back, unsure where else to sit.

Better Man Mythamber saunters in looking for a spare seat or, failing that, a wall to cling to.

Fives walks in with Tain and begins looking for seats for both of them.

Tainnryst slips into the back of the chapel, trying to avoid attention, and sits towards the back.

Civilian Dragondawn hurries in quietly and slides into an open seat. not knowing who she was sitting by.

Skeletal Isaac flips pages and clears his throat again. "Sorry, let's try again. Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of three beloved people, friends or family to all those gathered here. Or at least most of you."

Fives notices seats near the back and sits down next to Tain quietly as to not attract attention.

Dexter grabs at his crusifix, eyes weary. "Well, Go. Hope everythin' goes well, today."

The faint echoes of Solebarr, even in an echoed state, can be felt to emit some sense of exasperation from where he's not. Let's move it along, people. I didn't go and get undeaded so that you could stand around chatting with each other.

Better Man Mythamber waves at fellow Clannies Dragondawn and William.

Molly slips down into the chapel with Wish and William.

Civilian Dragondawn glances at myth waving and waves back.

Excited Groom Farkas clenches and unclenches his hands once, to soothe his nerves.

Fives takes a seat and smiles at Tain. Seems to be paying attention to her more right now.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos steps in, height giving him a decent view from the back as he edges his way slowly around to the right side.

Married Lady Elf slips in and tries to remain unnoticed. Oops, she's late.

Second Lieutenant John breathes in and sighs "okay.. okay.. we have Her,Mr Stern... and many others that I know... hoo boy, this wedding is really going to be good."

William Harrowton Conchor slips in with Molly, he spots Myth waving, and timidly waves back. My, there's a lot of people here. Seems like someone's getting married or something. He also takes a cautious look around for signs of that very scary person.

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman asks Myth quietly if he wants to sit next to him.

Carver, Mrs. Lillian waves Elf over.

Married Lady Elf heads over to Lillian and sits beside her.

Firebrand Modesty takes a seat near the front, folding her hands in her lap. Alright, alright..

Second Lieutenant John nods to Elf in greetings

Better Man Mythamber slides forward to give Elf and Lillian a brief hug before finding his own seat.

Skeletal Isaac looks out at the group. "Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today." He chuckles softly. "Marriage, that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream. And love, true love, will follow this man and his wives forever and ever."

Better Man Mythamber sits next to Mike.

Carver, Mrs. Lillian snuggles into Elf's side and grins.

Jokermorph Wish finally makes it in and slips down towards Molly, guiding Dragon with her. After taking at a pew by Molly, she smiles. "This is my newest Riddler Pet, since Tetoh has been missing for so long," she whispers. "Dragon, this is Molly, Molly, Dragon.

Married Lady Elf wraps her arm around Lillian and kisses her head before turning her eyes to the ceremony.

Around Those Curves Hyde nods to Than from her seat at the back.

Skeletal Isaac gestures to Farkas at the last. "And to you, Farkas, I say this: Treasure your love." He gestures to the back. "And now, the procession of the brides."

Civilian Dragondawn looks up at the metion of her name.

The faint echoes of Solebarr settles once more, withdrawing his presence from the chapel and consolidating it to the spot where the best man would reside. To provide the maximum amount of support possible, as it seems that Farkas seems to have jitters.

Molly will take hold of William's hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze as they find their seats. She smiles for Dragon. "Hello, Dragon~" Oh! It's starting. She will keep quiet for a bit.

Wandering Dragon nods to Molly and whispers a "Hello, nice to meet you."

Just a Box Flarehawk sits, unnoticed, next to one of the rows of seats. After all, empty boxes don't go on seats. That would just be silly. Someone appears to have drawn a small smiley face on one side in permanent marker, however.

Thomas Devareaux III looks around the room, waving to a few more familiar faces that have shown up, including Hyde's and Myth's. He wonders if Star is coming. It doesn't look like it.

Jokermorph Wish too settles down quietly and pats Dragon's arm as she turns to watch the brides.

William Harrowton Conchor hms quietly as Molly is gonna take hold of his hand with a reassuring squeeze as they go find their seats. Oh, whatever this is is starting. He glances around distractedly, merely listening.

Technical Sergeant CarryOn nods hello to Dragon as he passes

The Watcher grins to herself. I fucking ushed them so hard.

Second Lieutenant John also stays in his seat quietly, but makes sure to remove his hat at this time as well.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos nods in return, and quickly tugs his robe out before slipping it on, pulling the hood up to hide his face. After, he carefully crosses his hands in front of himself, watching in silence.

