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The Tiresias Reels was a group effort. The project took nearly a year to complete (more, if you consider the scenes that led up to the first points at which we began collecting and editing documents to fit into the Reels), and invited the assistance and patience of many talented Islanders. The primary contributors to the project are, in alphabetical order: Ebenezer, Haccadine, Spandex and Zolotisty. Secondary contributors, graciously thanked for their participation, again in alphabetical order: Darcy, Kalistrix Dali, KK Victoria, and Tyr; among many others who make small in-character cameos throughout.

If you've read these docs, please take the time to Distract one of us and say so. It's been a long road -- the Reels comprise just over two hundred thousand words, roughly equivalent to two full length novels, and we'd love to hear what you think, whether that's positive or negative or somewhere in between. If you have questions, we're happy to answer and discuss.

Thanks for reading.


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