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The Misadventures of Mercury and Georgia

A short synopsis: The following is the misadventures (more like torment) of Georgia and (the sadism of) Mercury. Basically how it started is Mercury became determined to give Georgia a bath and well, the following ensued.


Part One: The Stink in New Home

Georgia Ellis stalks into New Home, hands rubbing furiously at her arms as she tries to warm up. She heads toward Joe's cursing and mumbling something about unstable climates.

Biffhost Mercury, being who she is, slooowly stalks into NewHome not long after Georgia. On the rooftops. She's so.. So.. Crafty! Nevermind her silhouette being totally obvious..

Georgia Ellis never minds the obvious silhouette as she is not paying clear enough attention to see it. She disappears momentarily within the Diner, making an obvious point to ignore everyone. She hates people.

Biffhost Mercury is quiet as she slinks onto Joe's roof. Scary quiet. Stealthy quiet!

Georgia Ellis slams the door of Joe's open as she is quite forcefully shoved out. Joe, looking more than just a little disgusted, shoes her off, "Get out of here! You're running off the good, clean smelling folks!" Georgia just scowls, "I smell just fine!"

Biffhost Mercury chuckles to herslef. Oh that Georgia! She opens her mouth to say something when the smell hits, and a coughing fit ensues, leaving the Joker dangling over the edge of Joe's Diner.

Georgia Ellis's eyes snap to Mercury at the commotion, "The fuck?" Joe looks at the Joker knowingly, "That would be the smell." He turns around and goes in, completely missing the expletive snarled at his retreating back.

Biffhost Mercury slumps over, and slowly slides herself back from the edge. "Christ on a fucking bike woman!"

Georgia Ellis crosses her arms over her chest, marches down the short step and glares at Mercury, "Fuck off! I do not smell that bad" She lifts an arm, sniffs her arm pit. "I smell just fucking fine"

Biffhost Mercury is silent a moment.. Until she pops up behind Georgia on the ground, ugly scarf pulled up over her nose. "For a fucking corpse in the sun, maybe. God DAYUM!"

Georgia Ellis's cheeks and the bridge of her nose colour with annoyance and embarrasment, though her tone takes on a petulant edge, "You're over-exaggerating"

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head vigorously. "Non, you have a fragrance about you. It is most.. Repulsive." Honest!

Georgia Ellis's eyes narrow and she pokes Mercury in the shoulder, "And when's the last time you bathed, huh?" Not really the point, here.

Biffhost Mercury shrugs, though she does have an answer "Two days ago?" Sounds about right.

Georgia Ellis falls short on that line of defense before flailing - figuratively- a defense for her own lack of hygiene, "I am simply using uhm this as a defense mechanism! Yes, that's it. Makes it harder for monsters to smell me" Sound enough reasoning. Right?

Biffhost Mercury cringes her brow. "Non. Non. I'd think it makes it much easier." She waves her hands in front of her face. "It's overpowering. Greatly."

Georgia Ellis sticks her nose up in an odd defiant expression, "Well, I'm not asking you to keep my company am I? The smell will go away once you leave the vicinity, would it not?" It seems more a defense mechanism from other people, rather than monsters.

Biffhost Mercury tilts her head to her left. "Or.."

Georgia Ellis blinks, "Or..?"

Biffhost Mercury straightens her head, grinning under her scarf. "I can think of two options!"

Georgia Ellis stiffens a little. She doesn't like that look in Mercury's eye. "You know, I am just fine with the way I am. No need to get carried away.."

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head. "NON! Your pungent aroma, it demands intervention!" She reaches up with both hands in an attempt to grab Georgia by the shoulders. "You must be clean!"

Georgia Ellis lets loose some sort of inhuman sound as she ducks the hands - this time and backs away from Merc, "What are you doing! Don't! Don't you fucking dare.." She even growls a little, "Mercury.."

Biffhost Mercury takes a moment to focus, and.. PUPPY DOG EYE! "Do it for my birthday present?"

Georgia Ellis scowls, totally unaffected, "No." Silly Mercury, puppy dog eye(s) only work on real puppies.

Biffhost Mercury is shocked! Shocked! She gasps, and places her fingetips to her mouth. "Not even for my birthday! I am hurt!"

Georgia Ellis's eye twitches, only very slightly. Not affected. Nope, not one bit. "Happy Birthday. You'll get over it."

Biffhost Mercury narrows her eyes now. Not into a glare, mind, more into that mischief face. "Well! If that's how she wants to play.." And she's gone! Gone!

Georgia Ellis stiffens again. Significantly. She could be mistaken for a weathered statue, she's so stiff. She takes one hesitant step forward and looks around (breaking the whole statuesque appearance) warily, "Mercury.."

Biffhost Mercury does not respond. Immediately.. SOme gravel does crunch down an alleyway to Gerogia's left..

Georgia Ellis's head snaps to her left and she narrows her eyes as she peers down the alleyway. She doesn't move toward it though - oh no, that is a classic horror movie mistake. Instead she backs away, eyes still narrowed on that dark(er) space.

Biffhost Mercury taps Georgia's shoulder now. Oh, she's tricksy!

Georgia Ellis whirls around and looks at Mercury wide eyed, "Ah.. fuck."

Biffhost Mercury holds up a bar of soap, and a leeeetle bottle of Shampoo. "Seriously, you smell like rotted ass."

Georgia Ellis cringes away from the soap a bit. Though, whether its really her or the improbable amount of dirt and stink she's collected is entirely up for debate. "You can't force me to do it!"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs, then laughs. "Challenge accepted. You have a five second head start."

Georgia Ellis looks at her blankly, "You have got to be fucking kidding me"

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head, all seriousness now. "Nope.. FOur.. Three.."

Georgia Ellis barely chokes back a squeak and actually tears off out of the outpost. My god, she isn't kidding!

Biffhost Mercury sloowly starts to saunter along behind Georgia. She'll tire out.. Eventually.. Mercury whistles an oddly upbeat tune as she goes.

Part Two: Bath by Force

Georgia Ellis finds herself standing just before the shallows at the beach and stops, turning to finally look over her shoulder. She holds her stomach with one hand, panting hard as she tries to recover her breath.

Biffhost Mercury comes strolling into sight a few moments later, still whistling.

Georgia Ellis groans before looking back to the water. No escape that way, "Come on. Don't you ever fucking tire out?"

Biffhost Mercury laughs, cackles even. "Not really, non! Are you ready for your bath?"

