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The Pun Compendium

Do YOU want to know all about the puns on this Island? Which ones to avoid, which can be usef- You don't? Well. Well. Too bad. It's here, it's my career, and it might have just bit you on the rear. But I digress. On to puns.

Stray Thoughts

They're white! They're fleecy! They're Really Distracting! Yes, they're Stray Thoughts! They almost look like little headless sheep, aside from the fact that they have heads. So basically, they look like sheep. Each Stray Thought contains its own unique thought, and if looked at for too long, that thought will automatically and insidously enter into the beholder's mind. They are usually extremely peaceful, as they don't really have enemies (except maybe malicious lightning bugs). Apparently they travel in a large, migratory herd. If the herd is encountered, you'd best run. Otherwise you could be caught in a barrage of thoughts until the herd moves away, and you'll probably end up nuts. Something to note, however, is that these thoughts are not considered puns until they either A) get lost, or B) get angry and turn into a Brainstorm. At which point they are both very useful for ideas and very dangerous for sanity, I mean, more so than usual.


They deserve their own part, I think, if simply because of how Awesome and Probably Really Dangerous they are. So. A Brainstorm occurs whenever the herd is agitated. All the thoughts congeal into a large mass that changes from white to very dark grey, and also begins to float. After it has achieved elevated status, usually at 20-25 feet above ground, it begins to swirl and expand. Then it rains. Each drop of rain contains an Idea, whether good or bad, or just gross, or anything else, that can be about anything. Like I just said. Anywho, catching a couple drops can be fun, but is also extremely dangerous really funny for everyone inside, as the storm will expand rapidly to cover an area that may or may not be one square in area. What's a square, you say? I dunno. If caught in a deluge, it becomes very hard to keep your sanity unless you are a master of passing out, and do so quickly. Or if you're asleep, although that may cause really messed up dreams, bra. Oh, and one other thing. They will absolutely not happen in outposts or other populated areas. If one starts, it becomes a dud, and is known as a Brain Fart.

Sand Crabs

Often found by on beaches by the ocean, sand crabs are fairly small creatures, which are normally of a texture and hardness of limestone,but can crumble to individual bits of sand when threatened. They are not dangerous, and only pinch if bothered. They're usually various shades of beige.


Small, round bugs with large wings coated in a layer of butter. They tend to become warm and greasy if held. Found by Escemfer.

Cherry Bombs

They grow on smallish, unremarkable-looking trees. They look exactly like cherries, but when thrown, they make a small explosion. Useful for many things, but also potentially dangerous. Only one Cherry Bomb Tree has been found so far, and it is located at 13,23. Not for consumption.


Small bush-like plants/creatures(The debate is still ongoing) that have regular long stalks that end in buds, that are usually purple. These buds are actually the heads of the SnapDragon, and will react viciously if their territory is intruded upon. They have a rather nasty bite, possibly because of the rows and rows of small thorn-like teeth that line the inside of the bud. However, they are stationary, and not very hard to avoid.

Yellow Jackets

Coming soon!

Sea Cucumbers

Darn Tasty.


Darn tasty. Bit salty though.


It's a middle-sized horn, that when blown, makes vast amounts of fog appear. No noise.

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