In a disapproving manner, Omega is the last person here? Is there somebody after her? There's everybody. She straightens her hair another time, and pretends she's been invited. She walks.

Better Man Mythamber looks at Thomas, waving but gives a brief shake of his head, Star could not make it.

The doors open after Omega, and an organ plays the bridal procession.

Better Man Mythamber pats the seat beside him for Omega.

Excited Groom Farkas turns to fully face the doors, keeping true to his title.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos's head turns with a click and an eerie whirr, eyes now on the doors.

Wandering Dragon looks back at the music and sits quickly.

Gothic Bride Isabelle steps in slowly, veil covering her face, her python no longer on her shoulders, and starts the procession towards the altar.

Dexter doesn' even seem to want to talk or do anything else, except just wait for the ceremony to start.

Second Lieutenant John turns back to the doors to look at the brides.

In a disapproving manner, Omega cringes. A bit too late? She quickly finds somewhere to sit. She sits beside...

Thomas Devareaux III turns to look, smiling as he sees Isabelle enter.

Fairy Svedka flies in after Isabelle, quickly finding a seat. She quickly lets herself grow large, and pretends to everyone she's been there all along.

Fives looks at brides enter and smiles as he sees Isabelle and Asha.

In a disapproving manner, Omega sits next to Wish. She smiles, and watches.

Civilian Dragondawn turns her head to the door.

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman grins and gets out a box of tissues ready.

Jokermorph Wish looks startled when Omega squeezes her way in between her and Molly, but she smiles at the other lady and watches the brides again.

Better Man Mythamber pats the seat for Svedka that Omega did not take.

Around Those Curves Hyde watches the brides as the walk.

Thomas Devareaux III smirks at Svedka. It figures that she'd slide in last.

New Orleans bride Asha follows right beside Isa, her face covered by a veil, smiling, although no one else can see that.

In a disapproving manner, Omega shoves her hand in her pocket. One of her pockets, at least, and gets some chocolate. She bites at it. Chocolate is always good when you need glucose. Having an annoying wrapper doesn't help make her feel less rude to Wish, Molly, and that guy.

Molly ohs, making room for Omega as she watches the procession and admire the lovely brides.

William Harrowton Conchor glances to the stranger on the other side ofMolly, and then towards to where most of the people seems to be looking.

Excited Groom Farkas grins softly.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones comes hovering behind the two brides, silently scattering blossoms over the path that they've traveled.

Gothic Bride Isabelle pauses in the aisle for Asha to join her, then proceeds slowly down the aisle to the altar, blushing and smiling almost enough to be seen through the veil, but, like Asha, it can't be seen.

In a disapproving manner, Omega never means to be rude, but, she sometimes is. It's a wonder people accept her. She pretends nobody's looking at her, and observes the wedding.

Second Lieutenant John sneakily takes a blossom out of the air and puts it in his hat.

Wandering Dragon follows the pretty dresses walk down the aisle like everyone else, as that is what is done at weddings.

Jokermorph Wish grins when she sees the chocolate, then rummages in her pocket briefly to offer Omega one of her own hand made truffles. Quite delicious, rolled in cocoa powder, and still somehow slightly chilled in the chocolate cream center.

Fives smiles as the brides get down to the end of the asile, but he isn't looking at them...

Firebrand Modesty watches the people come down the aisle, cringing a bit and rubbing behind an ear.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos watches the brides walk down the aisle, eyes gleaming beneath his hood. Glad I'm not missing this.

Dexter looks over to the two brides, specifically Asha, smiling. Never thought that this would ever happen...

Skeletal Isaac grins at the two brides.

Married Lady Elf smiles softly.

Technical Sergeant CarryOn backs up to make room for latecomers and silently watches the procession, a small smile on his face. After all the tragedy and drama, it's so nice to see something happy.

In a disapproving manner, Omega's eyes widen, and she snags the truffles from Wish's hand. "Thanks." She says. She has no idea what an inside voice is. She chews.

Jokermorph Wish purrs happily and squeezes Dragon's arm as she watches the procession. "Aren't wedding so lovely?" she sighs.

Thomas Devareaux III wishes that he had a camera to get pictures of this. He's actually quite proud of the girls that work for him, so seeing one walking the aisle at her wedding is a big event.

Carver, Mrs. Lillian just beams at the brides.

New Orleans bride Asha follows Isa down to the alter, trying not to cry or anything like that.

William Harrowton Conchor's ears flop as he hears a voice, on top of the noises already. He shifts a little uncomfortably in his seat.

