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Part One

Our story begins with a certain Rookie. She was unhappily talking to herself, perched on a crate on the FailBoat when Pinche Cabron was nearby. He commented that she should get herself a monogrammed deck chair, like his, and perhaps a pet or an imaginary friend to talk to.


(3h17m) <SUGAR> Major StevieG despairs, "Stonehenge killed me. Again. Seems like that's the only way that I die anymore. . ."

(3h16m) Rookie Vitupera pokes and prods at her skull until she hits the spot and shrieks in pain. Then she perks right up, "Head injuries! Wonderful!"

(3h13m) Rookie g_rock despairs, "Must be rough, Stevie. The only thing that kills me is, you know, gentle breezes and such. I've never been to stonehenge, though. Where's that at?"

(3h2m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Walks above deck and sees stevie. He waves cheerily.

(3h2m) Rookie g_rock sticks all the sides of his poncho together with chewing gum and paper clips, tucks his arms and legs inside, and hangs the cocoon from the side of the ship to hibernate until a new day. . .

(2h58m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Has a sudden urge to cut g rock out and watch the hilarity. . .noo. . .that's evil. . .but still tempting. . .

(2h57m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Wonders if perhaps stevie is no longer with us. . .he considers shutting down.

(2h56m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe initiates sleep mode.

(2h51m) Rookie g_rock considers hitting the esc key to wake Xane up and hiding to watch the hilarity. . .but that wouldn't be very hilarious at all. Tucks back in and dreams of pancakes. . .that don't try to kill him.

(2h45m) <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac glides to the upper deck, a satisfied whistle emenating from his speakers. "It's all going according to Plan. . . . Er, Wotcher willing."

(2h41m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Comes out of sleep mode, upon hearing Jaques, and waves at him.

(2h39m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe mutters, "How Are You Doing Jaques Chirac? Still Believe You Are A Midget?"

(2h36m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Wonders if he is talking to someone who isn't there. . .again. . .

(2h34m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Sighs. Two training personelle come above decks, mistake him for one of the monsters, and begin dragging him to the cages! He clicks grupily. Third time today!

(2h30m) Rookie Binjali is knocked to one side as the training personnel shove past her. "I know we're in the last uncivilized area of the world, but would you at least look where you're going!?"

(2h28m) Rookie Binjali mutters to herself as she pulls a pretty spring green cushion out from behind a corner and sits crosslegged on it.

(2h28m) Rookie g_rock wakes up from the commotion and stretches, causing his cocoon to fall in the water, which has, improbably become lemon custard for 25 feet in all directions

(2h25m) Rookie Binjali jumps up and leans over the railing as she hears g_rock go over the edge with a dull "plop" noise instead of the proper "splash". A small smile comes to her face as she beholds the lemon custard.

(2h22m) Rookie g_rock climbs back on board and wrings the custard out of his poncho

(2h22m) Rookie g_rock despairs, "Refreshing!!!"

(2h21m) Rookie Binjali starts towards g_rock. "Hey! Don't let that go to waste! We've got to find some bowls and spoons, pronto!"

(2h19m) Rookie g_rock despairs, "You're right!"

(2h17m) Rookie g_rock runs down to the cage area and comes back with two four clawed lobster carapaces, hollowed out, and wrings the rest of the custard into them

(2h17m) Rookie g_rock Tears off one claw to use as a spoon and hands one carapace to Binjali

(2h17m) Rookie g_rock despairs, "Cheers!"

(2h15m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Take some down to the cages. I want to pudding wrestle some of the monsters."

(2h15m) Rookie g_rock Finishes custard, rehangs cocoon, and drifts back off to sleep

(2h13m) <SOUR> Private sleekit Peers over the edge of the boat to look at the custard

(2h12m) <SOUR> Private sleekit despairs, "Wait a minute"

(2h11m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron brings out a wading pool from one of the crates and fills it with lemon custard.

(2h11m) <SOUR> Private sleekit despairs, "The custard has little fishes made of fruit swimming in it."

(2h11m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I'd prefer tapioca, but this will do."

(2h11m) <SOUR> Private sleekit despairs, "anyone got a fishing rod"

(2h10m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "C'mon, Binjali. Wanna tussle?"

(2h8m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Go look in the crates on deck, sleekit."

(2h3m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I think I need a nap."

(2h2m) Rookie Binjali swallows the giant bite of custard she took just as Pinche spoke to her. She eyes him. "Tussle, huh. . .I don't know, you look like a dangerous opponent." She grins.

(2h1m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "If you don't want to pudding wrestle, I'm going to nap."

(1h57m) Rookie Binjali says, "Sure, I'm bored enough, if you're up for it." (1h56m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron gets into the ring and is ankle deep in custard pudding.

(1h55m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron bows to his opponent Binjali.

(1h54m) Rookie Binjali ducks in under the ropes on the other side. Looking at Pinche, she says, "3. . .2. . .1. . ."

(1h52m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wipes pudding off of his hand and pats kemix's shoulder sympathetically.

(1h52m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron begins to circle the ring, watching his opponent for any mistakes.

(1h52m) Rookie Binjali leaps towards Pinche, intent on a flying tackle.

(1h51m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron dodges the tackle but slips in the pudding!

(1h50m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron tries to crawl away from Binjali.

(1h49m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is having trouble seeing. He has pudding in his eyes! He's scrapping the pudding off of his face.

(1h48m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron can see now, more or less. He finds Binjali in the pudding mess and tries to grapple her.

(1h47m) Rookie Binjali lands, stumbles a little, and comes after Pinche again with her shoulder. The grin on her face is a touch manic.

(1h46m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is knocked over by Binjali's momentum, but manages to grab her by the waist as he falls.

(1h45m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron 's face is covered with pudding again.

(1h45m) Rookie Binjali attempts to grab Pinche's waist despite his grasp on her, shoving with no effect against the slippery floor of the ring. She falls.

(1h45m) <ROGUE> Rookie kemix watches the sparing session and quickly pulls out medical supplies from his backpack. "I have medical experience, so beat the crap out of each other all you want."

(1h43m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has once again cleaned enough pudding off of his face to see. He''s trying to wiggle from Binjali. In a surprise move, he licks the pudding off of her face! Yuck! Kittymorph germs!

(1h42m) Rookie Binjali gets to her knees to take advantage of Pinche's temporary blindness and try to get some sort of headlock on him.

(1h41m) Rookie Binjali is nearly unphased by the sudden licking, having lived with cats most of her life. She licks him back. "HA!"

(1h41m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is now stuck in a headlock, but Binjali's leg is right in front of him. He decides to fight dirty and bites her ankle (but not too hard).

(1h40m) <ROGUE> Rookie kemix points at the two combatants. "OI! Get a room you two!"

(1h39m) Rookie Binjali yelps and swings her leg away. "It's like that, huh?" She noogies him.

(1h38m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron giggles to kemix, "That would be butterscotch. This is lemon, for fighting."

(1h38m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Ow! Ow! Ow! No Noogies!!!!"

(1h37m) Rookie Daniel takes a chair and watches. Cheers Pinche on.

(1h37m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thrashes about, struggling in vain against the noogies and the headlock. He wonders if Binjali has experience as an older sister.

(1h37m) <ROGUE> Rookie kemix inhales to question Pinche but quickly shuts up and asks a different question. "If you two WERE to have sex, would that be considered beastiality?"

(1h36m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron can't take the noogies. "I give! I surrender! Uncle!"

(1h36m) Rookie Binjali says, "HA!" The fur is soft. She unconciously softens the noogie into more of a knuckled scritch.

(1h35m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron purrs happily. He's exhausted and covered in pudding.

(1h35m) Rookie Binjali gets thrown off as he struggles due to distraction. "What? I just met him!" She yelps as she swims to the other side of the mat to regroup.

(1h34m) Rookie Daniel mutters, "Oh come on! *throws his hands up and then down, as if he just lost a bet*"

(1h34m) Rookie Binjali falls on her back. "Okay fine, it's a tie."She licks some pudding off of her hand.

(1h34m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I'm just not as good without a wrestling mask."

(1h33m) Rookie Binjali snickers tiredly at the thought of Pinche as a luchador.

(1h33m) Rookie Daniel mutters, ". . .Where'd all the pudding come from, anyway?"

(1h32m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Thanks for the fight, Binjali."

(1h32m) <ROGUE> Rookie kemix mutters, "the sky probably."

(1h32m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "The pudding came from another player. Since we were eating it before, it's best not to ask exactly where he got it."

(1h32m) Rookie Binjali says, "g_rock fell in the ocean, which caused an improbable reaction."

(1h31m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "You know Lucha Libre, Binjali? Is that where you learned your moves?"

(1h30m) Rookie Binjali sits up and grins at Pinche. "My pleasure. That's the most fun I've had all day." She rolls back across the mat to lie in the same general area as him.

(1h30m) Rookie Binjali mutters, "No idea what you're talking about. I just went with my instincts."

(1h30m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge leans towards one of the FailBoat employees, hand out. He glares at her, then hands her a small bag of Req. "Ah, sir, come now, the odds were higher than that." Another, larger bag is added.

(1h29m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron jumps in the ocean to rinse the sticky mess off of him, then climbs back on deck. He collapses into his deck chair.

(1h29m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge pockets her winnings. The employee stalks away, muttering, "How you guessed it would end in a tie with pudding, I'll never know. . ." She smiles contentedly.

(1h28m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Skidge, you were wagering on the wrestling match?"

(1h27m) Rookie Binjali follows suit, after dragging her (yes, monogrammed) deck chair out from the corner where she generally stashes it next to Pinche's.

(1h27m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge wagers on everything.

(1h25m) Rookie Binjali makes a little tired wheeze that sounds like a laugh. "Good, I was thinking somebody oughtta be making money offa that."

(1h25m) Rookie Daniel mutters, "You know, I'm surprised I never saw a pudding geyser. . . ."

(1h25m) <ROGUE> Corporal Ebenezer tumbles onto the deck and slaps his palm against the floor frustratedly. "Again?! I'm on this Boat again? Honestly?" He freezes and looks up, muttering, "Skidge?" Or. . .is she?

(1h24m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron yawns, then yawns again. It's been a long day, but that was the perfect end.

(1h23m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge stretches. "Yes and no. A Skidge, yes. Your Skidge, no."

(1h23m) Rookie Binjali looks sideways at Pinche, her eyes half-closed. She's thinking about that purring thing he was doing a minute ago.

(1h22m) <ROGUE> Corporal Ebenezer sits up and rubs his head. "Erm. The fish? Have you seen the fish?" He remembers that Beeker said they needed to find the fish.

(1h21m) <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is about to drift off to sleep, but says to Ebenzer, "Observe caution with Joker Skidge. She's definitely an O. G. Joker. Or should that just be O.J.?

(1h21m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge opens one eye a crack. "Fish is a riddle that refuses to be solved, dear sir."

(1h21m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge is decidedly not orange juice.

(1h20m) <ROGUE> Corporal Ebenezer repeats, "O.G? O.J?" He shakes his head, confused and a bit frustrated.

(1h20m) Rookie Binjali very slowly reaches over and puts her hand on Pinche's head.

(1h19m) <ROGUE> Corporal Ebenezer frowns at the Joker Skidge. "That's what I was afraid of, actually." He straightens his back and remembers Pinche's warning. Caution. . .

(1h19m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge turns her gaze to Binjali and Pinche. She turns and stares at another employee, who groans and begins to dig in his pockets.

(1h19m) Rookie Daniel mutters, "You know, I'd like to wrestle with someone sometime. Look me up while I'm on this boat."

(1h18m) Rookie Binjali has not been bitten. She skritches Pinche's head contentedly, falling asleep herself.

(1h17m) <DICE> The Joker Skidge would have no money at all if it weren't for the easily-bored and not-exactly-bright FailBoat staff.


[09/18 01:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Hey, g_rock! How's it hanging, dog?"

[09/18 01:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "We had a lemon pudding wrestling match after you left."

[09/18 01:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "The pudding won."

[09/18 01:24pm] Rookie Binjali bounces jauntily onto the deck. She looks a little worn out, but satisfied. Must have been a good day. She lands in her deck chair. "Hey Pinche," she says with a grin.

[09/18 01:25pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly walks in a carefully measured pace to the spot her organic remnant memories have labeled mine. She examines it. Very messy. She sets about cleaning, organizing old issues of the Enquirer by date.

[09/18 01:26pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly watches Binjali with interest.

[09/18 01:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Damn, that was quick."

[09/18 01:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waves at Binjali and gives her air kisses when she notices him.

[09/18 01:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I used the saved day and then died on the first fight."

[09/18 01:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Howdy Marly."

[09/18 01:29pm] Rookie Binjali feels eyes on her. She wiggles her shoulders and looks around. Locating Marly, she smiles and nods. "Hello."

[09/18 01:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "How's that robot thing working out for you?"

[09/18 01:30pm] Rookie Binjali laughs at Pinche's antics."You've been busy, I see. Much deader than the last time I saw you."

[09/18 01:30pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly walks over to Pinche and stands in front of him, feet perfectly parallel. "Hello, Pinche. It has been a while."

[09/18 01:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "How's the business with Ebenezer coming along?"

[09/18 01:32pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly pauses, and connects to some disused organic memories. Their veracity is unreliable, so she doesn't use them often. She compares her current state to those memories. "It is. . . difficult. . ."

[09/18 01:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I bet if Ebenezer ever becomes a robot, he doesn't notice the difference."

[09/18 01:33pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly continues. "I am exceedingly confused by the motivations many organics have." A pause. "Business is good. We should be opening soon."

[09/18 01:33pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly offers a standard smile. "I think Escemfer would notice for him."

[09/18 01:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says to Binjali, "I'm going to have a blessed weapon after my next visit. Yay!"

[09/18 01:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron laughs at the thought of Lady Escemfer and a robot Ebenezer. "I hadn't thought of that!"

[09/18 01:35pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly looks at Binjali and extends a hand. "Hello, I am Marly."

[09/18 01:36pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Where are my manners?"

[09/18 01:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Binjali, this is Marly, who has a business with my friend Ebenezer."

[09/18 01:38pm] Rookie Binjali , who has been watching the conversation with interest, takes Marly's hand and smiles more warmly than before. "Nice to meet you."

[09/18 01:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron notes the way Marly is activating her public interface subroutines and thinks that, really, the basic Marly personality has been preserved.

[09/18 01:39pm] Rookie Binjali nods. "The blessing does make a big difference, definitely." She admires her shiny, shiny ax handle that has seen her through the last few weeks.

[09/18 01:40pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly nods, and returns a standard organic greeting from her files. "A pleasure. Have you been here long?"

[09/18 01:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron replies to Marly, "I'm attempting a rank 7, so I've been here most of the time.

[09/18 01:43pm] Rookie Binjali shrugs. "Not as long as some, but long enough to lose track of how many days, exactly. A month, perhaps? I'm starting to get the hang of it, anyway."


(Pinche and Marlybot were talking about robots and feelings before this.)

[09/19 01:29pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly nods. "I've been reading in the library. Bronte, and Dickens. I have come to the conclusion that people make no sense."

[09/19 01:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Oh! Uh, you didn't read Frankenstein, did you? I'd stay away from that one."

[09/19 01:32pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, "Of course we don't. If we DID make sense, machines would stop contemplating us and start killing us. Not that the fact that we dont' make sense hasn't stopped them before."

[09/19 01:32pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, "Eh. . .no offense intended."

[09/19 01:32pm] Rookie Binjali walks in in time to hear Marly's conclusion. She laughs. "Sounds about right to me."

[09/19 01:33pm] Rookie Binjali waves to Pinche and Marly and walks over to sit near them.

[09/19 01:33pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly shakes her head. She won't read it, then. "Do you have any proficiency with electronics?"

[09/19 01:33pm] Deputy Beeker twitches in his sleep, and says "Zzzz mrppting cow wuzzuh nrm zzzzzz"

[09/19 01:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron grins at Binjali! He is happy to see her!

[09/19 01:34pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly looks at BBQ, and contemplates thinking about killing him. Then stops. There's no logical reason to do so beyond the ratings boost. One day, she will attempt a practical joke about killer robots.

[09/19 01:35pm] Rookie Binjali grins back, despite the not-quite-pleasant sight of a happy zombie.

[09/19 01:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Not in this form, I don't. I'm especially bad at programming, soldering, that sort of thing. I'm afraid of fire, too."

[09/19 01:36pm] Rookie Silcatra grins. "Humans will never make sense if you look to Bronte and Dickens for the answers."

[09/19 01:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hastily covers his mouth. He'd forgotten that his rotting gums present a disgusting sight to a non-zombi.

[09/19 01:37pm] Rookie Binjali shakes her head. "I never got into that particular hobby. Sorry."

[09/19 01:37pm] Deputy Beeker twitches, and one eye opens. "Wuzzuh hm? Wha?"

[09/19 01:37pm] Rookie Binjali tries to keep from laughing at Pinche. She knows he's doing his best.

[09/19 01:38pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit is enjoying this show of robot emotion. It reminds him very much of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

[09/19 01:38pm] Deputy Beeker 's other eye opens, and he yawns and stretches and sits up.

[09/19 01:38pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ mutters as he continues the tummy rub; "We will never make sense, period. . ."

[09/19 01:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I understand programming concepts, but I'm afraid my zombi mind is terrible about putting them into actual code."

[09/19 01:39pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit empties the dead bowl over the side of the boat and starts to prepare a fresh one

[09/19 01:39pm] Rookie Noone mutters, "Silcatra - I'll second that notion. I hate Dickens."

[09/19 01:39pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ is interrupted by Beeker sitting up.

[09/19 01:40pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly nods slowly and tries to reconcile her Social and Logical bits "It's alright. I think I will be fine." Her logic system sparks at her, while her Social Simulator feels smug. It won that argument.

[09/19 01:41pm] Deputy Beeker yawns again, and grins, seeing people he knows. "Hullo! When did you all get here?"

[09/19 01:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I must say that your attempts to come to terms with your feelings are quite admirable, Marly. There are many non-robots I know, especially in the common ground, that seem incapable."

[09/19 01:42pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, "". . .ya know, I'm curious. What'll happen to us if we ever get off the Island? Will we be able to fit back in? Even without becoming Mutants, Kittymorphs, or Zombies. . ."©"

[09/19 01:42pm] Rookie Silcatra looks over at Noone. "It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't been paid by the word. Thus stories that could have been novellas became full out abominations."

[09/19 01:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "They seem to refuse to deal with their feelings, and instead act them out unpleasantly on those around them."

[09/19 01:43pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit debates offers the shisha to his fellow failers

[09/19 01:43pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, "© "we'll still take every step expecting to be ambushed by things. . .hell, I'll never be able to look at a shopping bag the same ever again.""

[09/19 01:43pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit despairs, "Its green apple flavour. Anyone want a puff?"

[09/19 01:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "BBQ, we'll never get off the Island. NEVER. The Watcher will keep raising your DK quota, the more you get. It's Catch-22."

[09/19 01:44pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, ""Ah. . .sure, why not.""

[09/19 01:44pm] Deputy Beeker shakes his head to Sleekit. "I'm fine, thanks!" He stands up and stretches again. Lots of stretching.

[09/19 01:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "No thanks, sleekit. I prefer cigarettes or cigars."

[09/19 01:46pm] Rookie Binjali 's mouth purses and eyes tighten at Pinche's pronouncement of Catch-22. She shakes her head and turns her head to smile at Beeker. "Good morning! Or, well, evening, I suppose."

[09/19 01:46pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ takes a breath, having the idea that everyone gets at one point or another. "A--" He then realizes voicing said idea is extremely dangerous and shuts up.

[09/19 01:47pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit despairs, "Im a fag man myself. But I heard a rumour that the island cigarette supply came from the skronky pot. At least with my shisha i kno what im smoking"

[09/19 01:47pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Good morning, Binjali! Having a good day today?"

[09/19 01:48pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron remembers explaining Catch-22 to Rookie Yossarian the other day.

[09/19 01:48pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, ""Never touching a cig again.""

[09/19 01:48pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Very busy, at least. Can't seem to find this damn thing Dan wants killed, but other than that, quite passable."

[09/19 01:50pm] Deputy Beeker grins, and nodnods. "Uh huh, those things can be hard to find! One time I swore he was making the whole thing up, I had looked and looked!"

[09/19 01:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "My first Dan Quest, I went thru 2 DKs before finding it."

[09/19 01:51pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly blinks. Trying to reconcile her programs took her out of it for a moment. She re-runs her short-term memory files. "Ah. Yes. They tend to short-circuit."

[09/19 01:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Worse, it was in Cyber City."

[09/19 01:51pm] Rookie Binjali despairs, "Oh, don't give me ideas like that, I'll give up entirely!"

[09/19 01:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Uh, no offense, Marly."

[09/19 01:52pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh! Well, it's not important to find them quickly anyway, Dan doesn't really seem to mind how long it takes."

[09/19 01:53pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly shakes her head. "Cyber City is not a suitable environment for organics."

[09/19 01:53pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly notes that it doesn't make the Drive any easier, either. Dan is a Liar.

[09/19 01:53pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit takes a long puff from the pipe and blows a large smoke ring.

[09/19 01:54pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ despairs, "If I had an infinite supply of nicotine to wrap the Island around my finger three times with, I wouldn't care how long things took, either. . ."

[09/19 01:55pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has two and a half cartons saved up.

[09/19 01:55pm] Rookie Binjali points at BBQ. "Yet another reason for clean living. No need to be beholden to Dan, of all people."

[09/19 01:56pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit giggles a little as the smoke ring first turns into a smoke triangle and then turns into a pot of tea.

[09/19 01:56pm] Deputy Beeker turns to Binjali. "I would offer you some cookies, but I don't have anywhere to store my butter right now, so I haven't been baking! I'm going to get back to it soon, though."

[09/19 01:56pm] Rookie Noone mutters, "You know something. . .I never particularly cared for Dan. . ."

[09/19 01:57pm] Rookie Binjali smiles delightedly at the thought of cookies, especially ones made with butter. "Thank you! I look forward to that!"

[09/19 01:57pm] <SOUR> Sergeant sleekit says "Tea anyone"

[09/19 01:58pm] Rookie Binjali starts daydreaming about a bakery.

[09/19 01:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "Dan is an agent for The Watcher. A mole. She planted him to monitor us and to stir us up."

[09/19 01:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "He didn't get here like the rest of us. He's from Central Casting."

[09/19 01:58pm] <DICE> Lance Corporal Marly mutters, "And pay us for the pleasure of humiliating ratings boosts."

[09/19 01:59pm] Deputy Beeker scoots over to the other side of Marly. "Marrrrrlyyyyy," he says, "has Stan been baking cookies?"

[09/19 01:59pm] Rookie Noone mutters, "I'll take some tea."

[09/19 01:59pm] Rookie Binjali is thinking about a bakery full of good smells and custard-filled doughnuts. She stares blissfully at the sky.

[09/19 01:59pm] Deputy Beeker yelps as a Failor grabs him by the collar and tosses him over the side into a rowboat.

[09/19 01:59pm] Rookie Ellemerr mutters, "The Dan is here? That's. . . Interesting. And more than a bit odd. But I guess that was expectable."

[09/19 02:00pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "I heard that before the Island, he taught acting classed in Burbank."

[09/19 02:00pm] Rookie The Lord of BBQ nods at the mention of cookies. "Baking is fun. I still prefer grilling. . .the satisfaction of watching raw meat char into edibility. . ." His eyes glaze over, as his mind is claimed by nostalgia.

[09/19 02:00pm] Rookie Binjali is rudely jolted back to reality by a Failor. "Ack!"


[09/19 02:43pm] Rookie Binjali walks over to Tyr's drink booth. After pouring and gulping a couple glasses of (precious, precious, normal, clean) water, she starts patting herself down. "Now where did I put those. . ."

[09/19 02:45pm] Rookie Binjali shouts, "HA!" and pulls out two New Day coins. She rubs them together for a moment, satisfied. Then she puts one away and flips the other over her shoulder.

[09/19 03:07pm] Contestant Deviant Logic falls from above and lands, rather heavily, on the FailBoat's deck.

[09/19 03:09pm] Contestant Deviant Logic stands up and dusts himself off, muttering quietly about originality only going so far.

[09/19 03:32pm] Rookie Binjali blinks in the sunlight. "Wait, what? What am I doing here?" She moves, and something twinges painfully. "Oh, that." She winces. "Must have stopped paying attention at the wrong time again."

[09/19 03:33pm] Rookie Binjali limps over to sit in her custom deck chair with lovely mint-green cushions.

[09/19 03:36pm] Rookie Silcatra growls in frustration and plunges back into the pits.

[09/19 03:37pm] Contestant Deviant Logic grins at the new arrival. "Took a wrong turn at 4th and Pain, did you?"

[09/19 03:38pm] Rookie Silcatra will just sit up here and be annoyed for a while. Grr. . .

[09/19 03:41pm] Rookie Binjali turns her head towards the stranger addressing her and winces again as her neck informs her of how very stupid she was. "Ah. You could say that, I guess."

[09/19 03:44pm] Rookie Binjali hesitates, and then says, "I'm sorry, have we met?"

[09/19 03:46pm] Contestant Deviant Logic opens his mouth, then pauses. "Probably not." He claps his hands merrily. "Introductions then! I-" he adds a flourishing bow. "Am Deviant Logic. A pleasure to meet you, miss. . .?"

[09/19 03:47pm] <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac glides by, his circuits humming. He is very pleased with himself. His light glow blue and red. He is working on a Cunning Plan, m'lord.

[09/19 03:48pm] <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac stops and uses his Tesla Frame to flash-fry the Grimlen who stole the s off his lights.

[09/19 03:50pm] Rookie Silcatra addresses the Dread Pirate Robot. "Those Gremlins. They get everywhere, eh?"

[09/19 03:51pm] Rookie Binjali is trying not to smile too wide. Of course there's someone named Deviant Logic in this place. "Binjali. Nice to meet you."

[09/19 03:53pm] <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac scans Silcatra with his optic sensors. "Too right, Sheila! Even on this feckin' boat. Ye'd think her Ladyship would have a bit of pride, like, and eradicate 'em. Bloody menace, innit?"

[09/19 03:54pm] <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac swivels to Binjali. His speakers give out a low burst of staccato static - a robot chukle. "Been jolly, eh? I was feckin' jolly meself, til I got on this boat! Har har!"

[09/19 03:55pm] Rookie Silcatra agrees. "Terribly. I think it gives her pleasure to see them aggravate we poor contestants, subject to her not-so-tender mercies. If you could call them mercies."

[09/19 03:56pm] Rookie Binjali grins. "That was terrible."

[09/19 03:58pm] <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac clicks. "I'm a fairly terrible person, really."

[09/19 03:59pm] Contestant Deviant Logic laughs gleefully at the pun. "I applaud you, sir." He matches his actions to his words. "I'd give you a hand, but I'm no zombie."

[09/19 04:00pm] Rookie Silcatra decides that it won't do any good to sit up here and sulk until midnight, so she stands up to introduce herself to the others on the deck. "My name is Silcatra, but I go by Sil."

[09/19 04:00pm] Rookie Binjali raises an eyebrow. "Are you. Well, at least you admit it!"

[09/19 04:02pm] Rookie Binjali nods to Sil. "Nice to meet you. I'm Binjali." She waves, not wanting to move overmuch.

[09/19 04:05pm] Contestant Deviant Logic turns to Silcatra, smiling widely. "Wonderful to meet you, Sil. My name is Deviant Logic, but feel free to shorten it if it's a bit much of a mouthful."

[09/19 04:07pm] Rookie Silcatra gives Binjali a nod. "I think you were here earlier. . .last night, really. Although I could be mistaken. . .it was dark. What a difference daylight makes, right?"

[09/19 04:08pm] Rookie Binjali smiles. "Yes, I was here. I'm here a lot. No cameras. I can relax."

[09/19 04:08pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin stabs her claws into the deck to keep herself upright. She hates this boat more than other boats.

[09/19 04:09pm] Rookie Silcatra grins at Deviant Logic. "We could call you Devic for short. . .but I'll continue to call you Deviant Logic, if that is what you prefer."

[09/19 04:09pm] <LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac shuts down all system fuctions until Newday.

