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The Moonlight Blob

Part 1

CDAG Clan Hall

(1h4m) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo walks into the clan hall carrying a large old book. "I think you people should see this."

(1h2m) <CDAG> Merlin enters with a large tray of assorted pastries, and sets it gently on the table. "There we are." She looks over the pastries, and picks up a cheese danish. "Now for some tea."

(59m32s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo sets the book on the nearest table. It is bound by some form of skin, possibly Human. "Merlin, what do you think of this book?"

(57m18s) <CDAG> Merlin places the kettle on to boil, and munches on her danish. "What is it?" She asks giuseppe, then notices the book and skips back a pace. "Where did that come from?" She asks sharply.

(55m56s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo cheers loudly, "I discovered it while exploring the Jungle. The text inside is in some language that I've never seen before."

(53m36s) <CDAG> Merlin 's mouth forms a thin hard line. "Be careful with it, strange books often do stranger things." The kettle shrill whistle makes her jump. She sighs. "Just be wary. That's all I ask."

(52m57s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo opens the book to a page and shows Merlin the mysterious language written inside.

(51m2s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo reads what appears to be a small paragraph. The letters inside start to glow. He slams the book shut as quickly as possible, but it is too late. The words have been spoken.

(45m20s) <CDAG> Merlin turns away to make herself some tea, muttering something about a library. She holds the mug of tea tightly, as if she wasn't sure she could keep hold of it."Be careful."she says again.

(43m3s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo cheers loudly, "I think we might need to discuss this with the rest of the clan. This book could be either a blessing or a curse."

(42m5s) <CDAG> Capt Hawkeye SinkOrSwim pops by, looks at the book, then slopes off. He doesn't hold with education, look what it did to Winchester...

(40m36s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo is surprised that the book has been moving slightly.

(39m4s) <CDAG> Merlin heads over to the pantry, and lets out The Sammich.'Come along, time for some exercise." She jumps up in Merlin's arms. She turns to Giuseppe" Don't read anymore, til you know what it is

(38m3s) <CDAG> Merlin , tea in one hand, sammich in her arm, exits the hall.

(38m15s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo cheers loudly, "Who in the clan has experience with enchanted objects?"

(35m45s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie looks up from her lounge chair. "I've witched a couple of bottlecaps in my time, I have, not that I usually admit it. What've you got?"

(28m) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo looks towards Zahnnie "It's a strange book I found in the jungle. I read a paragraph written in this strange language and the letters started glowing. Now the thing is slowly moving."

(26m30s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie sips on her margarita and sighs. "Probably a curse. Do you have any new rashes? Hungers?" She thinks for a minute. "Changes in your senses?" She eyes the book warily, but doesn't approach it yet.

(24m31s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo cheers loudly, "I feel very light-headed and my vision is hazy."

(23m10s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie finishes her margarita and gets up from her seat. "Hmm, have a seat and let me look at that book..." she eyes the cover, letting her fingers skim over the surface, barely not touching it.

(22m11s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie eyes it for a long moment. "This sigil on the binding," she points. "I'm sure I've seen it before." Grabbing a napkin, she makes a rough sketch. "Why don't you wait here- I'm going to ask Dan..."

(22m6s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo sits down next to Zahnnie and watches her inspect the heavy tome.

(21m34s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo cheers loudly, "Yes ma'am."

Part 2

The Prancing Spiderkitty

(1h17m) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie bustles in and gives Dan a serious glare. "A word with you, Dan..." she says, waving a napkin under his nose. "Talk. You've seen this- I know what you have back there."

(1h14m) Dan raises an eyebrow. "What are you on about, Zahnnie?"

(1h14m) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie bares her teeth. "Let's go have a little conversation." Seizing his collar, she drags him into the back room.

(1h13m) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie reappears a few minutes later, looking even angrier than before. Without saying a word, she storms out in a huff.

CDAG Clan Hall

(16m32s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie stomps back in a little while later, looking particularly fierce.

(15m25s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie growls, "It's as I thought. Don't let anyone else read that book. There's a curse on it, and it's a strange one." She shakes her head. "I shook Dan down about it but he only knew a little."

(15m24s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo stands up and says "What have you discovered about the book?"

(14m31s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie shakes her head. "But from what I can tell, next full moon, you'll be... a little different." She eyes Sink. "Not a werewolf. Not a were-anything, exactly... but... different."

(13m47s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie sighs. "It's not going to be pretty. Best thing to do is find the shrine in the Jungle where that book's supposed to be, and replace it. Any idea where that is?"

(13m16s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo swallows hard. "How different?"

(12m40s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo shakes his head. "It was just lying in the path."

(12m35s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie shakes her head. "It's hard to say. You say you only read about a paragraph or so?"

(12m19s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie swears. "That'll make it tougher.

(12m8s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo nods.

(10m17s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie shakes her head. "Then there's no telling, really. Might be something as innocuous as a sex change, could be..." She shrugs. "Something a lot worse."

(8m7s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo turns ashen. "Worse?"

(5m59s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie nods. "Ever seen someone come out of Dan's back room looking like a big, sloppy ball of ooze?"

(3m34s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo nods. He's been that way before. "You mean a Horrible Gelatinous Blob?"

(1m31s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie has, too. "Like that. But more painful. And... you might not be able to change back." She shrugs. "That's all I've got for now. You should hit the Jungle and search, I'll... see what I can do."

Improbable Central

(1m6s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie doesn't mind a little mayo on her Invisisuit, and snuggles the sweetie right back. Thinking of something, she frowns suddenly. "Say, have you heard of any Ooze-type curses on the Island?"

(29s) <CDAG> Merlin ponders for a moment then shakes her head. "No, I don't think I have. Why, is something the matter?"

(6s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie sighs. "Looks like Giuseppe Lorenzo ended up with the Cursed Tome of Shifting, or whatever it's calling itself now." She shrugs. "He'll figure it out. Might not be pretty by the end though."

(1m3s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo runs towards the Jungle, desperate to locate the origin of the cursed book.

(2s) <CDAG> Merlin stiffens. "So that's what it was. He showed me earlier." She shivers slightly. "I've had some prior dealings with strange books from the jungle, and I told him to be cautious with it." (0s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo asks if Zahnnie would assist him in his quest. He needs someone to help him navigate the thick undergrowth.

(33s) <CDAG> Nurse Zahnnie follows Lorenzo into the Jungle.

(1s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo grits his teeth and ventures out into the wilderness.


(0s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo has a strange sensation of melting. The curse has started to affect him in earnest. He asks Zahnnie about their current heading.

(22s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo looks around for Zahnnie. She is nowhere to be seen.

(0s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo decides to continue alone, until Zahnnie rejoins him.

(0s) <CDAG> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo gives up all hope and resigns himself to his fate.1)

1) The End? Of course not!
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