Tainnryst fidgets a little uncomfortably with the fabric of her dress, attention only seeming to be on the two brides. She keeps her eyes resting on them, in any case.

Gothic Bride Isabelle steps up to the altar, opposite Farkas, and smiles.

The faint echoes of Solebarr would be gazing down that fatherly approval were they present. Ah. the little girl that killed me that one time. She's getting married now!Only on the Island. Yes, only on the Island.

Second Lieutenant John is looking at the alter, though he slightly smiles as he knows two of them. New Orleans bride Asha steps up, as well, right by Isabelle, smiling softly.

Better Man Mythamber beams at Asha , especially, for having come so far from the frightened, possessed cursed girl to the this.

Fairy Svedka watches Asha stand next to Isabelle, and grins.

Excited Groom Farkas grins at his brides, indescribably happy.

Fives thinks Tain looks beautiful and makes a note to speak to her when they are alone later. He looks back at the actual wedding.

In a disapproving manner, Omega nods at Wish. She claps her hands together lightly to clean them, then pats down her clothes of any possible dirt while she has the time, then she straightens her hair even more. It's hard to not do anything with your hands!

Second Lieutenant John scratches that thought, he knows all of the ones getting married.. though two of them he knows a bit more about.

Civilian Dragondawnf rowns ever so slightly at the sight of two brides and one groom. but nevertheless is happy for them.

Skeletal Isaac nods slowly, and gestures for the flower girl to stand beside Farkas, not really noticing that there's supposed to be a best man.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones follows the two brides up to the altar, scattering the blossoms through the aisle. At the end, she bends and places one final blossom behind the feet of each bride, and then floats silently to the side with her basket.

Married Lady Elf is watching Asha as well, mostly, with a smile on her face. Her tail very gently drapes around Lillian's waist. Their silent communication is full of memory and happiness.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos looms his way up towards the front, before resuming a neutral position once more, watching in continued silence.

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman is already crying quietly, going through the tissues slowly as he smiles.

Dexter keeps his eyes on the brides, smiling. Asha...you have done good.

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin dashes hurriedly into the room. The pews are momentarily filled with the white-hot glow of his afterimage as he flits about at teh speed of light, trying to find an empty seat.

Wandering Dragon in all honesty doesn't see a wedding, he sees a large group of people to meet and a reception party, but he nods to his mistress anyways.

In a disapproving manner, Omega is not crying quietly. She's pretty oblivious. It's a wedding. She hardly understands what they mean, aside from the free food at the end.

Skeletal Isaac nods, then looks at the three before him. "Well, best get this show on the road, eh?" He chuckles lightly, then clears his throat. "Do you, Farkas MacTavish, take these women, Isabelle Wyrmbrandt and Asha Coteaux, to be your lawfully wedded wives?

Fairy Svedka whispers to the one next to her. "I can't believe it... That's the Watcher!""

Second Lieutenant John tries to remember the last names of the brides... he fails miserably.

Excited Groom Farkas says ""I do.""

Jokermorph Wish rummages in her pocket once again, then offers Omega a riddle shaped candy. Maybe that will help the fidgety woman settle down a little bit. She smile at Farkas and watches the vows afterwards.

The faint echoes of Solebarr don't seem to mind the occupation of their spot too much; they are, after all, just temporal echoes. They're here for presence only.

Skeletal Isaac nods and turns to Asha. "Do you, Asha Coteaux, take Farkas MacTavish and Isabelle Wyrmbrandt to be your lawfully wedded spouses?"

In a disapproving manner, Omega doesn't know what a riddle looks like. She is successfully occupied. You win this time. She's not even paying attention to the wedding anymore. There's candy!

New Orleans bride Asha nods. "I do."

Molly notes the riddle shaped candy a moment with a smirk, gives William's hand another squeeze, and looks up as Asha says I do.

Fairy Svedka wipes a tear of joy, her Asha is getting married!

Carver, Mrs. Lillian whistles her approval.

William Harrowton Conchor calms just a tad as Molly squeezes his hand. He looks over to the front, watching.

Fairy Svedka wishes Janura was here by her side now.

Skeletal Isaac nods then turns finally to Isabelle. "And do you, dear sister, Isabelle Wyrmbrandt, take Asha Coteaux and Farkas MacTavish as your lawfully wedded spouses?" He mutters under his breath. "Not that the law has much sway over the island. Just Her."

Civilian Dragondawn logs her first wedding in the field journal she owns. The details of all important events must be logged.

