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The Not-Wedding

New Home

Bellwether Marly yawns. "all which isn't singing is mere talking and all talking's talking to oneself (whether that oneself be sought or seeking master or disciple sheep or wolf)"

Contestant Tsuma has no idea what the hell Marly is talking about.

Bellwether Marly removes her hat to fluffle the top of her head. "gush to it as diety or devil -toss in sobs and reasons threats and smiles namre it cruel fair or blessed evil- it is you (ne i)nobody else"

Experienced Wanderer Conchor headtilts at Marly's statement. He has no idea what Marly meant by that.

Midshipman calliaphone strolls into town looking for coffee. Perhaps it would be better for her if she was looking where she was going. She trips over her dress-sword, stumbles, recovers, and fails to look nonchalant.

Gentleman Zombie Chicago Todd has little idea what Marly is on about, but he finds it interesting, nonetheless.

Bellwether Marly replaces her hat, straightens it carefully. "drive dumb mankind dizzy with haranguing -you are deafened every mother's son- all is merely talk which isn't singing and all talking's to oneself alone

Midshipman calliaphone pause, and looks round from her coffee quest. "Marly?"

Rookie Cassidy gets closer to Mr. Todd. "Mr. Todd, what's the matter with Marly?"

Midshipman calliaphone frowns, and takes a half-step closer. Something the matter with Marly?

Bellwether Marly smiles at Todd, then grins widely at Kez. "but the very song of(as mountains feel and lovers)singing is silence" She coughs. "It, dear sir, was a siren of sorts, a plant that sings of death."

Gentleman Zombie Chicago Todd says, confused, "I am not sure, Cassidy."

Rookie Cassidy grabs onto Mr. Todd's arm. "It's the infection she was talking about, isn't it?"

Bellwether Marly laughs. "Oh good heavens, Cassidy, calm yourself. It's nothing of the sort."She leans backwards, tilting her hat back. "Callia! Come kiss me, darling, for everything's new."

Gentleman Zombie Chicago Todd shakes his head, "She said the thing tried to infect her. Not that it did infect her... But maybe it had?" Looks worryingly at Marly, "I hope she gets out of this state soon."

Midshipman calliaphone grins with relief and bounds forwards, past a coupla nuzzlers. She trips over her dress-sword and falls into Marly's arms. "whoops!"

Rookie Cassidy isn't sure what to believe right now. "Does Marly usually act like this?"

Bellwether Marly grins and plants a kiss on Callia's cheeks. "There!"

Midshipman calliaphone kisses back, recovering her usual lack of balance and aplomb. She grins at Cassidy. "Marly doesn't usually anything!"

Rookie Kez giggles at Marly and Callia. "Aww, how cute." and then nudges Ry softly. "I'm glad we're not the only ones around here, aye?"

Midshipman calliaphone grins again, and lights a cigarette. There's an odd noise from her backpack, but it's half-lost in the background chatter of new home.

Returning Contestant Rykar smiles at Kez. "Indeed. Comforting to see others doing as we are, indeed." He softly kisses Kez on the lips.

Rookie Kez giddily returns the kiss, grinning.

Midshipman calliaphone raises her eyebrows at the nuzzlers. She says to Marly, "did we just do that?" and hooks a thumb towards Rykar and Kez.

Contestant Tsuma rolls her eyes mumbling, "Jesus, single people, the real minority..."

Bellwether Marly looks at Kez. "What, do you want a kiss from me, too? I only kiss my friends, sorry." And even that, rarely. Usually she drags them into dangerous circumstances as a way of showing her affection.

Midshipman calliaphone smiles at Tsuma, "tell me about it!" but she doesn't look troubled.

Rookie Cassidy smiles at Tsuma's comment, and looks at the newcomer Marly just kissed so poetically. "Hello."

Bellwether Marly looks at Callia. "If we had, wouldn't we be cats

Midshipman calliaphone smiles back at Cassidy, and holds out a hand to shake. "how do. I'm calliaphone. an' you must be...?"

