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Tea in Trees?

Chief Inspector Ari bounds into New Home "Eben! Eben! I am a kitty again!"

Ebenezer answers Drea, "Sh-she's my clan's leader. Joker. Erm. Thief. She's in-in the jungle sometimes, yes. Hears ev-everything. Probably lis-listening in now." He glances left and right.

Rookie Drea touches her glasses uncertainly "is there any way to prevent her from stealing them, or perhaps some insurance so they will be replaced?"

Ebenezer ohs, "Hell-ello, Ari! Congrat-atula-lations! Tea?" He shakes his head at Drea. "Oh, I doubt-doubt she'll try and take yours. On-only interes-rested in mine, I think?"

Chief Inspector Ari shakes her head and beelines for a tree "no thank you, I am going to climb!"

Rookie Drea's attention is drawn to Eben's frames "are they particularily valuable then? I suppose you chose the best of your stock"

Ebenezer ahs at Ari, flexing the fingers on both hands. "Claws," he says, understanding. He nods. "Have-have fun with that, then!"

Chief Inspector Ari scrambles her way into the lower branches inelegantly and swings her legs delighted, no cliff here so she can't get in trouble

Ebenezer leans back, a bit self-conscious. He shakes his head, "What? No. I got-I got these before M-Marly stocked our glasses. Erm! Mine, erm. Th-they show odd doors, s-sort of."

Ebenezer waves his hands, trying to explain, "Invis-visible doors. C-can't see them unless she's l-looking through my specs."

Rookie Drea frowns "so they aren't proper glasses then? They too are unusual, as mine were?"

Ebenezer shrugs his shoulders! "Th-they work jus-just like proper spec-spectacles for me. I n-never saw any doors. Erm. Un-until I looked through two pairs at once." A pause, "I had t-two pairs."

Chief Inspector Ari peers at Eben, contemplating what sort of argument would convince him to join her in the tree

Rookie Drea sets and empty tea cup on the table "so, only this Zolotisty can see the magic then? Well then mine should be okay should they not, there is no magic in them yes?"

Ebenezer nods his head. "Yes! Sh-she took them and I did-didn't know why until-til she explained the doors." He admits, "Ev-even then, I was a bit confused. I don't th-think my spectacles are magic!"

Ebenezer mumbles, "All a coin-incidence, I think."

Chief Inspector Ari swings her legs "Eben?"

Rookie Drea nods "they are rather nice spectacles but they do not look unusual"

Ebenezer gives Drea half a grin. "Oh. Th-thanks very much." He peers up towards Ari-in-the-tree. "Erm. Yes?"

Chief Inspector Ari beams down at him "want to come sit with me?"

Ebenezer pulls a face at Ari, answering, "Erm. I d-don't really climb trees really."

Chief Inspector Ari grins "thats why you should then, its really fun and you can see lots of stuff too! More defendable and stuff"

Ebenezer erms at Ari, "B-but I can't have tea in-in a tree."

Chief Inspector Ari tilts her head "why not?"

Rookie Crow Jane toc tocs at Ebenezer. "Teas in trees."

Ebenezer raises an eyebrow at Crow Jane. "Erm! Hello." He glances back to Ari. 'Be-because it might fall!"

Rookie Crow Jane nods, "S'more painful what for ever'one else. All talk talk talking. All the time."

Chief Inspector Ari hmms at the newest obstacle "what if we nail down a board or something? then the basket will sit on it and if you need to put it down it could go there. . . Or you could just hold your cup?"

Ebenezer grimaces. "The-the poor tree, though?" He glances the tree up and down. "I d-don't see how I'd get up there an-anyhow, Ari. It's trick-tricky." He shows her his hands. "No claws."

Cheif Inspector Ari frowns, she does not want to hurt the tree so she lets out a sigh "maybe I will find a big tree somewhere and then we can have tea there"

Ebenezer says, "Well, I d-don't know why you'd want to have tea in-in a tree anyhow, Ari! Tea's f-for the ground. Erm. Floor. Ta-tables on the ground or floor." He nods.

Chief Inspector Ari blinks "cause its fun? I like climbing, even though I am not very good at it"

Ebenezer waves a hand at her, arguing, "You-you must be better at it than me."

Chief Inspector Ari giggles and swings down to hang upside down by her knees facing Eben still "I almost fell off a cliff last time, I still like it though"

Ebenezer flinches and anghs at Ari. "B-be-be-be-be careful! What now? A cliff?" He's astounded and horrified. "Yes, this is m-much better than a cliff." He begins to pack up his tea service.

Chief Inspector Ari grins "It was okay, I got rescued, it was all the butterfly's fault really"

Ebenezer counts his teacups to make sure he's still got them all. He has. Careful, he pulls his gingham tablecloth, trying not to wake poor Mr. Darkwater. "B-butterflies don't climb trees, Ari."

Rookie Crow Jane adds helpfully, "Butterflies fly. S'there in tha title. Fly."

Chief Inspector Ari laughs "nope, they have it easy, they just fly into them"

Ebenezer points to Jane, nodding. "Yes, that! They-they do that." He stands, hauling up his hamper and kettle. "Well, I'd bett-better get going. Good to see everyone."

Chief Inspector Ari swings herself and hops down "bye Eben!"

Ebenezer bows his head to Ari, then to the others in the outpost. "G-goodbye." He heads out.

Rookie Crow Jane waves at Ebenezer, because she's seen others do it and it looks like fun.

Chief Inspector Ari heads north with a wave

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