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The Proffessor


The Proffessor was once a proffessor1), but he cannot remember where or what of. He does have a large knowledge of a variety of different subjects, so asking him questions on one particular topic to try to find out if that is his specialty will usually result him getting all the questions right. No matter what the subject. His only weaknes is speling.

His Memory

He once had an excellant memory. However, he lost most of it when he came to the island. Bits of it come and go. If he has problems at any one paticular time, banging his head sometimes works. However, his memory is no longer just for the past. Sometimes he remembers things that are going to happen as well, making it very confusing for others. So don't be surprised if he knows your name, you'll tell it to him later.

On the Island

His intense scientific rigour has stayed with him from before the island. As a result, he keep track of every action he does on a small A5 notebook. How it all fits in, or where it comes from, is unknown. He is very kind, and will help anyone who asks, or even doesn't ask. He also has a limp, the result of an experiment involving mountain climbing.

He is currently working on an observatory with Forecaster Xith.

===== Vital Statistics ===== 2)

Height:6' 4"

Waist: 1'3"

Weight: 10 stone

Threat Level: Low. He appears to be Mostly Harmless, but he could be tricking everybody. See the rumors sections below.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


He looks a bit like an old man, he certainly has the grey hair. But he also has an almost youthful energy, he bounds about from idea to idea, usually staying with it only log enough to work the last digit of Grahams number. But dispite his incredible mind, his body isn't really that strong. As a result he cannot do heavy work, such as carpentry, logging or mining. This was made even worse by his fall.


Many things are rumored about The Proffessor, some of them contradictory. Some of them are:

  • That he was not tossed out of an aeroplane, but came here voluntarily to fight the drive.
  • That he is extremely old, and was here before the drive.
  • He was forced to come here, but came by boat rather than the usual aeroplane. The boat attempted to consume him promptly on arrival.
  • Many of his early years were spent inside a telephone booth, hence his skill at thinking outside the box.

Add more when you hear them.

1) Hence the name
2) These may not actually be vital, but probably at least useful to know
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