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The Piggy Insurgency (Currently Ongoing)

Part 1: Gather Ingredients

Dance-Master Farkas and Dr. Shi were in Improbable Central (along with a few others, but they don't matter), merely passing the time, not even interacting, when PK-Men 21 and 24 came in through the outpost gates. They were idly discussing what sounded like a sinister plot of minor proportions, and went over to a bench near the fountain, to eat their lunch as they talked. Shi took an interest in the conversation, and so slunk over to a tree overhanging the bench, climbed it, and proceeded to eavesdrop, concealed in the branches. Farkas, who was bored, anyway, decided to listen in as well; he walked over to the tree and lied down in its shade, pretending to nap. He waited a few minutes for the PK-Men to get comfortable, then tore out a sheet of paper from his journal, wrote on it, formed it into an airplane, and tossed it up into the tree, where it landed on a branch near Shi's head. The note written on it informed the Doctor that, before being sent to the Island, Farkas had had a few encounters with the organization the PK-Men were part of, and that it was "small-time" back then and "not much really to worry about". After reading the note, Shi sent back the airplane, which now bore a crude drawing of a pig and the word "AVOID" in big letters.

Presently, the PK-Men got up and left the outpost. Farkas and Shi soon followed after them, curious as to where the two henchmen were going and what they were up to. They weren't hard to follow: they were arguing loudly about fights between superheroes. The ninja and the doctor remained undetected the whole time they stalked their quarries, slinking through the tall grasses of the plains, weaving amongst or jumping between the trees of the jungle, and Farkas taking pains to stay at least three meters away from Shi. The pursuit took them to Ko's Ducttapery, where the PK-Men boarded an elevator and headed down. Their tails reached the elevator just in time for the doors to close in their faces. Shi panicked a bit, but Farkas calmly pried the doors open with his kusarigama, and politely allowed Shi to enter first. He then followed after her, sliding down the elevator cable with the chain of his weapon.

When they reached the bottom of the shaft, they waited until the PK-Men had vacated the elevator car before following further. What awaited them past the elevator's threshold, in a huge cavern, was a flurry of activity, the kind normally associated with a beehive. Fortunately, the henchmen were so engrossed in their respective tasks that Farkas and Shi made easy work of sneaking across the chamber and into the barracks on the opposite side, where they pilfered some PK-Men's footlockers for their uniforms and donned them, the better to blend in. Farkas and Shi got busy making themselves look busy, in order to further throw off suspicion, Farkas taking the opportunity to memorize the cavern's layout. There was a tense moment where they thought they had been made by a captain-like PK-Man, but it turned out that he only wanted them to bring tea and biscuits into the briefing room.

Unfortunately, when they did bring in the refreshments, it turned out that their leader, Cute Piggy Kolojang himself, had already known they were there. Kolojang barked an order, and their exit was cut off by PK-Men. Shi began to attempt to talk their way out of harm. Farkas didn't see anything of the sort happening, so he tore off his PK-Man disguise (spandex is hardly the first choice of a fighter who uses flexibility and speed as his weapons), and threw the teapot at Kolojang's face. One of the PK-Men intercepted the projectile with his own face, allowing Kolojang enough time to escape with his elite guard. A bloodbath ensued. Shi tore at the PK-Men with her claws, and Farkas detonated one of his flash bombs, disorienting the henchmen and allowing him to inflict his own devastating damage to their ranks. When it was over, only one PK-Man was left alive in the briefing room, though boots could be heard approaching from higher floors.

Farkas forced as much information as he could out of the prisoner (who was more terrified of repercussions from Kolojang), threatening him with a syringe loaded with an extremely painful, but nonlethal neurotoxin. The hapless henchman revealed that the Pig was plotting to take full control of Improbable Island. Farkas thanked him, then injected the poison anyway. By this time, Shi had fled the room, and sounds of a scuffle were coming from the cavern. Farkas casually walked out and into the fray.

As it turned out, the scuffle was between more PK-Men and Solebarr, who had originally entered the Ducttapery only to find some tape to wrap around the hilt of his katana. He and Farkas, who had received a handy cybernetic eye from Solebarr some time before, greeted and conversed with each other cheerily, as if at a posh garden party, even as the two of them were slaughtering PK-Men in a manner not suitable for children. Farkas' method of dispatching the henchmen was especially brutal, even tearing an arm completely off at one point, earning him his current moniker "the Butcher".

