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The Raven Inn

Unlike the Island's other major inn, The Prancing SpiderKitty, the Raven Inn is a smaller, more rustic venue. Travelers typically stumble across it by accident1) while running through the jungle outside one of the major cities. Most budget horses also know their way to the Inn, since their keen sense of smell can detect the barkeeper's lemony furniture polish from a great distance away.

Also unlike the Prancing SpiderKitty, the Raven Inn is more of a pub, devoted to quiet relaxation2) and good times3), and it does not rent rooms for the evening or serve drinks. Instead, travelers can play games of chance and gamble for large sums of money, or they can have a conversation with the bartender. It is also known to be a place with world-reknown bar fights; there is almost always one happening. The bartender is particularly well-versed in statistics about each and every contestant on the Island, so be sure to ask about your favorite. Rumors that the bartender has any inside information about 'the colors' are untrue - completely unfounded. 4)

1) Or have it stumble upon them..
2) HA! Hahahaha..
3) *chokes on his own laughter*
4) This lie has been perpetrated by Clan PPP for unknown and probably nefarious purposes.
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