[09/19 04:13pm] Contestant Deviant Logic looks thoughtful for a moment. "Devic." He says, cocking an ear to the sound. "Devic." This time,as though tasting the word. "I haven't heard that one before. I think I like it."

[09/19 04:13pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin pads across the deck, digging in with each step to avoid falling over.

[09/19 04:14pm] Rookie Silcatra smiles. "Devic, then."

[09/19 04:19pm] Rookie Binjali 's injuries have gotten the better of her. She begins to snore, quietly.

[09/19 04:21pm] Rookie Silcatra finds a spare bit of tarp and spreads it over Binjali. It's better than no blanket at all.

[09/19 04:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Is this where the fun people are?"

[09/19 04:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Binjali! There you are!"

[09/19 04:24pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin makes her way slowly to the fore of the ship and stands by the rail.

[09/19 04:24pm] Rookie Binjali flails, throwing off the tarp. "Huh? What? MAN THE TORPEDOES!"

[09/19 04:26pm] Rookie Silcatra raises an eyebrow. "What torpedoes?"

[09/19 04:26pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Hatch those battens!"

[09/19 04:26pm] Rookie Binjali whips her head around quickly. She could have sworn she heard Pinche!

[09/19 04:27pm] Rookie Binjali rubs the sleep out of her eyes. Oh. The loudspeaker. She feels rather silly.

[09/19 04:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron plays the part of MC, since he's on the mic: "I'm the OG Duckling and I hang out with mah peeps. We hang out on the FailBoat until we falls asleeps."

[09/19 04:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "This is the party, specially if yo a duck. The people in the CG are boring and they suck."

[09/19 04:30pm] Contestant Deviant Logic grins at the speaker before turning to Binjali. "Someone you know?"

[09/19 04:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Put yo hands in the air, FailBoat peeps! Put yo hands in the air!"

[09/19 04:31pm] Rookie Binjali stares at the loudspeaker. "I," she says loudly and slowly, "am NOT a duck."

[09/19 04:32pm] Rookie Binjali is not sure she's actually hearing Pinche. Perhaps she is hallucinating once again. She keeps her hands in her lap.

[09/19 04:32pm] Rookie Binjali glares suspiciously at the loudspeaker. She might still be partially asleep. . .

[09/19 04:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "We got Binjali and Silactra and even Winged Rosin. The people in the CG are all wankers and they're tossin'."

[09/19 04:33pm] Rookie Binjali looks at Devic. "Not sure I want to admit that right at the moment." She grins. Her brain is coming back up to speed now.

[09/19 04:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "But I am, sort of. I belong to the Holy Order of the Ugly Duckling. Someday I will grow up to be an Ugly Duck."

[09/19 04:35pm] Contestant Deviant Logic frowns at the speaker. "You lost your rhymes."

[09/19 04:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Our founder is Epaphus and he's a real bad hombre. He kills all da monstahs and stuffs them in a tombre."

[09/19 04:37pm] Rookie Binjali addresses the loudspeaker, for lack of a better option. "So what's happened in Common Grounds to get your knickers in a twist?"

[09/19 04:37pm] Rookie Silcatra looks at the loudspeaker and quirks an eyebrow. "Oh. . .dear. . .Binjali. . .does it get worse from here?"

[09/19 04:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Our clan is the best and we got the highest buffs. Our clan hall is filled with strippers and they give us all fluffs."

[09/19 04:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Nothing in particular. Just boring people talking about boring things."

[09/19 04:39pm] Rookie Binjali would have her ears back, if she were a cat. "I hope not. I've never been exposed to this particular Pinche behavior before."

[09/19 04:40pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "They think they're interesting and try to be dramatic, but after five minutes I find it anticlimactic."

[09/19 04:40pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "You guys don't like rap? Should I stop?"

[09/19 04:41pm] Rookie Binjali says, grinning, "Your rhymes fill me with pain. If you keep it up, I won't talk to you again."

[09/19 04:42pm] Rookie Silcatra clears her throat. "Your rhythms are like/a torture unspeakable/rap is not music."

[09/19 04:42pm] Contestant Deviant Logic clears his throat before speaking. "Your rhyming scheme has gone totally whack, you should correct yourself before I give you a heart attack."

[09/19 04:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "They were talking about their lives "before the Island", which is fine in a distraction or in your clan hall."

[09/19 04:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "But in the CG, unless you've got a really good backstory, it's just tedious."

[09/19 04:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "And worst of all, it's a ratings killer."

[09/19 04:44pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin came from the land down under. At least, a building underground anyway.

[09/19 04:45pm] Rookie Binjali can see what Pinche is getting at. She was an accountant. No reason to talk about that at all.

[09/19 04:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "When did you earn your wings, Rosin? Or did you always have them?"

[09/19 04:47pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin scratches her chin and glances up at the speaker pole. "Well, I grew up with them, then I kinda gave 'em up at the beginning of last season."

[09/19 04:47pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Don't even say that much, Binjali. I prefer to think of you as the exotic and beautiful adventurer you are here and now."

[09/19 04:48pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin then had to go through a ridiculously tedious series of deals with the Drive to get them back. "Wasn't born with them to be literal, but they kinda grew on me."

[09/19 04:48pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Ah. I thought you were an old timer I had seen. Were you on the pilot?"

[09/19 04:48pm] Rookie Binjali turns red. "Uh. Thanks."

[09/19 04:49pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin nods. "I showed up in the pilot, yes. I've kinda just stuck around ever since."

[09/19 04:50pm] Contestant Deviant Logic says, "Oh, what a LOVELY shade of red!"

[09/19 04:51pm] Rookie Silcatra wishes she had a sombrero. It'd be great in this murderous sun.

[09/19 04:51pm] Rookie Binjali turns redder. Where did that tarp go!?

[09/19 04:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron doesn't like the idea of negotiating with the Drive. He agrees fully with Zolotisty on that point.

[09/19 04:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "It takes a 1000 req to get a starter sombrero, Silactra. In IC at the Haberdashery."

[09/19 04:52pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin no longer negotiates anything with the Drive. She's learned her lesson.

[09/19 04:52pm] Rookie Binjali goes to get a drink at Tyr's booth instead of staying where Devic can look at her in that amused way.

[09/19 04:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I'll stand over by you and you can use the shade from mine. It's big enough to shade all of us."

[09/19 04:54pm] Rookie Binjali pokes her head around the edge of the booth. "It's true. That hat is ginormous."

[09/19 04:54pm] Rookie Silcatra raises eyebrows in amazement. "So there really ARE sombreros on the Island? I did not know that. But, hey. . .if I can find one, it'll make my little Latin heart happy."

[09/19 04:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I'm no biologist, let alone a cyberbiologist, but I think . . . . I think . . this is going to sound crazy, but I think the drive evolved from Dada."

[09/19 04:55pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin raises a brow at Pinche's theory. "But how? Didn't the drive create Dada?"

[09/19 04:55pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Well, that makes a twisted sort of sense. Sort of. I'll give you that they're related, but wouldn't it be the other way around?"

[09/19 04:56pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I thought so too, at first. But Dada is actually a creation of Doktor Improbable."

[09/19 04:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Although, maybe under the effects of the ID, Dada has mutated some since then."

[09/19 04:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Like they share a common ancestor, more closely related to Dada."

[09/19 04:57pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin raises her eyebrow further. "But Dada is just a press. How could it evolve into the Drive?'

[09/19 04:57pm] Contestant Deviant Logic says, "The problem is, it makes entirely too much sense for the Drive to have evolved from Dada, even giving that Dada was then created by the Drive."

[09/19 04:58pm] Rookie Binjali says, "That would make Dada and the Drive brothers, not father and son."

[09/19 04:59pm] Rookie Binjali mutters, "That's not what you said originally."

[09/19 04:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "In which case, it's probably an extra good thing to kill every Dada you come across. It might eventually mutate into another ID."

[09/19 05:00pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "It would evolve into the ID under the manipulations of Herr Doktor."

[09/19 05:01pm] Rookie Binjali raises an eyebrow. "You love your conspiracy theories, don't you. That man's dead, killed by his own creation."

[09/19 05:02pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin smiles slightly at Binjali. "Of course, that's only a theory as well."

[09/19 05:03pm] Rookie Binjali looks at Rosin. "I guess, it just seems much more probable-" she stops. "Nevermind."

[09/19 05:03pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I'm just trying to figure out what's going on on this Island. There are too many mysteries and I'm surprised nobody questions some things."

[09/19 05:04pm] Rookie Silcatra just listens to the conspiracy theories. After all. . .even the rumors give more information on the nature of the place than does the place itself.

[09/19 05:05pm] Rookie Binjali looks grim. "I'm starting to think you shouldn't be. This place makes you forget things."

[09/19 05:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Nobody ever found his body in the wreckage. At least not enough material to identify him."

[09/19 05:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I keep a journal to remember previous DKs. It helps the memory return."

[09/19 05:05pm] Ebenezer tumbles onto the deck, looking rather grouchy indeed. He too has many, many questions about the Island. However, the answers only leave him with more questions.

[09/19 05:06pm] Rookie Silcatra watches the sun begin to sink beyond the Island as darkness prepares again to consume this pit into which she's been dragged against her will.

[09/19 05:06pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin giggles. "No one knows what happened, but the less likely explanations are the most probable. After all, it's the nature of his invention.

[09/19 05:08pm] Rookie Silcatra muses, "We could use a Heart of Gold right about now. . .but something tells me that an invention of that nature wouldn't be welcome here."

[09/19 05:08pm] Contestant Deviant Logic says, "I haven't quite cared to question the Island too much, I supopse. I've been having too much fun here." He finishes with a grin.

[09/19 05:09pm] Ebenezer scowls and mutters to himself, "Best not to ask questions, especially if you want reasonable answers." He folds his arms across his chest and squints up at the sky.

[09/19 05:10pm] Contestant Deviant Logic looks over at Ebenezer. "Who says you have to want REASONABLE answers to ask questions?"

[09/19 05:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I hear you Ebenezer! Let me adjust the camera. OK, now I see you!"

[09/19 05:12pm] Rookie Silcatra smirks at Deviant Logic. "Somehow I don't think reasonability is a factor in what you're looking for, Devic."

[09/19 05:12pm] Rookie Binjali walks back to her chair and sits. The restorative powers of the FailBoat have taken care of most of the injuries she had previously sustained.

[09/19 05:12pm] Ebenezer snarls at Pinche's camera before moving to be out of sight of the lense. "Harumph!"

[09/19 05:13pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Ebenezer. . .oh, this is your friend, Pinche?" She smiles at Ebenezer.

[09/19 05:13pm] Contestant Deviant Logic winks conspiriatorally at Sil. "If you want to find anything out about this place, it's the least you can expect."

[09/19 05:13pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Uh, guys, did any of you notice anything weird a few minutes ago? I just noticed."

[09/19 05:13pm] Ebenezer sputters a bit. "What? Friend? Has Pinche been talking about me? What did he say?" He is highly suspicious!

[09/19 05:14pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "OK, I'm here in the comm tent, right? But for a few minutes I felt like I was on the deck of the FailBoat. I even gave you shade from my hat."

[09/19 05:15pm] Rookie Binjali is taken aback. "Nothing bad. Just that you were going into business with Marly."

[09/19 05:15pm] Rookie Silcatra grins. "But I'm not reasonable! I want things to make sense!"

[09/19 05:15pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Yes, Binjali. Ebenezer, I'd like you to meet Binjali. Binjali, Ebenezer."

[09/19 05:16pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Anyway, suddenly I get jerked back into the comm tent and the damn guy is trying to sell me a map."

[09/19 05:17pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin giggles and flicks an ear. Ebenezer. In business with Marly. "Wow, Eb, why didn't you ever say that before?"

[09/19 05:17pm] Rookie Silcatra "Tell him you left your Req in your other pants, Pinche."

[09/19 05:17pm] Ebenezer adjusts his spectacles and politely offers his hand to Binjali. "Erm, good to meet you. And yes, Marly and I have been doing business for a while now, actually."

[09/19 05:18pm] Ebenezer looks around to Rosin and gives her a serious frown. "Well, it isn't a secret or anything. How often does a thing, a thing like that come up?"

[09/19 05:19pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I told him I didn't need the map, that I already had one. That he had sold to me on a previous occasion."

[09/19 05:20pm] <Hope> Winged Rosin grins back at Ebenezer. "But you must have known I'd enjoy that one. After all, I did call you Marley for the sake of it. Do you do accounting?"

[09/19 05:20pm] Contestant Deviant Logic cocks his head curiously. "What kind of . . .business are you in?"

[09/19 05:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "By the way, Ebenezer. I've been crate hunting and beach combing without much luck. But I did come across something you might be interested in."

[09/19 05:21pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron holds up a corroded circuit board, then realizes Ebenezer can't see it.

[09/19 05:21pm] Ebenezer answers Rosin first, "Erm. Yes. Accounting." He then says to Deviant, "Trading. Well, it's not quite open yet, but we're working up a good Inventory."

[09/19 05:21pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I found about 40 pounds of electronics scrap. Old circuit boards."

[09/19 05:22pm] Ebenezer answers Pinche, "Well, what's that, then? Are you going to tell me?"

[09/19 05:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I'll let you have it for 3 req a pound."

[09/19 05:23pm] Ebenezer snorts at Pinche, "Well, you bring that up with Marly and see what she says. We're doing trading, not selling, Pinche." He shakes his head.

[09/19 05:24pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "OK, two req a pound, then."

[09/19 05:25pm] Rookie Binjali starts, and comes back to herself. "Er, sorry, my wits went wandering. Nice to meet you, Ebenezer."

[09/19 05:25pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks Ebenezer is a sharp bargainer.

[09/19 05:26pm] Ebenezer scratches his ear and answers Pinche, "Erm, I'll tell you what. . . show it to me in person. If it's in good condition, we'll see what it's worth. But we're trading, not buying."

[09/19 05:26pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Well, we can discuss it later. But 2 req a pound is a steal. I'd be losing money on the deal."

[09/19 05:28pm] Ebenezer gives a sigh, "We never planned on dealing in actual req, Pinche. Trades. Items for items. Requisition isn't worth anything if you can't hang onto it."

[09/19 05:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "I know. But I lost a great deal on that last crate hunt. I'd like to recoup some of the expenses."

[09/19 05:29pm] Rookie Silcatra decides that she might as well get a nap before newday, so she finds the tarp and curls up in an out-of-the-way corner to catch a little sleep.

[09/19 05:30pm] Ebenezer repeats, "We'll bring it up with Marly." He can't do Business without his partner. That's not how it works!

[09/19 05:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "It was brutal. Even with repellent and with zombie donkey, I was getting swarmed by monsters."

[09/19 05:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Next time I'll leave my trousers unzipped. That should scare the monsters of. Or kill them with laughter."

[09/19 05:32pm] Rookie Binjali raises an eyebrow. "You're doing a Rank 7 run. Isn't that like flipping the bird to the Drive and screaming, 'Bring it on!'?"

[09/19 05:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Yeah, but I didn't think a little crate hunt near Kittania would hurt."

[09/19 05:33pm] Ebenezer shakes his head. "Rotten luck, Pinche. I've got rotten luck too, you know." His words, however, are not sympathetic.

[09/19 05:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "But we muddle thru, eh, Ebenezer? Live and learn."

[09/19 05:36pm] Ebenezer hmms and nods. "Barely living and barely learning," he says crankily. Obviously, he's just in one of those moods.

[09/19 05:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron smiles at Ebenezer's words. "You have quite an English wit, Ebenezer. Very dry and sardonic."

[09/19 05:40pm] Ebenezer straightens his spectacles and replies, "Erm, that's the first I've heard of it." Though, he won't argue against a compliment.

[09/19 05:41pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is in the habit of interpreting Ebenezer's gloomiest comments as funny jokes.

[09/19 05:44pm] Ebenezer secretly appreciates Pinche's sense of humour. However, that is a deep, dark secret indeed!

[09/19 05:44pm] Contestant Knave was back on the boat, but he didn't really mind. It gave him a chance to get away from the bra.. his wonderful replacement mount. Hea headed off to one side, Roger the chainsaw dropped at his side.

[09/19 05:46pm] Rookie Binjali is secretly delighted to see her name for Knave's chainsaw hasn't been crossed out yet.

[09/19 05:48pm] Ebenezer mutters to himself, "What sort of name is Binjali anyhow?" Perhaps that wasn't really spoken to himself after all, come to think of it.

[09/19 05:49pm] Rookie Binjali looks at Ebenezer. "It's an alias. I expect to still be able to have a career after I get off the island."

[09/19 05:50pm] Rookie Binjali raises an eyebrow and tries not to smile. "And, ah, might I point out that no one's been named Ebenezer since about the ninteenth century?"

[09/19 05:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron smirks. She still thinks she'll get off the island someday.

[09/19 05:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "If you haven't noticed, Eb is a bit old fashioned. Some might say stodgy, but I'd say "traditional"."

[09/19 05:53pm] Rookie Binjali smiles. "I guess the name suits, then."

[09/19 05:53pm] Ebenezer shakes his head. "You'll never get off this Island. And for your information, I was named after my grandfather." So there!

[09/19 05:53pm] Contestant Knave coughed a bit to clear his throat. "Stale I think is the word here.."

[09/19 05:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wonders if Knave knows the Chainsaw Creed.

[09/19 05:54pm] Rookie Binjali 's eyes narrow. "We'll see about that," she says quietly, grimly.

[09/19 05:55pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "How does it go? This is my chainsaw. There are many like it but this one is mine. Sorry, that's all I remember."

[09/19 05:56pm] Ebenezer snorts. "Stodgy? Stale? Oh, really? You're not calling me stale, are you? I resent that."

[09/19 05:56pm] Rookie Binjali , glad to be distracted, grins at the loudspeaker. "This is my rifle this is my gun?" she says cheekily.

[09/19 05:56pm] Contestant Knave knows not of any creed, nor any oath or promise either.

[09/19 05:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "One is for shooting, the other will blow your head off."

[09/19 05:57pm] Rookie Binjali laughs. "Exactly!" she cries.

[09/19 05:57pm] Rookie Silcatra wakes up and stretches out, limbering up in preparation for Newday.

[09/19 05:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "Or no. One is for fighting and one is for fun."

[09/19 05:58pm] Contestant Knave mutters a bit at Eb's comment, "More like resemble that.." Then perks up some. "My chainsaw is my best friend. It is my life."

[09/19 05:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "This is my chainsaw. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My chainsaw is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life."

[09/19 06:00pm] Ebenezer cocks an eyebrow at Knave. "Stale. Hmph." He fusses over the comment, though it's probably at least a little bit true.

[09/19 06:01pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron announces from the Comms Tent, "My chainsaw, without me, is useless. Without my chainsaw, I am useless. I must cut with my chainsaw true. I must cut straighter than my enemy before he kills."

And then Binjali got kicked off the FailBoat into Kittania.


[09/19 06:02pm] Rookie Binjali gets dumped off the FailBoat. Leaping to her feet, she looks around wildly for Pinche. "I know you're here!"she calls.

[09/19 06:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Here I am!"

[09/19 06:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ahem."

[09/19 06:07pm] Rookie Binjali says, "HA!"

[09/19 06:09pm] Rookie Binjali almost runs over and tackles Pinche, but stops short considering the zombification. So she skids to a stop in front of him instead. "So why all of that loudspeaker nonsense?"

[09/19 06:10pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I wasn't on the boat. I was in the comm tent "speaking to the unworthy"."

[09/19 06:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "As I said, that was were the fun and interesting people were."

[09/19 06:11pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Didn't want to get knocked on the head, huh? Don't blame you."

[09/19 06:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "And then it was like I was physically among you all for a moment. Must have been my imagination.

[09/19 06:13pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Next thing I know, I'm back in the tent and that grumpy old sod was pestering me to buy a map. Then he wouldn't let me go back on until I paid him again."

[09/19 06:17pm] Rookie Binjali says, "How rude!"

[09/19 06:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pops into the Common Ground and comes back limping.

[09/19 06:18pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Well, I've got to go kill some things. I'll see you later."

[09/19 06:19pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I did it again. I kissed the pinata and gave the kissing booth girl a swat."

[09/19 06:19pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Good hunting, you."

[09/19 06:20pm] Rookie Binjali laughs. "Probably more kind considering your. . .condition, but it looks like you came out worse for the wear."

[09/19 06:21pm] Rookie Binjali says,"Thanks, I'll need it." She waves and walks off.


[09/20 09:45pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron shouts, "BINJAAAAALIIIIIIII!!! Haven't you found Dan's keychain fob yet?"

[09/20 09:48pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron goes in search Binjali, marching into the Jungle.

[09/20 10:03pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron tramps back in from the Jungle. He followed Binjali's trail for hours (well, 12 minutes can seem like hours). He needs to resupply before he goes searching again.

[09/20 10:06pm] Rookie Binjali has itchy feet. She walks over to buy that dubious map for far too much req. It is time for an Adventure!

[09/20 10:10pm] Rookie Binjali beckons to her toddler crew. "Alright kids, I'm gonna show you the world!" She goes out of town at a spanking pace!

[09/20 10:10pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sees Binjali as he comes out of Sheila's Shack. He chases after her, into the Comm tent.

[09/20 10:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron comes out of the Comm Tent. Just missed her!

[09/20 10:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron decides to wait right here, on this spot, and see if she comes back.

[09/20 10:13pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hopes the ice cream man comes by soon.

[09/20 10:14pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron reads the Enquirer while he waits.

[09/20 10:16pm] Rookie Binjali walks back into town, trailing six wailing rugrats. She stumbles into the Diner and then back out, minus six two-foot-high steeds. "There's that taken care of," she mutters.

[09/20 10:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Howdy, Binjali!"

[09/20 10:21pm] A tinkly tune is heard throughout the town square. An ice cream truck drives slowly through the Outpost Gates and comes to a stop in the center of NewHome.

[09/20 10:22pm] Rookie Binjali is walking in a straight line with her head down. She bumps into Pinche's newspaper. "Sorry." She looks up. "Oh! Pinche! Hi!"

[09/20 10:23pm] Rookie Binjali sees a minature stampede make its way out of the diner, mow down a few hapless, naked Rookies, and line up at the side of the truck.

[09/20 10:24pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron 's newspaper yells, "Watch where you're going!" He quickly balls it up and throws it away. "Uh, hi, what are you doing here?"

[09/20 10:25pm] Rookie Binjali grimaces. "Er, 'scuse me." She goes and throws about 2,000 req at the driver. "Whatever these guys want." She walks back to Pinche.

[09/20 10:26pm] The Ice Cream Man smiles out of his Truck and says, "No need to push, kids. Plenty of ice cream for everyone!" He starts passing out popsicles and ice cream bars for 1 req apiece.

[09/20 10:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The icecream man is here!!!"

[09/20 10:27pm] Rookie Binjali looks back at the truck out of the corner of her eye. "Well, feeding my crew, right at the moment. Then we're going to go try to find that thing that Dan wants."

[09/20 10:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pushes to the front of the line, "I WANT AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH!"

[09/20 10:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Dan lost his cufflinks again?"

[09/20 10:29pm] <FNORD> Technical Sergeant monsterzero gets a drumstick and smiles thank you at Binjali.

[09/20 10:30pm] Rookie Binjali thumbsups at monsterzero and grins.

[09/20 10:31pm] Rookie Binjali is valiantly Not Laughing at zombiePinche behaving worse than her crew.

[09/20 10:32pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Er, no, not cufflinks. Some sort of giant monster that if I get rid of it will make some other monster easier to kill. I didn't pay a lot of attention, I'm just gonna kill the thing."

[09/20 10:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, I'm a zombi again. Hope you don't mind too much." He shuffles awkwardly.

[09/20 10:32pm] <FNORD> Technical Sergeant monsterzero gets Fester a BRAAAAAINSicle.

[09/20 10:33pm] Rookie Binjali furrows her brows. "It's not like you can help it. The Drive is the Drive."

[09/20 10:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Thanks for the ice cream, by the way." He got a neapolitan ice cream sandwich.

[09/20 10:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Also, me and some of the mates in the clan are going on a speed run. We're trying to overtake another one of the clans in Drive Kills."

[09/20 10:34pm] Rookie Binjali grins. "No problem. I'm starting to run out of things to spend it on, anyway." she flicks her Invisisuit on and off, once.

[09/20 10:36pm] Rookie Binjali tilts her head. "Are you saying I won't see you for a while?"

[09/20 10:36pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron peeks over at the Hall of Fame board, then whispers, "We're within 16 DKs of DICE."

[09/20 10:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I can fight in any jungle this run. I already found Dan's Lost Viagra Prescription of Doom."

[09/20 10:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, I thought I'd fight in New Home for a while."

[09/20 10:41pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'll just have to nip over to the FailBoat every now and then on an errand for The Company."

[09/20 10:41pm] Rookie Binjali giggles. "Of DOOM? What, are the pills horse sized?" She doesn't want the answer, so she doesn't wait for one. "Oh! Then I guess I'll see you around."

[09/20 10:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "OK, see you around!"

[09/20 10:42pm] Rookie Binjali says, "I'm getting kind of sick of seeing this place, but I don't really have a choice for the moment." She pulls a face.

[09/20 10:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron 's ice cream is melting in his hand. He's forgotten it as he watches Binjali ride off on her chariot.

[09/20 10:43pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The Company? Oh! Ebenezer and Marly's thing. You're working for them?"

[09/20 10:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Oh! I thought I saw you leave!"

[09/20 10:44pm] Rookie Binjali is still standing right here. She's a little confused as to why Pinche is staring off into space. "Er, I'm not leaving just yet."

[09/20 10:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm a shareholder. But I'm bringing them crates of stuff."

[09/20 10:45pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron refocuses on his ice cream sandwich. "Turns out it's really easy to get crates off of the FailBoat, if you know someone with a rowboat or ferry."

[09/20 10:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The Watcher doesn't keep an inventory of the supplies she has on deck! Unbelievable, but it's true."

[09/20 10:46pm] Rookie Binjali had actually just walked over to get her own ice cream. She's now holding a kamu kamu fruit popcicle. "Shareholder in trade? How does that work?"

[09/20 10:47pm] Rookie Binjali brightens. "Someone should tell Tyr that! He's running out of supplies for his lovely beverage booth."

[09/20 10:47pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Uh, I have a share in the company. And rights of first refusal to the cucumbers. And a wallaby."

[09/20 10:49pm] Rookie Binjali noms on her popcicle happily. Nom nom nom! "No, I mean," she says, swallowing, "How can you have a share if there's no actual profits? They're trading stuff for stuff. How can you gauge what percentage of the stuff is yours?"

[09/20 10:49pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Maybe Tyr is too honest to swipe crates. He's seen me nick three crates yesterday. Two crates of sardines and one of potted rat."

[09/20 10:51pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron scratches his head. He's not sure, himself. "But there will be profits! Just not reckoned in req, is all."

[09/20 10:51pm] Rookie Binjali goes to get another popcicle. Best. Req use. Ever.

[09/20 10:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "At some point, we'll standardize on something. Maybe cucumbers. Maybe fake cellphones. Whichever thing is in the highest demand."

[09/20 10:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Then we might issue a currency backed by whatever commodity is the most valuable and in demand."

[09/20 10:53pm] Rookie Binjali points out, "Sardines and potted rat do not cocoa make." Very logical today. She's trying to go slower on this popcicle. She tries licks.

[09/20 10:54pm] Rookie Binjali raises an eyebrow. "Fake cellphones?" She doesn't want to burst his enthusiasm by pointing out that there's already currency on the Island- two kinds, even! So she focuses on something else.

[09/20 10:55pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "There are hundreds of crates on the Fail Boat. Granted, not all of them contain food. I've found an interesting radio device in one of them."

[09/20 10:57pm] Rookie Binjali suddenly is focusing more on Pinche than her popcicle. "Oh yeah? What sort of radio device?"

[09/20 10:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pulls out a scrap circuitboard, painted black. He makes a beeping, chirping sound with his mouth and holds it to his ear. "Hullo? Yes, one moment." He turns to Binjali, "It's for you."

[09/20 10:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waits while the voice on the fake cellphone describes the device to Binjali. It's a sort of Tivo radio, that can get radio broadcasts from any location in the world and any time in history.

[09/20 11:01pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I listened to the Dr. Demento Show on it, a show from 1979."

