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The Order of Alchemy

A brief history

Since before time itself, during the cataclysm that ended the previous universe and in which this one was born, the Order of Alchemy has persisted. It is unknown just when or who the creator was.

Always present in the backgrounds, alchemists have been involved in science, religion and politics since civilization developed after the end of the Great Game. 1)

On the island

Their main involvement in Improbable Island takes the form of the Count of Saint Germain. The presence of other alchemists who take a less prominent role has been hinted at during discussions with the Count. After all, the Count's decision to be a prominent member of the community is rather abnormal for an alchemist. 2)

More details forthcoming fifthcoming3)4).

1) Details removed by Admin
2) It is widely believed that he has a massive hidden agenda, including but not limited to: slaying the Watcher a second time, replacing the Watcher, and sinking the failboat to be replaced with a Yellow Submarine.
3) With the traditional four elements, being replaced by the elements of fire, wind, earth, water, and improbability. As such, words depending on the former concept of 4, are replaced to acknowledge this fundamental change.
4) ooh, inflationary speech, like victor borge "I nined an elevenderloin with my fivek"
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