Returning Contestant Rykar chuckles at Tsuma's comment. "Oh, come now, it isn't such a dreadful thing, is it?"

Rookie Cassidy takes Callia's hand. "I'm Cassidy, nice to meet you."

Contestant Tsuma looks at Rykar, "I just feel out of place most of the time..."

Midshipman calliaphone shakes enthusiastically, if slightly stickily (marshmallow residue, sorry 'bout that). "new here? or a seasoned veteran rookie by now?"

Rookie Cassidy shrugs a shoulder at Callia's question. "Meh, somewhat seasoned. I have my moments..."

Bellwether Marly snorts. "Tsuma, is it? Trust me, whenever I find that special someone, we'll have to get married in a padded room. Besides the entertainment value, he'd have to be nuts to love me."

Contestant Tsuma laughs a bit at Marly, "Yes well, before my transformation here, I didn't meet a single guy who even began to be interested in me."

Midshipman calliaphone digs in her pocket and offers round a handful of marshmallows, only slightly fluffy on the outside. "Anyone?"

Bellwether Marly grins. "Don't worry. You're not alone. There's lots of single people here to ignore."

Bellwether Marly ooohs, distracted from her cheerful lack of a lovelife by marshmallows. "Callia, if those are your dowry, I will marry you."

Midshipman calliaphone winks. "I'm not the marrying kind, sweetheart. but thanks for the offer."

Bellwether Marly smiles. "Well, then I can lead you on, suck you dry, waste the best years of your life and leave you with nothing but fond memories and a bunch of souvenirs to show for it."

Rookie Cassidy takes a marshmallow gratefully. "I think I've seen you in passing Callia. There's something I wanted to ask you..."

Midshipman calliaphone looks at Cassidy, interested. "oh yes? go ahead, ask away!"

Spandex is behind callia, reaching around for a Blue mallow! "Hi skooch."

Midshipman calliaphone looks up. "DEX!" she does her now not-really-famous Skooch Move.

Rookie Cassidy munches the marshmallow. "Why are you a midshipman if you are a woman?"

Midshipman calliaphone considers this. "we-ell.." she removes her top-hat, and scratches her head. "to tell you the truth, i really don't know why i'm a midshipman at all. Woman or otherwise. But I am what I am."

Spandex snatches the dowry and stuffs it in her mouth. "hmmffllo" she says, mouthful of mallow, waving to those nearby.

Bellwether Marly narrows her eyes in mock anger at Dex. "...That was my dowry to squander on drinks, whores, and the faro table."

Midshipman calliaphone looks up, interested. "whores? where?"

Spandex swallows and stick out her tongue at Marly, "haw! and do tell, what sorts of souvenirs?"

Rookie Cassidy waves to Spandex. "M' Casshee." she swallows. "I'm Cassidy, Davidson. This is, ah...Bourne, Tsuma, Mr. Todd, Rykar, Kez, and um...others." she says as she gestures to the people around.

Bellwether Marly puts a hand up. "No, Callia, dearest, I'll handle this cur who dares to disturb our happiness! We can talk about my disreputable ways later, just before you break off the engagement."

Midshipman calliaphone blinks. "am i engaged? who to?"

Midshipman calliaphone has not had nearly enough coffee this morning to deal with the news of her engagement to person/persons unknown.

Bellwether Marly says, to Dex, "The sort you have to wash by hand, and little cute keychains of cartoon animals dressed up as burgers or chickens, and really neat pens, and Bernard action figures!"

Midshipman calliaphone waves, stickily, and eats another marshmallow.

Rookie Cate would peek into the village, checking things out visually. Still quite deep in thought.

Spandex giggles and reels a bit with list of names. She focuses on Marly, "I'd never stand in the way of Callia's busy-ness business, but I like the sound of those sentiments.

Bellwether Marly sighs. "Oh, drat. I'll have to find someone else to shout OBJECTION! at the alter. Callia, do you have any easily-enraged brothers?"

Rookie Zahrina listens in quietly.

Midshipman calliaphone shakes her head. "I gots crew- uhh, clan-mates. will they do?"

