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The Shadow

The Shadow first appeared on the Island shortly after the reset. An unknown, he sat quietly to the side, accumulating Drive Kills, req, and ciggies while the time of the Great Appearing was in process.

His religious history began as an athiest, however soon was brought to convert to the Cult of the Three Hedgehogs after three visits with Crazy Audrey in one day - all of which produced Hedgehogs. For a short time, he maintained this faith (although espousing the benefits of the occasional hedgehog BBQ, as they make excellent burgers) - donating req, and the occasional artwork to the CyberCity Shrine.

In time, as the strength of the miracle of the Hedgehogs waned and, upon being struck repeatedly by a kitten, scratching his face (and his turns) away, the Shadow forsook this faith, instead turning to the true masters of the Island - the Lords of Chaos.

Among other feats was the successful (if temporary) theft of Qurribell's Chaos Drive (which was subsequently stolen back by Snickerer. This feat was rewarded by the Joker Congress in AceHigh with the gift of the Chaos Engine. This Engine gave The Shadow the prophesies of the Lords of Chaos, and his current faith.

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