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Chapter 7 - Of Hummingbirds and Sofas

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In the Bingo Hall

2010-02-04 22:37:15: Metallic g_rock sneaks in from the pleasantville gate, searching the main floor (quietly) for his lost cane

2010-02-04 22:43:00: Metallic g_rock spots it underneath the sofa. He crams his arm under, rreeeaaachiiinnng. . .and gets a hand around it

2010-02-04 22:48:12: Metallic g_rock , like a problem child in an arcade, or like UB at a vending machine without change, cannot seem to get his arm back out with the prize

2010-02-04 22:58:23: Metallic g_rock swears softly to himself, and tugs with all his might. The result? Hand slips, punches self in face, out cold in the middle of the floor.

2010-02-05 00:24:33: Spandex woke fast from a loud wild dream. She got up , wrapped herself tenderly (o! the ribs) in a blanket and descended to the kitchen.

2010-02-05 00:39:05: Merlin heads out of her room, slamming the door with a little less force than yesterday. . . but only a little. She stalks into the kitchen and sets to work baking up some scones.

2010-02-05 00:39:42: Spandex brews a coffee. Life comes into focus. She sips, and sees g asleep in the middle of the floor, next to the sofa. Huh.

2010-02-05 00:40:30: Spandex nudges Mer and nods toward G on the floor. And "coffee?"

2010-02-05 00:41:54: Merlin looks at Spandex. "No thank you" and turns back to the dough, which she now proceeds to knead to death.

2010-02-05 00:44:09: Spandex watches Mer beating the hell out of some baked items. "Hey, you. Wanna talk about it?"

2010-02-05 00:46:24: Spandex suddenly puts two and two together to make 23, and puts down her coffee. She heads to G, hands clenched. "what did he do, Mer?"

2010-02-05 00:46:26: Merlin throws a particularly fierce punch to the dough. "HE broke my books!" She grabs a knife and proceeds to divide the dough into sections. "Paint. . . Crossbows. . . FRISBEE!"

2010-02-05 00:47:34: Metallic g_rock groans and stirs

2010-02-05 00:48:03: Merlin Throws the sorry looking scones on a tray and sets them in the oven. "He should know. . . He should. After all, he helped me rescue some of them in the first place."

2010-02-05 00:51:36: calliaphone drips in from the beach with her cart and Darren. She is sunburnt and knackered, and she leaves a trail of sand'n'sea all over the floor.

2010-02-05 00:52:08: Metallic g_rock murmurs "no more marmalade on the. . .not unless you intend. . ."

2010-02-05 00:52:56: calliaphone looks at G on the floor. Hmmm. She prods him with a sandy foot. "you okay there, fella?"

2010-02-05 00:54:28: Merlin closes the oven with bang, makes some tea, and sits on a chair in the kitchen, muttering to herself.

2010-02-05 00:59:04: Metallic g_rock doesn't open his eyes "No, just five more minutes! I don't even have any exams today, mom!"

2010-02-05 00:59:38: Spandex pushes G with her boot. "why the fuck you fucking up books, G? that's really messed up."

2010-02-05 01:01:02: Merlin hears Spandex's accusation and shouts from the kitchen "Leave him alone! It wasn't Him."

2010-02-05 01:01:03: Metallic g_rock finally opens his eyes "Wha. . .? Books? Shit, I don't remember fuckin up any. . . Aw, hell!"

2010-02-05 01:04:11: calliaphone squints at G. he doesn't look pissed.

2010-02-05 01:04:47: Spandex backs off.

2010-02-05 01:04:58: calliaphone waves to Dex. "h'llo sugar. why's G sleeping on the floor?"

2010-02-05 01:08:00: Spandex calls over her shoulder as she heads for another dose of caffeine. "donno. thought Mer clocked him one."

2010-02-05 01:09:33: Metallic g_rock works his way up to his feet, then decides that isn't working, and sinks to the couch "Oh, good. . .I thought I'd. . ." he glances at Dex's ribs and blanches

2010-02-05 01:11:16: Merlin checks on the scones. They've burnt and by the looks of things, are probably harder than rocks. The tray is thrown in the sink with a terrific crash. " so.. stupid."