Dexter smiles, arms still crossed and nods as Asha says I do.

Gothic Bride Isabelle blushes, and nods. "I do."

In a disapproving manner, Omega isn't even sure how to eat this. Augh, this is annoying! Is she supposed to put her finger there and press?

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman blows into some tissues and then sobs into some more, feeling so happy for them as he thinks Why do I get so emotional at weddings, and then pass out?

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones tries to keep her enthusiasm contained, though she is gliding a few inches back and forth as the "I do"s are said. It's hard to just stand and wait.

Wandering Dragon leans forward to look across Wish at the candy munching lady, then sticks a hand in his pocket and pulls out a normal life saver for himself.

Jokermorph Wish grins as she notices Omega's distress, then pulls out another candy. The elegant whirls and odd maze look to it can be confusing, but she just pops the whole thing in her mouth and winks.

Skeletal Isaac nods. "Then by the power vested in my by absolutely nobody, in the eyes of the gods of old, and before all these witnesses here, I must, as is dictated to me, ask. Are there any here who have an objection to this wedding?"

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos smiles beneath the hood, and leans back against the wall behind him.

Fives smiles at the I do's.

Better Man Mythamber patpats Mike on the shoulder. "There, there."

Second Lieutenant John would be a fool to object now

The Watcher glowers at the crowd, as if to say "I fucking dare you."

Skeletal Isaac waits precisely thirty seconds. "No? Good." He looks at the three. "I now pronounce you married." Married Lady Elf gives Lillian a look, because she wouldn't put it past her wife to object for fun.

In a disapproving manner, Omega isn't even looking. She'll come to that conclusion by herself. You just wait.

Better Man Mythamber wants John to object to watch the smiting begin.

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin raises a hand,"Pardon, but will there be cake?"

Fairy Svedka holds her breath, her heart skipping a beat.

The Watcher nods quietly, grins, and takes out a notebook, writes something in it.

Carver, Mrs. Lillian shakes her head and snuggles in.

William Harrowton Conchor feels a glowering from a very scary person, his ears flop in complete and utter fear. He squeezes Molly's hand now, as though to try and retain his fears.

Fives does not even look at the Watcher.

Skeletal Isaac lowers his head and sighs, before pointing at Rucin. "Speak up, please?"

In a disapproving manner, Omega's ears twitch, "Cake?!" She asks as soon as she hears the word. "Where?"

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos raises a hand, giving Isaac a thumbs-up, and proceeds to remain in a relaxed position.

Jokermorph Wish gasps with outrage now that the vows are over, and slaps Dragon's hand lightly. How dare he eat someone else's candy! She pulls out another of her candies, mint flavored, and holds it up for him. "This one is much better than what you ate."

Firebrand Modesty looks aside to Rucin. "..."

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin clears his throats, then asks more loudly, "Cake: will there be any? Or at least someone brought some to share in their wedding gifts?"

Contender Benanov sighs. No wedding is complete without its disaster.

Married Lady Elf squeezes Lillian to her side and watches Rucin with amusement.

In a disapproving manner, Omega puts what's in her hand in her mouth. Stupid candy and its stupid shape. It's delicious.

The faint echoes of Solebarr lazily seem to note, as a general impression to the rest of the chapel, that most objections end in termination of one sort or another.

Skeletal Isaac tilts his head. "No? Nothing? Good. That's what I thought." He flips through his book. "So, uh, no objections. Yes there is cake later." He taps a page. "So, by the powers vested in my by absolutely nobody, yadda yadda..."

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin nods, No objections then.

Molly squeeeeezes William's hand. "There there," she whispers to him. "The Scary Woman over there with the glare won't hurt you." Only because it's not worth the effort.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones grins, looking down at the remaining petals and blossoms in her basket.

Skeletal Isaac says "I now pronounce you man and wives, till Death do you part. Though judging by how my brother Thanatos is here, I doubt that will happen."

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman claps loudly and cheers.

In a disapproving manner, Omega stands, and surveys the scene. There doesn't seem to be any cake. She sighs dejectedly, and sits back with a thud, possibly pushing Molly and Wish into that guy and Dragon.

The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle drops off the last rung, casting an eye around the chapel. Splendid, no one started eating yet. He quickly slinks to a nearby seat, in perfect alignment with the ladder so he can scoot up it first to the reception.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos glowers, giving a snort of derision."Like hell I'd part 'em."

William Harrowton Conchor nodnods. He sure hopes so. And acks as that galpushes Molly into him.