Midshipman calliaphone edges closer to Kez, trying to see whose sword is the most elegant and elaborate.

Bellwether Marly shakes her head. "Needs to be a brother. Or possibly an uncle, or a friend, or some other love interest you have yet to realize the romantic possibilities of."

Midshipman calliaphone says, "UNCLE I GOTS!"

Spandex steals two more blue Marshmallows, and stuffs them in her cheeks. She's easily-enraged today, but has no Objections so far.

Rookie Zahrina waves to the other rookie peeking into the village.

Midshipman calliaphone thinks that her sword might be less elegant than Kez's but it's definitely more straight. Does that count for anything?

Rookie Cate waves back promptly, in spite of attempting to hide mostly behind a wall.

Rookie Kez was fairly sure her sword had a straight blade, last time she checked.

Returning Contestant Rykar nibbles gently on one of Kez's ears.

Rookie Zahrina skirts around the others, heading for the other rookie, spotting her behind the wall. She slips behind it, smiling at the other girl. "Hello there."

Bellwether Marly nods, clapping her hands. "Alright, we're in business. Care to get this whole mess over with so we can start on the sequel, where you and I work through our misunderstandings, I change my ways and we end up back together as lifelong friends and companions with three kids and a dog?"

Midshipman calliaphone grins at the two rookies greeting one another, and offers them marshmallows.

Rookie Cate gives up the peeking, completely hiding on the opposite side of the wall now. She grinned sheepishly, nodding in greeting to the other rookie. "Hey."

Spandex nudges callia, "Is darren okay with dogs?"

Midshipman calliaphone stops offering marshmallows to persons what she can't see on account of them hiding behind a wall. she looks at marly. "eh?"

Rookie Zahrina smiles, somewhat distracted by marshmallow offerings and the rumbling of her belly. "Hi, I'm Zahrina." She gawks meaningfully at the marshmallows.

Midshipman calliaphone looks at Dex, next. "eh?"

Rookie Cate's gaze moves around and mimicks Zahrina's. "I'm called Cate, it's nice to meet you."

Midshipman calliaphone re-offers the marshmallows. "hi Zahrina. I'm calliaphone. have a 'mallow before this lot eat 'em all."

Midshipman calliaphone smiles at Cate, "same goes for you."

Bellwether Marly points at Dex. "Alright, can you officiate?"

Rookie Zahrina smiles, glad to have met another person. She presses a ration pack into Cate's hand. "You must be hungry. Here, have some of this. I saved some when they handed them out."

Midshipman calliaphone offers psyconinja a marshmallow too.

Rookie Zahrina turns, hearing her name belatedly. She shyly waves at calliaphone. "He-hello there, calliaphone. Thank you for the marshmallows."

Rookie Cate takes the pack and smiles, nodding her head again. "Thank you." Looking to calliaphone, she reaches out to take a marshmallow as well. "And thanks, calliaphone."

Spandex wonders if her tongue's gone blue from the mallows. She extends it and looks down. Still pink. She doubles up with three more blues. "Why not, Marly. What sorta ceremony you thinkin'?"

Rookie Zahrina whispers to Cate, "Now we have dessert too and it's free!" She goes on to bemoan the prices at the diner and the quality of the food (abysmal).

Bellwether Marly states, standing up and tugging at Callia, "A sham wedding to be interrupted at the last moment to save her honor and dignity." Tug. "Come, my sweet, we are to be wed in Kittania!"

Rookie Cate grins and listens to Zahrina. She hadn't thought of it that way, though she couldn't really complain about food either.

Midshipman calliaphone catches a flyer blowing past, and hands it to psyconinja. it says Free info for newbies at http://enquirer.improbableisland.com/dokuwi ki/doku.php Also, check out Location Four.

Spandex leans towards Marly, "hang tight there, Ms Suitor. You got rings? I hear you need rings."

Midshipman calliaphone looks up, finally realising Marly's tugging at her arm. "a wedding? ooh, can I play the music?" her accordion humms appreciatively.

Rookie psyconinja ;shakes her head; i'm going to fit in here very well.

