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The Watcher appears in the Outpost, nods to those assembled, and draws some lines in the dirt.

The Watcher's drawn lines make up this shape: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Lycanthrope Bob Zarido salutes The Watcher. He's sitting, so bowing would make him look silly. "Erm. . . A, Miss?"

Contestant Archer looks up, and shivers a bit. "Woah." He's never seen Her off the failboat.

Witch Doctor Makiwa wanders into town. It's been a while since he's been here. And there's people, oh good! Makiwa waves and offers a "Howzit?" to everyone.

The Watcher nods to Bob, and scrawls an "A" in the ground. _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _

Witch Doctor Makiwa nods a greeting to The Watcher.

Contestant Archer asks, "Uhh. I, ma'am?"

The Watcher nods a greeting back, still silent, and flicks her eyes quickly up towards the cameras, then back down to the dirt.

The Watcher shakes her head at Archer, and draws the base of the gallows.

Contestant Kidia gets a cold sweat realizing that The Watcher is right infront of her

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks on with interest. Oh, a game of some sort? Excellent!

Lycanthrope Bob Zarido tries his best to hide a tiny smile. It still sort of pops out as his ears lift up. "How about an O?"

Rookie Sikh kneels respectfully before The Watcher, and slowly transitions to a sit next to his wall again. "'Ow about's a 'T'?" He asks, nervously. It had, after all, only been a few days since he'd shown up here, and he doesn't regard Her warmly. . .

The Watcher shakes her head at Bob Zarido, and draws a vertical wooden stake, before nodding at Sikh.

The letters now read _ T _ A _ _ _ _ _

Contestant Archer shrugs. "Erm, how about an E?"

The Watcher nods at Archer.

_ T _ A _ _ E _ _

Witch Doctor Makiwa's not familiar with this game. He studies the letters drawn in the dirt and looks at the others expectantly.

Rookie Allisade "I would like to guess an R miss, thank you"

Out of Place Lucien slinks into the outpost, hearing the sounds of chatter and feeling drawn to them. A quick look around shows her there is a game going on, and she approaches cautiously.

_ T R A _ _ E R _

Lycanthrope Bob Zarido grins, still respectfully nervous. "S?"

Out of Place Lucien watches for a few long, long moments. It appears to be a game of hangman. She wonders if she'll be allowed to join in, and comes closer still. "Excuse me please but may I play?"

Lycanthrope Bob Zarido blinks. "Is. . .Is it Strangers?" Why does this seem familiar?

Lycanthrope Bob Zarido shuts his fat mouth rather quickly. Over-excitement. Baaaad thing.

Ochris looks on in ardent admiration. Such raw efficiency! Such power! Fortunately, her adoring gaze is the simple flat affect her hardware permits.

Contestant Archer looks intently to see if Strangers is, indeed, the correct word.

The Watcher points towards Bob Zarido, and taps her nose. She glances at the cameras festooned around the Outpost before hurriedly dusting away the letters with her foot. She looks around at the gathered people, presses her fingers to her lips, and is gone.

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