Wandering Dragon's eyes widen a bit at the slap but he swallows the one in his mouth and takes the candy offered, "Thank you an sorry ma'am."

Molly ooofs. Omega thuds harder than she looks.

The Watcher glances at Whistle, and grins. That's the way to do a wedding,she muses. Slink in at the last second so you can have the cake.

Thomas Devareaux III claps quietly for the happy triple.

In a disapproving manner, Omega is a lot heavier than she looks. She's not sorry. She doesn't even know what she's done.

Jokermorph Wish is shoved into Dragon with a laugh, and she pats his arm."It's fine," she says lightly as she straightens back up. "What's your favorite flavor then, miss?" she asks Omega.

The Watcher applauds politely, self-consciously.

Dexter sighs, happily. Good for Asha.

Skeletal Isaac chuckles, and draws his revolver, pointing at the altar and spinning the chambers, then pulls the trigger, releasing a flash of light as the wedding cake is formed. Good thing, too. If he'd misfired, everybody would have been hit by cakes from above.

Mister Stern claps, giving the ladder an evil look.

Second Lieutenant John stands up slowly but wonders what the hell Isaac just did

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin could live with aerial cake bombardment.

Firebrand Modesty jumps at the gun drawn, starting to seriously debate her part in this.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones can't resist any longer, she spins and showers the brides and groom with the remaining petals.

Fives golf claps for the group as cake appears.

Fairy Svedka makes a sharp whistle, and applauds, and cheers loudly!

Better Man Mythamber stands and offers to help Mister Stern up the ladder.

Molly nudges William and applauds the Happy Triple.

Skeletal Isaac peers at the gun, and puts it away. "Right. Cake's here, the rest of the food will... be somewhere." He tilts his head. "Not sure where."

William Harrowton Conchor jumps a little at the loud noise, and timidly starts clapping.

In a disapproving manner, Omega says "Peanut butter chocolate is not bad at all. I prefer it over coconut." She says, playing with the tip of her hair. The side that's nearer to Molly. "Honestly, I prefer anything over chocolate and coconut." She adds to Wish.

Tainnryst stiffens instinctively at the weapon, only relaxing a little as the cake appears. It is still a gun.

The Odd One, Mike Sandersman is fast asleep.

Second Lieutenant John applauds not only at the fancy trick but for the groom and brides.

The faint echoes of Solebarr, with their promise fulfilled, begin to fade into tatters - not that you can see them anyway. They become a drift, a sensation of approval and of comfort whispering by Farkas and Asha, before starting down the aisle in solitude.

Married Lady Elf applauds as the petals fall.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos almost cackles at the gun and appearance of the cake, having a vague impression that a certain sister of his might have been behind that gun. That, or a Joker with a penchant for bad gags.

Skeletal Isaac would probably say the former.

In a disapproving manner, Omega is not clapping her hands. Clapping is something people with no manners do. She sniffs. Is that smell...

New Orleans bride Asha jumps a bit at the gunshot, then grins as she sees cake and petals fall.

Wandering Dragon bites his lip as fluffy kitty ears brush his face and then move away then sighs quietly.

Better Man Mythamber pulls a blanket from his pack and covers the Sleeping Prophet with it.

Fives gently places a hand on Tain's arm and whispers, "Its okay."

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin applauds, sparkles of light emitting when his hands make contact.

ButterFly Boy Tamar enters the area just as people are clapping. The butterfly explodes and black and orange confetti rain down.

Gothic Bride Isabelle yelps at the gun drawn, and glares at her brother, before she pulls her veil up and steps closer to Farkas, kissing him gently, before doing the same to Asha. "It's over. And we're beginning."

Excited Groom Farkas smiles, then takes his turn with Asha.

New Orleans bride Asha giggles, as she kisses back. She then looks behind her shoulder, at Rucin. "Uhhh, I guess?"

The Watcher shakes her head. Given what she's seen of Joker-mode tools, it's lucky the cake doesn't have eyes.

Second Lieutenant John says "Wait... exploding butterflies, Cake Alters... is this a Joker wedding?"

Civilian Dragondawn scribbles a note down. find out how cake can come from a revolver. is it from the island's aura or...?

In a disapproving manner, Omega stretches her legs, pushing at the chairs in front of her, then stands, and "Excuse me." She says, trying to get out. "I gotta get there." To the cake!

Skeletal Isaac would consider that lucky indeed. He's gonna have some terrible luck later.

Contender Benanov tastes the cake. "Peanut Butter Chocolate...hm. My wife's favorite. Excellent choice."