Georgia Ellis crosses her arms and growls, "Hardly. I will kick and scream the entire way if I have to." Though to be honest, that would be entirely too undignified for her. She looks about for an escape route and slowly edges along the beach.

Biffhost Mercury shrugs, closing the distance now. "Then kick!" And she's sprinting now.

Georgia Ellis doesn't sit there and watch like a deer in the headlights, oh no! She's off like a shot again down the beach, though moving much slower than she was before, "This is-" Pant "-fucking-" Pant "-ridiculous!"

Biffhost Mercury has just about closed the distance now. She leaps! "Your smell is ridiculous!"

Georgia Ellis grunts as Mercury tackles her and she hits the ground, "Nyagh, Fuck!" She squirms in vain, the sand giving her no leverage to pull herself away.

Biffhost Mercury laughs, loud and triumphantly! "Surrender?"

Georgia Ellis rests her cheek against the sand and grumbles, "This time."

Biffhost Mercury laughs again. "If I get off, and you run, I'll be forced to get rough for real." She grins, 'cause that's what she does.

Georgia Ellis scowls, "You don't need to bully me" That's exactly what she had to do. Georgia sighs and taps her toes ineffectively against the sand, "Will you get the fuck off me please" Personal bubble breach!

Biffhost Mercury nods. "O'course!" And she does get off. Slowly and deliberately. She is nice enough to extend a hand to offer assistance to Georgia, though!

Georgia Ellis looks at the hand and takes it before pulling herself to her feet. She may feel spiteful but she isn't a child. She carefully dusts herself off before pointing out, "You know, making me bathe won't completely erase the smell.. My clothes stink too"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. "If you want me to strip you down and wash those, I can. We have a crude system set up in the tree." She points East, and somewhat North, where the Apocalyptus Regnans can be seen waaaaaaaaay in the distance.

Georgia Ellis clears her throat awkwardly and turns her back to Mercury, "I am quite capable of taking off my own clothes, thank you. I'm not a child." As if to demonstrate, she starts unbuttoning her shirt and kicking off her boots. At the same time!

Biffhost Mercury shrugs again. "Fair enough, though I was more basing on the assumption you'd resist to the bitter end." She grins, then looks up towards the sky.

Georgia Ellis shifts her shoulders, now bared, uncomfortably before tossing the shirt behind her and starting on her pants. "To be honest, I've got issues with people touching me, much less full on touching me so.. yeah."

Biffhost Mercury nods, up towards the sky. "Fair enough, though for the record I'm not looking away because I care."

Georgia Ellis kicks off her pants and hugs her arms around herself before looking at Mercury over her shoulder, "Thank you." Her tone is sincere enough as she quickly walks into the water. The moment however is ruined as

Georgia Ellis curses, "Fucking hell that's colder than the devil's blue balls. Jesus christ!"

Biffhost Mercury bursts into laughter. "Speaking from experience, Georgey?"

Georgia Ellis turns around to face Merc, the water just up to her shoulders, and points a finger, "W-woman, d-don't laugh." She shivers hard enough to cause ripples to float outward from her, "Ugh, let's m-m-ma-a-ake this quick"

Biffhost Mercury looks back down now, figuring George should be good and underwater. "Awright, awright." She takes juuuust a moment to aim, and tosses the soap out to the woman. "If it's that cold, though, I ain't going in there!"

Georgia Ellis catches the soap and it slips right back out of them. She reaches out and digs her dirty nails into the soap and starts scrubbing. Really, the dirt cloud coming up around her in the water is, well, repulsive.

Biffhost Mercury notices, and pulls a face to reflect such before looking away again. "So, how 'bout that sun?"

Georgia Ellis ducks her head under water and then comes back up, "Not hot enough right now. I am done with the soap." She tosses it back at the beach. She pulls the tie out of her braid and sticks her hands in her hair, trying to untangle it, "Uh.."

Georgia Ellis's fingers are stuck.

Biffhost Mercury strolls on over to retrieve the soap. 'Course, it'll need a good wash to get the sand out now. "Uh..?"

Georgia Ellis clears her throat, "Ah, it-it's nothing. Just fine over here" Yank, wince. "Fuck" She gently pulls her fingers lose and tries to pul apart the braid.

Biffhost Mercury tilts her head to the left. "Problem?"

Georgia Ellis continues to struggle a bit and says, "Well, it seems.. my hair doesn't want to come loose." She yanks again and swears.

Biffhost Mercury straightens her head, and holds up the shampoo. "This help?"

Georgia Ellis holds up her hand, "Toss it here. We'll see"

Biffhost Mercury does so, though her aim is a bit off to the left. Like, four feet or so.

Georgia Ellis looks to her left where the bottle lands and blinks, "Wow. You're a shitty shot." She turns and reaches out for the bottle before opening it up and pouring a huge dollop into her hand. She mashes it together between her hands and brings it to her head

Georgia Ellis looks to her right where the bottle lands and blinks, "Wow. You're a shitty shot." She turns and reaches out for the bottle before opening it up and pouring a huge dollop into her hand. She mashes it together between her hands and brings it to her head

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head, grinning widely. "Don't you fucking tempt me. I'm a shitty throw, not a shitty shot."

Georgia Ellis gives her a side long glance, "Duly noted." She ducks beneath the water once more, trying again to pull her hair loose from the tangles before coming back up, frowning, "No good. Still holding."

Biffhost Mercury has a suggestion! "Try harder!"

Georgia Ellis scowls, "I am trying! It fucking hurts as it is." She pulls her fingers free and grumbles, "Fuck it." A little louder, "Do you have a towel or something I can use. Unless you popped off while I wasn't looking and my clothes are done?"

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head. "Nah, haven't left at all. I s'pose this is your way of asking for help with it?"

Georgia Ellis blinks and looks back at her, "Ah, no.. I was just going to leave it." She makes a face, "Not that big a deal is it?"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. "Well, we're hear. May as well fix it up, right? Hang on.." She vanishes, kicking up a little sand somehow.

Georgia Ellis goes to object and then sighs, plucking at her limp hair dejectedly, " 's not really that big a deal"

Biffhost Mercury is back, with a towel, no less. "Oi! C'mere a minute."

Georgia Ellis covers her chest and headds toward Mercury, taking the towel. She rubs herself down and then wraps herself up in it, "At least I'm dry or will be soon enough. That's something."

Biffhost Mercury nods. "Gotta start some- What in the fuck is that?" She points down, and behind Georgia a good ten, fifteen feet.