[09/20 11:01pm] Rookie Binjali is not quite sure what to make of this. With her non-sticky-popcicle hand, she takes the thing and holds it to her ear. She clears her throat. "Ahem. Hello?"

[09/20 11:03pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "He played the song "Fish Heads"."

[09/20 11:05pm] Rookie Binjali looks bewildered. "Fish Heads? Who names a song Fish Heads?" Assuming that she was making a request, the black thing starts joyfully singing about rolly polly fish heads into her ear.

[09/20 11:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron tries to sing, "Roly poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino with oriental women, yeah!"

[09/20 11:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "(Those are really lyrics to the song.)"

[09/20 11:07pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Oh, I came up with a nasty, mean joke. Want to hear it?"

[09/20 11:08pm] Rookie Binjali says distractedly, "Sure." Without prompting, the radio has started playing "Poisoning Pidgeons In The Park".

[09/20 11:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Why hasn't Caveman Joe included Doggymorph as one of the Character Races?"

[09/20 11:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Because a certain contestant would never stop licking his balls, eating his own poop, peeing on the carpet, and humping other player's legs."

[09/20 11:09pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "But it might only be funny if you knew the contestant in question."

[09/20 11:11pm] Rookie Binjali doesn't laugh. The thing has moved on to "Make A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul". It's associative, apparently. "Yeah, I don't know who you're talking about."

[09/20 11:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is looking strangely at Binjali and the fake phone. Has she discovered another capability?

[09/20 11:13pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "It's a fake iPod now?"

[09/20 11:14pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron slaps his forehead. He let these things go so cheaply! He would have bargained for more shares if he new they were fake iPhones.

[09/20 11:15pm] Rookie Binjali is very distracted by the song asking her to say it's the only bee in her bonnet. "A fake what now?"

[09/20 11:17pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Not to put too fine a point on it, but these aren't just fake phones, they're fake the most fashionable and desirable phones."

[09/20 11:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "These fake phones could be a HUGE hit on the island. They might be giants."

[09/20 11:21pm] Rookie Binjali raises her eyebrows at him and does her Not Laughing At Pinche thing again. "I think it's a bit more important that it plays music." The radio changes to ancient classical.

[09/20 11:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is glad that Binjali didn't run away screaming just then.

[09/20 11:24pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The music playing is part of what makes it a fake iPhone. Real iPhones played music, too."

[09/20 11:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, you keep that one. I have another, but I'll have to check if it's a fake iPhone."

[09/20 11:28pm] Rookie Binjali wrinkles her nose. "I'll take your word for it. I don't know much about history." The music changes again, something about what a wonderful world it will be.

[09/20 11:29pm] <KGB> Rookie Michelle Martreb walks up to Carbon, admiring his Sun Gun "Hey, can you tell me where you got that?"

[09/20 11:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron points to his zombi feet. The toenails look like talons. Definitely need a clipping. "I need to take these dogs for a walk in the Jungle."

[09/20 11:29pm] Rookie Binjali brightens. "Thanks! It's nice to have something else to listen to beside our voices and jungle screams."

[09/20 11:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Yes, Betram Backwards. I got it at Sheila's, but she won't sell it to you until you have more DKs."

[09/20 11:30pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I forget how many DKs I needed before Sheila allowed me to buy it."

[09/20 11:31pm] Rookie Binjali tucks the gift in with her New Day tokens, her safest pocket. She beams at Pinche.

[09/20 11:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You take care of your self, OK? I need to go hunt and eat."

[09/20 11:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron lurches off into the jungle, turning around once to wave before he disappears into the treeline.

[09/20 11:33pm] Rookie Binjali nods. "Will do! See ya." She walks over to the ice cream vendor to pick up her toddler crew.

[09/20 11:39pm] <KGB> Rookie Michelle Martreb says, "Well, I guess I'll settle for a chainsaw for now."

[09/20 11:41pm] Rookie Binjali hollers to Michelle, "It gets the job done!"

[09/20 11:45pm] Rookie Binjali, after tugging on all six leashes, thanking the Ice Cream Vendor profusely, and taking one more popcicle for the road, slowly, ever so slowly makes her way out of town, walking next to the chariot.


[09/22 08:21pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron appears in a puff of creme. Or steam. Whatever, he appears in a puff of something.

[09/22 08:33pm] Rookie Binjali is whistling jauntily, although rather badly, as she strolls into town. She's feeling good- time for a steak!

[09/22 08:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waves at Binjali! He hasn't seen her in a few days, but it seems like a week!

[09/22 08:41pm] Rookie Binjali swerves away from the Cafe and stops a short (ha, ha) distance from Pinche. She looks down. "Don't tell me. The Drive hates you. A lot."

[09/22 08:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, sweetheart."

[09/22 08:43pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Joker didn't suit me."

[09/22 08:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron realizes he made a pun!

[09/22 08:46pm] <Hope> Citizen Kuroiten meanders into the city of Kittania, nods to those there, then disappears. His furbles bound in shortly after him.

[09/22 08:46pm] Rookie Binjali 's eyes widen. "You went to Joker and came back? I didn't think it worked that way."

[09/22 08:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters under his breath at the furbles.

[09/22 08:47pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "What do you mean? Jokers aren't one way tickets to Jokerville."

[09/22 08:48pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Although I wonder about the robots."

[09/22 08:49pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Thank you for not clubbing me over the head for that pun."

[09/22 08:51pm] Rookie Binjali shrugs uncomfortably. "I thought. . .sorry. I guess I'm showing my newness again." She looks away and sits down. She was getting a crick in her neck.

[09/22 08:52pm] Rookie Binjali smiles. "The look on your face when you realized what you'd said was worth not damaging you."

[09/22 08:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron finds an unused crate by Beeker's crate house and drags it over. He climbs on top and begins to massage Binjali's neck with his tiny hands.

[09/22 08:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well thanks for having a heart. You're a real diamond in the rough, you know?" Now he's doing it on purpose.

[09/22 08:55pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Just promise you'll always be straight with me and call a shovel and shovel."

[09/22 08:55pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has very strong hands for such a small guy. He continues to knead the muscles on Binjali's neck.

[09/22 08:56pm] Deputy Beeker pads into town. He waves to Binjali and Pinche.

[09/22 08:56pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron flushes. He did it again.

[09/22 08:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waves to good old Beeker. "I borrowed an empty crate! Hope you don't mind!"

[09/22 08:58pm] Rookie Binjali isn't really sure what to do about the touching. Her shoulders are slowly climbing towards her ears, and she almost can't hear what Pinche is saying over the ringing in them.

[09/22 08:59pm] Rookie Binjali is also bright, fire-engine red in all skin visible.

[09/22 08:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Should I stop?"

[09/22 08:59pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, sure, that's fine! Lots of crates around!" He heads over to his crate house and jumps on top of the pillow and settles down. "I guess you got out of the stocks, huh, Pinche?"

[09/22 08:59pm] Rookie Binjali squeaks, "Um! Thanks?" She's staring at her hands and didn't see Beeker come in.

[09/22 09:01pm] Rookie Binjali clears her throat. "Uh. You're a shovel."

[09/22 09:01pm] Deputy Beeker looks at Binjali. "Are you all right, there, Binjali? Do you need a glass of water?" He hops down from his crate. "I'll get you some!" He bounds into the cafe.

[09/22 09:01pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I did. I like to get into them right after I've come back from a drive kill, and my statue is still standing. Didn't last long, though."

[09/22 09:02pm] Rookie Binjali knows that wasn't right. Why does she get so damn flustered!? "I mean, uh. If you don't mind?"

[09/22 09:02pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron whispers covertly to Beeker, "Why? Am I still there?"

[09/22 09:03pm] Deputy Beeker didn't hear that, nope, he's inside the cafE. Now he emerges, with a bottle of White Spring water.

[09/22 09:03pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron flushes with embarrassment. Again! "I'm so sorry I was so forward. I don't know what got into me."

[09/22 09:05pm] Deputy Beeker hands the bottle to Binjali. "Here ya go, Binjali!" He scratches his ear, or tries to, and knocks his hat askew. "Well, uh! I guess I should," he thinks for a second. Need. Reason. Uh.

[09/22 09:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wonders how can he be in two places at once when he's not anywhere at all.

[09/22 09:06pm] Rookie Binjali is still bright, bright red. Her voice sounds just as squeaky as Pinche's. "Uh. It's okay! I just, uh. Wasn't expecting that?"

[09/22 09:06pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is really confused now. Normally he is good at keeping track of conversations.

[09/22 09:06pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Go look for some crates! Yup!" He adjusts his hat, waves, and heads towards the northerly path out of town.

[09/22 09:06pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab walks in under the weight of 95 K Req. "Oh, people are actually here right now." With that, he turns and enters the Bank.

[09/22 09:07pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I got it in Improbable Central, Mr. Popes. Thank you for admiring it."

[09/22 09:07pm] Rookie Binjali blinks at the bottle of water that's now in her hands. She looks up. "Oh, hi Beeker!" she exlaims, grinning widely. "How're you? Staying nicely brushed, I see."

[09/22 09:07pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab walks out again, greatly relieved.

[09/22 09:08pm] Rookie Binjali is reacting so slowly. It feels like the heat from her face is going to set her brain on fire. She quickly opens the bottle of water and chugs half of it, eyes closed.

[09/22 09:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "What's all that money for, Peas?"

[09/22 09:10pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Everyone seems in such a hurry to come in and out of town."

[09/22 09:13pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab answers Pinche. "Nothing, Pinche. I just took it out to donate some of it too a friend of mine. Honestly I'm not sure what to do with that stash I've hoarded."

[09/22 09:15pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You've found a way to keep your req between DKs?"

[09/22 09:16pm] Rookie Binjali is not looking at Pinche. She's fiddling with anything and everything, settling for a moment on the switch for her Invisisuit. She appears and disappears in rapid Morse Code.

[09/22 09:16pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab says, "No, that's what I've made this DK."

[09/22 09:17pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab says, "I bought my level 15 equips at level 3, so I've pretty much haven't spent anything at all except for food and the occasional grenade or repellent."

[09/22 09:17pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "That's hard work, Peas."

[09/22 09:18pm] Deputy Beeker returns, looking all full of leaves and twigs.

[09/22 09:19pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Find any crates, Beeker?"

[09/22 09:19pm] Deputy Beeker settles down a little distance from Binjali and Pinche, so as not to be intruding. Hum de dum! He takes out his brush and brushes out the jungle detritus. Detritus does not belong in fur!

[09/22 09:19pm] Deputy Beeker calls over, "Not yet! Just a lot of things trying to attack me!"

[09/22 09:19pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab watches interestedly as a spare bit of tumbleweed drifts across the "main" square as a tawny kittymoprh enters. *waves*

[09/22 09:20pm] Rookie Binjali 's color is now not so alarming. Still rather more pink than normal, perhaps. She sips at her water, the flickering in and out of her body slowing.

[09/22 09:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "That's no tumbleweed. That's a hairball."

[09/22 09:21pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab jumps up and approaches the Kittymorph. Looking closely he can see several peculiar things about him, but says nothing. "Excuse me, have we met before? I don't think we have, yet I've seen you. . ."

[09/22 09:21pm] Deputy Beeker is now all nice and sleek, but he continues brushing for a while, just because he can. Brush. Brush brush.

[09/22 09:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Peas, this is Deputy Beeker. Beeker, this is PeasOfCrab."

[09/22 09:22pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab says, "That's no moon. . ."

[09/22 09:23pm] Deputy Beeker waves to Peas with his non-brushing hand. "Hullo!"

[09/22 09:23pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab offer his segmented fingers. "Hello. A pleasure to meet you, Beeker. Now to get to the reason why I introduced myself. I've seen you around the Library Corral. Are you a librarian?"

[09/22 09:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron nods at Peas. Exactly!

[09/22 09:24pm] Rookie Binjali sits quietly. She left the switch off, so she's visible. She seems to be very intently reading the label of the water bottle.

[09/22 09:25pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh! I'm a deputy librarian!" He points proudly to the can-tab pinned to his bandolier.

[09/22 09:26pm] Deputy Beeker looks over at Binjali. He scooches over closer, while still facing Peas since he's talking to him. He just stands in her vicinity.

[09/22 09:26pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab nods. "Good! Someone, whom I am forget right now, told me if I wanted to donate a book, I should talk to either you, or Skidge, who've I've already met but haven't seen in a while."

[09/22 09:27pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, the Sheriff isn't on the Island right now. But I could take the book for her."

[09/22 09:27pm] Rookie Binjali's head whips up at this. Librarian? Somehow she missed that last time. If there is a librarian, there is a library.

[09/22 09:29pm] Rookie Binjali grins at Beeker scooching closer. She stands up. "Hi Beeker."

[09/22 09:29pm] Deputy Beeker doesn't quite hear Binjali's thoughts, but he notices her reaction. He blinks at her. "Binjali? Uh, are you okay?"

[09/22 09:29pm] Deputy Beeker looks from Binjali, back to Peas, then back to Binjali. He grins at her. "Hi, Binjali."

[09/22 09:30pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab holds out a glossy, well-kept book. The pages have a yellowish-tinge but the condition of the book is fair, over-all. The title reads: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.

[09/22 09:30pm] Rookie Binjali turns pink. "Fine! Fine! Ah, just- did you say you were a librarian?"

[09/22 09:32pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab says, "It's translated from French by Alison Anderson. I'm not sure if you have this book yet, but I've found it a great read. It's not altogether about hedgehogs, however."

[09/22 09:32pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "What's it about?"

[09/22 09:32pm] Deputy Beeker nods, and accepts the book. He puts it in his bag and pats it. "Thank you! I'm sure she'll be happy to have a new book. I'll give it to her when she comes back."

[09/22 09:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Uh, when is she coming back?"

[09/22 09:33pm] Deputy Beeker says, turning to Binjali, "The Sherriff is a librarian, I'm her deputy. I'm in charge of the library while she's gone. Which, um, is sort of a problem, really."

[09/22 09:34pm] Deputy Beeker hesitates, then answers Pinche, "I'm not sure."

[09/22 09:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "That other one, the Joker Skidge, worried me. I hope she doesn't come back."

[09/22 09:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "What's the problem?"

[09/22 09:38pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Um, well, the library is inside DICE halls, and I can't get in. Part of it used to be in the Ground, but the gremlins moved it over a few days, and they wouldn't tell me why."

[09/22 09:38pm] Rookie Binjali isn't ignoring Pinche, exactly. She's just avoiding meeting his eyes, which is pretty easy considering his current height. No, the Drive didn't hate him, it hated her.

[09/22 09:38pm] Rookie Binjali tries to follow the conversation despite her current irritation. "DICE halls?"

[09/22 09:39pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab pauses. "Oh right, it's about two humans of great intellect in pre-EMP times in a place called France. While hiding their true natures to society, they tell us of events that have happened to them.

[09/22 09:40pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Uh huh, have you seen them?"

[09/22 09:40pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab says, "I think that's about it for a summary. Anything else you'd like to know about it? It uses a lot of heavy vocabulary and gets into deep, philisophical messages to the reader.""

[09/22 09:41pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab pauses, a SECOND time. "Seen who?"

[09/22 09:41pm] Rookie Binjali looks confused. "No, I don't know what a DICE hall is."

[09/22 09:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "It's a novel, Peas?"

[09/22 09:43pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab nods. "Yes, it is."

[09/22 09:44pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab adds, "It's won quite many awards from what I remember from the first few pages of the book. Not the story."

[09/22 09:45pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron was rather hoping it was a coffee table book. Or better, a pillow book.

[09/22 09:45pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh! Well. . . DICE is the clan that the Sherriff is in. Along with a lot of other people. Have you been into the clan halls before? And met Julia?"

[09/22 09:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, it's not, uh, erotic hedgehog art."

[09/22 09:47pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab gives a good, long hard stare at Cabron.

[09/22 09:47pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Um, I think I went in once by mistake. I thought it was the bank."

[09/22 09:48pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab slowly shakes his head. "No, Pinche, it's NOT erotic hedgehog art."

[09/22 09:50pm] <DICE> Pedant Skidge weaves her way into town, intent upon her synchronometer, which is giving off the occasional chime. She wanders past the group and eyes them.

[09/22 09:52pm] Deputy Beeker gets eyed. "Um," he says, "hullo. . . Skidge."

[09/22 09:52pm] Rookie Binjali has developed a survival strategy where Pinche is concerned. She lets the whole erotic hedgehog thing (pink neglegees? Bondage gear? what would be "hedgehog style" anyway?) pass right over her.

[09/22 09:53pm] <DICE> Pedant Skidge looks suspiciously down at the chronometer. "Yes? Well?" It is pointing at Binjali. It chimes. She regards her. "I really don't see. . ." Chime.

[09/22 09:54pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab looks up at Skidge. "Oh yay. How have you been Skidge?"

[09/22 09:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron rolls hi eyes. Now Binjali! What is this mechanism's deal?

[09/22 09:55pm] Rookie Binjali gets very still, as a deer does when it's aware that there may be a threat.

[09/22 09:55pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge gazes at Binjali. "Is there something about you I should know. Or fix."

[09/22 09:55pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab scrunches his "nose" and leans forward. "Are you OK? You look kind of. . . forlorn."

[09/22 09:56pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge looks at the rest of them, a flick of eyes. She looks exhausted. "Hello. . .rrm. . .you. People."

[09/22 09:56pm] Rookie Binjali opens her mouth, and then closes it. If there is, she's really not sure that she wants to admit it a)in such mixed company b)to this lady. Their ideas of 'fixed' might not match.

[09/22 09:57pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab sits back. "Hello," he says, with a slight wave.

[09/22 09:58pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge regards Peas oddly. "Do I? Unfortunate."

[09/22 09:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks "fixed" isn't a term you'd want to use with a Kittymorph. Good thing Binjali is human.

[09/22 10:00pm] Rookie Binjali is being served very well by being quiet today. She pretends she is part of the scenery.

[09/22 10:00pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge's eyes flick back to Binjali. "Ah." She has located a loose thread on her Invisisuit. She tugs, it comes free. The chronometer's arrow immediately whirls to point to Clan Halls. Chime.

[09/22 10:01pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab nods his head. Reaching inside his bandolier, he finds a slightly squished Happycake Ferryn had given him before. He silently offers the cake to Skidge.

[09/22 10:01pm] Rookie Binjali is scenery. Just scenery. A very strangely shaped rock, perhaps. That happens to have had a loose thread taken care of just now. Yes.

[09/22 10:02pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab 's wound fade and exhaustion leaves his eyes. He notes the New Day with a faint smile and still holds the cake out.

[09/22 10:03pm] Deputy Beeker looks pretty well puzzled, not an uncommon expression on him, really. He watches the not-the-Sheriff Skidge.

[09/22 10:03pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge tilts her head at the cake. She does. . .something, and the cake is no longer squished. "There. That's all right, then." Chime. "I beg your pardon." She makes her way to Clan Halls.

[09/22 10:03pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Is that all it was? A loose thread? Better not go to New Pittsburgh, Pedant. A lot more than threads and clothes falling apart there."

[09/22 10:05pm] Deputy Beeker lets out a breath he doesn't know he was holding. "Not my Sherriff at all," he remarks, apparently to himself.

[09/22 10:06pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge calls over her shoulder, "Not telling me to go there." She is beginning to suspect that the chronometer is a bossy little thing.

[09/22 10:06pm] Deputy Beeker turns to Binjali again. There is a beat, then he picks up where he left off. "You really should meet Julia. I could introduce you, if you wanted? Besides, Stan may have left pastries."

[09/22 10:06pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks at Beeker. "Still, quite an improvement on the Joker, no?"

[09/22 10:07pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Julia Child?"

[09/22 10:07pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab is surprised by the cake. Looking downwards, he mumbles something sounds like, "Oh,Imentfourutwohalveit."

[09/22 10:09pm] Deputy Beeker looks at Pinche. He says, "I miss my Skidge, and I want her back. The others just keep reminding me that she's not here."

[09/22 10:09pm] Rookie Binjali starts breathing again. "Er. Pastries? What does that have to do with anything?" Not that she necessarily expects Beeker to make sense. She'd just prefer it that way.

[09/22 10:10pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pats Beeker. There, there. "I didn't really know your Skidge that well, but I'm sorry she's not here."

[09/22 10:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says as an aside to Binjali, "They're really foodies in that clan. Surprised none of them are obese, the way they eat."

[09/22 10:11pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Thanks, Pinche," and, "Pastries have to do with the clan halls. Stan often leaves pastries inside." Another beat. "And it's less confusing in there right now. At a guess."

[09/22 10:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Can't complain, though. What would the island be like without Stan's picnics?"

[09/22 10:12pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab sighs, looks up at Skidge, and states clearly: "Skidge, I think this Happycake would make you feel better. Would you like to consume it? I offer it freely because I am concerned for you."

[09/22 10:13pm] <DICE>Pedant Skidge is gone. Into Clan Halls.

[09/22 10:14pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab realizes as he looks up that Skidge left! Silly embarassment of failure to do things right the first time only leads to MOAR silly embarassment, he realizes with chagrin.

[09/22 10:16pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab shrugs and tucks into his cake, to make him feel better. Finishing the last crumb, he says, "Well, it's been a pleasure seeing and meeting you all. May our paths cross again under even better-"

[09/22 10:17pm] Rookie Binjali looks at the person she hasn't been introduced to. Poor man. The Island's getting to him.

[09/22 10:17pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab says, "-circumstances. Have a nice Day!" With those words, he steps off towards the jungle confidently.

[09/22 10:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Oh, where are my manners? That was PeasOfCrab."

[09/22 10:18pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab is actually this way because of the thousands upon billions of years on a different planet while only 3 minutes passed here.

[09/22 10:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Oh, and you seemed troubled by my interest in the hedgehog book."

[09/22 10:19pm] Rookie Binjali shrugs and looks back at Beeker. "So there's people here who make pastries and have picnics. How. . ."One side of her mouth curls up. ". . .improbable." She can't hold back her grin.

[09/22 10:19pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Let me assure you that I am not sexually attracted to hedgehogs. At least no more than any other midget."

[09/22 10:20pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "My interest is in dance, specifically the Hedgehog Dance."

[09/22 10:20pm] Deputy Beeker looks a bit overwhelmed, really, which is an unusual expression on him. He scrunches up his brow. Hrm. What's good for overwhelmedness. Tea, perhaps. Tea?

[09/22 10:22pm] Deputy Beeker looks back to Binjali, and says, after a moment, "Oh." Then he brightens a little, warming to this subject. "Oh! Yes, Stan is an excellent baker."

[09/22 10:22pm] Rookie Binjali is feeling a little more gracious to the universe as a whole and the Drive in particular. She looks at Pinche and smiles. "How does it go? The Hedgehog Dance."

[09/22 10:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "D'you need a good cry? I shave my legs and rub them with lemon juice when I need a good cry."

[09/22 10:22pm] Deputy Beeker grins back at Binjali. Apparently grins are also good for overwhelmedness.

[09/22 10:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I can't do it unless I've had a CEotHK (Close Encounter of the Hedgehog Kind)."

[09/22 10:24pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "And it's different each time, anyway."

[09/22 10:25pm] Rookie Binjali brightens. "Oh yes! I think I've actually seen a couple of people hopping around after getting hedgehogs at Audrey's. That must be it."

[09/22 10:26pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Precisely! They've had a CEotHK."

[09/22 10:26pm] Deputy Beeker hops up on top of his crate house, pulls out his bag of shiny things, and arranges them in a row along the edge of the crate.

[09/22 10:26pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab notes that Hedgehogs usually only appear when Audrey's travelling.

[09/22 10:26pm] Deputy Beeker lays his head down and watches them.

[09/22 10:28pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, if any of you comes across a book of erotic hedgehog art, please let me see it so I can draw inspiration from it."

[09/22 10:29pm] Rookie Binjali has a sudden mental image of midgetPinche trying to erotically dance with a hedgehog on his head. She shudders, then quickly rubs her arms to make it seem as if she was just cold.

[09/22 10:33pm] Deputy Beeker rearranges the shiny things into a different order, and watches them.

[09/22 10:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hopes Binjali has the opportunity to see him do one of his Hedgehog Dances. Particularly the one called The Dirty Hedgehog.

[09/22 10:34pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab exitts from the Bank. How he sneaked through to get to the bank, to exit it, who knows? "Well, it's official. I've hit the 100 K mark. Oh dear, what will I even do with it all?"

[09/22 10:34pm] <CIA> Contestant PeasOfCrab waves to everyone as he leaves for the fields, to dream about money.

[09/22 10:36pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I wonder . . . I wonder if I might spot some mating hedgehogs in the jungle. That would be really inspiring, to say the least."

[09/22 10:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "shouts after Peas, "BUY A HAT!""

[09/22 10:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Will you two excuse me? I think I should go explore the jungle a bit."

[09/22 10:38pm] Deputy Beeker picks up his shinies and puts them into the bag. He hops down, and stretches, making a happy stretching noise. "Oooooouuuuah!"

[09/22 10:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron jumps off his crate and bows.

[09/22 10:38pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Good day!"

[09/22 10:39pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, uh, all right, Pinche." He waves.

[09/22 10:41pm] Rookie Binjali shivers again, unvoluntarily thinking of things that Should Never Be. "Good luck with that. See you later."

[09/22 10:42pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Binjali, I'm going to make some tea, and maybe see whether Stan has left any pastries. Since you haven't seen it, you could come if you like, but if you had something else to do,"

[09/22 10:43pm] Deputy Beeker continues, "maybe I will see you later on instead!"

[09/22 10:43pm] Rookie Binjali turns to look at Beeker and attempts to distract herself away from...other things. "So! This clan you were talking about earlier, they have pastries often?"

[09/22 10:44pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, yes, Stan says they have three different ovens! And she bakes all the time. She's going to teach me to make scones."

[09/22 10:45pm] Rookie Binjali can't help but make a little whimpering noise. Fresh baked goods. Three ovens. "Nope, I have no plans at all whatsoever! I'd love to come with you!" She beams at Beeker.

[09/22 10:46pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, okay! Well, this way!" He leads the way to Julia's waiting room.


(There are lots of Skidges. Binjali fears for her life. Murphy Skidge takes the Hat. Pinche shows up in the aftermath.)

[09/25 01:04am] The Batskidge slinks past, muttering, "Will Batskidge find and defeat the evil Joker, or will she continue arriving to scenes five minutes too late?

[09/25 01:04am] "Tune in next week, same BatTime, same BatChannel!"

[09/25 01:04am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wanders about seemingly stunned. He looks over at the goings on, but seems occupied with something else.

[09/25 01:05am] High Lady Escemfer stares at the Batskidge. Their universe really has gone crazy.

[09/25 01:05am] Deputy Beeker says, "I have to get it back. Because the Sherriff is going to want it, and I can't have the Murphy having it."

[09/25 01:06am] Deputy Beeker watches the Batskidge, and blinks. "And there's another one."

[09/25 01:06am] Rookie Binjali stares at the person that kinda, sorta, has a family resemblance to the people who have been through already. Nah. Couldn't be. Instead, she grins and waves at Pinche.

[09/25 01:07am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters to himself, "I've got to get out of here and talk to Dan or someone." He looks at his hands. Paws. Whatever they are. "This is NOT supposed to be happening!"

[09/25 01:07am] High Lady Escemfer looks up at Pinche. "Hi, Pinche."

[09/25 01:08am] High Lady Escemfer blinks confusedly. What is he distressed about?

[09/25 01:08am] Deputy Beeker waves to Pinche, and grins. "Hullo, Pinche!"

[09/25 01:08am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sees Binjali and gives her a crooked smile. "You look pretty busy just this moment."

[09/25 01:10am] Rookie Binjali shrugs, and grins, and grins some more as she takes in the fur. "Oh, not especially. Just found out there's something else out to kill us all."

[09/25 01:10am] Deputy Beeker pats the ground invitingly. "Come sit, Pinche."

[09/25 01:11am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I didn't mean to become a kittymorph. I thought I had this all under control. That's what I'm upset about. The Drive cheated me."

[09/25 01:11am] Rookie Binjali nods. "It's the end of the universe, apparently. Cuddles would be a good idea."

[09/25 01:12am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sits next to Beeker and buries his head in his hands.

