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Possibly the most evil and twisted being on the Island. It has been described in many ways, the Muffeletta of Menace, the Pitta of Pain, the Sub of Screams - all are beautifully evocative of its purpose: Murder and mayhem.

It is an undead sandwich, a weapon from beyond the grave. It seeks to attack and kill whatsoever or whomsoever it comes across, and has been extremely successful so far in its inexorable progress around the Island.


Created by MidgetTor NaGoth when the foul little beastie (Tor) buried a perfectly nice, if slightly limp sandwich handed to the midget by Uncle Bernard. The sandwich was buried at Pita Semetary, the site of a fearful buffet, many years ago - just outside Squat Hole.

Many days after the burial, the Sammich burst from the grave, and began its killing spree. Tor managed, briefly to trap the foul burrito in the iFridge, but the sandwich was released by MechaMonkey, who was promptly attacked and scalped by the now-free Fluffernuffer.

The spree continued, with the sammich attacking the little puppy of, and then seemingly being defeated by Sir Gompmire.

However, the Sammich, possessed by a primordial evil, managed to escape and has since attacked many others, all of whom have vowed to defeat the Sammich, either with Midget Tor or without 'Im..

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