2010-02-05 01:11:51: calliaphone frowns at G. "Merlin hit you? But why??" she looks at him more closely. "you've gone a very funny colour."

2010-02-05 01:13:15: Metallic g_rock shakes his head "I was trying to find my cane, and. . ." he rubs a giant welt on his forehead, looking embarassed.

2010-02-05 01:14:42: calliaphone can't puzzle this one out. But she knows what to do for head injuries! "wait there!" she dashes into the kitchen for some ice, and sees Merlin. "Mer! why'd you hit G?"

2010-02-05 01:16:26: Merlin looks at Callia, "But.. I didn't hit anyone. . ." she points to the ruined mess in the sink. ".. I was making scones."

2010-02-05 01:17:52: Spandex isn't so good at this sorta thing, but forges on, "Mer, knowing Bishop, it was probably an accident. . . right?"

2010-02-05 01:18:41: calliaphone blinks. "errr. scones. i see!" everything makes perfect sense now. "well, good!" Reeling slightly with confusion, she grabs the ice and heads back to check on G.

2010-02-05 01:20:20: calliaphone hands G the ice. "here, should help with the bruising some. Mer said it wasn't her. So . . . who was it?" fists curling, just slightly.

2010-02-05 01:20:20: Metallic g_rock shakes his head at Callia, but stops when the world spins "I. . .whoa. . .Merlin didn't hit me. . .I think I may have hit myself, by accident."

2010-02-05 01:22:06: Metallic g_rock accepts the ice gratefully, settling it on his new goose-egg

2010-02-05 01:22:31: calliaphone puts out a hand to steady him. "alright, don't shake the brain up, it's had enough punishment for one da- wait, what? You hit yourself?" her fists have uncurled, and she starts to grin.

2010-02-05 01:32:10: Accomplice Teh Dave emerges from his workshop, whistling an unrecognizable off-key tune. He makes his way to the kitchens for some lunch.

2010-02-05 01:34:23: Accomplice Teh Dave buzzes around Bruce as he waits for his ham-and-cheese-on-toast, pleasantly oblivious to everyone else.

2010-02-05 01:35:00: calliaphone sees Dave, and bounces on the sofa with excitement. "DAVE! Wooo! You gonna tell 'em? I told Paul but then i went to the beach and now G knocked hisself out and Mer didn't hit him though!"

2010-02-05 01:36:52: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks at calli as he takes his sandwich and a glass of iced tea. "Oh. . .right. . .yeah." He turns to address everyone. "By the way, Got married this morning. . ."

2010-02-05 01:37:55: Spandex turns to dave and laughs, "were you totally pissed?"

2010-02-05 01:38:13: Merlin looks at Dave, a small smile on her face. "That's wonderful. Congratulations."

2010-02-05 01:38:53: Accomplice Teh Dave shakes his head at Dex with a grin. "Nope."

2010-02-05 01:40:53: Accomplice Teh Dave may have been a bit loopy from lack of sleep, but he was otherwise sober at the time. "She's a wonderful woman. . .Calli met her." He grins at calli. "Her and Cordy were the witnesses."

2010-02-05 01:41:03: Spandex gives Mer's shoulder a squeeze and whispers, "Where's Bish?"

2010-02-05 01:41:49: Merlin whispers, "I don't know. . . I haven't seen him since yesterday."

2010-02-05 01:42:44: calliaphone nods to confirm that it's TRUE. Dave was SOBER. and she's met Ari, who is way cute!

2010-02-05 01:43:10: Spandex blinks at dave. He's serious. "wow. mad! congrats."

2010-02-05 01:44:29: Metallic g_rock offers Dave a delayed thumbsup from behind his bag of ice " 'Grats!"

2010-02-05 01:44:47: Accomplice Teh Dave chuckles at Dex. "Thanks. You'll all have to meet her someday soon." He frowns at Merlin. "What happened to Bishop?"

2010-02-05 01:49:08: Merlin 's smile falls. " We. . . had a fight. . . I got upset. . . I yelled."