When the chaos had subsided, PK-Men were left in crumpled heaps, either dead or horribly maimed. As Solebarr collected eyes from the corpses, Farkas filled him in on what was going on, then they both left for Improbable Central.

Part 2: Mix Marinade

Following the incident at the Ducttapery, Solebarr set off in search of answers. Unable to find Shi, he turned to one of her friends and frequent patients, Remy. Remy referred Sole to his boss, the Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle, who promised to look into the matter of Kolojang and perhaps extract some answers. Solebarr left after Whistle did, determined to seek his own answers in case Whistle's investigation proved fruitless.

Eventually, Sole encountered Dr. Shi in Improbable Central, where he engaged her and attempted to pry information out of her with clever conversation manipulation. His attempts were successful to a degree - he discovered that Shi was indeed on the side of Kolojang and the PK-Men, much to his muted surprise, and that what he and Farkas had interrupted was something of an "application interview" for her. Also revealed was that there were promises made by the Pig to Shi, and undisclosed reasons for her involvement with the PK-Men. However, Solebarr was unable to pry Kolojang's intentions out of Shi. In an effort to get her to disclose them, he began verbally provoking her, eventually stirring her to a rage. He fled the outpost, with Shi in pursuit.

Out on the plains just east of Central, Sole further taunted Shi, guilting her conscience and threatening to tell Remy about her decision to join the PK-Men, an action Sole convinced her would lead to the severance of Remy and Shi's friendship. This heightened Shi's rage, and finding himself unable to extract any more information from her, he settled for stealing one of her feathers, though he received a rather nasty slash across the face in return.

At this point Meenos arrived to subdue Shi, and demanded that Solebarr give the feather back. Sole stated that the feather was bought with blood, and must be paid with blood; as Meenos was a Robot at the time, he could not fulfill this condition. Further escalation was prevented by the arrival of two teams of Wetboys from The Shadow Dancers, led by Handler Sonia, who had been dispatched on orders to offer tactical support to Solebarr. They ensured Solebarr's exit and relayed what information he'd obtained to Farkas. Solebarr set off for Squat Hole, in pursuit of Kolojang, the final piece of the PK puzzle.

Part 3: Mince Garlic

Some time later, Shi was seen in Pleasantville, being dropped off rather unceremoniously by Failboat personnel. It was awfully quiet, especially for Pleasantville, the usual wailing and recitations of bad poetry unnervingly absent. As soon as the number of witnesses became negligible, three KittyMorphs (one of whom was in charge), a Midget, and a human, PK-Men all, stepped out of their respective hiding places and surrounded Shi. The human is holding a large sack, optimumly sized for containing a Shi. Threats ensued, including the cliche "easy way or hard way" offer, ending inevitably with the hard way: the PK-Men managed to stuff Shi into their kidnapping sack, though not without sustaining a few cuts and bruises. Their captive secured, the PK-Men dragged the Shi-sack back to the Ducttapery.

Upon delivery to Kolojang's underground lair beneath the Ducttapery, the KittyMorph squad leader attempted to take Shi's mask off to see what was underneath, but was stopped by Kolojang's entering the room. The Piglet conversed briefly with Shi before getting to the point: he had also had Old Man McGee kidnapped, and unless Shi worked for him (rather than with, which had been what Shi wanted), Kolojang was going to kill him.

Kolojang gave Shi her first orders: First, to obtain 5,000,000 Requisition for the PK-Men, for the purposes of recruiting, training, and equipping more of them; Second, to somehow get Remy to join the PK-Men. Once he finished briefing Shi, he assigned the same five PK-Men who had kidnapped her to be her handlers and guards. Before her "underlings" bustled her off, Shi patched up McGee, who had been severely beaten, and discreetly hid a matchstick in his bandages. She had a back-up plan in case Kolojang didn't release McGee once her tenure was up.

Part 3.5: Tasty Gravy

Almost at the same time, Sonia (and therefore Farkas) and Solebarr discovered that there is a Mutant that also goes by Kolojang. Whether this was a case of body-altering Multiple Personality Disorder or something yet more Improbable, was as yet undetermined.

Part 4: Chop Onions

Having recieved a report from Sonia that Shi was in NewHome, Farkas decided to go there to check up on her personally. He watched her from a distance, in the shadow of the wall. After a some time, just as Farkas was beginning to lose interest, a squad of five PK-Men appeared at the entrance of an alley, so Farkas shifted the gaze of his left eye towards them, while keeping his right on Shi.