Georgia Ellis turns around and looks at the endless expanse of beach, "What is wha-?"

Biffhost Mercury moves quickly now, revealing the very big, sharp scissors she'd concealed on her person. There's a flash of sunlight reflected from the metal blades, then a snip, then Mercury is left holding Georgia's braid in her hand.

Georgia Ellis doesn't move. Her head feels different. Light. And there was a moment where.. Oh god. She reaches up and touches the short bit of hair now falling about her head. She turns to look at Mercury, "What the fuck did you do that for!"

Biffhost Mercury holds the braid out, offering it back. "I fixed the problem!" She grins, practically ear-to-ear.

Georgia Ellis takes the braid and stares back up at Mercury in shock. Just wait a minute. Wait for it. Wait for it. Oh, there it is! She tosses the braid in Merc's face, "You- you- Oooooh"

Biffhost Mercury blinks. Then blinks again. Then looks down at the braid in the sand. "What?"

Georgia Ellis throws her hands up in exasperation and nearly loses her towel (she saves it though!) "That was my hair!"

Biffhost Mercury nods, down to the braid. "Yeah, but now it's not knotted and messy.."

Georgia Ellis flails a bit, "But, but, but.." She stops, pinches the bridge of her nose and asks, "Can I have my clothes please?"

Biffhost Mercury blinks twice. "Uh.."

Georgia Ellis's eye twitches again, her tone one of barely restrained anger, "Uh..?"

Biffhost Mercury blinks again. "They're not here?"

Georgia Ellis runs her fingers through her hair (feels nice! Though she won't admit it), "You took them with you to wash them!"

Biffhost Mercury nods twice in quick succession. "Yup." Maybe.

Georgia Ellis gestures around them, "Well, they aren't here.."

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head once. "Nope." One word answers. Suspicious?

Georgia Ellis narrows her eyes on Mercury, "Come on, give em back"

Biffhost Mercury blinks again, then slowly grins. "I dunno if I should just give them back.."

Georgia Ellis releases a long suffering sigh, retightens her towel, and asks in a defeated tone, "What do you want?"

Biffhost Mercury strokes her chin for a bit, pondering.. Pondering.. "Hhhmmmmm.."

Georgia Ellis taps her foot impatiently against the sand, shifts uncomfortably and runs her fingers through her hair again and says, "Come on. I can't walk around in a fucking towel all the time"

Biffhost Mercury ponders a bit longer. "What I'm thinking is a game of some sorts. Not a gamble or wager, but something involving some skill."

Georgia Ellis's annoyance falters a little, "What kind of game?"

Biffhost Mercury crosses her arms. "Let's see.. I assume you don't want to be going around like this too long, do you?"

Georgia Ellis looks at her flatly, "I'd rather not"

Biffhost Mercury nods, and makes a chopping motion with her right hand. Kind of cuts down on our options, then hmm?"

Georgia Ellis suggests in an offhand manner which is not offhand at all, "Or you could just give me back my clothes"

Biffhost Mercury ponders this too, then answers with a "Nah, I think they can be earned."

Georgia Ellis taps her foot some more, "Can you tell me how so I can get to earning them?"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. "I s'pose you could always just.. Find me again.." And then there was nothing but sand.

Georgia Ellis blinks at the sudden lack of Mercury and then snarls, "Oooooh you. Fuck!" She starts heading toward the tree, muttering some rather murderous phrases beneath her breath.

Chapter 1: The Quill

Georgia Ellis staggers into New Home, just a fucking wreck. Her eyes - which oddly enough convey a great deal of anger and a don't fuck with

me attitude - search the outpost for a certain someone. "Goddamnit! I swear when I get my fucking hands on her.."

nhojemon backs away from Georgia. Scary.

Georgia Ellis stops, adjusts her green towel (thank god its not some godawful girly colour), and glowers before snarling at the nearest

person, "Seen a wench named Mercury?"

Avante shudders slightly, then stretches with a yawn. He fixes his violet eyes on a pissed off looking woman, and frowns. Standing and

brushing himself off, he limps over to Georgia. "S'cuse me Miss, but can I assist you?"

nhojemon does not like snarlers. "No, not at all."

Biffhost Mercury is not a wench, thankyouverymuch!

Georgia Ellis doesn't even spare the smallest pitying look for the wounds (though whether this is normal or just cause she's pissed as all

hell is entirely debatable), "I'm looking for Mercury."

nhojemon wanders out before Ellis turns her anger onto him.

Placid GeTh has not seen someone named Mercury, but neglects to say so. Instead, he files that person under "Not his business" and returns to

what is his business.

Avante smiles winningly, and shakes his head. "I'm sorry, Ma'am, but noone by that name has passed through here. If I see her, shall I send

her your way?" Even injured, he somehow manages to stay charismatic and sweet-tempered.

Contestant sage wanderer works very hard not to make a thermometer joke at the angry woman.

Biffhost Mercury is very careful to be very, very stealthy right about now. Which is hard when you're trying to stifle cackling laughter. The

museum should hopefully provide enough cover for the time being to allow her to go about her mechinations for now

Georgia Ellis's face stays completely deadpan, "Yeah, do that." She continues to look around, her hands wringing together, almost as if she's

imagining wringing her ne- "I'm going to wring her fucking neck when I see her" She adjusts the towel again.

Avante frowns. "Ma'am, would you like some clothing?"

Biffhost Mercury has a fishing rod, as well as.. A feather? Yes, so it seems. The feather is tied carefully to the line on the rod, really

little more than a thin string.

Georgia Ellis's attention snaps back to the bandaged man, the look in her eye only slightly mad (and not in the angry sense) "Ho no, she made

it personal. I don't just want any clothes. I want my clothes!"

Biffhost Mercury nods to herself once the feather is secured well enough, though how well that is might be up for debate.

Another moment sees the woman on the rooftops, profile low. A feather is lowered carefully down..

Avante nods agreeably, then bows slightly. "Well, ma'am, if you should require assistance, you can always call for Van, and I'll help ya as

best I can." He winks cheekily before returning to the bench.

Biffhost Mercury is a fisherwoman now! Like the captain guy who stabbed whales! Except she's not stabbing; She's doing the boring waiting kind

of fishing. Without dynamite.

Georgia Ellis cocks an eyebrow and turns with a shrug, and that's when she spies it. The Feather! She moves toward it slowly, her eyes slowly

going upwards along the fishing line to the rod.

