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The Rescue of Bernard

Twas on a dark and soundless night,
This tale did first begin.
While all of CDAG was asleep
A wicked thing snuck in.

It came too fast; it came too near,
And stealthily did creep.
It stole a precious thing from them
(made MechaMonkey weep.)1)

For CDAG woke to hear the news
That dreary, dreadful day
That Chauvelin, in manner strange
Did steal Bernard away.

"Oh what to do?"All CDAG cried,
"Our leader's disappeared!
Where he has gone, we do not know!
The clan was gripped in fear.

But CDAG knew they could not rest
With Uncle who-knows-where,
And so a quest they undertook
In search of Chauvelin's lair.

With magnifying glass in tow,
A pen and book in hand,
They channeled Arthur Conan Doyle,
And searched throughout the land.

High and low they searched the isle
They questioned many men
They fed a horse some sugar cubes,
Gave cookies2) out, and then

The final piece fell into place,
Bernard at last was found,
And to a dank and dismal shack
All CDAG gathered round.

The fight was long, and raged all day
But soon at last was done,
Chauvelin's final soldier fell
The Battle, it was won!

So bound in chains, Bernard was found.
And CDAG did rejoice.
They saved their dearest uncle and
They sang in one loud voice:

"Oh all of CDAG! Tell your mates,
Let's sing out loud and clear,
We've saved Bernard from Gruesome death!"
They gave a rousing cheer.

So things went back to as they were,
Bernard was safe and sound,
But something new has now sprung up,
That sandwich Mecha found.

1) Artistic license was taken here
2) rather good cookies at that
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