Jokermorph Wish pulls out another candy, this time pineapple strawberry."Here you go, then," she says with a wink, then stands after giving it to Omega, her tail brushing Dragon as she turns around. "Did you want cake?" she asks while glowering at the altar.

In a disapproving manner, Omega is not first to the cake. Oh no!

Firebrand Modesty claps for them, before standing and looking around. She spots Whistle, and slinks around to join him.

Molly snickers, pulling her legs up onto the pew so Omega can escape. "Bye, Omega." She will take her time.

Skeletal Isaac, his job complete, and incapable of actually eating the cake, or anything else for that matter, slips away to the ladder to Broadbranch.

Contender Benanov looks horrified. The cake wasn't cut yet? Oof. Major faux pas.

Mister Stern nods at Mythamber. "Ah. Thank you, my good man."

The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle eyes the cake. He doesn't clap. No need to draw undue attention to himself. The thought of "food somewhere" gets his attention. The cake plan is quickly abandoned. He nods at Modesty. "There's shellfish here somewhere."

Dexter gets up slowly, now that the vows are done and waits a bit before getting that there cake!

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos proceeds to loom his way to the altar, quite possibly enjoying himself a little too much, and sets a hand on Isabelle's shoulder."Hello, little sister."

Mister Stern exits, joints creaking, assisted by MythAmber

William Harrowton Conchor acks, and glances around. Oh jeez, argh...

Better Man Mythamber hooks an arm under Sterns shoulders and carries his weight.

Fairy Svedka shrinks to her Fairy size again, and flies up, zips over to the cake, and steals some of the edible decoration. She lands on top of the cake, by the Asha/Farkas/Isabelle figurines, and gives them all a kiss. She flies off, and eats the piece.

Second Lieutenant John makes his way to the cake, but first stopping by the recently married "I would congragulate you all, no not would... I will congragulate you three."

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin, not to be done up by a butterfly, fiddles with his hands until he creats a ball of light that emits light of various colors intermittently in all directions. Unfortunately that's not what he was trying for, so he just rolls it down the aisle.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones makes sure to completely empty the basket on the married group, and then glides back out of the way for them to take center stage.

Gothic Bride Isabelle spins and turns, smiling at Thanatos. "Hey..."

In a disapproving manner, Omega responds to Wish, now standing just in front of her, looking disappointed. "Yes." She takes the candy fr--"Wait, you know my name?" She was ignoring Molly and going to the other direction, but forget the cake. She sits back where she was.

The Watcher flips her notebook closed. Wedding observed, job done. Watching over, for today.

Wandering Dragon blinks as soft fuzziness brushes his cheek, then looks up,"Sure ma'am," he stands as well and gives her a wave to go ahead.

In a disapproving manner, Omega turns to Molly, "I don't remember yours."She says, her attention captured.

Excited Groom Farkas grins at John. He can't form words for his excitement, but if he could, "Thank you" would be two of them.

Civilian Dragondawn gets up and proceeds towards the new husband and wives.

Molly thinks that is was a loooooong time ago, in the Common Grounds."Molly," she returns, extending a hand. "That's not at all unexpected, given the nature of the Island, I suppose."

In a disapproving manner, Omega certainly doesn't like Pineapple Strawberry anyway. It's in Wish's hand.

Firebrand Modesty nods in return to Whistle. "And boozeohol. It's Booze o' Clock right now. "

The Watcher plods casually over to the closest window, and flops out of it. Far below, a thud can be heard as she hits the ground, dusts herself off, and heads to shore.

Second Lieutenant John nods but realizes something "Oh by the way... Farkas, Asha, and Isabelle. I have a bit of a wedding gift for you all."

Jokermorph Wish was asking Dragon, and quite insulted that she wasn't commissioned to bake the cake. She takes his arm and smiles. "Good, let's go back to the house, then" she says, then grins at Molly. "Take care, Molly! Nice to meet you, Omega!"

Gothic Bride Isabelle looks at John. "Oh?"

William Harrowton Conchor decides to remain put for now, watching Molly and this Omega person.

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin flits over to Asha and asks quietly, "Is it time for presents yet?"

Married Lady Elf is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and so she backs away to a quiet corner to watch.

ButterFly Boy Tamar pieces slowly floats to the floor.

In a disapproving manner, Omega nods. "Yessss, that's what I'm called. It's hard to remember a name when nobody uses it." She says, and without turning, "Nice to meet you too, chocolate."

Admin CavemanJoe puts on his Admin Googles, leaps out of the window, and flies away.

