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(To the tune of Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies. er, ish)

I went into the only inn
You greeted me with oily grin
And said you had an errand for me.

I fell into your trap,
Knew there was no going back,
When you told me of the quest with glee

Sent me to Cyber City
Shrugged and said "What a Pity,
talky's not eating for a while.

Think of all the money,
Don't you think it's funny?-
I still greet you with a smile."

I staggered out of Central outpost,
Legs a-pounding to their utmost,
Risked the ire of sea monster for you.

Fought with many a beastie,
Continued, oh so sweetly.
Despite developing improbable flu.

Finally I found it,
Carcasses all around it,
I brought it back to you at last.

You sniggered to yourself,
Put it on a shelf,
And sent me back to Cyber City

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