Biffhost Mercury waits, 'cause what else do you do when fishing without tools designed for blasting rock?

Georgia Ellis is completely aware that she is being bated but one object off her person is better than.. well, she supposes having a towel is

better than nothing. She snatches the feather and pulls on it.

Biffhost Mercury has a bite! Hurrah! She pulls back, not hard, really, but enough to be noticeable.

Georgia Ellis winces as the down of the feather crinkles and parts with the tug and lets go instantly. This time, she goes for the string

attached instead, "Dammit Merc, give it here!"

Biffhost Mercury chokes back a reply. Tries to, at least. "Who?" She tries to impersonat Adder Moray, of all people, and it's about as

accurate as you might think. She tugs back, a little harder this time.

Georgia Ellis lets go this time in surprise and looks up, trying to shield her eyes, "That's my feather. Can I have it back?" She's not

believing it for a second.. Though it did catch her off guard.

Biffhost Mercury wiggles the rod, attempting to make the feather dance a little. "Maybe if you can answer a question corectly."

Georgia Ellis glowers at the dancing feather. What does she think she is, a cat? "Well, go on, what is it?"

Biffhost Mercury keeps bobbing the feather up and down. She can't actually see Gerogia from her spot, hiding back there on the roof. Glare

away glarey! "If you can tell me what I call my gun, you can have your feather."

Georgia Ellis looks up at the roof Mercury is hiding on, "How the fuck should I know? I haven't even-" She halts and then thinks really

reaaaally hard, "That silver plated one at your hip?"

Biffhost Mercury isn't actually sure Georgia would know in the first place, but that's a small detail, really. "Oui."

Georgia Ellis frowns, "I don't know! It's not like I bent down to look at it while you're around! There's script on it but - oh for fuck's

sake. Please just give me the feather. Shi gave it to me."

Biffhost Mercury is taken aback for a moment, and blinks. "This, I did not know." The feather is dropped promptly, as well as the rest of the

rod. "Vous etes chanceux"

Georgia Ellis takes the feather and unwraps it from the string (why the hell didn't she do that in the first place?). Holding her towel secure

with her elbows, she ties the feather to the end of the braid on her left temple. "Yeah, I know."

Georgia Ellis runs a hand through her hair, "I'm assuming the rest of my clothes won't be as easy to procure."

Biffhost Mercury peeks her head over the edge of the building. "Uh, non. Certainly not. WHen you're interested in trying to get your boots

back, you might want to wander over to.. I do not know.. Improbable Central."

Georgia Ellis, happy enough to have the feather back, actually spares a challenging grin for the woman. "I'll have em back soon enough" And

you can bet your ass that's exactly where's she is headed. In short, she leaves

Biffhost Mercury, likewise, is off as well, though her departure is pretty low-key.

Chapter 2: The Glass Boot

Biffhost Mercury steps into Central from out of one shadow or another, holding a smallish glass box in her hands, some footwear inside it (Property of Georgia, naturally). The box has a padlock on it lacking any visible chains.

Biffhost Mercury places the box on a nearby window ledge, and just leaves it there as she wanders away.

Georgia Ellis strides into Improbable Central, obviously not being able to keep up with poofing Mercury and looks around. Nothing sticks out except the shiny glass box beneath a street lamp. Well now, that's not obvious at all is it? She slowly approaches, wary

Georgia Ellis looks at the box, looks at the sparsely lit outpost, looks back at the box, "Mercury?"

Biffhost Mercury responds, though from where is.. Uncertain. "Hmm?"

Georgia Ellis looks about, frowns, and then looks back to the box before touching the padlock, "What did you do?"

Biffhost Mercury chuckles. "Put it in a box. Thought it seemed clear enough."

Georgia Ellis frowns deeper (deeper than usual even!) and looks at her chainsaw contemplatively, "This isn't going to help me one bit, is it?"

Biffhost Mercury again chuckles. "Non. Not one bit. There's a key 'round here. Somewhere. In the darkness."

Georgia Ellis grumbles but turns away from the box. "Good thing I'm not afraid of the dark then." She slides her bare feet carefully over the ground feeling out blindly for said key.

Biffhost Mercury slinks around somewhere. Could be here, could be there. Who knows! "It would certainly be detrimental, oui."

Georgia Ellis adjusts that damned towel about her chest a bit tighter before getting to her hands and knees. More skin to ground means greater area covered means easier to find key, right? She blows a poof of hair out of her face, "Can I have a hint?"

Biffhost Mercury grins from her slinky place. "It's not there."

Georgia Ellis snorts, "Smart ass." She crawls a bit more, a little glad for the dark. Her pride would suffer serious blows otherwise. She moves toward Sheila's and feels about the front step. Maybe here?

Biffhost Mercury reaches into her pocket, searches for a moment, and retrieves a Requisition token. The token is tossed off to one side, away from Sheila's.

Georgia Ellis sees the glint of something shiny, a clink and goes to investigate. Her fingers graze the req token and her brows furrow, "The fu--" She grunts as she realizes what it is and calls Mercury something not too terribly nice under her breath.

Biffhost Mercury grins to herself. Well that worked. "Hmm?"

Georgia Ellis looks up at the slowly lightening sky and smirks, "Nice trick, but its starting to get light so I won't fall for it again." If she was less mature, she may have blown a raspberry.

Biffhost Mercury shrugs, and steps off into an alleyway. "Well, better hide the key better, then, hmm?"

Georgia Ellis stands back up and looks around, trying to pinpoint where the woman's voice is coming from, "You didn't hide it, did you? You have it on you" There is mild annoyance in her tone. That is cheating.

Biffhost Mercury would never! Well.. "Non, though I did think about that. I figured I'd go a little easier than that for now, however. You'll find it somewhere."

Georgia Ellis looks about the outpost thoughtfully, pausing on the very curious looking rock with odd shape and colour. She heads over and looks behind it.

Biffhost Mercury didn't hide it there, but damned if she won't let Georgia search. She pokes her head around the corner of a building to get a good vantage point, a lit cigarette poking from her mouth.

Georgia Ellis frowns a bit and shakes her head, "Not there." The towel slips a little before she catches it and holds it tight to her chest. She mosies on over to a pair of barrels outside Dan's (presumably winecasks) and pokes around a bit.

Georgia Ellis is definitely getting dirty. So much for that bath.

Biffhost Mercury can always find some way to force another one upon the woman. "Would you like to give in and get another hint?"