[09/25 01:13am] Rookie Binjali looks confused. "What did you mean to do?"

[09/25 01:13am] High Lady Escemfer is definitely confused. Kittymorphs are wonderful! Why would that upset him? "Oh, I have to get going," she realizes aloud.

[09/25 01:13am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Come sit next to me, Binjali. Please."

[09/25 01:13am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I thought I was able to control my race by will and conscious desire. Apparently not."

[09/25 01:14am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Bye, Lady Escemfer."

[09/25 01:14am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "No matter, I'll rush through this DK and be a midget again."

[09/25 01:14am] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, all right, Escemfer. And, um."

[09/25 01:15am] Deputy Beeker adds, "Thanks." He doesn't specify.

[09/25 01:15am] High Lady Escemfer pats Pinche's wonderful kittymorph head. And Beeker's as well. And heads out to kill some stuff.

[09/25 01:15am] Rookie Binjali is sitting by Pinche. Both sides of Beeker were taken when he sat.

[09/25 01:15am] High Lady Escemfer nods at Beeker and flees!

[09/25 01:15am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "My clan is relying on me to pull my weight in DKs. Thus I chose midget. Or I thought I was choosing."

[09/25 01:16am] Rookie Binjali winces at the prounouncement of impending midgethood. "Oh." She can't think of anything else to say that wouldn't hurt Pinche's feelings.

[09/25 01:17am] Rookie Binjali belatedly waves as Escemfer leaves. Pinche is very distracting!

[09/25 01:18am] Deputy Beeker says, "Um, you know, Pinche, being a kittymorph is a good thing. I've been one all my life, and I like it fine. People scritch your ears. It's nice."

[09/25 01:19am] Deputy Beeker yawns hugely, showing big teeth. "I really should get to Central, I meant to run some errands hours ago."

[09/25 01:19am] Deputy Beeker nevertheless does not get up quite yet.

[09/25 01:19am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Beeker, I don't mind it so much. And I know the clan will be fine. It's the loss of control that bothers me. If I even did have control."

[09/25 01:20am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I need to go see Dan. I heard a rumor a long time ago that one can take a potion to change one's form. I need to look into that."

[09/25 01:20am] Rookie Binjali frowns a little. "Aw. Want me to scratch your ears? Beeker's probably right, it'll make you feel better."

[09/25 01:21am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron puts his head in Binjali's lap (if she doesn't mind).

[09/25 01:23am] Rookie Binjali blinks at the head in her lap, but smiles a little. Cats are nice. She starts scratching Pinche's ears.

[09/25 01:24am] Deputy Beeker yawns, and stretches, and stands. "I'm going to run my errands, and get some sleyawwwwneep."

[09/25 01:25am] Deputy Beeker says, "I'll see you both soon!"

[09/25 01:25am] Deputy Beeker waves bye.

[09/25 01:26am] Rookie Binjali waves back. "Take care of yourself!"

[09/25 01:26am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron asks, "So what was that all about?" He indicates the area where the previous activity had occurred.

[09/25 01:26am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waves bye at Beeker.

[09/25 01:28am] Rookie Binjali sighs. She switches to petting Pinche's head. "To be honest, I'm still not sure. I'll have to hunt down Beeker later, he seems willing to tell me what's going on."

[09/25 01:28am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron shrugs and goes back to relaxing and gettins his head scratched and petted.

[09/25 01:31am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron jumps up and slaps his forehead. "The book! I forgot to give Beeker the book!"

[09/25 01:32am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pulls the book out of his pack. He thumbs through it until he comes to a picture of a rod with a strip of paper wrapped around it.

[09/25 01:32am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "Hey Pinche, I saw you in the stocks the other day. I SWEAR I didn't throw that tomato."

[09/25 01:33am] Rookie Binjali blinks. "Oh, the book! I'm sorry, in all the commotion I completely forgot to tell him you were going to give it to him."

[09/25 01:33am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "That's a Scytale. Sounds like "Italy"."

[09/25 01:33am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow is overwhelmed by the urge to scratch Pinche's head. "Aww, so fuzzy!"

[09/25 01:33am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Hi Andy! Do you know Binjali?"

[09/25 01:34am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "I don't think we've met actually.""

[09/25 01:34am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Go ahead, Andy, I'm not a midgetphobe. Unlike some people."

[09/25 01:35am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Binjali, this is my clan mate, Andy Crow. Andy, this is Binjali."

[09/25 01:35am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow tips his hat to Binjali. This is more impressive than it sounds because the hat is currently occupying most of the cart towed by the zombie donkey.

[09/25 01:35am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, ""Damn. . . hat. . . tip. . . Would someone kindly hand me a crowbar?"

[09/25 01:36am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow gives up and goes to scratch Pinche's head instead. "Nice to meet you Binjali!"

[09/25 01:36am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron chuckles at Andy's hat predicament.

[09/25 01:37am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Your hat is coming along nicely, Andy."

[09/25 01:37am] Rookie Binjali smiles and nods. "Nice to meet you Andy." What? Midgetphobe? What's Pinche going on about now?

[09/25 01:39am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "Well you see, I am a midget. A rather eloquent midget, mostly, but a midget. I am short, and . . . well short."

[09/25 01:40am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "Some people, however, do not like midgets. This is because they are jealous. Of our greatness. These are the midgetphobes. They will die a bloody death when we rule the island."

[09/25 01:40am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Those low class midgets in Squat Hole give the educated civilized midgets a bad name. They're so . . . common."

[09/25 01:40am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron makes a face.

[09/25 01:41am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "Because racism is not okay. And neither is short-ism."

[09/25 01:41am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "But classism however, is only the natural order of life."

[09/25 01:42am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm not a snob! I just. . . . make distinctions."

[09/25 01:43am] Rookie Binjali nods and smiles. She feels as if she lost the point of the conversation somewhere, and so falls back on agreement.

[09/25 01:44am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron really is a bit of a snob. And a social climber. He listened to hours and hours of radio broadcasts to lose the midget accent.

[09/25 01:44am] Rookie Binjali goes back to wondering how Pinche would react if she scooted over and started petting him again. He didn't object last time. . .

[09/25 01:44am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "Agreement is good. By the by, it appears that I am hungry despite what that the flavor text tells me. I think I'll take advantage of some steak and some cooking lessons."

[09/25 01:45am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I've actually become very accustomed to being a midget. This kittymorph form feels strange at the moment."

[09/25 01:45am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "See you later, Andy!"

[09/25 01:46am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hopes Binjali does just that.

[09/25 01:46am] Rookie Binjali waves at Andy.

[09/25 01:46am] <QQQ> Captain Andy Crow says, "Have a good one! Best of luck not tripping over the tail and everything."

[09/25 01:47am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, to himself as much as to anyone, "I'm sure after a few jungle fights I'll feel right as rain. It'll all come back to me." He sighs happily as Binjali pets him.

[09/25 01:49am] Rookie Binjali 's hands moved without her noticing. Damn that was sneaky! At least they did something she wanted to do anyway, instead of that one time, in the jungle.

[09/25 01:50am] Rookie Binjali settles in for a good petting session. Maybe if she's good enough, he'll purr. That would be nice.

[09/25 01:55am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is not just purring, but trilling a bit. He rubs his chin on Binjali's knee.

[09/25 01:58am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "This part of being a kittymorph I could get used to."

[09/25 01:58am] Rookie Binjali is satisfied. Happy, even. The events of the past few hours fade.

[09/25 01:59am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You still haven't told me what happened, not that it's any of my business."

[09/25 01:59am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "This has to do with Skidge, doesn't it?"

[09/25 02:00am] Rookie Binjali says, her hands buried in fur, "Not much to tell, really. Like I said, I'm not clear on what any of it meant."

[09/25 02:01am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "But what happened? And which Skidge was it? Beeker's Skidge, the "normal" one?"

[09/25 02:02am] Rookie Binjali says, "Er, yes, that part at least seemed obvious. Had to do with several Skidges, in fact."

[09/25 02:03am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks puzzled. "How many Skidges were here?"

[09/25 02:04am] Rookie Binjali says, "Um. Does the fish count as a Skidge, or not? I couldn't tell for sure."

[09/25 02:05am] <Hope> Citizen Kuroiten pops in momentarily. "The fish is a separate entity. Isn't a Skidge."

[09/25 02:06am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "No, the fish is something else. What, I don't know, but I don't think it is Skidge."

[09/25 02:07am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "THANK YOU for the exposition, Kuroiten."

[09/25 02:07am] <Hope> Citizen Kuroiten bows on his way back from the Jungle to the Grounds. "Narrator," he points out before disappearing from sight.

[09/25 02:08am] Rookie Binjali is startled by the pop! She stares, wild-eyed, at Kuroiten as he pops back out. "Right!" She squeaks, then clears her throat. "Then there were. . .three, after I got here. Maybe four."

[09/25 02:10am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron rolls his eyes then looks back to Binjali. "You were saying?"

[09/25 02:11am] Rookie Binjali smoothes the fur she rumpled when her fingers flexed in startlement. What the hell sort of explanation is "Narrator"!?

[09/25 02:12am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Fugghedaboudit. Go on with your story."

[09/25 02:13am] Rookie Binjali says, "Well, the one that I've met before, the one with the bun and the tidying, was first."

[09/25 02:14am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The Pedant? Or the Librarian?"

[09/25 02:15am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "When I popped in here and was trying to get my bearings, you were hiding behind Beeker."

[09/25 02:19am] Rookie Binjali looks very, very distracted for a minute. Her hands still as she gazes off into the middle distance.

[09/25 02:23am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron doesn't really notice as long as she continues to pet him.

[09/25 02:23am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron isn't above dropping hints.

[09/25 02:28am] Rookie Binjali absently starts moving her hands again. Still thinking. Starting to have too many thoughts again. She focuses on the petting and relaxes. "Mmm. The Librarian is regular Skidge, right?"

[09/25 02:30am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron answers quickly, before he can be interrupted by people popping in and out, "Yes, that's how I think of her."

[09/25 02:31am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I also call her "our Skidge", "Beeker's Skidge", and "the old Skidge""

[09/25 02:31am] Rookie Binjali says, "Okay. Then I think this was the other one. She was. . .uncomfortable."

[09/25 02:32am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Did she have a Pendant? The Pedant with her clockwork thingy?"

[09/25 02:38am] Rookie Binjali says, "Oh! No, she didn't have the chiming thing this time. I wonder where it went. . .anyway, she made the fish tell us some things."

[09/25 02:39am] Rookie Binjali pushes her fingers into the fur as far as she can and then stops for a moment. Mmmm. She skritches without moving her hands.

[09/25 02:41am] Rookie Binjali says, "They talked about the MurphySkidge. Somehow the Murphy both is and isn't normal Skidge. There was also something about paradoxes, but. . ."

[09/25 02:42am] Rookie Binjali says, "I didn't really understand what was the problem with that one. I mean, I killed my past self today, and I still have a memory of killing this future self, and yet nothing's exploded."

[09/25 02:44am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I know, a lot of that stuff is incomprehensible to me. Voids. What in the hell are voids? And I've never met the Murphy Skidge. I don't think."

[09/25 02:44am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You what? Killed yourself? How, like in the jungle, while fighting?"

[09/25 02:45am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is showing concern. Killing herself! What does she mean?

[09/25 02:46am] Rookie Binjali shivers. "Trust me, you don't want to meet her. She showed up too, I was just getting to that."

[09/25 02:48am] Rookie Binjali says, "Well. . ." She hesitates. She really doesn't like bringing "work" "home" with her. "Yes. In the jungle, while fighting."

[09/25 02:49am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron nods as if to say, Take your time. Just don't stop with the hands.

[09/25 02:50am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "To get on the FailBoat, you mean?"

[09/25 02:54am] Rookie Binjali switches to long strokes. "Uh. No?"

[09/25 02:56am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron doesn't understand, but decides against pressing the matter. Past life? Sounds like some sort of clan ritual.

[09/25 02:59am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron takes out the book again.

[09/25 03:00am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You'll probably see Beeker before I do. And you should read it before you give it to him."

[09/25 03:02am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hands her the book without getting up.

[09/25 03:03am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, anyway, was Murphy trying to hurt you? Is that why you were hiding behind Beeker?"

[09/25 03:05am] Rookie Binjali takes a moment to revel in the feel of binding against her palm, not felt since that last day on the mainland. She puts it carefully in her backpack. "Alright, I'll do that."

[09/25 03:07am] Rookie Binjali frowns. "I wasn't hiding behind Beeker! Okay, maybe a little. No, I think she didn't notice me."

[09/25 03:09am] Rookie Binjali hopes that maybe there was another Rookie in Kittania that day that Murphy was referring to. Hopes very hard. Perhaps it looks a little like a prayer. "I went invisible when she showed up."

[09/25 03:09am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron states, "I just wanted to know in case you need protection." He eyes her chainsaw. "Additional protection, I mean."

[09/25 03:12am] Rookie Binjali smiles. "C'mon, Pinche. If Murphy decides to kill me, you won't be able to protect me. She took out a really tough-looking Skidge like that." She snaps.

[09/25 03:16am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Not if I have anything to say about it!" He looks indignant for a moment. "Say, want to get some ice cream?"

[09/25 03:18am] Rookie Binjali just smiles. Pinche is such a good friend. "Sure. Where's the ice cream truck today, d'you know?"

[09/25 03:23am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron shrugs, "I have no idea," as the distant sound of tinny recorded music approaches.

[09/25 03:24am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks at Binjali as if to say, Odd how the Ice Cream truck's schedule works.

[09/25 03:25am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I don't suppose Improbability has anything to do with it? If so, I guess Improbability has its benefits."

[09/25 03:27am] The truck pulls up and a dwarf sticks his head out of the window. "What'll it be, folks?"

[09/25 03:28am] Rookie Binjali grins. "Yes. I definitely agree." Impatient, she skips over to where the truck is entering the square and follows it until it comes to a stop.

[09/25 03:28am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pulls out a wad of req from his wallet. "I'll have a watermelon popsicle. And put whatever she's having on the tab."

[09/25 03:30am] Rookie Binjali contemplates the menu. There are many Improbable things on it, which includes flavors she hasn't tried. Hmm. This might take a minute.

[09/25 03:30am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron and Binjali sit and enjoy their frozen treats for a while without saying much.

[09/25 03:31am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Oh, you haven't ordered yet?"

[09/25 03:33am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waits for Binjali to order, THEN they sit down and quietly eat their yummies.

[09/25 03:44am] Rookie Binjali happily eats her. . .whatever it is. It's blue and tastes like a combination of cherries and the way fresh-mown grass smells.

[09/25 03:45am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron slowly gets up. He doesn't want this to stop, but he has monsters to kill if he's going to be ready for tomorrow.

[09/25 03:47am] Rookie Binjali looks up at him. "You gotta go?"

[09/25 03:48am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Yes, I'm sorry. Thank you for the pets. I'm feeling a lot better about this form now."

[09/25 03:49am] Rookie Binjali smiles. "Good. It's a nice one." Her face gets a little guarded. "Are you, uh, still going to change?"

[09/25 03:49am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron growls, in a mock roar, "I'M A ONE-MAN PETTING ZOO!"

[09/25 03:50am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Who knows? We'll see when I see you."

[09/25 03:50am] Rookie Binjali can't help but burst out laughing at that comment.

[09/25 03:51am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Until then?"

[09/25 03:51am] Rookie Binjali hesitates, then gets up and hugs Pinche tight. She rubs her face in the fur. Muffled, she says, "'kay. See you later."

[09/25 03:52am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hugs back, then walks out of town, turning to look back when he gets to the gates.

[09/25 03:53am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waves goodbye. He hopes they will meet again soon.

[09/25 03:53am] Rookie Binjali sits at the picnic table with her ice cream, looking just the tiniest bit forlorn.

[09/25 03:54am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron then disappears into the treeline outside the Kittania gates.

[09/25 03:54am] Rookie Binjali smiles and waves back, then gets up and turns away to throw away her trash.

[09/25 03:55am] Rookie Binjali shakes her head, straps on her backpack, and heads out of town in the opposite direction of Pinche. She really should get going.

Part Two

Binjali, as an applicant to DICE, was given a challenge: tell a story.

This missive comes to you through the usual channels. It is rolled into a scroll, with a length of pretty green satin ribbon tied around it in a simple bow. It seems to be written on the back of a page from a contract for a Disney version of History Boys in a careful, clear hand.

You are cordially invited to watch Binjali make a fool of herself!

Where: Kittania

When: About 10:00 a.m. tomorrow

How long:At least a hour or two, maybe longer depending on heckling

Binjali will be giving a performance the likes of which will hopefully never be seen again! The show will go on despite predicted showers of improbability, Acts of Drive, and the general insanity which prevails on this island, so no rain checks will be issued. Please bring your own seating, only random crates with various levels of ricketiness will be provided. The hostess does not require a gift. Please, bring your friends!


At the bottom of the nicely written piece is a hastily scrawled postscript:

Please come, Pinche. I need the moral support.

Improbable Central

(Binjali found an Emerald Flamberge on a Dan quest, but since she wanted a break, she just carried it with her and avoided Dan and the Prancing Spiderkitty.)

[09/29 08:20pm] Rookie Binjali walks into Demios' Haberdashery with a determined step, and then back out with a conspicuous nothing on her head.

[09/29 08:22pm] Rookie Binjali hums cheerfully and puts her hands in her pockets- or tries to, as she knocks her sword askew. She scowls and rearranges herself, then sits on a bench. Not much else to do today. . .

[09/29 08:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has been waiting by the statue. He waves at Binjali. "Hi!"

[09/29 08:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "You got a new hat!"

[09/29 08:24pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "It's really cute."

[09/29 08:24pm] Rookie Binjali looks up to see who's talking to her- oh! It's Pinche! She grins and immediately hops up to walk over next to him. "Hi!"

[09/29 08:24pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Like a little organ grinder's monkey's hat."

[09/29 08:25pm] Rookie Binjali looks at him suspiciously. "How do you know about that? I just put it on layaway not an hour ago!"

[09/29 08:26pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ahem."

[09/29 08:26pm] Rookie Binjali decides that Pinche is talking about things that aren't in this reality again. "It looks nothing like a monkey hat. I just can't afford to wear it yet."

[09/29 08:27pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I was just in the Haberdashery myself. Keeping an eye on my hat's competition."

[09/29 08:29pm] Rookie Binjali eyes his hat. "Oh, I don't think you're in danger of losing your standing. I certainly won't be competing with that."

[09/29 08:30pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Maybe I saw the wrong hat. You were looking at a lot of them!"

[09/29 08:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Oh, it's not my standing. It's my hat's standing. I no longer own this hat, I am merely its guardian."

[09/29 08:33pm] Rookie Binjali eyes the hat again. "Yeees. I can see why you say that." He was watching her? Why was he watching her?

[09/29 08:33pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Well, I had to find just the right one!"

[09/29 08:35pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron watches Binjali whenever he can. She is poetry in motion. Especially with a chainsaw.

[09/29 08:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I understand, though. The right hat is very important. It will stay with you, so make a careful choice."

[09/29 08:38pm] Rookie Binjali smiles, slanting a glance at the Haberdashery. "Oh, I think this one will be right."

[09/29 08:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, what kind of hat did you get? Or is it going to be a surprise when you finish paying for it?"

[09/29 08:39pm] Rookie Binjali says immediately, "A surprise!" and grins.

[09/29 08:41pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Do you have any more shopping to do?"

[09/29 08:43pm] Rookie Binjali thinks she's waited long enough that it wouldn't be weird. She reaches up and scritches behind Pinche's ear. "Nah. I just came into town for that. It was time."

[09/29 08:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron bows his head for scritches.

[09/29 08:44pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Then maybe you could help me with something."

[09/29 08:45pm] Rookie Binjali switches to the other ear. "So, what have you been up to, besides spying on me in the Haberdashery?" Ooh, a rhyme!

[09/29 08:46pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Just jungle fighting. I came here to get a tattoo. But that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

[09/29 08:47pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Have I told you about my fear of robots? Or rather, my fear of becoming a robot?"

[09/29 08:48pm] Rookie Binjali stops scritching for a moment to look him in the eye. Serious business from Pinche, huh. "No, you haven't."

[09/29 08:49pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Imagine that! Serious business!"

[09/29 08:51pm] Rookie Binjali twitches. Her lack of ability to keep a straight face, ever, was never this much of a problem before she came to Improbable Island. "I'm not fond of the idea myself."

[09/29 08:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The thing that worries me the most of all is . . . what happens to your old body when you incarnate in robot form?"

[09/29 08:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "And what happens when you incarnate in a different form after being a robot? Where is that body coming from? Is it your old one? a completely new one?"

[09/29 08:54pm] Rookie Binjali winces. "Maybe. . .your body transforms into a chassis, and the robots come, pick you up, and put that backup they have of you in?"

[09/29 08:55pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "It's hard to explain. You've never faced the drive."

[09/29 08:56pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, I want to know what happens. So I've come up with an experiment."

[09/29 08:56pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "This is where you can help."

[09/29 08:57pm] Rookie Binjali purses her mouth. Sometimes she hates being a Rookie. She goes back to skritching instead of trying to answer him.

[09/29 08:57pm] Rookie Binjali pauses. She can help? Despite not knowing what it was like to face the Drive?

[09/29 08:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm going to get a special tattoo at Petra's. One no one else has. I'm going to get it on the heel of my right foot."

[09/29 08:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "A small tattoo of a pegasus."

[09/29 08:58pm] Knight Errant Articblaze says, "Pinche Cabron its quite simple whenever a DK happens the device releases so much improbability into the immediate area that you soak so much up that it alters your timeline so you were always a robot"

[09/29 08:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, today, you maybe can help me hobble about on one leg. Someday, if I ever take robot form and then a normal form again, you can help me."

[09/29 08:59pm] Knight Errant Articblaze says, "So any ideas that you were once anything but a robot are just a bug in your programming."

[09/29 09:00pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'll need someone to look and see if the tattoo is there. If it is, it means I've gotten my old body back."

[09/29 09:01pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Do you understand?"

[09/29 09:03pm] Rookie Binjali nods. "I can do that. Both the hobbling help and looking for it if you ever come back as a robot. That's a good idea." She smiles at him.

[09/29 09:05pm] Knight Errant Articblaze says, "I have an easier way *revs chainsaw* I cut off your foot and if when you regain human form you have no foot then we know you were right. Sound good?"

[09/29 09:06pm] Rookie Binjali glares at the stranger suggesting they cut off Pinche's foot. She shuffles until she's in between the two of them.

[09/29 09:07pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "And remind me, too. If I come back as a Kitty after being a robot . . . Who knows if all my memories will be intact?"

[09/29 09:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Binjai, it's just an erring ant. Nothing to worry about."

[09/29 09:08pm] Knight Errant Articblaze cuts around Binjali to get at Pince

[09/29 09:08pm] Rookie Binjali turns her back on the idiot with the chainsaw. "I can do that. At least, the memories that I have, too. Can't do anything about the stuff you did without me." She smiles ruefully.

[09/29 09:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Come back when your hat is 30 sizes bigger, Arctic. Then we'll talk."

[09/29 09:11pm] Knight Errant Articblaze says, "Where's the idiot? *looks around* I dont see anyone."

[09/29 09:11pm] Rookie Binjali steps away from Pinche, swings her own chainsaw off her back and revs it, baring her teeth. "Get. Away."

[09/29 09:12pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Shall we go into Petra's, then?"

[09/29 09:13pm] Rookie Binjali can't hear Pinche over the sound of her chainsaw and irritation.

[09/29 09:15pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron shakes his head. This is going to get out of hand. Still, he likes the idea of a beautiful woman fighting to defend his honor.

[09/29 09:16pm] Rookie Binjali doesn't attack, just watches for that idiot, the one Artic sees in the mirror daily, to see if he'll get closer to Pinche.

[09/29 09:17pm] Knight Errant Articblaze says, "Hey I never threatened your honor just your foot."

[09/29 09:21pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, your joke didn't need your chainsaw as the punchline. I'd like to keep my foot for now."

[09/29 09:22pm] Knight Errant Articblaze says, "Alright then but remember I offered"

[09/29 09:23pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Terribly kind of you, Arctic, but no thank you."

[09/29 09:23pm] Rookie Binjali is still glaring, although she's let her chainsaw run down, then off.

[09/29 09:26pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron places a calming hand on Binjali's shoulder.

[09/29 09:29pm] Rookie Binjali shakes her head. That was weird. Usually she's able to leave fight mode in the Jungle. She straps her chainsaw back on, unfortunately dislodging Pinche's hand.

[09/29 09:29pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks about how much fun it would be to clean Binjali after she's gotten blood spattered all over her.

[09/29 09:32pm] Rookie Binjali, if she had the ability to read Pinche's mind, which she does not, would probably twitch and blush the color of that fresh blood. And then get very confused.

[09/29 09:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron laughs at some errant thought, then says, "Come on, off to Petra's."

[09/29 09:35pm] Rookie Binjali clears her throat. "Right." After peeking around the statue in the direction of the PSK, she starts towards Petra's.

After an hour or two...

[09/30 01:16am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron and Binjali come out of Petra's Tattoo Parlor. Pinche is leaning on Binjali as they walk and his right foot is bandaged up. He is limping.

[09/30 01:19am] Rookie Binjali walks slowly out of Petra's, supporting Pinche. "You could have picked some other body part you know. Like your side, or something."

[09/30 01:19am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ow, ow, ow. Why did I pick my foot again?"

[09/30 01:21am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I need to stop trying to investigate and solve my crazy conspiracy theories. This is too painful."

[09/30 01:21am] Rookie Binjali rolls her eyes since Pinche can't see. "I have no idea. You didn't get around to telling me before that guy tried to cut off your foot."

[09/30 01:22am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sits down on a bench in the square where Binjali has led him.

[09/30 01:22am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "OK. Here's the plan."

[09/30 01:23am] Rookie Binjali helps Pinche sit down first, then sits down next to him, catching and rearranging her sword as it bangs against her knees. "Okay, easier question. Why a pegasus?"

[09/30 01:23am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Let's say I do become a robot. Then I get a DK and manage to come back not-a-robot. That's when we need to check for the tattoo."

[09/30 01:24am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "That's how we'll know if it's my real body, and not just a copy."

[09/30 01:25am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I don't know. It seemed the right tattoo to get on the bottom of one's foot. Also, Petra doesn't normally do them. It was a special design."

[09/30 01:27am] Rookie Binjali nods. "Alright." She hesitates, then says as if she's not sure why she's saying it, "Does it matter that it's a different body if it's still you in there?"

[09/30 01:29am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, it then raises the question if it is still me in there."

[09/30 01:31am] Rookie Binjali says hesitantly, "But you change all the time, physically anyway, and act just the same. I. . .I'm not convinced that being a robot would change you either." She's afraid of losing herself. She admires Pinche's tenacity of character.

[09/30 01:31am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "The mind must somehow be mimicked in software. Perhaps whomever is doing this has succeeded in creating a real AI."

[09/30 01:32am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "But even if a robot Pinche was an AI, I don't see how it would be me. It would be a computer running a program."

[09/30 01:36am] Rookie Binjali says, "What about that thing, the- ghost? That the robots are supposed to have?"

[09/30 01:39am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I don't believe in ghosts."

[09/30 01:39am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Do you?"

[09/30 01:41am] Rookie Binjali thinks about the person she saw in NewHome last week who fell through a chair because she was no longer material. "Um. I thought you loved conspiracy theories!"

[09/30 01:43am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "But ghosts are supernatural. They don't exist. Improbability isn't supernatural. It still obeys its own rules and its own logic."

[09/30 01:43am] Rookie Binjali scoots over and skritches behind Pinche's closer ear. Maybe she can distract him from the pain in his foot, and maybe she can get to touch some kitty fur for a bit.

[09/30 01:44am] Rookie Binjali makes a face. "If this place has rules and logic, I have yet to see them. Or figure out how they work, anyway. So, what, they don't exist because you say so?"

[09/30 01:46am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron leans over to let Binjali give him scritches. He sighs and lets the comfort take his mind of the throbbing in his foot.

[09/30 01:47am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I've never seen proof that they exist. I've seen a lot of unexplainable things here on the Island, but not one ghost. Unless we are all ghosts."

[09/30 01:47am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ummm, that feels good, by the way. Could you get right behind the ear?"