Bellwether Marly points at her tired face. "Two of them, right around my eyes."

Rookie psyconinja closes her eyes in frustration:

Bellwether Marly tucks her arm into Callia's. "Certainly, dear, whatever you like. So long as we have an understanding about Julia's and myself."

Midshipman calliaphone winks at psyconinja, and slips a marshmallow to the hungry gremlin who switched a colon for a semi-colon. she hands the colon back to its right ful owner. "here:"

Spandex looks at the rings, "non-permanent, a perfect symbol for such an event!"

Midshipman calliaphone beams at Marly, as Cordy breaks into the opening bars of Mari Mac.

Bellwether Marly nods. "We're a very traditional couple," she agrees, tugging at Callia. "I'll meet you in the Chapel." To Callia, "Come, sweet, or the balloon animal gets it!" There is no balloon animal.

Midshipman calliaphone looks worried. "what balloon animal? who's getting married?" she gets up, tripping over her dress-sword.

Rookie psyconinja steps back

Spandex smiles at the betrothed. "You gonna come live with us in the Bingo Hall after, Marly? We got loads of room."

Midshipman calliaphone salutes psyconinja.

Rookie Zahrina is very confused. Luckily, she is munching on a marshmallow - that seems to be good enough for her today.

Bellwether Marly grins. "Well, sure, until it all falls apart. Now, on to the wedding!" She tugs at Callia, leading her out the gate.

Midshipman calliaphone follows, tripping over her dress-sword and repeating plaintively, "what balloon animal? you're not really gonna hurt it are you? whose wedding did you say it was...?"

Kittania Town Square

Bellwether Marly comes through with a Callia on her arm. "This way, dear, we have a marriage to stage so it can be broken up and I can start renouncing my wicked ways." Pause. "Or drink myself into ruin."

Midshipman calliaphone follows confusedly after Marly. "but what balloon animal is it? an' who did you say is getting married?"

Kittania Blue Rock Chapel

Bellwether Marly pauses, looking around. Are they going for the incredibly private ceremony, or the public scandal version?

Midshipman calliaphone looks round. where's the balloon animal, is it ok?

Spandex slows down as she crosses the threshold. Feels a bit sanctified in here. She shudders.

Midshipman calliaphone is confused. where's the couple, an' all the guests. Mer and Bish did things Properly. Cordy attempts a bit of Mendelssohn, but it don't sound right, somehow.

Bellwether Marly smiles at Dex. "We ready? I mean," she clears her throat and attempts a thundering scowl. It looks more like indigestion. "Get up there, reverend, or I'll... sing... off-key."

Spandex moves next to callia, "well. She's a good catch at least. I'd marry 'er if it didn't mean Marriage. Just don't break up before a week of nonstop hot lovin'."

Bellwether Marly nods. "We all love warm food. I promise to feed her nonstop, and then sneak away to the whores while she's in a food-coma." She's kind like that.

Spandex looks up,wondering if she's supposed to think about such things in chapels. She shrugs and Gets up There, as instructed.

Midshipman calliaphone attempts to move out the way, to make room for the happy couple. wherever they've got to. Cordy switches to The Fairytale of New York.

Bellwether Marly places a hand behind Callia's back. "Now, dearest, down the aisle with me..." She starts walking.

Midshipman calliaphone says, "eh, what?" and trips over her dress-sword. "whatcha doing, Marly?"

Spandex has no collar to straighten, so she hoiks up one of her stockings and AHEMS, officially. "WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY! okay to start?"

Midshipman calliaphone stares wildly around. there's something very funny going on and no mistake. Cordy falters, and slips into Miss Otis Regrets.

Bellwether Marly turns Callia to face her, right there in front of the altar. "We're going to be in the wedding party, ok? Just keep playing."

Midshipman calliaphone 's face clears. "a party? oh, er..alright then." that must be where the balloon animal has got to. Cordy keeps playing.

Spandex ahems again, "First the chastening marking the end of sin and the preparation for a new beginning. So. Prepare yourselves!" She waits.