2010-02-05 01:50:13: calliaphone giggles at Spandex. "so we just need to get you and Darren sorted out, and we've got a clan hat-trick. or, err. . ." she glances worriedly at Merlin.

2010-02-05 01:51:32: Spandex fakes a look of horror, "god. me married. NO chance. no way."

2010-02-05 01:51:33: Merlin shakes her head. "It's not really anything really. I'm sorry, I don't mean to ruin the celebration." she stands, "I'm going to make more tea.' she heads over to the kettle.

2010-02-05 01:52:16 Darren pokes his head over the top of the cart and gives a single, faux-offended chrrp.

2010-02-05 01:54:01: Accomplice Teh Dave laughs at Dex. "I used to think the same thing. Look how that turned out." He lifts the hand with an improbabomb pullring on a finger.

2010-02-05 01:55:43: Accomplice Teh Dave grins at Merlin, polishing off the last of his sandwich and tea. "'Snothing to worry about. I'm sure he'll recover."

2010-02-05 01:55:51: Spandex waggles her finger at the penguin and guffaws.

2010-02-05 01:59:25: Merlin turns to the sink and sets to work washing the burnt remains of her scones from the tray. "Yes, I .. I hope so."

2010-02-05 02:01:07: Spandex tickles Darren under the chin. "Darren and I have an agreement. We're not exclusive, like. Right Darren?" She turns to Mer, "you have told Bish you're sorry?"

2010-02-05 02:03:57: Merlin scrubs harder. "I haven't seen him. . . and well, he's the one who broke my books."

2010-02-05 02:03:59: Accomplice Teh Dave nods at Dex. "Right. Probably the best thing. I mean, look what he went through trying to get you back. Hate to think all that go to waste over something (relatively) trivial, right?"

2010-02-05 02:04:42: Accomplice Teh Dave stops himself. "Oh. . .never mind. Yeah, he should be the one coming to you with that." He removes his foot from his mouth gingerly. The sandwich tasted better.

2010-02-05 02:08:19: Spandex ends her role in this conversation with, "look. I think if he cracked your books on purpose, then you have a problem. Otherwise it was an accident. and just go make up already."

2010-02-05 02:09:02: Metallic g_rock asks Merlin "Has he apologized to you yet?" imagine, breaking books! Why would you do that?

2010-02-05 02:09:37: Merlin continues scrubbing. "Yes Yes. . . "

2010-02-05 02:09:57: Merlin stares at G. "No. I haven't seen him."

2010-02-05 02:11:37: Accomplice Teh Dave shakes his head at G. No idea why someone'd do that on purpose. He tips his hat to everyone. "I'll be around. You'll all have to meet Ari soon." He turns to Merlin and smiles.

2010-02-05 02:12:11: Metallic g_rock nods "Well, if I see him, I'll give him a good glaring at for you."

2010-02-05 02:12:29: Accomplice Teh Dave shrugs at Merlin. "I doubt Bishop'd do it out of malice. He doesn't seem the sort." He slips out, stopping by the Library to find a book to read as he heads off.

2010-02-05 02:12:52: Spandex frowns, steps over G, and heads for her pack. This daily jungle violence has to get to people, doncha think? Bye, now. she winces as she lifts her pack and heads out.

2010-02-05 02:13:54: calliaphone agrees with Dave. "he's a good guy, Merlin. It must've been an accident. Or mebbe he mistook the books for a monster. . .?" she rubs her own forehead, remembering.

2010-02-05 02:15:33: Merlin finishes cleaning the tray and turns to Callia. "I.. I know. I do, I.. we will talk. " she pours another cup of tea and stands there, thinking.

2010-02-05 02:17:00: calliaphone watches Merlin anxiously. If she knew where Bishop was right now, she might just go and drag him here, just to get 'em talking again. Luckily for all concerned, she doesn't.

2010-02-05 02:20:06: Merlin looks at Callia, "I'm sorry. Don't you worry about it. . . I'm sure it will turn out in the end."

2010-02-05 02:25:33: calliaphone scambles off the sofa and goes over to Merlin. "i'm sure it will, too. He's crazy 'bout you, y'know? And I think you are about him, right?" she delivers a sandy sort of a hug (gentle variety).