[09/30 01:50am] Rookie Binjali grins. "No problem." She leans closer to get a better angle. She doesn't want to think about maybe being a ghost, so she lets that comment pass.

[09/30 01:55am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron stops talking and just relaxes a bit more. He knows his theories sound crazy and maybe they are. He even realizes that the gut feeling, the hunch that supports them is illogical. So be it.

[09/30 01:59am] Rookie Binjali peacefully skritches, sort of leaning into Pinche's side.

[09/30 02:03am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, are you planning on staying on in New Home? Or are you considering moving to another outpost?"

[09/30 02:05am] Rookie Binjali blinks. "NewHome? I haven't been there in weeks. I got sick of staring at it while I was looking for that monster of Dan's."

[09/30 02:06am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron paws the rose on Binjali's lapel playfully. "Is this one of the ones I gave you? I didn't notice it before."

[09/30 02:08am] Rookie Binjali hadn't noticed before, but Pinche as a Kittymorph has some of the short attention span of the species. "I, uh." She turns pink. "They smell nice. The rest are in my bag."

[09/30 02:12am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Sorry, I asked you a question, and I was listening to your answer."

[09/30 02:14am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Well, if you set up permanent residence anywhere, let me know. I'll move there, too."

[09/30 02:16am] Rookie Binjali feels more blood rush to her face. Did he mean move in? She'd had cats follow her home before but! No. Couldn't be. She resists the impulse to put her hands on her cheeks.

[09/30 02:18am] Rookie Binjali says, "Sure. I don't really have a place except my chair on the Failboat, but it's not exactly a great place to live."

[09/30 02:18am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sees Binjali turning bright red. He tries to assuage her (and his) embarrassment. "I didn't mean to suggest anything so forward! I meant merely to the same outpost, so I can be close to you."

[09/30 02:20am] Good. Change the subject to the Fail Boat, thinks Pinche.

[09/30 02:20am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I haven't been on the old FB much lately. But did you hear about Tyr and Silcatra?"

[09/30 02:21am] Rookie Binjali's color doesn't really fade. The 'close to you' comment doesn't help. She tries to shake it off. "Um! That's sweet. I'll, uh. Be sure to let you know. If I move."

[09/30 02:22am] Rookie Binjali shifts, trying not to fidget. Oh, a change in subject, good! "No, what happened?"

[09/30 02:22am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "They're engaged!"

[09/30 02:25am] Rookie Binjali blinks. "Wow!" She can't think of much else to say. She doesn't know either party well.

[09/30 02:32am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says,"Well, I've known Tyr for a while, mostly from the Fail Boat. And Silcatra," Pinche thinks a minute, "I don't know that well."

[09/30 02:33am] Rookie Binjali nods. "I've met Silcatra once or twice. She seemed nice. Tyr is, too." She smiles.

[09/30 02:36am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I snuck below decks and grabbed Tyr a chest full of tea. He had been running short."

[09/30 02:39am] Rookie Binjali beams at him. "Oh, good! I had been worrying about his supplies. The booth seems very popular. I haven't found anything to give him yet."

[09/30 02:39am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, I've been invited to the wedding. It's Thursday. Would you like to come with me?"

[09/30 03:06am] Rookie Binjali hesitates. Her thoughts are all whizzing by at top speed and so loud she can't pick out any one thing.

[09/30 03:07am] The one marked PINCHE=FRIEND flips out of the whirlwind and manages to stick to her mental eye long enough for her to read it. "Um. Sure!" she says. Whoops, too late to take it back now.

[09/30 03:09am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Great! I'll pick you up a half hour before it starts?"

[09/30 03:12am] Rookie Binjali can't bring herself to look at Pinche, although her skin seems to have settled into a dark pink. "Um. There's nowhere to pick me up, remember?" she says to her hands. "I'll meet you there."

[09/30 03:13am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "In front of the Chapel in Kittania?" Pinche is getting excited. It's almost like, no it IS, a real date.

[09/30 03:21am] Rookie Binjali fiddles with the switch to her invisisuit, but doesn't actually turn it on. "S-sure." Her chest feels contricted.

[09/30 03:23am] Rookie Binjali isn't stupid, just not always observant. Pinche's behavior has come together into a picture that makes far too much sense. She swallows around the lump in her throat.

[09/30 03:28am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron isn't even looking at Binjali anymore. Even though the real Binjali is in front of him, he's already fantasizing about seeing her on Thursday on their date.

[09/30 03:29am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has a big grin on his face as he imagines how perfect the evening will be. He'll rent a tux and actually wear clothes as a kittymorph!

[09/30 03:30am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks of how he'll go into the jungle and pick exotic flowers and make her the perfect corsage.

[09/30 03:32am] Rookie Binjali studies her hands, squeezed into fists in her lap. She doesn't know what to say, can't say anything really. Her spine is a forward curve as her shoulders slump.

[09/30 03:35am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is sure it will be the perfect evening.

[09/30 03:37am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "OK, Thursday it is. Now, I was wondering if you could give me a hand getting onto my donkey?"

[09/30 03:38am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is so excited he must get to work at once, making preparations for the date.

[09/30 03:38am] Rookie Binjali can't, can't, can't look at him. She wishes violently that she could just go back to petting him instead of having to deal with. . .whatever this was. Too much. Too much. "Sure."

[09/30 03:39am] Rookie Binjali stands, her head hanging down, where Pinche can lean on her to get a leg up.

[09/30 03:41am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron throws his whole body onto the top of the poor donkey, then swivels on his belly, so that the right leg is on the right side of the donkey and the left leg is on the left.

[09/30 03:41am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pulls himself up into a sitting position. "Much obliged, Binjali."

[09/30 03:42am] Rookie Binjali swallows again. The lump wasn't going anywhere. "You're welcome, Pinche." Her socks are very dirty.

[09/30 03:42am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron rides off into his imaginary sunset, stopping once to turn around and wave to Binjali.

[09/30 03:45am] Rookie Binjali doesn't notice. She sits heavily back on the bench and brings her knees up to her chin.

[09/30 03:49am] Rookie Binjali 's rose in her lapel, crushed, releases a new wave of scent. She groans, closes her eyes, and thwacks her forehead against her knees. What the hell was she going to do!?

A little later, on the Failboat...

[09/30 04:35am] Rookie Binjali walks onto deck, looking battered. She goes and sits on her deck chair, but doesn't get comfortable. She pulls a rose out of her lapel and stares at it for a minute.

[09/30 04:36am] Rookie Binjali shakes her head and reaches into her safest pocket with her other hand. She fishes out a New Day coin and- a computer chip, painted black. She stares at that for a minute, too.

[09/30 04:38am] Rookie Binjali sighs, tucks the New Day coin back in her pocket, and curls up in her chair. She holds the chip next to her ear, the rose next to her cheek, and mutters something that might be "birdhouse".

[09/30 04:39am] Rookie Binjali stares out at the sea for a long time before falling asleep.


2009-10-01 18:40:06: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Still being a-door-able, I see."

2009-10-01 18:42:17: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor yells, "Hello! Long time no see! How you doing?"

2009-10-01 18:43:48: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "I've managed to get another hat upgrade, and I've become romantic entangled with a rookie."

2009-10-01 18:44:05: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "How's everything back at the clan?"

2009-10-01 18:46:32: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor says, "Ooh, a rookie. . . Anyone I know? Um. . . Cath seems happy and Zekiel's being brainy. We're having a fashion contest with a bikini round soon. . . Not much!"

2009-10-01 18:47:12: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "the fashion contest with bikini round sounds like hayki"

2009-10-01 18:47:37: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Cath finally got her DK and is no longer a joker?"

2009-10-01 18:48:42: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor says, "Yep! She's ecstatic. And I think the idea was mine first but you're right. . . I've been corrupted!"

2009-10-01 18:49:53: <DICE> Corporal Marly ignores the Failors as she stomps above deck.

2009-10-01 18:51:21: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor ignord Marly back. She's clearly in a fail mood. . . "You avoided my question. Who is it?"

2009-10-01 18:52:20: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor hits the gremlin who swapped her s for a d, but isn't sure why she bothers. . .

2009-10-01 18:53:00: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron still avoids the question a bit longer by greeting Marly! "Hail Marly! How are you?

2009-10-01 18:54:07: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Hail Marly, full of grace."

2009-10-01 18:54:28: <DICE> Corporal Marly fluffs her hair and smiles at Pinche. Still artificial. . . "Hello Pinche. I am operating at a decreased proficieny. How are you?"

2009-10-01 18:55:00: <DICE> Corporal Marly is not full of grace. She is full of Network Approved Fail.

2009-10-01 18:55:43: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor winces in sympathy. "Hi"

2009-10-01 18:56:04: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "I'm doing well, thank you. Do you know my clan mate talkydoor?"

2009-10-01 18:57:11: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "talky, this is Marly. Marly, talkydoor."

2009-10-01 18:57:25: <DICE> Corporal Marly tilts her head and looks at talkydoor. Her ID program starts a new file. "No, I've not had that pleasure. Hello, talkydoor. My name is Marly."

2009-10-01 18:59:02: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron still is avoiding talky's question. "Say!" he says brightly, "talky, do you know about Marly's business? There might be an opportunity for you there."

2009-10-01 19:00:34: <DICE> Corporal Marly looks at Pinche. "Should I switch to my business mode?" Or is this still social?

2009-10-01 19:00:59: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor smiles at Marly. "Hi there. What business is that?" Her vacuous cat-person mind has forgotten she ever asked PC anything, but that won't last.

2009-10-01 19:01:42: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Can't it be both, Marly?"

2009-10-01 19:03:23: <DICE> Corporal Marly shifts awkwardly. "I have not managed to run two simulators simultaneously. Should I work on developing this feature?"

2009-10-01 19:04:16: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "It might not hurt, if you want to mix business and pleasure."

2009-10-01 19:04:36: <DICE> Corporal Marly turns to talky in the meantime. "It's a trading/lending store. Items only, no req. Ebenezer and I have set up in the Common Ground and should be opening soon."

2009-10-01 19:05:15: Returning Contestant g_rock can be seen falling toward the deck at high speed. He reaches into a pocket and hurls a token with ND on it at the ground. It clinks then vanishes, and G falls toward the island instead

2009-10-01 19:05:19: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron describes Marly and Ebenezer's business: "It's a trading exchange, sort of like eboy's, but for items that eboy doesn't carry.

2009-10-01 19:05:33: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor smiles at Marly. "Can't you remain in social mode and discuss business?" She's clearly clueless.

2009-10-01 19:06:01: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron points to g_rock, "Hey, I know that guy!"

2009-10-01 19:06:39: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor talks to both. "That's exciting. What kind of items?" Her eyes go big. "Can you get hold of. . . chocolate? Only, I ate my last a few weeks ago and. . ."

2009-10-01 19:07:24: <DICE> Corporal Marly analyzes. "Business is generally considered distasteful, and part of my remnants do not enjoy the concept of socializing in a business setting." Customer Service! "Do organics do this?"

2009-10-01 19:09:42: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Sometimes we do, Marly. It depends. I guess organics are flexible that way and can switch contexts quickly."

2009-10-01 19:10:42: <DICE> Corporal Marly nods to talky. "Chocolate. Lobsters, too. Cucumbers. Oh, Pinche, I observed the bots from the warehouse holding a funeral for your circuit boards."

2009-10-01 19:11:14: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr comes in from the Pits. "Hello everyone! How are you all today?"

2009-10-01 19:13:45: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "They what? A funeral? for the new fake iPhones?" He turns to Tyr, "Hello Tyr! Today's the big day!"

2009-10-01 19:13:57: <DICE> Corporal Marly fluffs her hair again in synthesized frustration. "If I try to switch modes that fast, I get. . . stuck." Being stuck in business mode is No Fun. She turns to Tyr. "Hello, ready for your wedding?

2009-10-01 19:14:22: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor grins at Tyr. "Hello!" She turns back to Marly. "And how are the prices set?"

2009-10-01 19:16:48: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr says,"Tomorrow, actually. And I hope so. I just have to make the cake." He hangs a sign on the booth: "The Cocoa Booth will be located in Kittania tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience."

2009-10-01 19:16:51: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor squeaks. "Today? Really?"

2009-10-01 19:16:53: <DICE> Corporal Marly pulls up a file. This is almost bordering on business mode, but not quite. "According to need and value of an item. String is worth more than paperclips, due to Kittymorphs, for example."

2009-10-01 19:17:47: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "The invitation said today, I thought."

2009-10-01 19:19:12: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor looks askance at Pinche. Invitation? She was planning to gatecrash. . .

2009-10-01 19:20:57: <DICE> Corporal Marly examines her GameDay clock. It would be tomorrow by that reconning. . .

2009-10-01 19:22:37: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor breathes heavily. "Then I suppose. . . coffee. . . would be very expensive?" She would be disappointed at this thought, if the thought of coffee wasn't just so exciting.

2009-10-01 19:22:48: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gets confused over times and dates. That is one kittymorph attribute he has been unable to shake.

2009-10-01 19:23:01: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr catches talkydoor's look. "Cabron got an invitation because I partly blame him for this whole thing. We welcome gatecrashers." He grins. "It would make me feel popular."

2009-10-01 19:23:10: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor thinks. The mention of wedding made her remember Pinche's evasion. She looks around. Now's not the time. . .

2009-10-01 19:24:05: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor grins at Tyr. "But you make drinks for all us failures. Of course you're popular!"

2009-10-01 19:25:07: <DICE> Corporal Marly thinks and calculates. "Joe serves coffee in the Diner, and we have some, but it will cost along the lines of a ball of string per 340 grams."

2009-10-01 19:25:48: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron sees talkydoor looking at him. Perhaps now is the time to spill the beans since it will be obvious at the wedding anyway.

2009-10-01 19:26:22: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor sees Pinches look. "Tell me! Now!"

2009-10-01 19:26:30: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "I'm taking Binjali to the wedding. It'll be our first real date."

2009-10-01 19:26:31: Returning Contestant g_rock can again be seen falling at high speed. He again reaches into his pocket, proceeds to look panicked, and starts flapping his arms up and down wildly. In the thick air, this slows him just enough

2009-10-01 19:26:54: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr realizes that Marly's store could be a reliable way to stock the booth. He does a quick jig.

2009-10-01 19:27:34: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron points to g_rock, "Hey, I know that guy!"

2009-10-01 19:27:36: <DICE> Corporal Marly looks at Tyr. "How can multiple people crash the same gate, and unregulated violence against defensive structures make one feel accepted and lauded in a social community?"

2009-10-01 19:28:05: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr looks at Cabron with delight. "That's wonderful! She's very nice."

2009-10-01 19:29:19: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr waves at G, then turns to Marly and shrugs. "People attack the fourth wall all the time. Does that count as a defensive structure?"

2009-10-01 19:29:32: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor laughs. "Fantastic! I met her yesterday. Well, kind of. She gave me a weird look. But yay!" and does a little dance, attempting to swing Marly round.

2009-10-01 19:29:51: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "I think Binjali had finally realized how much I like her. And by 'like her' I mean 'like her like her', if you know what I mean."

2009-10-01 19:30:24: Returning Contestant g_rock lands with a thud rather than an agonizing squish. He stands and dusts himself off. Charming Joey's voice speaks "Hiya, Tyr! How goes the prep?"

2009-10-01 19:31:05: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor starts singing: Love is all around me, but keeps wanting to substitue the word: Christmas and grinds to a halt.

2009-10-01 19:31:18: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron explains to Marly in an annoyingly scholarly way, "Gatecrashing is an idiom, Marly. Do you know what an idiom is?"

2009-10-01 19:31:20: Returning Contestant g_rock also waves to Pinche

2009-10-01 19:32:15: <DICE> Corporal Marly considers. "It would be an offensive structure if the wall demolished was the structural support wall." Her database playes her the videofile of a collapsing house.

2009-10-01 19:33:19: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr blinks at G's voice. "It's going well. We're trying to keep it simple, so that there's a minimum number of things that can go horribly wrong."

2009-10-01 19:34:36: <DICE> Corporal Marly shakes her head at Pinche. "My vocabulary program can define that word, and certain organic remnants understand, but I cannot connect to them or recognize individual examples until I add them."

2009-10-01 19:36:09: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Well, add gatecrashing to your list of idioms, Marly."

2009-10-01 19:37:28: <DICE> Corporal Marly nods. "Adding. Definition?"

2009-10-01 19:38:41: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor laughs at Marly's confusion. "To attend a party without an invitation."

2009-10-01 19:39:09: Returning Contestant g_rock opens his mouth again. A southern preacher's voice speaks from the cocoa booth "i'm very excited for you two. I already told you bride to be, but if you need anything from me, just ask."

2009-10-01 19:39:35: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "definition of gatecrashing: attending an event uninvited. depending on context may mean unwanted. in this context, Tyr has expressed his welcome to those not invited."

2009-10-01 19:41:00: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "g_rock, why were you speaking in 'Charming' Joey's voice just now?"

2009-10-01 19:41:16: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor says, "Ooh, Tyr, do you want us to bring anything? I wonder how many people can fit in that chapel. . ."

2009-10-01 19:41:56: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr shrugs. "It seemed. . .conceited, to send out a bunch of invitations." He grins. "And knowing the island, we figured people would stop by if they wanted to."

2009-10-01 19:42:49: <DICE> Corporal Marly cliks and smiles. "Thank you. Definitions recorded."

2009-10-01 19:43:07: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr shakes his head at talkydoor. "We're holding it outside the chapel, so it shouldn't be a worry. And just yourselves, thank you very much. "

2009-10-01 19:45:16: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor sighs in relief. She had visions of people being two or three deep. . .

2009-10-01 19:45:17: Returning Contestant g_rock 's lips move as he addresses Pinche. Shortly afterward, the preachers voice continues "Gift from Horatio, sort of a speech impediment. I've been badly dubbed. I have very little control"

2009-10-01 19:48:02: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron nods in sympathy for g_rock, "I had a typing impediment once."

2009-10-01 19:48:36: <DICE> Corporal Marly has a personality impediment, herself.

2009-10-01 19:50:25: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron wanders off for a bit.

2009-10-01 19:51:02: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr is just demented.

2009-10-01 19:51:27: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor has a bit of a tact impediment, commonly known as foot-in-mouth syndrome.

2009-10-01 19:52:23: <DICE> Corporal Marly has some sauce and relish for that foot in her store.

2009-10-01 19:52:39: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor waves goodbye to Pinche. She gets to meet him and his girlfriend tomorrow. . .

2009-10-01 19:54:29: Returning Contestant g_rock speaks and Neil Patrick Harris' voice chimes in from behind a crate "Sounds difficult. I'm trying to get to Horatio to get mine changed back." turns to Tyr and winks "Any eligible bridesmaids?"

2009-10-01 19:55:04: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr says, "Please excuse me as well. I really should start that cake."

2009-10-01 19:56:08: Returning Contestant g_rock ties the lag gremlin to the back of the boat with a long rope and throws it off the front

2009-10-01 19:56:42: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor waves goodbye to Tyr too. Turns to Marly. "You looking for shop assistants? Only I've done it before and I enjoyed it and I didn't break too much stuff. . ."

2009-10-01 19:56:54: <DICE> Corporal Marly fluffs her hair one last time and lays down. Shutting down.

2009-10-01 19:56:57: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr says, "No, no wedding party at all. Like I said, simple. But I believe talkydoor here is unescorted." He quickly makes his escape down to the Watcher's office.

2009-10-01 19:57:08: Returning Contestant g_rock continues in the same voice "See you tomorrow!"

2009-10-01 19:59:49: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor hears her voice. "Huh?" Sees that everyone's gone, so she curls up on a pile of rope and dreams of catnip wedding cake.

2009-10-01 20:00:16: Returning Contestant g_rock heads to a deck chair and starts playing Pachelbel's Canon in D.

2009-10-01 20:13:55: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron is seen dragging a big crate to the ship's railing.

2009-10-01 20:15:26: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks over the railing, then scans the deck to see if anyone has noticed him. Most are alseep. Good.

2009-10-01 20:16:34: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gives a short, sharp whistle and a cloaked figure rowing a boat comes out of the mist and alongside the Failboat.

2009-10-01 20:16:39: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor opens an eye, just a slit. Pinche is acting highly suspiciously. . .

2009-10-01 20:18:18: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron and the cloaked figure hiss whispers back and forth. Finally, Pinche whispers, "No time for that! Here, catch!" and he heaves the big crate over the side.

2009-10-01 20:18:23: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor quietly pushes herself farther up on the ropes to look through the railings.

2009-10-01 20:19:44: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron whispers to the departing cloaked figure, "I'll meet you on the riverbank in the jungle and we can settle up there."

2009-10-01 20:20:25: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor smiles to herself as her ears prick to catch the whispers. What is going on?

2009-10-01 20:20:46: Contender Mortand is punted onto the deck of the failboat and immediately starts swearing an orange streak. Eventually he chews some strange gum, turns into a blueberry, and rolls around the deck muttering "oompa"

2009-10-01 20:21:11: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron waits until the other boat disappears back into the mist and then nonchalantly walks back to the deck chairs and sits down in his own personalized chair.

2009-10-01 20:23:50: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor pretends to wake up at the strangely orange swearing. Yawns. Mutters "Oh, is it still today?"

2009-10-01 20:24:40: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron settles back and pretends to sleep, keeping one eye cracked. He saw some stirring over here during his 'transaction' with the cloaked figure.

2009-10-01 20:25:30: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron opens his eyes and says to talky, "Yes, apparently so."

2009-10-01 20:26:21: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor smiles sweetly at Pinche, and decides not to disturb him. She pads over to the booth, pushes the Closed sign to one side for now, and helps herself to a steaming mug of cider.

2009-10-01 20:29:16: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron's pretend sleep soon turns to real sleep and he snores lightly.

2009-10-01 20:29:43: <QQQ> Improbable General talkydoor thinks if there's any more pretend sleeping, this'll turn into Shakespeare. She looks nervously around for Puck, and breathes a sigh of relief when he doesn't appear.

DICE Clan Hall

Binjali found a small wallaby along with her DICE badge. The wallaby was hurt in an altercation with three Kittymorphs, and Binjali took her home with her after a visit to the Hospital tent.

2009-10-01 08:29:13: <DICE> Rookie Binjali arranges the wallaby and so on carefully next to the "head" of her couch. Now satisfied, she curls up on the very comfy couch and falls asleep quickly.

2009-10-01 17:25:33: <DICE> Corporal Marly walks through the halls quietly, especially when she approaches Binjali and the wallaby. Her database says they are herbivores, so she's brought it a salad from Kittania. She leaves it on the floor.

2009-10-01 17:27:37: <DICE> Corporal Marly stands there silently for a minute, observing the bandages and estimating the extent of injury. She didn't know they even made air fresheners that tiny. She walks out quietly.

2009-10-01 20:14:11: <DICE> Rookie Binjali awakes in an unfamilar place and moves into a crouch. Soft. Warm. She blinks a few times, then remembers. The wallaby crunching loudly on salad is what woke her. It's already most of the way through.

2009-10-01 20:16:13: <DICE> Rookie Binjali slides back down to sit with her back against the armrest that was her pillow, her blanket tangled around her legs. She watches the wallaby finish off its breakfast.

2009-10-01 20:17:13: <DICE> Rookie Binjali feels well rested! That hasn't happened for a while. It's hard to get a good night's sleep when you're thrown out of your bed at midnight every time. Sleeping on the Failboat has disadvantages.

2009-10-01 20:18:41: <DICE> Rookie Binjali feels disinclined to move. There is something she really doesn't want to remember, and she will as soon as she stands and finishes waking up.

2009-10-01 20:22:39: <DICE> Rookie Binjali doesn't get to laze about for long, though. The wallaby has finished its salad and moved on to her hand. . .nibblenibblenibble.

2009-10-01 20:24:07: <DICE> Rookie Binjali looks down. "Still hungry? Alright, alright. . ." She stands, then hesitates, looking down at the wallaby. "Hmm." How to carry. . .ah. She reaches down and moves the wallaby to the couch.

2009-10-01 20:27:43: <DICE> Rookie Binjali then unfolds the blanket the wallaby slept on and ties it around herself in a sort of sling. She places the wallaby in it, who kicks a bit. Once in the pouch, it settles. Must be familiar enough.

2009-10-01 20:32:25: <DICE> Rookie Binjali pads towards the kitchen after placing the pillow on the couch. Food, food, stay distracted. . .she doesn't notice that, since the blanket is purple, she looks like some sort of strange royalty.

2009-10-01 20:41:58: <DICE> Rookie Binjali is trying hard to open and shut drawers and cupboards and iceboxes quietly. Tip toe tip toe. . .

2009-10-01 20:49:09: <DICE> Rookie Binjali finds a golden pear, some white sharp cheese, some crackers. She slices and places, then takes her treasure to a seat at the island.

2009-10-01 20:50:25: <DICE> Rookie Binjali is in the middle of feeding bits of pear to the wallaby when she suddenly groans. "Piiiincheeee. . ." She's remembered.

2009-10-01 20:54:47: <DICE> Rookie Binjali has her eyes closed, resting her forehead in her hands with her elbows on the counter. The wallaby is eating all of the pear left on the plate. She's hungry, she has no patience for angst!

2009-10-01 20:59:04: <DICE> Rookie Binjali sighs, and reaches for some pear. Oh. She looks down at her passenger. "Sneaky girl. I'll have to watch out for you, obviously." She gets up to get more food for the wallaby.

2009-10-01 21:01:42: <DICE> Rookie Binjali spends a while fussing over the wallaby, but she can't quite make the slightly sick feeling in her stomach go away.

2009-10-01 21:07:06: <DICE> Rookie Binjali finally gives up on being able to eat more than a few bites of breakfast, and puts everything away. The wallaby is quite satisfied and settles in for a good nap. It's still healing, after all.

2009-10-01 21:10:24: <DICE> Rookie Binjali shifts her shoulders, getting a feel for the weight of the blanket and wallaby, then grimaces. She walks back to the couch, lifts the wallaby gently out to the pillow, then rearranges everything.

2009-10-01 21:11:50: <DICE> Rookie Binjali now has the blanket on under her backpack and chainsaw. Much better. She'll have to fight carefully today so the wallaby doesn't get hurt. The wallaby looks annoyed at having its nap interrupted.

2009-10-01 21:13:11: <DICE> Rookie Binjali is almost to the elevator when she remembers the stupid sword. Muttering under her breath, she comes back and kicks it under the couch from where she left it in a heap on the floor last night.

2009-10-01 21:14:19: <DICE> Rookie Binjali peers under the couch, trying not to squish the wallaby. Good. No one should come after it. DICErs in general seemed very nice. She smiles, then heads for the elevator.

2009-10-01 21:15:35: <DICE> Rookie Binjali hopes that maybe her jitters about this- this- date? augh- will be settled by a ton of jungle fighting.

Meanwhile, Pinche is wandering around the jungle near Kittania, finding flowers for a corsage and generally being a lovesick fool. Later...


2009-10-01 21:49:31: <SPICE> Cocoa God Tyr vaults over the railing, and quickly packs up the booth. Things that were cobbled together are easily taken apart. He and the booth disappear back over the railing.

2009-10-01 22:32:11: <DICE> Rookie Binjali twists so that she falls on her back, instead of on the wallaby. She groans. Shaking her head, she rubs her back as she gets up, and hobbles over to her chair. She looks terrifically beaten up.

2009-10-01 22:33:17: <DICE> Rookie Binjali says, "What. The hell. Was I. Thinking." The answer of course, was that she wasn't thinking, was trying not to think. As usual when she's trying to avoid something.

2009-10-01 22:34:43: <DICE> Rookie Binjali fumbles around in her pockets with limp hands, then remembers she's used all of her New Day tokens. "Crap," she sighs. From the tone, it isn't clear if she's actually annoyed or not.

2009-10-01 22:37:49: <DICE> Rookie Binjali stumbles to her deck chair and falls into it. There's no way she can take cage fights at this point.

2009-10-01 22:39:42: Rookie Binjali raises a nonexistent glass. "Congratulations," she says sarcastically. Shortly afterwards, she's unconscious.

Jungle near Kittania

Pinche Cabron left the wedding a little early. Once he was away from the crowded gathering, his smile fell from his face. Where was she? Had something happened to her? Had she forgotten? Was she in the arms of a wallaby instead of in his?