Midshipman calliaphone looks round again. surely there must be a bride and groom for this bit, no?

Bellwether Marly waits. And waits. "Well, get on with it, or I'll chastenize you!" She winks cheerfully up at Spandex.

Chavicinic Pepper has never been to Kittyville before, and is quite surprised to find a church here. He wanders in to investigate, stopping just inside the door. What's going on in here?

Spandex glares at the two. "C'mon. End yer sins. New start. Let's see it. Let's move this along so we can get to the Open Bar." She winks back. Your movie, cutestuff.

Midshipman calliaphone glances round and sees a Pepper! her face lights up. then falls. waitaminute, he's never...

Spandex grabs a tissue and rubs out an i. Move. Move! Chasten!

Bellwether Marly growls. "But I like them! And they contribute to society! Those cards aren't going to play themselves, and I'm sure I help keep Squat Hole's economy afloat every Friday night."

Midshipman calliaphone scratches her head. this is not like any wedding she's ever attended before.

Chavicinic Pepper waves at Callia. He's not entirely sure what's going on, but it's something to do with sins. And that might be the strangest-looking priest he's ever seen. School play, perhaps?

Spandex nods, "Sinful for the win! Okay. I gotta bless the rings." She places a hand gently across Marly's eyes, leans over and smooches her on the lips.

Midshipman calliaphone waves, subtle-like at Pepper. she tries to signal that she can't talk, she's doin' the music at someone's wedding. Cordy starts playing the Turkish Song of the Damned

Midshipman calliaphone manages not to wolf-whistle Marly and Dex. with some considerable effort.

Bellwether Marly accepts the smooch with solemn piety. "Now hurry up, blast you!"

Midshipman calliaphone cranes her neck to see if she can get a glimpse of Pepper's skinny-ass, while no-one's watching her.

Spandex licks her lips, tasting. "hrmm, like a two-day-old leftover Cabernet. Bit musty. But Florid. A little Grease. But definitely spicy. Blessed, indeed!" She kisses again, "double blessed."

Chavicinic Pepper raises his eyebrows. Maybe that's not a priest... But rowr.

Spandex scowls at Marly, "You in a hurry?"

Midshipman calliaphone drops a wink at Pepper, tries to signal to him again, although the message this time is unclear.

Bellwether Marly grumbles, smiling cheerfully, "Yeah, yeah, like a double-decker on a very small underpass. Now, on to the marriage. I have a fortune to waste."

Midshipman calliaphone hears that. wait. what? "Marly? you've..." what?

Chavicinic Pepper hears something about marriage. Huh? He looks at the trio, rather bewildered. Surely that weird dyke priest isn't marrying cordian-gal to that horned chick?

Spandex puts a hand on Marly's head, and a hand on Callia's. Her face is very very serious. "Look you two. And I mean this shit..." she looks up at the chapel windows.

Midshipman calliaphone blinks. "whuuhh?"

Spandex says, "Have Fun." She looks up. "Anyone object?!"

Bellwether Marly damps down her grin. This is supposed to be a serious, life changing event, not some elaborate joke. Right. She tries to get into the zone. Bad Romance Novel, heaving anatomy. She snorts.

Chavicinic Pepper determines that he very definitely does object! He hasn't even gotten a good snog out of her yet! "I do!" he volunteers. "Uh, object!"

Midshipman calliaphone 's accordion breaks off from the tune, and wheezes a protesting tritone.

Bellwether Marly snickers. She starts laughing, then catches herself. Ahm. Different literature set, then. Bronte, perhaps? But which one...

Midshipman calliaphone spins round at Pepper's words. "you... what? you're objecting? aren't you the groom then?"

Bellwether Marly turns to frown at Pepper. "And who the devil might you be?" she thunders, before leaning forward and whispering, "You gotta yell it louder so the whole church can hear."

Spandex points a finger to the Objectionable fellow, "ON WHAT GROUNDS?!"

Midshipman calliaphone shakes her head at Marly. "don't yell at him, i think he's the groom, you might scare him off before they find the bride."