2010-02-05 02:29:10: Metallic g_rock stands too "Well, I just hope th-thiiiiisss-s-ss fucking sofa is in the fucking way of my fucking cane!" his voice changes, gets darker and colder.

2010-02-05 02:29:59: Merlin turns to stare. "Em. . . G? Are you. . ."

2010-02-05 02:30:02: calliaphone whirls round. "G? what's the matter?"

2010-02-05 02:30:40: Metallic g_rock twitches, hard, almost a full body spasm. He places one hand under the front of the sofa, and, with a noise like a mack truck blowing a clutch, flings the offending furniture backwards

2010-02-05 02:32:45: Metallic g_rock grins coldly as he gently retrieves his fallen accessory, oblivious to the new upside-down seating arrangements "Yup, just fine now."

2010-02-05 02:33:06: Merlin grabs Callia's arm and pulls her back toward the kitchen. "Are. . . Are you sure G?".

2010-02-05 02:34:14: calliaphone clings to Merlin. "He was better, he just needed rest, he was better. . ."

2010-02-05 02:36:07: Merlin whispers to Callia. "Has this . . . been happening a lot? He was acting odd the other day as well." She peers through the kitchen doorway at G.

2010-02-05 02:37:37: calliaphone gulps. "He . . . uhh . . . last week. He was odd, not well. But not like this. This is . . . more . . . worser . . ." she's very pale, and her teeth are chattering.

2010-02-05 02:37:47: Metallic g_rock tips his hat to the ladies, eyes cold as deep space. He starts for the door. "I'm absolutely superb. Got my cane back an' all!" he stops, and spasms again

2010-02-05 02:39:55: calliaphone swears softly. "that's not . . . that's not good. he's supposed to be better not worse."

2010-02-05 02:40:45: Merlin places a protective arm around Callia. "No, you're right. But.. Why?"

2010-02-05 02:41:04: Metallic g_rock twitches and shakes like a man grabbing a live power line, but doesn't seem to notice "Wel-l-l-l, mussssst be o-o-o-ff. Good-g-g-godhelpmegooodnight, all."

2010-02-05 02:42:05: Metallic g_rock 's eyes flicker a moment of anguish, then quickly resume their distant gleam. He walks out the door, whistling a pleasant little tune.

2010-02-05 02:43:48: calliaphone freezes. "did you hear that, Mer? did you hear?" she starts after G. "he's so fucked, he shouldn't be on his own!"

2010-02-05 02:45:30: Merlin snatches Callia back. "No wait! You can't." she shakes her head. "Not by yourself. It's too dangerous, we don't know what he's going to do. . ."

2010-02-05 02:50:08: calliaphone stuggles for a moment and then subsides, letting herself be pulled back. She grabs for Merlin's hand and clings to it. "what he's going to . . ." she can't finish the sentence.

2010-02-05 02:53:25: Merlin stares at the overturned sofa and then looks back at Callia. "Something is very wrong. I don't know. . . but you need to be extra careful around G, alright?"

2010-02-05 02:56:34: calliaphone doesn't look at the sofa. or at Merlin. she stares after G, and nods, but distantly. "yeh, 'course." and she shivers, her arms suddenly goosebumps all over.

2010-02-05 02:59:54: Merlin wraps Callia in a hug. "There we are. . . things will be ok. We'll figure out how to get him back to normal. You'll see. . ." Only, Merlin has no idea where to start. She frowns.

2010-02-05 03:05:49: calliaphone hugs back, hiding her face in Merlin's shoulder. "we have to." she looks up, suddenly fierce. "we have to. figure it out. we have to. he's in trouble. we're his clan. s'how it works, no?"

2010-02-05 03:10:12: Merlin agrees. "Exactly. We won't give up." she pauses then says a bit hesitantly. " I .. could talk to Bishop about it. He knows a bit about electronics. . . perhaps. . ."

2010-02-05 03:16:24: calliaphone nods doubtfully. "is G. . . electronic?" she recalls ticking . . . and a chronosphere shaped like a key, and the sound of gears slipping. and she winces. "but yeah, Bishop, he's good. He'll help?"