He walked a ways out of Kittania, then stopped and opened his pack. He took out the little silver box that contained the corsage he had made for her. He looked at it sadly. He was sure she would have loved it.

He put it back in his pack. He could still give it to her when he found her.

Finally, Pinche decided he was getting worried. He continued walking thru the jungle, calling her name, "Binjali! Binjali! Where are you?" He really hoped she was safe, where ever she was.

Kittania, the next day

Pinche was talking to Ebenezer, Escemfer, and Beeker in Kittania. He wasn't able to talk about much else other than Binjali, since he hadn't seen her since the wedding the day before and was very worried. Binjali came over to say hello to the other three before realizing that Pinche was there. Things got very awkward and strained and difficult for a bit.

Pinche tried to talk to her, but Binjali was so embarrassed and twisted up inside that she couldn't look at him. She just fidgeted with the wallaby and answered his questions as shortly as possible. Pinche then tried to make conversation with the other people there, but he couldn't keep up a cheerful fascade for long and left.

Binjali spent a little while getting more and more fidgety and obviously distressed, to the point of playing with the on/off tag of her invisisuit, a sign that she was very upset indeed. Suddenly she took off running, going invisible as she did so. If one were to listen carefully, they'd hear her footsteps swerve around the group of people talking and then south, after Pinche.

South of Kittania

[10/02 12:45am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron limps around a tree and sits down. His face feels sore from holding a smile for so long.

[10/02 12:46am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hugs himself and relaxes. He heaves a heavy sigh. What happened? What changed? She was acting as if she didn't know him.

[10/02 12:47am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron ponders. Or perhaps she was acting like she didn't like him.

[10/02 12:48am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron isn't sure what to do with that thought. He reminds himself that she is safe, and that is what is most important.

[10/02 12:50am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron mutters, "But still . . . ."

[10/02 01:00am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hasn't felt this confused in many many years. His heart is heavy, his stomach feels jumpy, and his hands are shaking.

[10/02 01:01am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hides his face in his hands.

[10/02 01:03am] There is a rustle in the bushes off to Pinche's right.

[10/02 01:04am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron doesn't notice, being preoccupied with grief and a sense of loss.

[10/02 01:05am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali, invisble, stops. She's found him. She stands and watches for a minute. Now she can look at him. She's about to mutter at herself, but manages to keep herself silent.

[10/02 01:08am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali notices that he looks sad. She frowns, starts to move forward, then stops. She fiddles, hands moving about, picking at different bits of her clothing.

[10/02 01:13am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali stops as the wallaby shifts irritably at all of this jerky behavior. She waits for another minute or so, undecided.

[10/02 01:15am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali gets a resolute look on her face and flicks off the invisi of her suit, then starts forward. She wants her friend back, damnit!

[10/02 01:17am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says,"Hey Pinche."

[10/02 01:18am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks up with a start. It's Binjali! How long has she been here?

[10/02 01:18am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says stubbornly, "I wasn't crying."

[10/02 01:19am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sighs, "But I probably would if tears came any easier for me."

[10/02 01:21am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali looks grave, and tries not to look away as she asks the obvious question. "Why?"

[10/02 01:22am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I was so worried about you (and I still don't know what happened to you) and you were acting so strange towards me when we were with the others, and, Binjali, I just don't know what to think." It all comes out in a rush.

[10/02 01:26am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron 's lower lip trembles slightly. "Do you not like me?"

[10/02 01:28am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali cries, "NO! No, I like you! I just-" She turns pink and stops.

[10/02 01:31am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron waits for Binjali to finish, but his eyes look very shiny.

[10/02 01:32am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali moves her hands, helplessly. She doesn't know how to go on. "I didn't mean to. . .stand you up." She says the second three words with a very slight wince.

[10/02 01:34am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "That doesn't matter. I'm just glad you're safe. I checked every hospital tent on the Island. But what's going on? Why are you acting like this?"

[10/02 01:36am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron takes a deep breath. He hopes Binjali will see this and take a deep breath as well.

[10/02 01:39am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says, bewildered,"I- you did? I- I- I-" She shuts her mouth before any more stuttering can fall out. Her voice deserts her at the worst times.

[10/02 01:41am] <QQQ> If Pinche wasn't feeling so low, he might wonder why Binjali is sounding like his friend Ebenezer.

[10/02 01:42am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says, "I- you can't- are you-" She goes very, very red as she bursts out, "Do you like me?"

[10/02 01:42am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron breathes in thru his nose. He was told that was a technique to control pain, but it doesn't seem to be working.

[10/02 01:43am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali immediately kicks herself, mentally. What kind of stupid adolescent was she, anyway?

[10/02 01:43am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Of course I do, Binjali. I like you very much. Maybe more than very much."

[10/02 01:43am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron adds, "Maybe more than 'like'."

[10/02 01:49am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali is still red, and is starting to wish for Kittymorph fur to hide it. "Oh." The most horrible, burning question taken care of, she calms down some.

[10/02 01:52am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says, "So, the wedding. That. . .that was a date. That was you asking me out on a date. Right?" She feels so stupid, but she needs to get all of it out where she can see it and make sense of it.

[10/02 01:53am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron continues, "I don't expect you to feel the same about me. We've really only just met." He's going to try the mature route and see if he can avoid collapsing into a pool of sadness.

[10/02 01:54am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "But yes, I thought it was date. And I thought you thought so, too."

[10/02 01:57am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali hesitates, then says, gently, "I just. . .never thought about you that way. It was. . .I was startled." She hates seeing him like this. She stifles the urge to hug him.

[10/02 02:01am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I really didn't mean to startle you. I'm sorry, I just . . . I've made a mess of things, haven't I?"

[10/02 02:03am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says, "I- no, there was the roses, and you're really nice to me, and I should have guessed, I'm sorry." Her face is drawn, tense and serious. She's forgotten to fidget.

[10/02 02:05am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali continues, "It just never occured to me. I'm not that girl."

[10/02 02:06am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks puzzled. Which girl?

[10/02 02:10am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali's blush had started to fade, but when it becomes obvious she's going to have to explain- "I. No one has ever asked me out before." She enunciates it carefully. Not saying that one twice.

[10/02 02:12am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks incredulous and furrows his brow. "How is that possible? Did you live amongst the blind?"

[10/02 02:14am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali squeaks! She also looks like she might have trouble keeping her organs running shortly with all the blood rushing to her skin.

[10/02 02:18am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali clears her throat and says,"No." She seems to be at a loss after that, stuck in one of those gaps of understanding she has with Pinche sometimes.

[10/02 02:21am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron sees he has wrong-footed her with his compliment. So he says, "You're acting so shy now, I think I can believe that you've never been on a date."

[10/02 02:23am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "And you were acting so shy before, and . . ."

[10/02 02:23am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Tell me, what happened? Did you really feel shy about coming with me to the wedding?"

[10/02 02:36am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says frankly, "I didn't know what you wanted from me." It's getting easier. Despite her embarrassment, he's her friend. She knows how to talk to him. "I was pretty nervous, so I went to go kill some things, and I got in over my head, which then got handed to the Watcher. She wouldn't let me go back, and I didn't have any New Day tokens, so I was stuck on the Failboat until after it was over. Then I went to my clan hall and found an out-of-the-way corner to sleep for what felt like a day and a half."

[10/02 02:41am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks about this.

[10/02 02:41am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron paces as he thinks about what he should say next.

[10/02 02:42am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali jumps a little as Pinche starts pacing, then just steps back and watches, a worried look on her face.

[10/02 02:44am] Finally, he starts to speak, "Binjali. I never thought this would happen when we met, that I would feel this way about you. I apologize that it makes you uncomfortable . . .

[10/02 02:46am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron continues, "I can't take back my feelings, but I can try to not make you uncomfortable with them, if you don't think you will ever feel the same way towards me."

[10/02 03:16am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali figures he won't mind if she takes a minute to think, too. She sits on a log and taps her knee for a minute.

[10/02 03:18am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali is calm, now. She says, "Well, if you've felt this way for a while, and I didn't notice, you expressing your feelings probably isn't a problem. Um, mostly." She blushes a little.

[10/02 03:19am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali pauses for a moment, looking at him. "And. . .I. . .didn't say that I won't," she says slowly. "It's hard to discard an option you haven't considered thoroughly."

[10/02 03:25am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron 's face brightens a little at those words. He had been afraid she would send him away. "So, friends? With maybe an option for more than friends at a later date?"

[10/02 03:29am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali smiles. "Yes! Friends, please! And, um, maybe the other stuff."

[10/02 03:29am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron offers his hand as if to shake on it.

[10/02 03:32am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali takes the hand, for a moment, then lets go and hugs him instead and skritches him behind the ears. She's relieved!

[10/02 03:33am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron laughs and says, "Maybe we can even have a later date at a later date!"

[10/02 03:37am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is relieved, too. He takes Binjali's hand and leads her out of the jungle, only limping a little.

[10/02 03:39am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali is a little pink at the continued show of affection, but follows willingly. After a moment, she slips her arm around his waist instead, so he doesn't have to put so much weight on the bad leg.


[10/02 09:30pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali reaches the edge of town and stops. She drops Pinche's hand and turns to look at him. "Um. Hey Pinche?"

[10/02 09:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Yes?"

[10/02 09:32pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali hesitates, then says, "So. . .when I go to meet the Drive. . .I might. . .come back different."

[10/02 09:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is slightly puzzled. "Well of course. You'll have accomplished something quite significant for all of mankind."

[10/02 09:36pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali looks a little startled. She really isn't expecting to make any sort of impact on anything. "Um. No, I mean. . .people lose their memories when they kill the Drive, sometimes. Or change. . .physically."

[10/02 09:37pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Do you think you'll change physically? I can't really picture you as a midget."

[10/02 09:39pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali winces and says, "Oh, I really hope not. But I might be different somehow, and I. . .don't want. . .to. . .upset you?" She looks confused, like she wasn't sure how to end that sentence.

[10/02 09:41pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "So, you think you'll change mentally or emotionally?"

[10/02 09:43pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali says, "I don't know! I haven't done this before! I know it's just every day, normal stuff for you, but I don't even know if I'll recognize myself after this!"

[10/02 09:45pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali has been hiding her nervousness pretty well, for her, but it's all over her face now. "I just. . .thought. . .I should. . .I don't know. Say goodbye, I guess. In case."

[10/02 09:48pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "No! You'll always be my Binjali! The drive won't change that! Any changes you go thru, you will still be you."

[10/02 09:49pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "It's not like you'll come back a robot."

[10/02 09:53pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali shakes her head. "I'm really not convinced of that. Look at Beeker! He doesn't remember most of his life." She's smiling a little, though. Her main concern is handled.

[10/02 09:55pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali remembers that at one point, it would have been much more important to hold on to herself than to make sure Pinche would still like her. But there's nothing she can do about the Drive.

[10/02 09:56pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali knows it WILL change her, just as being on this Island for so long has changed her. At some point it stopped being a terrible thing to resist, and instead was something to accept.

[10/02 09:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says in a low voice, "Don't ever tell anyone I said this, but I'm not convinced Beeker was all there before he came to the Island. In fact, I think he's become more 'there' since he's been here."

[10/02 09:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "As if the Island is letting him become what he was meant to be."

[10/02 10:03pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali tilts to her head to the side as the smile blooms fully. "Maybe. I like that intepretation better." Much better. Like it was better to be Binjali than the shy little accountant she had been.

[10/02 10:05pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron hugs Binjali and holds her tight. He murmurs, "It'll all turn out right. You'll be fine. You can do anything."

[10/02 10:07pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali is hugged, and for once, isn't embarrassed. She hugs back, leans into it, and pushes her face into the fur at his shoulder. "Thanks."

[10/02 10:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron and Binjali hug. And hug. Neither says a word, content to feel the other's breath go in and out of their bodies, the warmth of the contact, the intense comfort of being close to another.

[10/02 10:13pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali enjoys the hug, relieved again that things worked out well. She buries her fingers in his fur and holds on.

[10/02 10:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron takes a deep breath, and eases back a little. He looks Binjali in the eyes. "Time to get going maybe. Horatio musn't be kept waiting."

[10/02 10:39pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali relaxes reluctantly when Pinche leans back. She could really get used to this physical affection thing.

[10/02 10:44pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali looks up into his eyes and tries not to blush. His face is awfully close. It's probably as soft as the rest of him. "Uh." Stop thinking about that! "I don't think it's waiting for me."

[10/02 10:47pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron pulls Binjali to him and crushes her in another hug.

[10/02 11:03pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali is crushed, her breath huffing out into Pinche's collarbone. She closes her eyes and decides to hold on as long as Pinche lets her. Or until her feet get tired. She rubs her face in his fur a little.

[10/02 11:04pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron is content to just hold Binjali. Even into the next New Day and the one after that.

[10/02 11:31pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali sighs into Pinche's shoulder, "I suppose I should get going." They've been standing silently for a while. It's starting to get a little strange. Which is too bad, because it was nice until then.

[10/02 11:33pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron lets the awkwardness pass, then says, "I'll see you very soon, I hope."

[10/02 11:40pm] <DICE> Rookie Binjali takes two small steps back, and then looks up at Pinche. She smiles. "Yeah. Here's hoping I get through it fast." There's a pool of calm where there was churning sea in her yesterday.

[10/02 11:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron holds her hands as she moves away, then lets them drop.

[10/03 12:03am] <DICE> Rookie Binjali keeps looking at him for a minute, her head slightly tilted, then says, "Bye, Pinche." She turns and walks into the Jungle.

[10/03 12:05am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron follows her progress until he can't see her anymore. He heaves a brief sigh, collects his thoughts, and leaves with a grin on his face.

Part Three

Improbable Central

[10/03 08:49pm] A stranger strides confidently into town. The human is holding a flamberge in a sheath with a giant, flashy emerald in the pommel by the middle.

[10/03 08:50pm] The stranger walks into the PSK with their head held high. Shortly afterwards, they walk out again, tossing a medium sized bag in the air that clinks as it lands.

[10/03 08:51pm] The stranger strolls across the square to Deimos'. A longer time passes, and then she appears with a rather impressive hat on her head.

[10/03 08:56pm] The stranger starts to walk out of town when she spies Pinche. She comes to a stop beside him and sweeps a deep bow, her nose to her knee, hat in hand. "Good morrow to you, sir!"

[10/03 08:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks at the stranger. Blinks. Peers. Binjali? Someone that looks just like Binjali, but moves differently? Holds herself differently?

[10/03 09:05pm] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks up from her bow and grins. "Hey Pinche." Her hat is still in her hand. The dusty blue hat is curled up on one side, with glorious white plumage spilling out of the brim and down the back.

[10/03 09:08pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron cannot speak. He looks. He gapes like an idiot, mouth hanging open. The stranger has Binjali's eyes. And her voice. Finally, he speaks. "Binjali? H-h-hi!"

[10/03 09:12pm] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali stands. "I thought that was a proper greeting, considering." She gestures to her clothing. It is reminicent of French male style of the 1600s, but is distinctly simpler, perhaps anachronistic.

[10/03 09:13pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, ""You're a musketeer!" Pinche laughs, delighted. "Whatever happened to you, Binjali?""

[10/03 09:20pm] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali grins cheekily at Pinche, her face unchanged. "Oh, not much. Went and found the Drive, caused a giant explosion, and, improbably, woke up with few injuries and new duds. Do you like them?" She's obviously pleased with herself.

[10/03 09:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron grins back. Huge grin. Teeth for miles. A canary eating grin. "Turn around! Let me see you!" He makes a motion with his fingers, indicating Binjali should twirl around.

[10/03 09:25pm] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali laughs a little, but takes a step back and spins, arms out, feathers fluttering, then takes a little bow. "There."

Their conversation continues, and they end up going to a bonfire party on the DICE beach. Pinche needs to duck out early, and Binjali walks with him a ways to say goodbye privately.

[10/04 01:55am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron and Binjali enter the meadow to make their goodbyes.

[10/04 01:57am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali takes off her hat with the hand that isn't holding Pinche's. "Hey. Did you. . .have a good time?" She smiles tentatively. She's aware of how distracted she's been.

[10/04 01:58am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I had a terrific time. It was great to meet your clan mates. They all seem very close, but are quite friendly."

[10/04 01:59am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm really OK at parties, Binjali. I like you near me, but at a social event like that, it's polite to circulate."

[10/04 02:00am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali smiles properly. "Yes. I'm starting to get to know them, slowly, but they seem like nice people. I'm, uh-" her eyes dart to his QQQ badge- "I'm glad I joined," she says firmly.

[10/04 02:02am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "I'm glad you did, too. It really seems a good fit for you. I know you'll be busy with them, but I do hope you'll be able to spare some time for good old Pinche?"

[10/04 02:10am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron can't think of anything else to say, so he holds out his arms.

[10/04 02:13am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali starts to say something, and then just shakes her head. "Of course. It's- you're my friend," she says simply.

[10/04 02:15am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wraps his arms around Binjali.

[10/04 02:15am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali walks forward into them, glad for the silent offer. She pets his back with the hand not holding the hat.

[10/04 02:17am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron leans his head down into the crook of her neck and breathes in. Goddess, does she smell good. He begins to purr against her neck.

[10/04 02:35am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali breathes in suddenly, surprised. She can't remember if she's ever heard him purr before. Then she smiles into his fur.

[10/04 02:39am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron traces her shoulderblades, then rubs his hands along the small of her back. His breathing is getting a little ragged. He pulls his head back and tilts her head up so he can look into Binjali's eyes.

[10/04 02:53am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali can't help it. She goes pink. There's really no mistaking his intention. She looks at his face, but she can't deal with what she sees there. She closes her eyes as she forgets how to breathe.

[10/04 02:56am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron Leans in and kisses Binjali lightly, hoping she will respond and kiss him back.

[10/04 03:13am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali freezes at the instant of contact. She reaches for her courage, the bright fire that's been burning since she woke up new, and softly, tenatively, presses her lips to his, tilting her head slightly.

[10/04 03:15am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron savors the kiss. He is melting. He feels her melting. He's holding on to her to save his life. And yet . . . .

[10/04 03:17am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron lifts his face from hers. He pushes himself away, but his hands are holding her shoulders. He says, hoarsely, "You better get back to the party. Before I drag you off into the jungle."

[10/04 03:32am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali 's eyes widen, her lips still slightly parted from the kiss."Uh. Yes. Um. That. Would be. Uh. That would be bad." She sounds like she doesn't know what she's saying, tone uneven. She stares at him.

[10/04 03:38am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali thinks he looks hungry. She feels awfully like prey. She swallows and says, "I'll- see you later?" It ends on a squeak. She winces. "I'll see you later." Better. More like New Binjali.

[10/04 03:39am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali's eyes slide away, and she slips out of his grasp. She fades into the jungle.

[10/04 03:42am] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron watches Binjali disappear into the gloom of the jungle. His sigh sounds almost like a moan. He turns stiffly and begins the trek back to Improbable Central.

[10/04 03:46am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali stops, just out of sight of the clearing, and manages to sit on a log before her knees give out. She stares at nothing in particular, her face a blank.

[10/04 03:49am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali sits that way for a while. A hand slowly rises to her cheek, and then slides to press fingers against her mouth, carefully.

[10/04 03:50am] <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali replays it again and again in her mind, but still can't figure out what to think, or even what to feel. She doesn't go back to the party.

DICE Clan Hall

2009-10-07 07:32:14: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves at the sudden Ebenezer. "Hi! I'm learning how to make tea."

2009-10-07 07:32:36: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali keeps waving as Ebenezer walks in. Huh. She shrugs, and turns back to the tea. "Now we have to wait." She looks over at her pupil to see if she's taking it in.

2009-10-07 07:33:16: <DICE> Ebenezer raises his eyebrows. "Oh, are you? Erm. . .just for fun? Or, erm, maybe to help me with my tea-thing tomorrow. . .or whenever I do it."

2009-10-07 07:33:35: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer repeats, "Wait." And she waits. Staring. At the tea.

2009-10-07 07:36:10: <DICE> Ebenezer hmms and reaches out, pointing his index finger at Escemfer's ear. Will it distract her from her waiting?

2009-10-07 07:36:49: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks over at Ebenezer with interest. "What tea-thing tomorrow or whenever you do it?"

2009-10-07 07:38:06: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer flicks her ear irritatedly. "You're doing a tea-thing?" she asks, not taking her eyes off the Waiting.

2009-10-07 07:38:14: <DICE> Ebenezer answers Binjali, "Oh, I'm bringing some tea to NewHome for the Rookies. Erm, since they seemed to like it when we were there before. Beeker gave me the idea."

2009-10-07 07:39:18: <DICE> Ebenezer fights down a smirk and wears a serious, serious expression. He touches the inside of her ear, as one would to annoy a house-cat.

2009-10-07 07:41:12: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer flickflickflicks. The ear in question twitches back, away from the finger.

2009-10-07 07:41:58: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali watches the two of them. Her face, if someone were to look at it, wears a smirk with furrowed brows. "Oh, that's very nice of you." She's not completely surprised. She remembers their conversations.

2009-10-07 07:43:53: <DICE> Ebenezer scratches the back of Escemfer's ear politely, perhaps to make up for annoying her. "Erm, well, I had better go. I've got some paperwork to do."

2009-10-07 07:44:45: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali smoothes her face as best she can, looking at her wallaby instead. "I remember being new. Wasn't that long ago, after all. Maybe I'll drop by to welcome them?"

2009-10-07 07:44:46: <DICE> Ebenezer adds, "Erm, but it was good to see you both. Erm, goodnight."

2009-10-07 07:45:53: <DICE> Ebenezer answers Binjali, "Oh, well, yes. If you like. I'd be happy not to be by myself out there..erm, with people I don't really know, you know?" He waves to the ladies and heads out.

2009-10-07 07:46:55: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer says, "Bye, Ebenezer." She's still waiting.

2009-10-07 07:48:20: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali nods and smiles. He'd be happy for her company! She's relieved. She wasn't quite sure he liked her."Goodnight!"

2009-10-07 07:52:46: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali sees that Escemfer took her serious about the waiting. "Um. Usually you do other things. While waiting for the tea. Like talk."

2009-10-07 07:55:07: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer oh!s. "How do you tell when it's done?"

2009-10-07 07:59:20: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali says vaguely, "Oh, it's done when it's done. Normal people time it, but I just leave it as long as I can stand to wait. So...we'll be waiting for a bit. The longer, the better."

2009-10-07 08:03:44: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer leans against the counter, then! "Okay! Do you think Ebenezer will like it if I can make tea for him?"

2009-10-07 08:07:11: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks over at Esc and tilts her head to the side. "Um. I suppose so. Does he like it when you do other things for him?"

2009-10-07 08:09:57: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer pauses to consider this. It might be taking a moment or two too long for such a question.

2009-10-07 08:10:58: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali remembers she never took off her hat. She's still not used to the thing. She takes it off and puts it on one of the closed tins of sweets.

2009-10-07 08:13:09: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali has noticed that Esc is a bit. . .off, but that is quite a bit of thought for a question she thought she'd made simple enough. Hmm. "Is there anything he likes that you do?" she says gently.

2009-10-07 08:18:26: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer frowns, ears back. Perhaps she's come to a conclusion that she doesn't like. "I don't know. I can't think of anything," she explains.

2009-10-07 08:18:43: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer adds, "Well, sex stuff, but I can't think of anything else."

2009-10-07 08:24:39: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali blinks, goes pink, clears her throat, and looks around for her mug to hide her face. Across the room! Damn. Then she sees Esc's expression and forgets her embarrassment. "Oh." She can't think of anything to say.

2009-10-07 08:26:08: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer nibbles at one of her claws. "He's always cranky."

2009-10-07 08:28:54: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali nods. "Um, that's true. He's, uh, kind of hard to read." Thinking about it, today was the nicest Ebenezer she'd ever seen. Although, he'd never been truly mean. He hadn't made fun of her.

2009-10-07 08:32:04: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer sneaks another cookie. Cookies solve all of life's problems, don't they? "Yeah. He doesn't know what he likes sometimes, I think. I don't know what he likes, except boring stuff."

2009-10-07 08:56:51: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "I. . .yes, I can see that. Like he pretends not to like you, but obviously he does, because otherwise why did he marry you? It's so- strange." She frowns. It's been bothering her, a little.

2009-10-07 09:01:56: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer nods frowningly. "He used to be mean to me," she says. "And now he pretends he doesn't like me. . .and that's kind of mean." All she wants is snuggles! At every available opportunity!

2009-10-07 09:04:59: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali scowls. "But that's what I'm talking about! It makes no sense! He makes no sense! Which is ridiculous, because he's almost sensible!" Her hands are describing circles.

2009-10-07 09:06:33: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer shakes her head. "I don't know. He's weird. I don't understand him."

2009-10-07 09:11:45: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali sighs and shakes her head. No answers to the problem are forthcoming, so she heads for the teapot instead. "Should be nice and strong now,"she says, fetching out mugs. "How do you like yours?"

2009-10-07 09:14:20: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer peers at the tea and sniffs. Hmm. "With lots and lots of cream." A scandalous amount of cream.

2009-10-07 09:15:24: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali smiles, remembering having tea with Beeker, and fills her teacup. Then she fetches the cream and starts to fill Esc's. "Say when. . ." she says, trying not to laugh.

2009-10-07 09:17:46: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer watches. Until just the right proportions of cream and tea. . .Scandalous proportions. "When!"

2009-10-07 09:19:07: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali tips the cream back to an upright position, then drips tea into Esc's cup for a moment. "There." She decides to take hers straight this time, to make up for Esc.

2009-10-07 09:20:29: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer smiles pointily. "Thanks!" Tea is wasted on her, really.

2009-10-07 09:29:34: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali shakes her head. "You're welcome." she does her best to keep the amused flat tone out, but doesn't do too well. Oh well. Esc probably won't take offense.

2009-10-07 09:31:19: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is a happy cat. She drinks her cream happily. Happy happy happy. "Did you have a boyfriend before you came here?"

2009-10-07 09:39:09: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali almost breathes in tea. She sputters. "Oh! Um, no. No boyfriends." None. Ever. Two dates in high school, that's it. Depressing.

2009-10-07 09:42:11: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer blinks. "How come?" she asks.

2009-10-07 09:44:27: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali is speechless for a moment. This is what she gets for talking to a cross-eyed talking cat. Oh well, it can't hurt anything to continue. "Because. Because no one wanted to date me."

2009-10-07 09:47:45: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer 's tail swishes. "Awww. Why not? I think you're nice."

2009-10-07 09:52:49: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali smiles. "That's sweet, Esc, but. . .I'm not the kind of girl. . .boys want to date." Or men, for that matter. Suddenly she remembers how Pinche looks at her. She closes her eyes.

2009-10-07 09:55:21: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves that off. "It's the wrong kind of boys, then."

2009-10-07 09:57:47: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali 's eyes snap open. "What do you mean by that?" What could she possibly mean by that? No one wanted to date her. Pinche comes to mind again, and she shakes her head violently.

2009-10-07 10:00:47: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer says, "Some kinds of girls, the regular boys don't figure out that they're great. So they need different kinds of boys." She seems very sure of this fact.

2009-10-07 10:03:28: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali stares at Esc for a minute, completely sideswiped by what's coming out of her mouth. Well, Pinche is certainly different, murmurs the same part of her brain that was bringing him up before.

2009-10-07 10:05:29: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer watches Binjali, swooshing her tail. She doesn't interrupt her thinking. Thinking is important.

2009-10-07 10:07:31: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali shakes her head a very little bit. It won't help. It's been harder and harder to keep herself under control since coming here and meeting Pinche and since the DK, especially, she's been. . .resigned isn't the word. Relaxed.

2009-10-07 10:08:31: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali shakes her head again, and says, "Different. . .kinds. . .of boys?" She sounds bewildered. She hadn't planned to sound like that.

2009-10-07 10:09:17: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer adds, after a moment, "There are lots of different kinds of boys here." And considering that. . .how did she end up with Ebenezer?