Georgia Ellis grumbles, "With as helpful as your hints have been, no thanks." Obviously finished with the Winecasks and coming up with nothing, she heads back to the box to inspect it closer. "Hmm"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. S'true enough. She pulls back into the alleyway to finish off her smoke. This might take a bit longer.

Georgia Ellis crosses her arms over her chest, her eyes scanning the window ledge the box is on with some frustration. However, her pride - damnable thing that it is - prevents her from asking for more help.

Biffhost Mercury saunters out of the alleyway now, puffing on her cigarette. She looks around, all casual like, and sits herself down on a bench.

Georgia Ellis's eyes traverse the length of the window before pausing as something glinting catches her eye. It's barely noticeable but a clear glass key is hanging from a string hung over a nail.

Georgia Ellis curses, "Well fuck. Thing's been staring me in the goddamn face the entire time." She reaches out and snatches it up.

Biffhost Mercury grins to herself as she flicks the stub of her cigarette away. That took.. Well, not terribly long, actually.

Georgia Ellis takes the key, inserts into the padlock and opens it up, pulling out the boot. She grins and slips it over one bare, dirty foot before looking up, "Where's the other one?"

Biffhost Mercury motions Westward. "Where it smells like death."

Georgia Ellis looks at her feet, "I gotta do a challenge for each boot?"

Biffhost Mercury tilts her head to her right. "You had two boots, right?"

Georgia Ellis groans, "Oh come on. You're killing me." She pinches the bridge of her nose and asks, "You scatter every bit of clothing all over the map?" She tightens the towel around herself again and shuffles awkwardly.

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head. "Nah, I hold onto it all until you get one." She grins, and shrugs. "You thought this would be easy??

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head. "Nah, I keep it in one place until I figure something out for it." She chuckles, and grins. "You thought I'd go easy?"

Georgia Ellis rolls her eyes, "I know : whatever could I have been thinking." She heaves a sigh, "Well, shall we then?"

Biffhost Mercury nods. "Whenever you're ready." She motions towards the gate, still grinning.

Georgia Ellis nods and is already starting to head toward the West gate, "I'll see you there."

Biffhost Mercury is replaced with a puff of smoke. POOF!


Biffhost Mercury pops into New Pittsburgh, one of Georgia's boots in her hand. She shuffles around a bit, gazing around the outpost. There must be.. Ah!

Biffhost Mercury strolls on over to a cluster of Zombies sitting around on the ground, clumsily fiddling with dice in a manner vaguely resembling gambling. She looks closely at the assembled, settles on one, and nods.

Biffhost Mercury pulls the Zombie up and away from the group, being careful to push his face away from her head. No sense getting her brains munched. Down an alleyway they go, and a minute later the Zombie shambles out alone. Wearing Georgia's boot.

Biffhost Mercury watches the Zombie shuffle around a bit, look around, stand there a moment.. Then another few moments, before finally shuffling off into a large group of the undead.

Georgia Ellis walks into New Pittsburgh, her nose crinkled and her eyes moving around the outpost from Zombie to Zombie to Zombie to Zo- "What the fuck!" It doesn't take her long to acquire the targe this time. Getting to it however, is an entirely different story

Georgia Ellis walks into New Pittsburgh, her nose crinkled and her eyes moving around the outpost from Zombie to Zombie to Zombie to Zo- "What the fuck!" It doesn't take her long to acquire the target this time. Getting to it however, is an entirely different story.

Biffhost Mercury waves to Georgia, and calls out "Have fun!" before slipping off into a separate cluster of Zombies.

Georgia Ellis groans and then shakes her head, "It's okay Georgey, you can do this." She steps toward the cluster of Zombies ( including the one with her boot ) and stops about six feet away. She clears her throat and wipes her sweaty palms against her towel.

Georgia Ellis doesn't do patience well and instead of asking politely, demands, "Hey you. Give me back my boot!" The Zombie just looks at her with glassy eyes and enquires, "Brains?"

Biffhost Mercury has to chuckle, 'cause really.. What else did Georgia expect?

Georgia Ellis clears her throat and takes a step forward, pointing towards the Zombie's foot, "No, no, not Brains! Shoe. Give it back." The Zombie just sniffs the air kind of like a cat looking for a treat and lurches forward, "BRAAAAAAINS!"

Georgia Ellis squeaks - which is an odd sound from her - and stumbles back, her chainsaw immediately coming up in front of her in a defensive position, "No! You can't have my fucking brains!" She revs up the chainsaw, attracting attention from many nearby zombies.

Georgia Ellis is soon surrounded by a circle of Zombies. She swallows hard and whips around in a circle. She is definitely starting to look a little ill as she threatens, "Now give back the shoe and no one gets hurt."

Biffhost Mercury is quite intrigued now. She pops up onto a nearby roof, partly for safety, partly for vantage.

Georgia Ellis brings her wrist up to brush her hair out of her face, caught between agitation and extreme nervousness. "Brains?" "Brains?" "BRAAAAAINS!" She brings up the chainsaw as a zombie reaches out for her, cutting the appendage at the wrist.

Georgia Ellis blinks at the hand at her feet and then the glassy eyed zombie she just seperated it from. He just sort of grunts nonchalantly, not remotely affected by the action.

Georgia Ellis on the other hand, begins looking between her chainsaw and the bebooted zombie thoughtfully. "Oh yes! C'mere you" She brings the chainsaw closer to the zombie's ankle, a twisted and not altogether sane expression on her face.

Georgia Ellis brings the whirring blade down on the ankle, severing it from the zombie's leg. Like the previous zombie, he doesn't even seem to feel anything. He does however, slowly teeter to the side and then crash to the ground.

Biffhost Mercury's plan has been.. Well, quite thoroughly derailed now. She shrugs it off, and starts to mull her next move over in her head.

Georgia Ellis whirls the chainsaw about again and glowers, "Now, I am going to take this boot and leave and you can all fuck right off." She backs up, grabs the boot off the ground quickly and backs away.

Georgia Ellis, once there is a good distance between her and the zombies, actually calls out - almost cockily- "Where to next, Mercury?"

Biffhost Mercury stands up on the rooftop, waving both her arms to get Georgia's attention. "Pleasantville!"

Georgia Ellis just grins, probably a little bit hyped from the adrenaline and the fact that she got her other boot back! "Give me your best shot. I'll see you there" She heads toward the gate, scooping zombie foot out of her boot.

Biffhost Mercury puffs back out of existence again. Off to Mutieville!