Spandex nods at Marly and adds, "and yell it, so the whole eastern half of the Isle can here. Or at least the eastern Aisle."

Chavicinic Pepper finds himself caught up in the moment of objecting, like a hero in a movie. He strides forward. "Because we are secretly in love!" he lies boldly.

Bellwether Marly nods and points at Dex. "What she said. It's worth doing wrong, see."

Chavicinic Pepper pauses. "Huh? No, I'm not getting married." The general confusion of it all is taking the wind out of his sails a bit.

Midshipman calliaphone stares. "Pepper? You're in love? But, who with?"

Spandex throws her hands on her hips, "You wazzock. You just spoiled the secret! Now how you gonna object?!" She gives Marly a some people look.

Midshipman calliaphone really really needs a drink. or a cigarette. actually, could she possibly have both?

Chavicinic Pepper folds his arms, defensively bewildered. "No, I'm just objecting," he says.

Spandex waves her hand, "THROW HIM OUT OF MY COURTROOM." She beams exalted joy at the couple, "Say yer vows."

Bellwether Marly sighs in sympathy with Dex, then throws up her hands. "Then have her! You deserve each other, but I'll have her fortune, by cocoa I will!"

Chavicinic Pepper points at Dex, "I'll throw you out of your-- my-- nevermind, what the fuck." He gives up and makes a gallant, failed attempt to sweep Callia off her feet.

Bellwether Marly gives up on trying to look tough and tall and imposing. She leans against the altar and grins, watching. "Use your legs to lift, Errol Flynn."

Midshipman calliaphone is swept into a collapse! She eeps with delight and takes advantage of Pepper's confusion to smooch him thoroughly.

Spandex 's exalted joy turns quickly to Someone That Just Heard Her Best Friend Insulted. "S'cuse me, Marly? What?"

Chavicinic Pepper is unable to regain his footing from beneath a smooching Calliaphone. Well, worse things have happened. He surrenders to the smooching.

Spandex scratches her head. "Who's this guy? And is this one of them Poly thingmies, cuz I don't know how to Officiate them."

Bellwether Marly grins at Dex and tilts her head at the smoochers. "The boy's thinner than an anorexic toothpick. But, look at 'em. Happy."

Midshipman calliaphone takes a breather and lets Pepper sit, if he so wishes. "Dex, Marly, this is Pepper. he's got a skinny-ass."

Bellwether Marly nods. "Yes, dear, I can see that. Or, I could, if you'd move your hand."

Chavicinic Pepper objects, "I have not." He definitely has.

Spandex grins, "can't check out his ass if he's sitting, can I."

Midshipman calliaphone checks. "yes you have." she grins. "it's cute."

Midshipman calliaphone didn't use her eyes to check.

Chavicinic Pepper reddens and gets up, adjusting his trenchcoat to hide his anorexic toothpick frame and skinny ass. He clears his throat.

Bellwether Marly can't help it. She bows her head and puts a hand up to her eyes, and starts laughing silently.

Midshipman calliaphone also gets up, dusting herself off. She collars Pepper. "C'mon you. We gots catching up to do." she waves at the others. "sorry i can't stay for the party." and drags Pepper to the door.

Spandex thought he was sitting, cuz she's standing on top of three steps, like. She circles Pepper slowly, lifting the trenchcoat. "Skinny as a spaghetti in a Wormhole. Cuu-uute though!"

Bellwether Marly brushes tears out of her eyes. "Cocoa on the Boat, I love that girl. Always a riot."

Spandex realises she just circled on of the wooden columns of the chapel, and gives it a little kick.

Midshipman calliaphone says, "C'mon man." She jitters.

Chavicinic Pepper tugs his trenchcoat out of the dykepriest's grip, defensively, and stumbles along after Callia. Well, the catching up sounds promising, at least.

Midshipman calliaphone departs, towing Pepper.

Bellwether Marly straightens. "Well, Dex, thanks for going along with it. I'll see you around." She heads for the door, then pauses to wink. "And that was a very nice kiss." And she's gone.

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