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Alright, so here's the story. You may, at one time, have seen that little kid riding around on a big wheel with that top-hat and a dinosaur shirt. Well, like many of the contestants on the island, Mogar made a new friend. As a gracious gift for his friendship, he received one hell of an itchy eye, as well as a nice case of radiation poisoning.

Great. Radiation and Improbability.

In a way to isolate himself from everyone so as to not spread this radiation poisoning, Mogar spent a lot of time building his tree-fort-house. During this time, he finished large sections of his house (redecorating a good portion of it as well) and its annex. He also did a bit of growing up. With all those crazy atomic isotopes running into the Drive's improbability inside him, his physical growth accelerated dramatically (almost with a *pop* of an instantaneous "few" years), and his mental self did a bit of aging as well. He's taller, somewhat, has a different outlook and attitude, and a beard.

Parts of Mogar's mentality and personality remain the same; he still absolutely loves cookies, and he's always wearing a big, friendly smile. With that smile, he's got on a Victorian-style, black, three-piece suit, with yellow pants, black shoes, and a black top hat. In his jacket's outer chest pocket, he keeps his clan napkin as a pocket square. In his jacket's inner pockets are hiding his ivory-inlaid, cherrywood fountain pen, his cherrywood churchwarden pipe, a hand-carved, wooden tamp, and a small tin of his tobacco, the smoke of which smells somewhat like freshly baked cookies1)2). In his vest pockets, he's also got a pocket watch and a few cookies, along with a wooden, 17-sided die, carved so that all its faces are unequal.

In running around chopping down trees and gathering stone, he's become familiar with many local plants and herbs. While they don't usually taste very good, especially together, the tea he makes from his bag o' mix'll make you feel really good; it's effects aren't quite similar to smoking one of those funny-smelling cigarettes, but it will strengthen your body's systems, fortitude, and energy, and you'll feel nice and relaxed after a hard day's work. But I digress. He's picked up a habit of wood-carving too, as well as a real change of clothes. Um, other stuff too. I think.3)

Oh yeah, he also isn't very fond of any of the IIsland's Mikes4)5).

1) hence the smell always sticking to Mogar
2) eating cookies all the time doesn't make you smell like cookies! derp.
3) Such as being indirectly responsible for the Island's first unliving AND inanimate community.
4) you know, the guys that run the chop shops?
5) Uh, you wouldn't wanna be kidnapped and sold as one of these, either.
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