2009-10-07 10:13:29: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali says,"Um, yes, that's certainly true." Agree with the obvious. That's safe, isn't it? Unlike Pinche. She resists the urge to start thumping her head on the counter.

2009-10-07 10:14:00: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer thinks about it. "Well, if the boys didn't want to date you, then maybe they weren't the kind of boys you wanted either. But there's someone who is."

2009-10-07 10:16:52: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali squeaks, "What? Someone? No there isn't!" If people were going to be psychic, they needed to damn well introduce themselves that way. So she could run away.

2009-10-07 10:18:07: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer blinks confusedly. "There's not?" That seems like a strong reaction. . .of panic. Maybe Binjali doesn't want to date boys.

2009-10-07 10:23:47: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali's face goes through some interesting contortions, then she snatches her mug and hides her face in it."Um. I. Were you, perhaps. . .speaking abstractly?" The words echo strangely.

2009-10-07 10:26:56: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer says, "Well. . .were you thinking about someone specific?" She's getting uncertain now. Fidgetfidget.

2009-10-07 10:34:49: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali drinks tea to gain some time. She stares into the bottom of her mug. What could she say to distract her? Maybe something about- oh, forget it. The jig was up. "Yes."

2009-10-07 10:41:23: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer cocks her head curiously. "Who?"

2009-10-07 10:44:22: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali 's teeth latch onto the mug. There is really nothing interesting in the bottom at all. At all. She stares.

2009-10-07 10:45:53: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali thinks about the adage about cat's curiosity, and cats being out of bags, and how she doesn't know whether this whatever it is with Pinche is dead or alive until she opens it.

2009-10-07 10:48:03: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali slowly wrenches her jaw open, puts her mug down, and looks at Esc. She sighs, "Pinche Cabron."

2009-10-07 10:48:59: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is surprised! She must be a clueless and forgetful cat. "Pinche? Really? Do you like him?"

2009-10-07 10:52:40: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali leans back against the counter and braces her palms to keep from slumping too far. She looks at her feet, past the wallaby. "I. . .like him. I. . .might? Like him like him? He likes me. A lot."

2009-10-07 10:54:16: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer seems triumphant. "Seeeee? There IS someone who thinks you're the kind of girl for dating."

2009-10-07 11:01:12: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali can't argue with that. Especially hearing someone else say it, instead of just in her head. "Yes, I suppose so."She wonders if that was the point Esc was getting at.

2009-10-07 11:03:19: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer smiles brightly. "Well. . .He's. . ." Huh. Pinche? Unique. Crazy. Other such adjectives. "Nice."

2009-10-07 11:15:09: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali smiles and looks off into middle distance. She's remembering ice cream and roses. "Yes. He is, actually." She shakes her head a little and looks back at Esc. "Well. It's getting rather late."

2009-10-07 11:18:11: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks up, as if she can check the sky through the ceiling. Maybe she can. "Yep." Eben is probably asleep. . . and thus easy to snuggle.

2009-10-07 11:24:47: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "I enjoyed having tea with you." Despite the uncomfortable subject matter, she finds that she's telling the truth. She smiles at Esc, and walks into the lounge to find a couch.

2009-10-07 11:25:36: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer smiles. "Me too." She's made a friend! And she wanders off to her tower bed, hoping to find an Ebenezer.


2009-10-11 08:33:01: <DICE> Ebenezer is tossed onto the FailBoat. "Angh!" He sits up and stretches a bit.

2009-10-11 08:34:58: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron is heard arguing with a mysterious cloaked figure who stands in a small boat alongside the Fail Boat. "You've been compensated for the anchor! That was a third of a box we left you!"

2009-10-11 08:36:30: <DICE> Ebenezer becomes very still. He turns his head just enough to stare at Pinche. What the devil is he talking about?

2009-10-11 08:37:29: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron hisses at the mysterious boatman, "There were 270 in a box. You got 90, talky got 90, and I got 90. Plus you got paid for the use of your boat."

2009-10-11 08:38:39: <DICE> Ebenezer lowers his brow a bit and whispers to himself, "Two-seventy a box?" He has no idea what Pinche could be going on about.

2009-10-11 08:39:38: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali trips as she's pushed onto deck. "Oof- sonnova!" She pushes herself up off the deck with an irritated expression and heads for her chair.

2009-10-11 08:39:44: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron notices Ebenezer on the deck with a start. He shushes the figure on the boat and waves him off, then turns to face Ebenezer.

2009-10-11 08:41:03: <DICE> Ebenezer breaks his gaze from Pinche long enough to glance at Binjali and give her a wave. He looks back to Pinche with a confused frown. "What's all that about?"

2009-10-11 08:41:21: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron waves lamely at Ebenezer. "Hullo, Ebenezer! Beautiful night we're having, don't you think? Oh, hello Binjali!" He perks up considerably upon noticing Binjali.

2009-10-11 08:42:31: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "I, er, I, I hired that guy to deliver some packages to the warehouse, and now he's trying to chisel a few more requisition out of me."

2009-10-11 08:42:32: <DICE> Ebenezer replies flatly, "I don't talk about the weather." He gives a paranoid glance to the sky.

2009-10-11 08:42:41: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali swerves from her chair trajectory to go stand with Pinche and Eben. "Hello you two. How goes it?"

2009-10-11 08:44:21: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron smiles at Binjali, now that he's made his explanation to Ebenezer. "It was a beautiful night, but it pales in comparison you, dear."

2009-10-11 08:45:02: <DICE> Ebenezer asks Pinche, "Oh. And what did he get ninety of?" He folds his arms tightly on his chest and looks to Binji, "Erm. . .I'm still alive."

2009-10-11 08:47:02: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali goes pink and says, "Oh! Um, thank you. Pinche." She looks down at the wallaby and pets it.

2009-10-11 08:47:35: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron lies glibly, "The contents of one of the boxes. It was martini olives. He got 90 martini olives, but he wanted more because I lost his anchor."

2009-10-11 08:49:26: <DICE> Ebenezer frowns. "A pity about the anchor, but that's his problem, not ours." He looks between Pinche and Binjali.

2009-10-11 08:50:27: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "He was compensated."

2009-10-11 08:51:22: <DICE> Ebenezer nods his head. "Erm, if he keeps giving you trouble, then take it to Marly." She'd scare anyone off.

2009-10-11 08:53:23: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron mutters, "Right, I'll do that." He walks over to where Binjali is sitting.

2009-10-11 08:53:39: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali is still petting the wallaby. And not looking at Pinche. The blush is fading, though.

2009-10-11 08:54:00: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gestures to the deck chair. "May I sit?"

2009-10-11 08:55:24: <DICE> Ebenezer suddenly seems interested in staring off in the direction of the Island and not looking at Binji and Pinche. He's trying to give them "privacy," of course.

2009-10-11 08:58:22: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks up. "Um, sure." She wonders where Pinche's personalized chair went as she comes over and sits in her chair, next to the one Pinche is gesturing to.

2009-10-11 08:59:30: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron sits with Binjali and waits for the Nude A to arrive.

2009-10-11 08:59:46: <DICE> Ebenezer sniffs and rubs his nose on the back of his hand. New day, new day, new day. Not long to wait at all.

2009-10-11 09:00:10: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks at the wallaby some more. It's almost midnight, and then he'll go back to. . .wherever he was, and she'll go back to. . .somewhere else. She can't decide whether that's good or not.


2009-10-11 09:03:18: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali is deposited by Failors. She shakes seawater off of her arms and bats at her surcoat, muttering to the wallaby about poor service.

2009-10-11 09:07:22: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron sees a soaking wet Binjali. "Would you like a towel?"

2009-10-11 09:09:05: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron digs in his pack and finds a beach towel. He shakes the sand from it and offers it to Binjali.

2009-10-11 09:11:21: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali smiles gratefully at Pinche and takes the towel. "Oh, hello again, Pinche. I didn't know you were in Kittania." She dries herself and the wallaby carefully, patting.

2009-10-11 09:13:42: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron just grins at Binjali, "I forgot where I was entirely to tell the truth. I thought I was in heaven for a moment. Or a dream. Maybe I still am. Would you pinch me so I can check?"

2009-10-11 09:17:15: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali's head shoots up for a moment to look at Pinche, and then she zooms past pink to red and looks back down at the wallaby. "Um. I, uh. I think you're awake." She keeps patting the dry wallaby.

2009-10-11 09:27:56: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Binjali, I'd like to show you a very rare sight. It's about 2 klicks to the North of us. Care to take a walk in the Jungle?"

2009-10-11 09:32:38: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali bites her lip. The wallaby is trying to bat the towel away from her ears with an irritated expression. She looks up at Pinche for a moment, the face she hasn't seen in...too long, it feels like.

2009-10-11 09:34:38: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "Sure," and looks down again, wringing out the towel. She tries to figure out where her courage went and remembers what happened last time she saw him. That happened. The Kiss.

2009-10-11 09:37:36: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron takes the damp towel, and stuffs it into his pack, which he hoists on his shoulders. He reaches out and offers his hand to Binjali.

2009-10-11 09:41:12: <DICE> <DICE> Contestant Binjali sees the hand come into her line of vision and smiles. This she can handle. She puts her hand in his and raises her head to smile at Pinche.

2009-10-11 09:44:06: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron takes her hand and heads towards the outpost gate.

2009-10-11 09:46:26: <DICE> Ebenezer scowls to himself from his hiding-place. Did Pinche somehow know he was here? Is that why he's taking Binjali away to somewhere dangerous? Hmph! Nothing to spy on now. Ah well.

Improbable Central

2009-10-15 04:45:49: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron jogs into Improbable Central. He looks around, hoping to see a friendly face. A particular face.

2009-10-15 04:47:47: <DICE> Contestant Binjali happens to be walking out of the Haberdashery at that moment with a few more feathers in her hat. Her face is rather friendly, most of the time.

2009-10-15 04:51:40: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron breaks into a smile at the sight of Binjali, and trots over to her. Subtlety was never his strong point.

2009-10-15 04:52:38: <DICE> Contestant Binjali sees Pinche and smiles back. "Hey Pinche. How've you been? Did you get my note?"

2009-10-15 04:54:11: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Yes, I did. Pity we didn't make it to see the panthzers. Maybe next time. Would you care to have a drink in the bar?"

2009-10-15 04:58:03: <DICE> Contestant Binjali tilts her head. Oh, it probably wouldn't hurt. "Sure. Feels like ages since I've gotten to talk to you properly," she says, and starts walking towards the PSK.

2009-10-15 04:58:45: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron folows behind, still grinning like a loon.

Prancing Spiderkitty

2009-10-15 05:01:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron enters the bar with Binjali and looks for a booth or table for two.

2009-10-15 05:26:18: <DICE> Contestant Binjali leads the way over to a booth. The seats look nice and cushy.

2009-10-15 05:35:02: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron motions to Emily to order drinks.

2009-10-15 05:37:30: <DICE> Contestant Binjali smiles at Emily politely and says, "I'll just have a water for now, thanks."

2009-10-15 05:37:37: Emily comes over to take their order. She winks at Pinche, remembering his big tip the last time he was in.

2009-10-15 05:38:26: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Oh, just have a little drink, Binjali. Let's celebrate my new hat upgrade!"

2009-10-15 05:39:20: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says to Emily, "I'll have a Mule Daniels."

2009-10-15 05:39:34: <DICE> Contestant Binjali raises her eyebrows. "You upgraded it again? I didn't notice." She bites her lip, trying not to smile.

2009-10-15 05:40:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron whispers to Binjali, "I'm not even sure they serve water here."

2009-10-15 05:41:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron frowns and thinks maybe his dear Binjali has been spending too much time with Ebenezer and Escemfer.

2009-10-15 05:43:26: <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks worried. "Um, if you don't have water, I'll have...a scotch and soda. With no scotch." She nods firmly.

2009-10-15 05:43:53: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "They make an intersting drink here, but you have to order it special."

2009-10-15 05:44:20: <DICE> Contestant Binjali keeps trying to bite down her smile rather unsuccessfully as she says, "Sorry Pinche, but your hat getting bigger isn't something to celebrate."

2009-10-15 05:44:35: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "It's one part Energy Drink, one part Cialis, and one part Rohypnol."

2009-10-15 05:46:16: Emily smirks at Pinche's suggestion and leaves with their order. A little while later she returns with their drinks.

2009-10-15 05:46:34: <DICE> Contestant Binjali raises an eyebrow and says, "Oh? What is it called?"

2009-10-15 05:50:38: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "They call it a 'Naked Midget on the Beach' so no one orders it accidentally."

2009-10-15 05:53:43: <DICE> Contestant Binjali nods and takes her hat off, putting it to one side. "That makes sense. That's something that would take a...special taste...to order." She tries not to wince.

2009-10-15 05:55:09: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "They also make a drink called the 'Smooth Move'."

2009-10-15 06:09:08: <DICE> Contestant Binjali opens her mouth to ask what is in the drink, then thinks better of it. Instead she lifts the wallaby out on to the table and says, "I still haven't been able to name this little thief."

2009-10-15 06:11:16: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks crestfallen that Binjali didn't want to hear the punchline, but becomes interested in the wallaby.

2009-10-15 06:12:11: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron sips his drink.

2009-10-15 06:12:55: <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "She seems to like shiny things, and ribbons. And being petted. And Beeker." The wallaby looks at Pinche, but sees nothing to grab her interest. She starts investigating the table instead.

2009-10-15 06:15:54: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Doesn't anyone in your clan speak Wallabese? Then you could just ask her what her name is."

2009-10-15 06:18:53: <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "Um, no, not as far as I know. I don't think I've met everyone, though. I've been in and out of the Hall at strange hours."

2009-10-15 06:20:54: <DICE> Contestant Binjali furrows her brow and says, "I didn't know such a thing as Wallabese existed..."

2009-10-15 06:21:31: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Oh? Strange hours? What makes the hours strange on this island?"

2009-10-15 06:23:46: <DICE> Contestant Binjali looks a little embarassed. "Oh, just...not always sleeping well. I'm used to being up at midnight since I was sleeping on the Failboat up until recently, and taking little naps here and there."

2009-10-15 06:27:21: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I imagined that the clan was keeping you busy. Or that maybe you were avoiding me." He grins. "I hope that's not the case. About you avoiding me, I mean."

2009-10-15 06:32:51: <DICE> Contestant Binjali suddenly remembers why she might have been avoiding him and goes pink. "Um. No? No. Not, um. Avoiding you." At least, not consciously. . . She looks away, down at the wallaby.

2009-10-15 06:34:51: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron picks up his drink and gestures to hers. "Drink up and let's get another."

2009-10-15 06:38:38: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron knocks back his drink, then motions to Emily for another round. Soon enough there are fresh, full glasses at the table.

2009-10-15 06:40:06: <DICE> Contestant Binjali lifts her glass. "Um, alright." Maybe a little alcohol would be a good idea. She could blame her blushes on that, instead. She clinks her glass to his and knocks the soda back, then grimaces. Ew.

2009-10-15 06:40:34: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron sips on his second drink. He's starting to feel a little buzzed.

2009-10-15 06:40:53: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "This is prettyy good stufff.*hic*"

2009-10-15 06:41:44: <DICE> Contestant Binjali waves to Emily before she can leave and says, "Uh, actually, can you bring me a..." she freezes. She has no idea what to order. She looks at Pinche and raises an eyebrow.

2009-10-15 06:43:25: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Order aa mmoole dannnielsss, like I'm having. It's got qooite a kick!"

2009-10-15 06:44:47: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "OOr thhee Habannero whatchamacalllit thing drink."

2009-10-15 06:45:52: <DICE> Contestant Binjali shakes her head, but she nods to Emily, who pops off to the bar and back. Binjali sips about half of it in short order.

2009-10-15 06:48:44: <DICE> Contestant Binjali coughs. "Spicy!" She grins, though, heartened. "So. How've you been?"

2009-10-15 06:48:46: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks at Binjali and smiles. He's getting high as a kite, both on the liquor and from sitting this close to her.

2009-10-15 06:51:47: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I've been allllright. Same old, same old, for ole Pinche. I had some very good crate hunting days. But nothing sspeshull since the night of the beach party."

2009-10-15 06:58:00: <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "Oh! Um. Special?" Damn that squeak! She reaches for her drink and gulps, hoping that he won't notice the heat in her face.

2009-10-15 07:01:33: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron turns to her and looks into her eyes, holding her gaze for a moment. When she looks away, he asks, "You everrr hearrr of a guy nAAamed Winston Churchhill?"

2009-10-15 07:04:36: <DICE> Contestant Binjali breathes out, glad he let it pass. "Uuh. . ." She frowns as she realizes that she can't remember. She feels as if she should know this. . ."Why?"

2009-10-15 07:07:30: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "HHHe waasss some famooos guyy th*hic*at went aroun*hic*d sayiyng famous things. Sort of llike Oscar Wilde."

2009-10-15 07:10:27: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron continues, "Anywayyy, he once sssaid, 'The eyes are the windows of your face.'" Pinche pauses to consider what this has to do with anything. "You have realllly purty eyesh."

2009-10-15 07:15:08: <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "Oh." She's starting to feel just a little fuzzy around the edges. "Thanks." No squeak! It's working! She beams at him then knocks back the rest of her drink.

2009-10-15 07:19:47: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I'vvee becoomme jeaalous of yyourr wallaby. She gets all your petting."

2009-10-15 07:25:41: <DICE> Contestant Binjali frowns. "Buut I haven't seeen yoou. Shee's jusht a wallahbee. An' you're aa kitty. People pet kittiess."

2009-10-15 07:27:22: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks sad. "N-n-n-nobodiesh petted me or give me skritches since I seen you lasht. *hic*"

2009-10-15 07:31:05: <DICE> Contestant Binjali says, "Thass not fair. Thass what kittiess are for. Thass not fair." She frowns, her chin on her fists, leaning forward so her elbows are on the table. She looks at Pinche very seriously.

2009-10-15 07:36:00: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron asks in a small and drunken voice, "Can I has scritchesh?"

2009-10-15 07:51:15: <DICE> Contestant Binjali says,"Oof coursh you can has skrithesh. You are a kittyy." This is a very important point! She gets up and comes around to sit in his side of the booth.

2009-10-15 07:52:37: <DICE> Contestant Binjali's wallaby takes advantage of Binjali's absence to hop down into her side of the booth. She's into the pack in a trice, but Binjali doesn't notice. She's busy skritching behind Pinche's ears.

2009-10-15 07:54:54: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron purrs contentedly and drunkenly: "Purrrrrrrrrrsh. P-p-puuuuuuurrrrrrrsh."

2009-10-15 07:55:47: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron lays his head in Binjali's lap and gazes up at her as she scratches his head.

2009-10-15 07:58:16: <DICE> Contestant Binjali beams down at Pinche. "Therrre. Beeeetterrr?" She switches to petting with one hand, down his arm.

2009-10-15 07:59:27: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron merely nods his head and smiles. He's in kitty heaven.

2009-10-15 08:06:24: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron wiggles a bit in ecstasy and rubs his chin against Binjali's thigh.

2009-10-15 08:23:33: <DICE> Contestant Binjali starts a little, then smiles. Poor kitty, starved for attention. . .She strokes along his side. Nice fur. Very nice fur. Not really fuzzy, like her head. Softer. She wonders if she could purr. . .

2009-10-15 08:31:24: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron whispers something to Binjali, but she can't quite make out what he's saying. It sounds sort of like a meow or c'mere.

2009-10-15 08:39:33: <DICE> Contestant Binjali 's head was already dipping toward her chin, so she leans a little, looking down at him. "Hmm?" Her smile is wide, her cheeks pink from the heat of the bar and the alcohol.

2009-10-15 08:42:06: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron brings his face up to hers. They are looking eye to eye, their lips are inches apart. Pinche tilts his head and rubs his chin against Binjali's cheek. Purrrrrrr.

2009-10-15 08:48:02: <DICE> Contestant Binjali laughs very quietly- just a pattern of breath out of her nose- and rubs back, cheek to cheek. "I missht you," she says, without forethought.

2009-10-15 08:50:22: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron puts his arms around Binjali, hugging her as he rubs his cheek against hers. "I missht you to." He holds her tight.

2009-10-15 08:56:27: <DICE> Contestant Binjali leans into him and puts her forehead on his shoulder. "Uhuh. Beecaaause I peet youuu. 's niiiicce." She pets what of him she can reach, in this case his back.

2009-10-15 09:00:27: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron has one arm around Binjali's waist. The other arm slips under her arm and across her shoulder blade and he strokes the back of her neck and he clasps her body to his.

2009-10-15 09:00:54: <DICE> Contestant Binjali can't really press closer, although she tries. These hugs of Pinche's were always wonderful. Even that one time. With the one thing. That she isn't thinking about right now.

2009-10-15 09:03:23: <DICE> Contestant Binjali is absolutely not thinking about kissing, except now he's petting her and it was very nice that one time it happened, it really was, even though she wasn't sure what she was doing...

2009-10-15 09:05:03: Rookie Pod runs into the bar, looks around, then darts over to Emily. "Where is he? Where's Seth?" Emily looks uneasy. "Umm... he's, uh, busy. Do you want a pickle, or a drink, or somethin'?"

2009-10-15 09:06:45: Rookie Pod says, "But I need to talk to him! Where..." Comprehension dawns slowly over her face. "Ohhh. He's upstairs, isn't he? With... well, it doesn't matter." Emily cringes, then nods.

2009-10-15 09:08:12: Rookie Pod grabs Emily. "No, you don't understand, that's great!" "...It is?" Emily asks, completely confused.

2009-10-15 09:09:55: Emily waves a pickle at Pod, "You sure you don't want a pickle anyway? On the house!"

2009-10-15 09:14:29: Rookie Pod nods. "Seriously. Just tell him I said it's over, will you? I mean I was pretty sure it was anyway, but I just wanted to make sure that he... Thanks, Emily, you're such a good friend."

2009-10-15 09:18:14: Rookie Pod hugs Emily enthusiastically, then runs out again, a huge grin on her face. Emily looks around the room, shrugs, and returns to work.

2009-10-15 09:20:02: <DICE> Cadye Willfan looks up from her drink and smiles, shy but warm. Mm.

2009-10-15 09:21:35: Emily shakes her head, and goes back to sweeping behind the bar. She offered her a pickle, and if there's one thing Pod looked like she needed at that moment, it was a good sour pickle.

2009-10-15 09:22:32: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron has turned around at the commotion in time to see Rookie Pod heading out the door. He turns back to Binjali, hoping the moment isn't gone.

2009-10-15 09:30:01: <DICE> Contestant Binjali's head is removed from its perch as Pinche moves to look at- what? She turns to look too, and sees the door swing shut. She looks back at Pinche. "What?" she says, pronouncing the 't' carefully.

2009-10-15 09:35:21: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron shrugs his shoulders. He looks from Binjali to Emily to Cadye, trying to find an answer, and finally says, "Ayuhnoh," with another shrug.

2009-10-15 09:38:15: <DICE> Contestant Binjali squints a tad, scrunching up her nose. Her mouth goes to one side. "Huh?"

2009-10-15 09:40:20: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron has a sad face. No more skritches, no more hugs, and probably no smooches now.

2009-10-15 09:44:33: <DICE> Contestant Binjali frowns back at him. What happened? One minute she was getting a nice hug and purrs in her ear and petted, and now they were sitting here with just their hips touching. The fuzz isn't helping her figure it out.

2009-10-15 09:44:57: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron calls out with a desperate urgency, "Emily, another round please!" The words, "and hurry!" are unspoken, but unmistakable.

2009-10-15 10:00:24: <DICE> Contestant Binjali nods. The fuzz is good. Less blushing that way. She starts skritching Pinche's ears again as Emily comes over with their drinks. Binjali doesn't notice that Emily rolls her eyes as she leaves the table.

2009-10-15 10:04:12: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron takes a small sip of his drink, then turns back to Binjali. Where were they? Cheekrubs, skritches and hugs, wasn't it? He moves closer into her arms and rubs her nose with his. Like eskimos kiss.

2009-10-15 10:08:05: <DICE> Contestant Binjali makes a noise that sounds something like "meep!" Pinche's face is suddenly very close! She scoots back an inch as she blushes. Damn, not enough fuzzy! She stops skritching and snatches her drink.

2009-10-15 10:20:25: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gives her a puzzled look, but turns his head to sip his drink again, and to give Binjali room to take another drink.

2009-10-15 10:27:05: <DICE> Contestant Binjali takes a gulp and puts her glass back down in time to catch the end of Pinche's look. She winces. Stupid, stupid. She feels like she's fourteen again, awkward and stuttering. New clothes, same idiot.

2009-10-15 10:33:23: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron puts his drink down as well, and takes Binjali's beautiful face in both his hands. He moves in so that once again their lips are an inch apart. He holds there, purring softly. She can feel his breath.

2009-10-15 10:38:46: <DICE> Contestant Binjali can't breathe. The anticipation that she remembers from last time is back, along with the petrification.

2009-10-15 10:41:18: <DICE> Contestant Binjali is determined to keep her eyes open this time, even though meeting his gaze makes her heart feel like it's going to break something it's beating so fast.

2009-10-15 10:44:48: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron finally leans in and his lips lightly brush hers, then press more firmly against her. He opens his mouth slightly and kitty nibbles on her lower lip. He strokes the back of her head and neck.

2009-10-15 10:45:46: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron shudders with excitement and presses his body to Binjali as the kiss goes on.

2009-10-15 10:59:21: <DICE> Contestant Binjali feels as if she's in the ocean, caught by the undertow. Trying to catch her breath, she pushes against his shoulders for a moment ineffectually.

2009-10-15 11:08:54: <DICE> Contestant Binjali then realizes that he's caught her close, his arms surrounding her. This is Pinche. She's in the harbor, unable to be swept out to sea. Safe. Her eyes close as she fades into the kiss.

Improbable Central

2009-10-15 11:33:57: Two figures make their way out of the bar, stumbling a little and giggling like kids. One, the kittymorph, has his arms around the other, a human, to steady her as they walk.

2009-10-15 11:38:12: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron whispers to the human, "I don't want to go home yet. Can you stay out with me?"

2009-10-15 11:50:24: <DICE> Contestant Binjali whispers back, "No, no, I have to go home and feed her. She's going to start kicking me in a minute. Have you ever had a wallaby kick you in the stomach?" She grins into his face.

2009-10-15 11:51:38: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Can't say I have. Sounds almost like pregnancy. Well, can I walk you back to your clan hall?"

2009-10-15 11:54:22: <DICE> Contestant Binjali giggles a little and says, "Yes, of course you can." She starts them meandering across the square to the Clan Halls slowly.

2009-10-15 11:57:01: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron tries to walk slowly, drawing it out, but all too soon, they are at the door to DICE hall. He says, "I hope I can see you soon. It was too long a time between our last meeting and this one.

2009-10-15 12:01:57: <DICE> Contestant Binjali turns so that they're nearly nose to nose instead of side by side. "Yeah, I think you're right," she sighs, still very happily grinning at him. "Definitely sooner this time."

2009-10-15 12:09:32: <DICE> Contestant Binjali steps forward to kisses him lightly before she can think too much about it, then takes a tiny step back. The grin has become a shy smile. "So, um. Until soon?"

2009-10-15 12:11:02: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron smiles so wide it threatens to swallow his whiskers. "Yes! Soon! Good night!" He leans in to kiss her and wrap his arms around her again.

2009-10-15 12:12:53: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron finally breaks off the kiss. He touches her cheek.

2009-10-15 12:15:52: <DICE> Contestant Binjali is smiling to match him, but she drops her eyes to her feet after a moment of feeling his fingertips on her face and his intense gaze. "Well, um, goodnight," she says, looking back up.

2009-10-15 12:17:25: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron holds on to her for a moment before relenting. He knows she needs to go.

2009-10-15 12:19:08: <DICE> Contestant Binjali hugs him back, then tosses one last smile over her shoulder as she turns and walks into the Hall.

2009-10-15 12:20:25: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron walks away with a dazed grin on his face and rubbery legs. He makes his way into the square and sits under a tree, where he falls asleep, a smile on his face.

Part Four

A clearing

They have just been exploring a strange, dilapidated pirate ship with a load of DICE. Everyone else leaves, but Pinche and Binjali lag behind...