In a disapproving manner, Omega takes Molly's hand, and shakes it.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos lowers his hood, the creepy robotic grin a tad less creepy, for the moment. "I know, I'm a robot now." He crouches so he can get a good look at her. "But that doesn't change the fact that I'm still your oddball brother-in-law."

Second Lieutenant John slightly smiles "You three each have one favor that I can give."

Fairy Svedka gasps as CavemanJoe flies away like a superhero.

Around Those Curves Hyde decides to step out to the branch and let the crowd die down some before going to speak to the triad.

The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle nods absently. "Yes, half past Super Sweet Sixteens and shellfish. Going on well past. Seen a table setup yet? Caterers? Some would-be actor in a white suit coat and black bowtie?"

Molly dusts off a few Tamar-bits from her hair and looks to William. "Shall we?" Go, she seems to mean. She knows how wound up he is right now.

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin takes out a bag of what appears to be frozen bread, and holds it out to Asha. "Merry Weddingsmas!"

Wandering Dragon gives a wave to all the people he has yet to meet as he is pulled to the ladder, "Bye people I know, hope to see you and those I haven't later, and congrats Farkas!" his head is then whipped around as his lady goes to the ladder.

In a disapproving manner, Omega's hands are clean, promise!

Contender Benanov smiles, and whispers to the confused-looking wedding party, "You're married. That's the easy part. I'd recommending celebrating!"

William Harrowton Conchor's eyes are distracted for a moment by someone flying out of the window... wait... this place has windows? Since wh-oh, Molly's addressing him. "...e-erm..." He erm... nods?

Civilian Dragondawn walks up to the...stops dead in her tracks to watch caveman joe fly out of a window.

Firebrand Modesty rubs her chin. "Not yet...the groom is in a white suit, however. I don't suppose he's catering for us?"

Gothic Bride Isabelle curtsies to John. "Thank you, my dear."

In a disapproving manner, Omega turns to Chocolate now that Molly is gone with that guy. "You got more candy with flavors that aren't weird?" She asks, and remembers, "Thanks."

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones glides around the outside of the pews, finding her way back around to Molly. She bounces prettily in her blue frilled dress. "Hi, Ma'am.

Married Lady Elf makes her quiet way out. Large crowds aren't for her, her wife is asleep, and she'll congratulate the spouses later.

Tainnryst gets to her feet, still fiddling with the material of her dress, and glances at Fives.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos pulls his bag around to the front, rummaging a bit, and shudders violently before holding out a small, wrapped box for Isabelle. "This is for you, kiddo."

Second Lieutenant John bows to Isabelle "You are welcome... this is my gift to you all... anything from me without needing to beat me in a game for one time use."

Jokermorph Wish will be sending her wedding gifts later to the groom and brides along with her congratulations, she knows how eager newly weds are to escape from guests. For now, she drags her riddler off to have some tea and cake with while making riddles.

Molly smiles for Megan. "And here I got you that nice white formal dress, and you stuck with the blue," she teases. She must have balked at the just above the knees hemline. "You look lovely, of course."

ButterFly Boy Tamar bits settle down on the floor and will become a pain in the butt of whoever has to clean up after the event.

The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle says "Ehhh. Doubtful. This better not be a chicken or fish deal with a two hour open bar window or this pair of envelopes with 5000 Requisition are staying put. Yes."

New Orleans bride Asha blinks. "Uhhh, oookay...thanks, Ruc, ya strange man, you." She smiles at him, then gives his a big hug!

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin hoorays, and hugs back. "It's breadice," He declares. It's even sliced! theory confirmed: chicks dig sliced bread.

New Orleans bride Asha blinks again, then narrows then."Breadice?..really, man? That...that makes no sense!"

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin blinks. "...Howdoes it make no sense?"

New Orleans bride Asha uhhhhs, trying to think of a reason. "Um, no clue, I guess. But still...thanks for the gift, Ruc."

In a disapproving manner, Omega ohs, "Chocolate is not here." How unfortunate. Now she is alone with no food.

Thomas Devareaux III stands with a grin, looking to Isabelle. He knows that he'll have ample time to congratulate her later. There's food outside, though, so he heads that way.

William Harrowton Conchor notices a familiar face, a Megan. He gives a timid wave.

Fives glances back at her and asks, "Would you like to go back to Central?"

Gothic Bride Isabelle takes the box from Than, and smiles. "Thank you." She slips it away onto a table, and gestures. "Everybody, the food is up on Broadbranch!"

In a disapproving manner, Omega puts her feet up on the place where Molly and that guy used to sit. It's so nice to be able to extend your feet. Maybe she can even lie down.