Chapter 4: The Ugly Scarf

Guest Starring Tactician Adder Moray

Biffhost Mercury whistles as she strolls into Pleasantville, a brown paper bag in her hand. She glances around as she makes her way towards the centre of town.

Biffhost Mercury stops when she reaches dead centre, or, close to, maybe, whatever, and waits..

Georgia Ellis doesn't take long to follow after, looking a mix of tired and triumphant, "That was far harder than it should have been." She points to Mercury, "What do you have for me this time?"

Biffhost Mercury raises the paper bag up, turning to face Georgia. "A bag."

Georgia Ellis narrows her eyes on the bag suspiciously and approaches Merc slowly. She shuffles the towel a bit and asks, "What's in it?"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. "I figured I'd throw something in there for you. Want to find out?"

Georgia Ellis doesn't get excited, like some people would (though if the knew Mercury, they would know better) but narrows her eyes on the bag, "I don't know"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs again. "Well, if you don't want it, I could always donate it to a local.." Her eye starts to wander, trying to pick out the most disgusting mutant currently around. It's.. A tough decision to try to make.

Georgia Ellis reacts appropriately and yells out, "No!" There is still a chance her clothes are in there.

Biffhost Mercury stops, and slooooowly turns her gaze back to Georgia. "No?"

Georgia Ellis glowers and admits, reluctantly, "I want to know what's in it.."

Biffhost Mercury grins now. "Well then.. What should we do to earn it?"

Georgia Ellis cocks and eyebrow and folds her arms over her chest, "I don't know. Isn't that your job?"

Biffhost Mercury grins a little wider. "Ah, well if that's going to be the case.." The bag is gone a moment later, replaced by a puff of smoke. "I propose a challenge."

Georgia Ellis says, her face completely stoic, "Go on"

Biffhost Mercury tents her fingers. "Well.. Pleasantville does have the best fucking steaks on the island. I propose an eating contest."

Georgia Ellis gives the Mutated Munchies a sidelong glance before smiling a little, "The rules?"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs her shoulders. "Most entire steaks eaten wins."

Georgia Ellis snorts, "Alrighty. I accept your challenge" She gestures to the eatery in question, "Shall we?"

Biffhost Mercury nods, and starts walking in the direction of "Munchies". "Won't be easy."

Georgia Ellis chuckles, "Well considering I haven't eaten for about four days so I have room" She keeps walking and pauses, "Out of curiosity, what makes you say that?"

Biffhost Mercury laughs, and grins. "Maybe I'll tell you after."

Georgia Ellis frowns a little and steps inside, "That's foreboding." She looks around the inside of the restaurant and sits down at a booth near the window.

Biffhost Mercury sits across from the other woman, tenting her fingers on the table. "The steaks themselves are on me."

Georgia Ellis doesn't really care either way as she can afford it herself, hence the rather ungrateful, "Suit yourself." She takes a look around the restaurant and asks, "So do we wait to be served or what?"

Biffhost Mercury, reaches behind her, taking a menu from a mutant waitress, walking by as if on cue. "More or less. Ever eat at restaraunts back home?" Offhand, to the mutant - "Two mutant steaks, please."

Biffhost Mercury then slides the menu across the table to Georgia. "See anything else you'd like to try?"

Georgia Ellis takes the menu and peruses the menu with some disinterest, "I guess it's been a while. I used to go out with my friends back in the first couple years of University. Not so much in recent years"

Georgia Ellis closes the menu and slides it to the edge of the table, "Mutant steaks will be good enough"

Biffhost Mercury nods, and hands the menu back to the mutant waitress, who kind of.. Uh.. Slithers off. "Good enough." Again her fingers tent. "Any particular reason you stopped going out?"

Georgia Ellis shifts in her chair slightly, the only real sign of her discomfort. Leaning back, she shrugs, "Different things. I was studying two majors, so I was busy alot. Then the ranch I lived and worked on was way out of town and I didn't really have any friends

Biffhost Mercury shrugs her shoulders. "Huh," is all she says.

Georgia Ellis looks out the window thoughtfully. Despite her recent bath, there are smudges of dirt on her face and chest - probably more on her legs too. "The people I worked for were nice though."

Georgia Ellis says quietly, more to herself than Merc, "They are few and far between, but there are nice people"

Biffhost Mercury tilts her head forward in a nod. "Yes, this I know."

Georgia Ellis snaps out of that small (and rare) reverie before cupping her hands up behind her head, remarking casually "I do kind of miss the ranch but this place is interesting enough to keep me intrigued"

Biffhost Mercury snorts from somewhere deep back in her throat. "To say the fucking least!" Oh look, steaks arrive!

Georgia Ellis chuckles before looking down at the mutant steaks, "These things are really fucking big."

Biffhost Mercury nods, grinning again. "Yes, yes they are. Now.. Trois, deux, un, allez!"

Georgia Ellis shows just how lacking she is in any sort of manners, table or otherwise, as she picks up the steak with one hand and tears into it with her teeth.

Biffhost Mercury blinks once, but, being a good sport as she is, follows suit. NAWM!

Georgia Ellis is eating like a fucking animal, juices dripping down her chin, animalistic noises accompanying the sounds of tearing flesh. The few other, repulsive customers are looking at her, repulsed. It's just not pretty. At all.

Biffhost Mercurys steak is.. Gone, actually. She belches loudly and for a good few seconds.

Georgia Ellis finishes up her first steak as well before grabbing a napkin and wiping her mouth, "Round two?"

Biffhost Mercury nods, and bangs her right hand on the table. "More!"

Georgia Ellis waits for the waitress to come back with more steaks and says, "I'll have a water too please." She grins at Merc, "How you feeling so far?"

Biffhost Mercury nods. "Fantastic, thank you."

Georgia Ellis nods and then starts digging into her second steak. My god, they're huge. She's not going to give in easily, at all.

Biffhost Mercury, this time, actually takes the time to cut her steak into little pieces, pacing is key. Maybe. "How about you?"

Georgia Ellis is not eating as fast as the first but she's not eating graciously at all either. She swallows a bite and says, "Fine, fine."

Biffhost Mercury starts to chip away at the steak now. "Good.."

Georgia Ellis is already halfway through the second one when her water comes. She swallows the mouthful and then takes a swig of water, "Mm." She tackles the second half of the second one, eating a little slower now.

Biffhost Mercury maintains her pace, grinning around the edges of her fork. Someone's slowing..