2009-10-17 08:34:47: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron is whistling outside.

2009-10-17 08:36:04: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron whistles (if you could make out the words), "Not to put too fine a point on it . . . "

2009-10-17 08:36:55: <DICE> Zolotisty adjusts her hand in Sessine's and reaches to touch Cadye's elbow. They go -- clan hall, and then Z's intention is to steal Sessine away to another place. The moon seems big enough to touch.

2009-10-17 08:37:16: It would be a shame to waste such a fine night.

2009-10-17 08:39:31: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet . . ."

2009-10-17 08:43:41: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali follows the voice around a corner. Aha! "Hey Pinche."

2009-10-17 08:44:52: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron feels warm and, suprisingly, a little nervous. "Hi, Binjali!"

2009-10-17 08:49:04: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali smiles at him. "So, not the bleachers, but fun anyway, right?"

2009-10-17 08:54:50: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Very! Thank you for inviting me."

2009-10-17 08:55:58: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Look at the moon! It is almost big enough to touch."

2009-10-17 09:00:53: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks up.The moon seems to be the barest cresent off of full. Between that and the size, the light flooding the clearing seems nearly daylight strength. "I don't know about touching, but it's pretty."

2009-10-17 09:04:50: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks back at Pinche and tilts her head. "You're welcome." She takes off her hat and drifts a little closer. The wallaby would grumble if she could as she shifts around in the sling to the back.

2009-10-17 09:09:11: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks apprasingly at Binjali. Will she draw nearer, or will he have to go get her?

2009-10-17 09:13:14: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali says, "So, I found some props for Peter Pan." She shifts the sling to get at the pocket where she had secreted the thimble. She looks down and smiles as she plays with it.

2009-10-17 09:14:42: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron steps to Binjali to peer at the thimble in her hand.

2009-10-17 09:16:11: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali holds it up, then looks him in the eye over it. "It's a kiss, see?" Her smile is...flirtatious? Can't be.

2009-10-17 09:17:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron "A what? A kiss?" He laughs, but seems puzzled.

2009-10-17 09:19:55: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali nods solemnly, although the smile doesn't go anywhere. "Oh, yes. This isn't a thimble. It's a kiss. Wendy says so."

2009-10-17 09:25:50: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron nods back. If Wendy said it, it must be so. Hmm. "Is Wendy a member of your clan I haven't met yet?"

2009-10-17 09:29:41: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali chuckles. "No. She's a character in Peter Pan. You're not familiar, I take it?" She somehow tucks her hat behind her, into the sling or the backpack or the bandolier, so that it isn't crushed.

2009-10-17 09:31:07: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron It's a movie, right? A cartoon by Disney?

2009-10-17 09:44:07: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali shrugs slightly and drifts another step or two closer. "I think I've heard of that, but I read the play. Wendy gives Peter a kiss." She lifts the thimble for emphasis.

2009-10-17 09:45:03: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron She gives him a thimble.

2009-10-17 09:47:54: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali is rather close to him, now. Her elbow is bent and tucked close to her side, the thimble near her nose. "No, she gives him a kiss. It just happens to look like a thimble."

2009-10-17 09:50:26: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron is slightly confused. "It looked like a thimble, but it was really a kiss. Huh."

2009-10-17 09:53:09: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali grins at him and lets the thimble drop a little as she leans in, her chest touching his. "Yes, a kiss. Like this." She touches her lips lightly to his, mouth closed and smiling.

2009-10-17 09:54:14: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron tilts his chin down to give Binjali easier access as their lips touch. He reaches out for her.

2009-10-17 09:56:55: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali takes that one last step. She slips the thimble on her thumb and hugs him as his arms come around her. She closes her eyes and hums a little, very quietly, as she tilts her head to the side.

2009-10-17 09:59:24: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gently and tenderly presses Binjali against his body. He feels like his insides are melting.

2009-10-17 10:48:12: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali can feel heat rushing through her as she strokes a hand down his spine. Her other hand holds onto his shoulder from behind as she tries to press closer.

2009-10-17 10:51:26: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron feels that heat as a wave that that envelops him, making his body sink more deeply into hers as it washes over him.

2009-10-17 10:57:36: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali slips her head a little to the side, interrupting the kiss. She rubs her cheek against his and says, a bit nonsensically, "So, that's a kiss. D'you see?"

2009-10-17 11:01:19: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron 's voice catches in his throat. He manages to gasp, "Yesss, I see. A kiss." He takes her face in both his hands, takes a breath, and kisses her gain.

2009-10-17 11:06:11: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali takes in a short breath in surprise through her nose, looking at his cheekbone, his eyelashes, as she's kissed, then closes her eyes again and grabs for the back of his shoulders with both hands.

2009-10-17 11:18:35: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron places deft little kisses all over Binjali's face before returning to her lips as his hands travel from her face to the small of her back.

2009-10-17 11:53:17: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali pulls away, gasping, and plants her forehead on his shoulder. She thought she could handle it, but as it went on, she was overwhelmed, the waves breaking over her over and over.

2009-10-17 11:54:22: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali can hear the roar of the ocean in her ears. Not swept away, perhaps, but robbed of breath. "I have to go," she says to his shoulder. Her grip on his shoulders loosens.

2009-10-17 11:58:15: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron rubs his hand on the small of her back and exhales loudly. This seems to always happen. Well, time to man up. No complaints. Cold showers will set everything right.

2009-10-17 12:00:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron frowns and looks over at her. Well, he's trying to frown. No, it's just not possible to frown at Binjali. He tries to grimace, but that turns into a grin.

2009-10-17 12:00:42: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron Binjali, you do what you need to do. You're setting the pace here.

2009-10-17 12:03:35: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali doesn't move. She doesn't actually want to leave. Some force of habit or survival mechanism spoke for her, to keep this from being a rollercoaster ride without a seatbelt. She sighs too.

2009-10-17 12:04:59: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron It's OK. Well, it will be OK. Let me leave first, so I don't sit here all night like an idiot, wondering what just happened.

2009-10-17 12:10:17: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali is uncomfortably aware of her inexperience. Her throat feels like it's locked with a stone. She rubs her forehead against his shoulder,gripping the fur over his shoulderblades,then takes a step back.

2009-10-17 12:11:38: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks at her feet and tries to swallow enough to speak. She peeks at Pinche's face to gauge his disappointment.

2009-10-17 12:14:01: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron tries to look stoic, but cannot keep a straight face (despite an ache in certain regions). He breaks out in a broad grin and says, "I'll be seeing you Binjali. Hopefully very soon."

2009-10-17 12:25:28: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali grins back, relieved. She's able to find her voice with a minimum of throat clearing. "Yes. Um. Until soon." She forces herself to stand still.

2009-10-17 12:26:53: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron makes the painful walk back to Ace High, perhaps limping a bit.

2009-10-17 12:29:28: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali grins and hums all the way back to Pleasantville, cheerfully killing everything that jumps her. The wallaby stays on her back, sulking.


2009-10-25 20:19:42: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron feels an urge to go mountain climbing. He looks up at the peak that towers above to the Northeast and considers his equipment.

2009-10-25 20:39:02: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali walks out of Clan Halls and tilts her head up, feeling the sun on her face with her eyes closed as she adjusts. It's been a while since she's been out and about.

2009-10-25 20:40:28: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron grins over at Binjali. "Where have you been?"

2009-10-25 20:42:48: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali opens her eyes when she hears a familiar voice and sees Pinche. An answering grin immediately shows. "Oh, nowhere in particular. Unconcious for a while, then recovering."

2009-10-25 20:45:21: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron raises his eyebrow. "Are you well now?"

2009-10-25 20:47:30: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali nods. "Oh, yes, sorry. I mostly stayed in bed until I healed up. The bump's pretty much gone. I was playing in the snow with Skidge and Escemfer and slipped and hit my head."

2009-10-25 20:50:37: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "How unfortunate! I was just thinking of heading up into the snow myself. If you haven't developed a morbid fear of it, perhaps you'd like to come with me? Get a bit of fresh air?"

2009-10-25 20:52:51: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali tilts her head to the side as she looks at him, still happy to see him. "Sure, I didn't have anything else planned."

2009-10-25 20:54:40: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali continues, "It would be pretty silly to develop a fear of a place where I made a mistake. Soon there would be nowhere I could go on the island without quaking."One side of her mouth curls higher.

2009-10-25 20:58:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I think I discovered a new trail up the mountain. Want to check it out?"

2009-10-25 21:01:57: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali nods. "Sure. If it winds near Skidge's fort, I'll show you." She gestures to Pinche to lead as she swings off her pack to start digging in it for the bits of cloth she uses as scarves and so on.

2009-10-25 21:05:44: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron starts walking off in the lead, and then realizes Binjali is still fussing with her pack and her scarves. He rolls his eyes.

2009-10-25 21:08:14: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali starts walking slowly after Pinche as she finishes wrapping her neck and ears. The pack goes back on her back and she tries to tuck cloth around the wallaby, who's not terrifically happy about it.

2009-10-25 21:09:43: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "OK, let's go up the river a bit. The trail starts above the waterfall."

2009-10-25 21:10:20: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali manages to at least tuck the cloth next to the wallaby, who then rearranges it to her satisfaction. She's tying rags around her hands with her head down when she bumps into Pinche. "Huh?"

2009-10-25 21:22:15: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali backs up a step and smiles at Pinche, a little embarassed. "Er, sorry. I haven't been to the waterfall in a long time. I'm not sure where it is."

2009-10-25 21:24:51: <QQQ> <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Just follow me up the river until we reach it, then." He smiles and nods at Binjali, and turns to walk out the town gates.

2009-10-25 21:28:42: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali stretches her legs to catch up with Pinche. An adventure! She beams.


2009-10-25 16:57:11: The chill waters of three mountain streams meet here to form a pool after chasing down from the gullies and canyons above. The water rests in the pool after its race . . .

2009-10-25 17:00:03: . . . then plunges down 200 feet in a terrific waterfall to form a second larger pool. This is the furthest navigable stretch of the river that feeds the Island's great lake.

2009-10-25 17:03:46: Because of some strange quality in the rocks behind it, the curtain of water forms something like a mirror, reflecting the jungle scenery before it.

2009-10-25 21:36:23: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron emerges from the Jungle, ahead of Binjali and her Wallaby. He stands at the edge of the pool and looks around to get his bearings. They are on the Northern bank of the river.

2009-10-25 21:39:08: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali follows right on Pinche's tail and stops next to him, staring. "Now this waterfall," she says, voice raised a bit to be heard over the crash of water, "I would have remembered!"

2009-10-25 21:50:18: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali tucks her hat behind her and starts picking her way down the slope then over the medium and large mossy boulders circling the edge of the pool in several uneven rows. Her arms are spread for balance.

2009-10-25 21:52:08: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali reaches the edge proper and squats on one large rock. She pulls off the rags she tied to her hands and tucks them in next to the wallaby, then reaches her fingers down to trail in the water.

2009-10-25 21:53:56: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron waggles his eyebrows, "Want to go skinny dipping?"

2009-10-25 21:56:05: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali snatches her fingers back quickly and holds them in her other hand to warm them. She turns her head to look over her shoulder at Pinche. "No! Are you kidding me? This has to be mostly snowmelt!"

2009-10-25 22:01:59: : A flock of Crimson Macaws bursts from the tree line and circles above the deep wide pool, their parroty calls a startling cacaphony. They fly up to the trees above the waterfall.

2009-10-25 22:07:57: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron laughs at the sudden distraction. The brightly colored birds have settled in some fruit trees high above the waterfall. They quiet down a bit as they begin to feast on mangoes.

2009-10-25 22:10:26: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali's head snaps up to follow their flight and smiles when she realizes it's some harmless, almost normal jungle fauna. She sneaks a look at Pinche while he's laughing and smiles some more.

2009-10-25 22:12:24: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron leans down, and cups some of the cool water in his hand for a drink. When his thirst is satisfied, he looks to Binjali to see if she is ready to go on.

2009-10-25 22:14:45: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali stands. The wallaby seems relieved to move away from the large body of water- she's already been wet once today thankyouverymuch. Binjali hops along the rocks away from Pinche.

2009-10-25 22:17:45: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron follows along close behind, enjoying the view of Binjali scrambling on the rocks. He thinks outdoorsy women are so sexy!

2009-10-25 22:23:11: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali stops partway around to wave at her wobbly reflection, then continues. She wants to get to the waterfall. The wallaby would like to stay out of the spray.

2009-10-25 22:46:16: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali gets to the left side of the waterfall, enjoying the refreshing spray on her face. The wallaby is chagrined. Binjali picks her way right to the edge and puts her hand into the waterfall for a moment.

2009-10-25 22:52:41: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali grins as the power of even just the very edge of the waterfall forces her hand away. Her hand bounces against the wall behind the fall. "Huh?" That didn't feel like rock.She feels along the wall.

2009-10-25 22:56:26: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali pulls a rope from behind the edge of the fall. She tugs on it. It seems to be connected somewhere above. She tugs on it a few more times, craning back her head to see where it goes.

2009-10-25 22:58:39: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I see you found our way up! You go first and I'll follow. Want me to take the wallaby?"

2009-10-25 23:01:22: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks back at Pinche and grins, still holding the rope. The wallaby is already swimming around to the back of the sling and glares at Pinche. "No, I think she'll be alright."

2009-10-25 23:01:56: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali asks, "Have you gone this way before?"

2009-10-25 23:03:40: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Once before, to see what was up above. That's when I saw the trail up the mountain and made a note to explore it later."

2009-10-25 23:04:38: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gives the rope a good strong tug to test it for himself. It's a long way up and a long way back down, if the rope breaks.

2009-10-25 23:06:16: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali says, "Okay. I just like to know when I'm going to climb an untested rope." She jumps to brace her feet against the cliff wall and starts walking up, pulling mightily with her arms.

2009-10-25 23:07:02: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks as if she'll get up to the top just fine. She's a graduate of the Improbable Island Extreme Physical Fitness program after all.

2009-10-25 23:12:54: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron takes hold of the rope when Binjali reaches the top, and begins scaling the cliff. Soon he gains the top, and see's Binjali waiting for him, seated by the smaller pool above the falls.

2009-10-25 23:15:37: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali waves as Pinche pops up. She's been admiring the view and catching her breath a little. "So, where to from here?"

2009-10-25 23:18:44: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron points to a path by the middle stream. "You're right about the other two being snow-melt. But feel the water in this stream."

2009-10-25 23:23:30: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali stands, walks around the pool, and hops over the left to crouch by the center stream. She reaches her fingertips out to it cautiously. "Oh! It's warm! Is there hot snow up there?"

2009-10-25 23:28:43: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Um, yeah, hot snow. Or maybe a hot spring?"

2009-10-25 23:36:52: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali flushes. Of course. That made more sense. "Yeah. Yeah, maybe." She stands, wiping her fingers on the surcoat over her hip. She beckons Pinche towards her and the trail with her head.

2009-10-25 23:37:24: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron and Binjali continue up the trail. After a while the trail diverges from the stream, but they continue on . . .

Cyber City Outskirts

2009-10-25 17:11:00: Today is the Grand Opening of Cyber City's Robotic Pet Adoption Center and robots are lined up around the block, waiting to get in for a look at the pets available to good homes.

2009-10-25 17:14:52: Near the front doors are posters exhorting robot pet owners to get their robotic pets spayed or neutered and encouraging the adoption of unwanted robotic pets.

2009-10-25 17:24:39: Inside, robots mill about cages and pens, examining different pets and discussing their merits in beeps, boops, bleeps, and 1337, the robotic dialect.

2009-10-25 17:28:44: Meanwhile, the robotic veterinarian does a brisk business in administering vaccinations against computer viruses in those pets destined for new robotic homes.

2009-10-26 00:27:25: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali walks up with Pinche and sees the crowd. Grabbing Pinche's hand, she tugs him into the line, curious to see what sorts of things robots keep as pets. "This wasn't here last time I came through."

2009-10-26 00:30:06: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali and Pinche soon reach the head of the line and walk through the doors. Robot lines are quick and efficient! Binjali is soon examining a robot hamster.

2009-10-26 00:31:30: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron goes directly to the robot puppies, where he joins a large group of robot children playing with them. Whether they are robots or not, PUPPIES ARE CUTE!

2009-10-26 00:33:06: Security guards escort a Robot Richard Gere away from the robot gerbils and throw him out.

2009-10-26 00:33:16: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali pokes her finger in between the rungs of the wheel the hamster is running on. It doesn't seem to notice, instead clacking around and around the stationary wheel, claws gripping the rungs.

2009-10-26 00:38:25: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali lets the smooth, glassy underside of the hamster pass over her finger a few times, then lets go. The wheel is very quickly blurred again. She moves on to the next display, which has snakes.

2009-10-26 00:40:44: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali watches as each snake neatly slithers back and forth and round and round in its quarter of the cage. There is a white with a grey scale pattern that reminds her of a rattlesnake and a dangerous looking solid black...

2009-10-26 00:40:45: A robot animal attendant sets up an enclosure near a hatch. It opens the hatch and leads out some electronic lambs and pygmy goats. Soon, more robot children are petting the animals.

2009-10-26 00:43:42: An elderly robot couple (judging by their early model numbers and obsolescent design) approach the puppy pen. One of them nods at Pinche and says, "We're looking for a Cocker Spaniel."

2009-10-26 00:44:17: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali passes over the deep purple boa constrictor to touch the electric blue garden snake with a yellow racing stripe. As its head passes under her hand, it rises out of its holding pattern.

2009-10-26 00:45:02: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I'm sorry, I don't work here."

2009-10-26 00:45:49: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks at all the puppies, but doesn't see a Cocker Spaniel. He looks back at the elderly robots and shrugs.

2009-10-26 00:49:50: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali holds herself still as the thin little snake wraps itself around her hand, then spirals up her arm. It seems to be content to go across her shoulders,down the other arm,and back in a precise pattern.

2009-10-26 00:50:02: The other elderly robot says, "We sort of had our heart set on a Robot Cocker. They're so cute." The first robot nods and says, "Oh, well, let's see what they have here. They're all cute."

2009-10-26 00:51:44: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali holds out her hand flat as it comes down, about to turn back up. It coils itself in her palm and lies still, head outwards. She wonders absently if there are two of these eating each other somewhere.

2009-10-26 00:55:15: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali gently places the snake back in the space left for it. After a moment, it slithers automatically into the back and forth, rectangular cycle it had been in before. She moves on, past the other reptiles.

2009-10-26 01:00:02: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali stops and chuckles as she reaches the small marsupial section. She stops in front of the single robot wallaby they have there. "Hey, look!" she says, looking down at the wallaby.

2009-10-26 01:00:54: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gets up from the puppy pen and goes to a wall filled with shelves. On the shelves are many glass jars, all apparently empty. Then he notices the sign: NANO PETS -- PLEASE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE

2009-10-26 01:01:34: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali 's wallaby is not as amused as Binjali. If her look could be interpreted, it would probably be 'creeped out'. She turns to hide her face in the sling. The robot blinks at them placidly.

2009-10-26 01:04:51: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali notices the wallaby's distress and moves away, petting her back. "It's okay, I couldn't replace you. I was that weirded out the first few times I saw robots, too. It's okay, really."

2009-10-26 01:08:38: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali wanders a bit as the wallaby regains her courage and pops her head back out to look around. She stops and stares at a giant tank with two schools of small electric fish.

2009-10-26 01:11:28: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali watches as the fish rapidly interweave- yellow and green checker for a a moment- then they each hit a side of the tank and rebound as blue and purple, the purple arching over, the blue curving under.

2009-10-26 01:15:41: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali shakes her head a little but keeps watching as they bounce and flip again, red and orange, somehow creating diagonal stripes, then bouncing against the top and the bottom and becoming an image of a white and black tree.

2009-10-26 01:16:55: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron tires of the empty jars and wanders over to Binjali by the aquariums.

2009-10-26 01:17:45: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Those are cool! Are you going to get some?"

2009-10-26 01:19:22: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali can't look away as the fish flicker through a silver and blue fleur-de-lis, a rose and mint spiral, a warm brown and tan chair.

2009-10-26 01:19:34: A robot attendant overhears Pinche's question and frowns mechanically. He whirrs around and moves towards Binjali and Pinche menacingly.

2009-10-26 01:20:34: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali says, "Oh, um...I hadn't thought about it. Maybe."

2009-10-26 01:21:58: The robot stops directly in front of them, blocking their view. He berates them in a grating, buzzing voice, "HUMANS MAY NOT ADOPT ROBOTIC PETS HERE. THIS IS FOR ROBOTIC ADOPTIONS ONLY."

2009-10-26 01:23:27: The robot points a mechanical pooper scooper at Binjali. "YOU ARE A HUMAN. YOU MAY NOT ADOPT A ROBOT PET HERE."

2009-10-26 01:23:57: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali pouts a little as the sight of the fish swooping into a night sky complete with moving comets is replaced by a grumpy robot. "I'm sorry, I was just looking," she says apologetically.

2009-10-26 01:24:06: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Cheese, settle down, robot. We're just looking."

2009-10-26 01:26:26: A friendlier robot joins the first. "I'm awfully sorry, but what TH-UG187 said is correct, even if he's not the most diplomatic robot on our staff. But please, enjoy looking and playing."

2009-10-26 01:29:28: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali says, "Oh, that's too bad. You have some lovely pets here. Why do you have that policy?" She smiles politely at the non-TH-UG.

2009-10-26 01:32:43: The friendly robots appears pleased that Binjali asked. "Unfortunately there are a limited amount of robot pets at the present time. We robots are utilizing them to learn about empathy."

2009-10-26 01:39:53: "Until there is a surplus, all robotic pets will be assigned to robot volunteers. Or until the experiment ends and we have learned empathy. Then we don't care what happens to them."

2009-10-26 01:47:06: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali raises her eyebrows. "I...see." She knew from interacting with a few that robots had trouble with certain humanistic behaviors, but she hadn't known they wanted to improve.

2009-10-26 01:50:20: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron remembers the elderly couple and asks the nice attendant, "Are there any more robot pets in the back? Perhaps a Cocker Spaniel?"

2009-10-26 01:51:03: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Uh, not for me. For those two over there. Those, uh, older units."

2009-10-26 01:52:23: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron waits for a reply, but then realizes that the attendant is communicating with the elderly robots, either via radio signals or some other non-visible means.

2009-10-26 01:55:30: The "older units" make their way over. The nice attendant turns to Binjali and Pinche and says, "You may accompany them to the back, if you wish. There is a malfunctioning unit back there."

2009-10-26 01:59:04: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali and Pinche follow the granbots into the back. Somehow, mysteriously, she's holding Pinche's hand again. Hmm.

2009-10-26 02:01:48: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron sees the granbots crouch down to examine the malfunctioning Cocker Spaniel Robot Puppy. It appears that its housebreaking circuit is broken. A tiny roomba is doing its best to clean up after it.

2009-10-26 02:04:45: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron squeezes Binjali's hand as the nice robot meets them in the back area. It says, thoughtfully, "Actually, if you really wanted to adopt something that unit is available," indicating the roomba.

2009-10-26 02:10:41: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks at the little thing that is so valiantly trying to do its job and smiles. The wallaby looks offended that the robot would suggest such a tawdry replacement. It's not even shiny.

2009-10-26 02:13:17: The robot couple seem very pleased with their malfunctioning puppy. "We'll get him fixed," they tell the robot attendant. They take the puppy and carry him back to the front of the center.

2009-10-26 02:15:22: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron let's go of Binjali's hand to pick up the roomba. It looks a little different from others he has seen. This one has a large cylinder on it's top, about 2 inches high and 4 inches in diameter.

2009-10-26 02:16:11: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks closer at the cylinder. It bears some sort of code, maybe a model number. X/R13-161215/2.5/20-qbt-15/5.22/1

2009-10-26 02:20:17: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali leans against Pinche just a little to get a look at the thing. She pokes the cylinder from the side, gently. "So it...cleans floors?"

2009-10-26 02:20:55: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron shrugs. That's what he always thought roombas were for.

2009-10-26 02:21:56: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron looks sideways at Binjali and smiles a secret smile.

2009-10-26 02:29:00: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali tilts her head up and smiles back, looking into his eyes. "So, um. Do you, uh. Want to adopt it?" Hard to remember things with his...nose so close to hers.

2009-10-26 02:31:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "I was hoping we might at least try and make our own babies first."

2009-10-26 02:35:15: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali squeaks, "Babies?" and backs up a big, fast step. Maybe it was just one of his jokes. She tries to smooth her face and is partially successful, her eyes wide.

2009-10-26 02:37:16: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron grins at his joke. Then the roomba begins making beeping and booping noises, seemingly at Binjali, although how one can tell is unclear.

2009-10-26 02:39:18: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali is gratefully distracted by the noises. She comes closer again, although opposite Pinche instead of beside this time. She reaches out her finger to touch it gently, frowning a tiny bit.

2009-10-26 02:41:07: : The roomba makes sad beeping noises, as if it wants to be taken home. Suddenly, it barks in a tiny voice! barkbarkbarkbark! It wags its antennae.

2009-10-26 02:47:28: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali's wallaby does not like where this is going. She glares at the roomba. Binjali tries petting it with the same finger, smiling crookedly.

2009-10-26 02:54:51: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Want me to put it in your pack?"

2009-10-26 02:57:07: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks up at him in surprise. "You don't want to take it home? You picked it up..." She's still petting the roomba as it wags its tiny antenna tail.

2009-10-26 03:00:23: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron whispers to Binjali, "When I said, try to make babies, I meant just to practice not to actually try to make them."

2009-10-26 03:03:47: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali 's eyes get wide again, and a full face flush shoots from her forehead to her neck. "Yescertainlyputitinmypackifyoudon'tmindI'lltakeithome!" She spins away from him and looks at the floor.

2009-10-26 03:07:08: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron grins and opens Binjali's pack with nimble fingers. He takes a moment to gentle spread the flaps wide and then inserts the roomba with great care.

2009-10-26 03:13:14: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali says, her voice still a touch too high, "Is it in yet?" Her hands knot together and then spring apart again as she fidgets, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

2009-10-26 03:23:37: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says through gritted teeth, "Almost!" then slips it the rest of the way in. He then cinches the drawstring and shuts the flap.

2009-10-26 03:26:57: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali sighs in relief and spins around again, ending up a comfortable distance away from Pinche. "Um, thanks." At least she's getting used to it a little. The blush has mostly faded already.

2009-10-26 03:33:44: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron pats the top of her pack happily and says, "All set! Let's go!"

2009-10-26 03:38:19: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali looks up into his face as he reaches around to pat her pack. He's awfully close again. She swallows and tries not to think about practicing anything. "Um, sure. I could use some dinner."

2009-10-26 03:40:23: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "Race you to Pleasantville! Loser buys the steaks!"

2009-10-26 03:44:40: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali is cheerfully distracted from practicing. She says, "Sure, I've got extra req in my pocket today," as they make their way out of the adoption center. "On the count of three?"

2009-10-26 03:47:41: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali gets ready to move and watches Pinche does the same. She says, "Three...two...one!"

2009-10-26 03:49:38: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "That's not how you count to three. That's a count down from three. Want me to do it?"

2009-10-26 03:54:55: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali stumbles forward a step as she starts to run and abruptly stops. "What? Oh, fine, do it how you want." She shakes out her arms and legs and gets ready again.

2009-10-26 03:56:00: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron gives Binjali a quick kiss, then says, "Ready?"

2009-10-26 03:56:11: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron says, "One."

2009-10-26 03:56:57: <QQQ> Ecstatic Pinche Cabron takes off running up the path, a little trail of dust cloud behind him.

2009-10-26 04:00:15: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali is struck dumb for a moment, all systems screaming KISS! THAT WAS A KISS!

2009-10-26 04:02:26: <DICE> Returning Contestant Binjali shakes it off after a second or two and yells, "HEY! YOU DIRTY ROTTEN FLEABAG, YOU ALREADY HAD THE ADVANTAGE!" She takes off after him, at her top speed.

Here ends the Saga, prematurely cut off by circumstance.

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