Shi, after finishing a conversation with a friend, went over into the alley. Farkas followed to eavesdrop. The PK-Men, which was the same squad the Piglet had assigned Shi to, gave her "some good news and some bad news." The good news was that the Piglet no longer needed her. The bad news... the PK-Men dropped a blood-soaked cloth bag at Shi's feet. In it was blood, gore... and a pair of broken glasses. Shi remained dumbfounded long enough for the PK-Men to leave the outpost.

Once Shi's disbelief turned into rage, she stormed out of the alley, bumping into Farkas, who thinks nothing of it, on her way. She left the outpost by climbing the wall and jumping into the boughs of the trees to the northeast, soon followed by Farkas.

The PK-Men mentioned heading to a cabin, but before they could continue on their way, Farkas and Shi ambush them.

Shi began it by impaling the Midget from above. Farkas took advantage of the confusion to assault the remaining four at range, from behind. This squad was made up of better-trained men than either ambusher had become accustomed to. While Shi engaged one, Farkas used the chain of his weapon to break the neck of another, and used the corpse to smack a third upside the head. Shi managed to kill her opponent, thrusting her knife into his brain via his mouth, while Farkas was kept busy by the two that remained alive. The squad leader, the best fighter of the lot, used the doctor as a Shi-eld against Farkas, who meanwhile felled the Human with a knife in the back as he attempted to flee. Shi got the upper hand on her captor, and strangled him.

When the fight was over, the squad of PK-Men either dead or dying, Farkas questioned Shi about what that was all about. Answers from Shi were not very forthcoming, however, and she seemed rather traumatized. She repeatedly told him to leave. Farkas tried to either reason with or manipulate her, in an effort to get her to collaberate with Farkas and Solebarr's efforts to quell the Piglet's insurgency. Farkas stated that they both want the Piglet dead, but Shi refuted that claim. Farkas offered the alternatives of merely stopping or beating him up, mentioning off-hand that "dead" was merely his first instinct.

"Isn'it always wi' you?" came Shi's retort. Farkas found this so amusing that he couldn't help but laugh. A genuine laugh, rather than his usual mania. It was only after Shi was long gone that his laughter died away as he realized that she was right.

Later, in the Common Grounds, Shi shuffled over to a thornier, more overgrown part of the gardens, set down the bag of bloody remains, and began digging. When the ground became too hard to dig, she pulled the bag down into the hole with her, then climbed back out and began burying the bag.

When it was done, she curled up and cried.

Part 5:

Some time passed, and Solebarr ended up on the Failboat. Much to his delight, Shi was there as well, conversing with PK-Man 21 (a different one, mind; his predecessor got his arm torn off at the Ducttapery). Said henchman revealed that McGee was still alive. He felt guilty about holding an old man prisoner, and gave up his location, a logging cabin in the forests near NewHome. Shi and Solebarr planned a rescue, operating out of the Common Ground in NewHome, where they met Aiki, who volunteered to aid them.

Aiki provided a diversion, illusions in the form of Island monsters, which was largely successful, allowing Solebarr adequate cover to pick the lock on the cabin door, and for Shi to enter. Solebarr kept the zombie platoon leader busy while Shi secured McGee. During this, Solebarr revealed that he was a member of the Elevated Council of Villainous Associates (ECOVA), whose interest in the matter was stamping out the PK-Men, calling them a disgrace. The end of the scuffle saw the zombie with an explosive in his gut, and Solebarr with a deep stab wound in his.

Shi and Solebarr exited the cabin, with McGee in tow. The old man was unconscious and much worse for the wear, and as such had to be strapped to Solebarr's clockwork horse, which he sent off back to NewHome's Common Ground.

The rescue mission as a whole, however, was looking to end badly. Solebarr and Shi both took shotgun blasts, and the PK-Men had since seen through Aiki's illusions. Luckily, Farkas had recieved word of the ruckus, and arrived just in time with Shadow Dancer reinforcements, including Sonia and the mountainous Wetboy Francios Lumiere, who used his size and muscles to fell a large oak to provide cover for the extraction.

The PK-Men otherwise occupied, Farkas escorted the three rescuers back to the Common Ground, where McGee, upon regaining consciousness, revealed that the Piglet was planning to raid an outpost soon.

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