Georgia Ellis finishes the second steak and takes a deep breath before sipping her water this time. She is full but.. Giving herself the inner pep talk, she determines to keep going.

Biffhost Mercury is a little slower finishing her steak, but does finish it. She snaps her fingers, requests another pair of steaks, and continues to grin. This is going well.

Georgia Ellis wipes her hands and face again and actually picks up her fork and knife, looking at them like they're foreign objects.

Biffhost Mercury is silent, holding her fork and knife patiently. She grins from ear to ear, anticipation swelling up.

Georgia Ellis sets them aside and looks back at Merc. She cocks an eyebrow, "What're you smilin' about?"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. "Could be any number of things. Tired yet?"

Georgia Ellis shakes her head a little too quickly, "Nope. Not at all!"

Biffhost Mercury chuckles, and as the steaks arrive, she motions to Georgia's. "Go ahead, then. Dig in!"

Tactician Adder Moray observers, quietly, from somewhere high up. No point in having an enhanced level of agility and not putting it to use.

Georgia Ellis looks between the fork and knife and the steak. She frowns a bit and then cuts up the steak into small strips. After she is done, she picks up the strip and starts to eat it.

Biffhost Mercury simply watches now. Her own fork and knife set down on the table.

Georgia Ellis doesn't even notice that Merc is watching her. She simply continues to tear into the strips of meat with an almost admirable determination.

Biffhost Mercury is then distracted. Her gaze goes out the window and upwards to.. What the fuck?

Tactician Adder Moray notices he seems to have been noticed. He smirks, showing a few teeth at the far edge.

Biffhost Mercury has to blink. The clothing is familiar, but oh dear god he's furry. "That is.. So fucked up..

Georgia Ellis stops eating and looks at Mercury, "What--" She follows her gaze to the kittymorph, "Oh..I agree but I figured you would have been around long enough not to care."

Biffhost Mercury shakes her head. "That's not it. Eat your steak." She tosses a little wave out the window.

Georgia Ellis frowns a little bit and continues eating up the strips. There's a small bit of sweat on her brow as she slowly pushes herself past her limit. She's starting to feel sick but she wants to finish.

Georgia Ellis finishes up and belches sickly before asking, a little sluggishly, "What's the problem then?"

Biffhost Mercury slowly turns her attention back over to Georgia. "Nothin'." She picks up her fork and knife, and takes a few bites of steak.

Tactician Adder Moray drops down from his perch, landing, predictably, on his feet. For a moment there seems to be a trace of appreciation for the skill before it disappears.

Biffhost Mercury gaze tracks back outside at the movement. She continues to munch on steak.

Tactician Adder Moray, for a moment, seems to be approaching Mutant Munchies before he hangs a right.

Biffhost Mercury loses track of Adder then, and returns her gaze to Georgia. "How you managing?"

<AIB> Tactician Adder Moray's eyes narrow.

Georgia Ellis gestures to the empty plate and says vaguely, "I'm finished"

Biffhost Mercury chuckles, and pushes her own plate away, a half a steak still left. "As am I. Looks like you win."

Georgia Ellis sags, "Oh thank god. I don't think I would have lasted that much longer. But I win so paper bag?"

Biffhost Mercury nods, and tents her fingers again on the table. "Of course. It should be right next to you, actually."

Georgia Ellis blinks and then picks up the bag and looks into it. Her brow furrows, "What the fuck?"

Biffhost Mercury chuckles for a good moment or two. "Do you like it?"

Georgia Ellis blinks as she looks at the horribly coloured scarf and grumbles, "I'd like it better if you know, it was my shirt or my pants! I don't want to wear a towel anymore!"

Biffhost Mercury lets out a quick, sharp bark of laughter. "Well, in that case, Georgia m'dear, I'll see you in Squat Hole."

Biffhost Mercury repeats her chuckle, and vanishes into a nice, thick cloud of smoke, choking a mutant behind her.

Georgia Ellis grips the scarf and growls, "That - oooooh, I am going to wring her fucking neck!" She stands and prepares to leave when a cleared throat stops her. Georgia stops, looks at her waitress and and then looks at the table.

<AIB> Tactician Adder Moray watches, annoyed, as Adder heads out of town.

Georgia Ellis scowls, "She didn't even foot the fucking bill! Urrgh!" She drops down the appropriate amount of req (all 4500 of it!) and stomps out of the munchies, ignoring the waitress's grumblings if lousy tippers.

Georgia Ellis scowls, "She didn't even foot the fucking bill! Urrgh!" She drops down the appropriate amount of req (all 4500 of it!) and stomps out of the munchies, ignoring the waitress's grumblings about lousy tippers.

<AIB> Tactician Adder Moray, with no real evidence of it, strongly suspects Mercury involvement as he sees Georgia Ellis storm out of Mutant Munchies.

Georgia Ellis doesn't notice Adder as she heads toward the exit. When she gets annoyed, she tends to get tunnel vision. And that pinpoint of light is the sunny (and smelly) Squat Hole.

Chapter 5: Tripwire

Guest Starring Tactician Adder Moray

Biffhost Mercury scampers around Squat Hole, laying a web of strings and wire behind her. Around the Skronky Pot she goes, through a rusted out car. What is she doing? People could trip over these wires, y'know.

Biffhost Mercury is out of wire before long. She steps up on top of a large, mud-caked building, it's windows little more than holes edged by busted glass, and waits..

Georgia Ellis strides into Squat hole, paying no attention to the grease and grime covering everything. A pair of midgets nearby pause their gambling to watch curiously. Georgia doesn't even notice as she moves forward.

Georgia Ellis then, not at all aware, quite suddenly goes ass over tea kettle, her face planted in the grimy earth. "The fuck!" She slowly gets to her feet and staggers a couple feet forward before tripping and face-planting again. "Owww"

Biffhost Mercury turns her head over to check the source of some disturbance. Georgia. "Hullo down there!"

Georgia Ellis doesn't move forward at all this time as she moves back to her feet. Impressively enough, she avoided a wardrobe malfunction, "I take it you're to blame for these." She sits in place. Not going anywhere.

Biffhost Mercury nods. "Who else could be?"

Georgia Ellis cocks an eyebrow, "That's a good point. And I've got a feeling these were set for me specifically." She glances around before remarking, "I mean, the locals are more likely to play limbo with these rather than trip on them"

Biffhost Mercury nods again. "S'true. I figured this would be your next little trial." She shrugs. "Admittedly not the best I could have done, but.. It's Squat Hole, so you can trip into some really nasty shit." Literally, really.