Contender Benanov decides not to stay for the reception and takes his leave.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones smiles curtsying to Molly and William. "It's what I was wearing when Farkas asked me to do the honors of flower girl, so he asked me to wear it."

Second Lieutenant John starts walking, but then runs and goes up to Broadbranch

The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle hops up at that, setting two heavy clinking envelopes on his seat. He spots Asha, and digs back in his pocket. He comes up with a plastic bubble shell with a melted looking ninja parachutist holding either a sai or a dinner fork. Hard to tell.

Tainnryst starts to nod at Fives, but glances at Isabelle. "Do we stay for the meal...?" She asks uncertainly.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos bows his head, then stands, turning and raising his hood again. "...I'm off to see if there's any oil up there. Could do with some lubricating." Just imagine: A robot sipping a teacup of oil.

Wandering Dragon is somehow dragged up a ladder, not that surprising though

The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle adds that to the gift, tosses a quick salute and then barges up the ladder. The chase is on.

Firebrand Modesty looks aside to the envelopes, before bounding after Whistle.

In a disapproving manner, Omega stretches her arms. Is there somebody where Wish and Dragon were sitting? Hopefully not. She's lying down there now.

Molly ahs. She can forgive this, then. "I think I need to get William out before he shakes himself to death or anxiety sheds all of his fur," she tells Megan, ushering him towards the ladder.

Fives shakes his head. "We don't have to. Its enough that we came."

Fairy Svedka flies back to the entrance, and up to Broadbranch.

Tainnryst nods. "Alright then. Let us go."

William Harrowton Conchor hmms quietly, in the company of familiar people, he's not too bad, but the crowd's getting to him, so Molly's probably right on one part. He is ushered towards the ladder.

Civilian Dragondawn extends a hand to the new couple. "congrats. may your years be happy till evermore"

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones waves to the two of them. "Bye, Ma'am!" She then starts back to the married triple, standing with her hands folded behind her back.

Fives walks out the door and heads straight to Central with Tain.

Excited Groom Farkas grins at Dragondawn. Words still not working.

Prototype Junker Daemon Thanatos looms his way out to Broadbranch, weaving around people as he goes. Surprisingly deft movments for a robot that can't get himself all the way up a ladder.

Technical Sergeant CarryOn heads toward the ladder, walking as quietly as he does in the jungle, but first goes to the married trio and very unmidgetlike says, "I 'ud like to congrat'late you all. It 's such a pleasure to see a happy even' on t' Island."

Gothic Bride Isabelle smiles and curtsies to Dragondawn. "Thank you, my dear!"

Gothic Bride Isabelle does the same to Carryon.

Civilian Dragondawn smiles at Farkas. "Marriage is worth being speechless." She turns to isabelle, still smiling. "You're welcome."

Gothic Bride Isabelle smiles.

Technical Sergeant CarryOn goes up to Broadbranch.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones bounces excitedly, standing just to the side of Farkas, Asha and Isabelle as they finish speaking to guests.

Gothic Bride Isabelle glances around. "Screw it, I'm hungry." She marches to the ladder and scrambles up.

Dexter just stands where he's at, waiting for almost everyone to leave. As the number dwindles down, he goes over to Asha, smiling.

In a disapproving manner, Omega is still here. She doesn't feel like closing her eyes. She's tapping in a specific pattern on the bench she's lying down on.

Excited Groom Farkas lays a hand on Asha's shoulder. "Hungry?"

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones is following the married people. She's just... there...

Grand Master Badass of Most Awesome Destruction Rucin nods, "You're welcome!"

New Orleans bride Asha look behind her shoulder at Farkas, smiling. "Uhh, I-I guess. Gonna be a lot people, still..."

Excited Groom Farkas grins. "Shall I carry you?"

In a disapproving manner, Omega slooowly disappears as nobody's looking. It's gotta be annoying to have that happen to you.

New Orleans bride Asha chuckles. "Sure, mon cher. Carry me, my prince!"

Excited Groom Farkas chuckles back and sweeps her off her feet. He carries her bridal(obviously)-style up the ladder to Broadbranch. He has a hell of a time doing so with his arms otherwise occupied, but there it is.

The Flower Girl, Megan Jones follows along behind them. She'd like all three of them together before she says anything.

Dexter watches as Farkas and Asha leave, frowning. "Wanted ta talk ta Asha," He mutters.

Dexter, after almost a hour of just standing, scratches his head, then heads for the branch thing that leads upward.

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