2010-02-05 03:21:23: Merlin smiles to herself. "Bishop is good at fixing things. I'm sure if he is able, he would help." She looks toward the hall. "Right, well. . . do you think we can turn the couch back over?"

2010-02-05 03:22:46: calliaphone nods again. "s'ppose we'd better, before Uncle B falls over it or something." She goes to take hold of one arm, and heaves.

2010-02-05 03:26:16: Merlin takes the other arm and the two of them, albeit a little slowly, manage to get the sofa to rights again. "There. That's better."

2010-02-05 03:28:52: calliaphone flops onto the sofa, wrapping her arms round her knees. she's not shivering so much now, and her eyes are getting heavy. "i need to sleep, Mer. i can't think clearly . . . too tired . . ."

2010-02-05 03:31:24: Merlin understands. She picks up a blanket and drapes it over Callia. "Good idea. Goodnight dear." Merlin sits in the chair nearby. She snaps her fingers and the harp appears. "I'll play you to sleep

2010-02-05 03:33:21: Merlin begins a lullaby, humming quietly along with the tune.

2010-02-05 03:33:40: calliaphone gives up the fight against sleep, and relaxes into the sofa as the music begins.

2010-02-05 03:43:34: Merlin continues to play long after Callia has fallen asleep.

Later, in Kittania

2010-02-12 00:40:13: calliaphone drags her cart into Kittania. She is tired and cross, and her cart is misbehaving. It shimmies, and tilts, and she just manages to right it. "Gahh, what is your problem at the moment?"

2010-02-12 00:41:23: Sergeant GL McAwesome suddenly happy for a distraction, runs to callia "What's the problem?"

2010-02-12 00:43:26: calliaphone looks up at GL. "huhh? oh, just a bit of cart-trouble. s'got it's knickers in a twist or something. we'll work it out." then she double-takes. "GL! Dude! How long's it been?"

2010-02-12 00:44:17: Sergeant GL McAwesome: Forever and a day, callia. How are the clamps working?

2010-02-12 00:46:18: calliaphone smiles warmly. "They're super. I gottem in my pillowcase-of-stuff, in the cart there. But look, GL, i can't believe i ran into you. I've been looking for you!"

2010-02-12 00:47:08: Sergeant GL McAwesome smiles a bit "I feel so special! What you need?"

2010-02-12 00:48:07: calliaphone digs in her pocket, and pulls out a tiny, coppery mechanical hummingbird. "Remember this little guy?"

2010-02-12 00:50:21: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods "I do. How is he? Get him sorted out, yet?"

2010-02-12 00:52:21: calliaphone shakes her head. "He's not so great. He's all corroded an that, inside. I need to clean him up a bit, and then see if anything needs replacing. You think you can make components, if he needs?"

2010-02-12 00:53:56: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods "I may of the majority of them in one of my workshops. Let's open him up, yeah?"

2010-02-12 00:55:02: calliaphone nods, and moves closer to her cart, to be out of everyone's way. Grabbing her pillowcase-of-tools, she squats down on the ground, and starts arranging things for Surgery.

2010-02-12 00:55:54: calliaphone also pulls an unlabelled bottle out of her pocket. "Acid wash" she says. "For the corrosion. We might be able to clean it off. . .?" she doesn't sound too hopeful.

2010-02-12 00:58:25: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods "Possibly. Depends. Clamp him down."

2010-02-12 00:59:22: calliaphone looks pained. "Will it hurt him?"

2010-02-12 01:00:38: Sergeant GL McAwesome shakes his head "I will be careful, and he's out, yeah?"

2010-02-12 01:01:37: calliaphone nods, double-checking the hummingbird's switch, to make sure. "yup, out cold." she sets up the jeweller's clamps, and starts fitting the little bird into place.

2010-02-12 01:03:44: Sergeant GL McAwesome picks up a small hex bit screw driver, spins it around a finger and proceeds to open the hummingbird up slowly.

2010-02-12 01:04:57: calliaphone flinches, even though she knows the little metal bird is feeling No Pain.

2010-02-12 01:06:00: Sergeant GL McAwesome calmly says "Relax. Do me a favor and put the acid wash in a small metal bowl. Do you have any. . . poster putty like stuff?