Georgia Ellis shrugs, "Nothin I haven't dealt with before. I worked on a ranch for several years.." She looks about, "Where's my objective?"

Biffhost Mercury shrugs, grinning now. "Who knows? I've hidden something for you somewhere.." She pauses. "I forget where."

Georgia Ellis groans and slowly, carefully gets to her feet and takes a look around, "Well, what did you put it in?"

Biffhost Mercury looks around a little, slooooowly considering. "It was either one of the old cars or around one of the piles of cans.."

Biffhost Mercury shrugs. "It's in a nice little wooden box."

Georgia Ellis looks around at all the cars and piles of cans and quirks her lips in a wry and rather unamused smile, "Helpful" Sarcasm. She starts moving toward a nearby rust bucket and only staggers this time as she trips over the string, "God damnit!"

Biffhost Mercury lights herself a smoke, carefully watching Georgia from atop the building. "I do try."

Georgia Ellis stops and frowns before stepping (with overexaggerated carefulness) over another string and looking inside the car. She shuffles around a bit and comes up with, "Well, not completely useless." She pockets 25 req.

Tactician Adder Moray notes that his sense of smell is having a rather negative reaction to this particular outpost.

Georgia Ellis looks toward the Kittymorph and frowns a bit before calling out to Mercury, "Merc, that kittymorph from yesterday is back." Forgetting about the strings, she starts backing away from the kittymorph, a little wary and falls flat on her ass, "Oof"

Biffhost Mercury can't help but laugh as Georgia topples over, 'cause, well, it's funny. Kittymorph?

Georgia Ellis's towel is slightly askew and she quickly fixes it before standing and rubbing her ass, "Ah fuck, its not funny!"

Biffhost Mercury raises a hand. "Nah, nah, I have to disagree with you there."

Tactician Adder Moray hears the mention of a Kittymorph, but continues on about his lack of business.

Georgia Ellis doesn't even pay the kittymorph any mind as she glowers at Mercury, "I, well.." She pauses and sticks her lower lip out in the closest thing to a pout you'll get from Georgia, "I guess you're right"

Biffhost Mercury grins, and nods. "Of course I'm right!" Then she spots the Kittymorph. Thatis teh same one. "Oi Chief! Watch your step, huh?"

Georgia Ellis looks back to the Kittymorph, a little more curious (though not terribly curious - not her), "Adder?"

Tactician Adder Moray turns, quirks his head slightly to the left. "It would seem," he says, more to himself than anyone else "I am unable to go very long without running into his subordinates."

Georgia Ellis frowns a little at being referred to as a subordinate. She is no such thing. "I am not one of his - your.." She pauses and takes a closer look at him and shrugs a bit to herself. Twins aren't unheard of.

Georgia Ellis, realizing that she is getting side-tracked, continues looking about for that brown wooden box. She moves with an almost comical slowness as she tries to find the fish line that she can't see and step over the string she can. Next is a pile of cans.

Biffhost Mercury grins, and waves now. "How ya doin'?"

Tactician Adder Moray: I take it you have not been fully briefed, then. I am not the Adder you are looking for.

Biffhost Mercury blinks twice. "Eh?"

Georgia Ellis shuffles through a pile of cans near the steps of the midget brothel. Her nose crinkles at the smells (yes, worse than those of the outpost) emanating from inside but she is still completely unaware of what the building actually is.

Tactician Adder Moray: I see you are not the most honed weapon in his inventory. Allow me to simplify, then. I am not the person you think I am. He and I, while sharing a name, appearance, and apparent origin, are not one in the same.

Tactician Adder Moray he adds, as more of an aside, "Which is the original is highly debateable, but he is the one that has been living here for the past number of years."

Biffhost Mercury squints her eyes. "Aaaah, fuck.. Metaphysics." She exhales sharply. "So.. Fuck. So what do I do about you then? Carry on like you're not there?"

Tactician Adder Moray: I would think that your course of action from here on in would be up to you. Am I incorrect?

Biffhost Mercury shrugs her shoulders. "I guess so. I don't suppose you know me already?"

Tactician Adder Moray asks "How would I?"

Georgia Ellis picks up a small metal box and opens it, finding a few more requisition tokens and actually garnering some attention from nearby midgets. Sighing with annoyance, she gets up and slowly makes her way to another pile of cans.

Biffhost Mercury can't do much but shrug again. "Fuck if I know. This metaphysical, twinny, second self shit always has it's own fucked up rules."

Georgia Ellis pipes up, proving that she is eaves-dropping, "It's called a doppelganger"

Tactician Adder Moray: I had thought I had been fairly clear on both the 'same origins' and 'he is the one who has made a life here' departments. Apparently I should have made my statement simpler.

Biffhost Mercury sighs again, and reaches up to massage her forehead with her right hand. "And you're a bit of a dick, too." She looks back up, and points to Georgia. "You keep doing your thing!"

Georgia Ellis barks back an annoyed, "I'm not a child. And I ain't fucking doing this cause you told me to!" She stomps toward the cans this time, agitated and face-plants again before cursing out things that would make a sailor blush.

Biffhost Mercury has to chuckle at that. Not being a Sailor, though, she doesn't really blush much.

Tactician Adder Moray: Duly noted.

Georgia Ellis kicks over the pile of cans like an petulant child, grumbling and growling beneath her breath. It takes her a moment but she notices a wooden box and leans down to pick it up, "Ha! Found it" She starts to open it.

Biffhost Mercury's eye flicks over to Georgia, and grins. There's nothing in the box, really, except a note. "I.O.U One pair pants in AceHigh - H.G" She glances back to Adder. "So, looks like I've got to be going, Notchief."

Tactician Adder Moray: How unfortunate.

Georgia Ellis picks out the note and narrows her eyes on it, "Mercury.." She turns and heads for the woman, "I'm going to kill yo--oof!" She trips again.

Biffhost Mercury lets out a sharp bark of a laugh, and is gone, off towards AceHigh.

Georgia Ellis looks up and growls her frustration, "She is going to be the fucking death of me.." She stands and brushes the dirt off her towel with very little effort put into it.

Georgia Ellis looks at Adder for a moment and then turns on her heel and walks out the nearest gate with very little grace. Very very little grace, considering she continues to trip over that damn fishing line

A Footnote

Due to an unfortunate accident in the Network's archives, the rest of the tapes regarding said misadventures are unavailable

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