2010-02-12 01:08:06: calliaphone says, "umm. . ." and rummages around in her pillowcase to see what she's got. she locates a bowl, and a lump of bluey-gray squidgy stuff. "This?"

2010-02-12 01:13:03: Sergeant GL McAwesome takes out the screws on the bottom chest plate. He places them in their respective plces on the squidy stuff. He pulls the plate off and dips it into the acid wash.

2010-02-12 01:15:37: Sergeant GL McAwesome starts to look around the inside of the bird without touching anything "Penlight, please."

2010-02-12 01:15:39: calliaphone watches the patient carefully for any signs of deterioration. She is chittering softly, under her breath, and holding her screwdriver at the ready, in case of emergency.

2010-02-12 01:16:33: calliaphone blinks. "Penlight. . .uhhh" rummage rummage, "gottit" flick.

2010-02-12 01:17:59: Sergeant GL McAwesome holds it in his mouth. He takes a small makeup brush from his pocket and runs it over the insides. Over the light he says "Nothing beyond repair. Very little actually corrosion. "

2010-02-12 01:19:24: calliaphone peeers inside the hummingbird, following the narrow beam of light as GL points it. "Hrmmm."

2010-02-12 01:22:42: Sergeant GL McAwesome unscrews the music box bit and places it to the side. He then shines the light around the insides. "This is beautifully complicated, callia. Where is he from again?"

2010-02-12 01:24:36: calliaphone shrugs, examining the music box. "I got him from Pinche Cabron. And he said he thinks the Watcher had him before that. I worry about what she only did to him." She shudders.

2010-02-12 01:26:08: calliaphone continues, "But I found a book, in our clan library. Says all about him and how he was made. I didn't read all the words" she's not much of a reader. "but the pics are great!"

2010-02-12 01:27:31: Sergeant GL McAwesome grins and nods "Ok." he reaches his hand out "Compressed air canister."

2010-02-12 01:27:39: calliaphone adds, "he's a Flambert & Rouille, a number 10053-909. That much I did find out. See the maker's mark?"

2010-02-12 01:28:38: calliaphone hands over the cannister, and continues examining the music box. It's an odd design. She frowns. "Isn't this a calliope though? I never seen a calliope this small before."

2010-02-12 01:30:19: Sergeant GL McAwesome sprays air in short burts, lint and dust flying out. He dusts around it with the brush. "Smallest I've ever encountered. Brilliant."

2010-02-12 01:30:46: calliaphone gently puffs air into the tiny pipework, and turns the mechanism with her screwdriver. Immediately, the strains of Unchained Melody pipe through the outpost. Callia swears and stops puffing.

2010-02-12 01:32:10: calliaphone says "Damn, we gotta fix that." and opens up the calliope. Inside, she finds a tiny roll of tickertape, punched with holes, as thin as needle-pricks. "Hmm."

2010-02-12 01:32:53: Sergeant GL McAwesome peers at it "Wow."

2010-02-12 01:33:38: Vampire Seeker Binjali suddenly whips her head, staring at calliaphone. She said Pinche, why- no. Not doing that. She forces her shoulders down and back, closes her eyes for a minute, and looks back at Tyr and Tyler.

2010-02-12 01:34:11: calliaphone gently levers the tape-cassette out of the calliope. "I hate taking away his voice. But it can't be good for him, to keep singing that. I swear the Watcher must've given him this tape."

2010-02-12 01:38:39: Sergeant GL McAwesome: Do we have anything else for him to sing?

2010-02-12 01:40:07: calliaphone shakes her head, dropping the casette into her pocket. "Not yet. He'll just have to live with silence for a while, till we can sort him out with a new repertoire." She closes up the calliope.

2010-02-12 01:41:14: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods and hands her the hexbit driver "He's clean, and ready. you good to close him up?"

2010-02-12 01:44:19: calliaphone says "yup" and narrows her eyes, concentrating hard as she fits the calliope back into the bird's syrinx. She plucks a pair of screws out of the putty, and twiddles gently, tightening them up.

2010-02-12 01:47:17: calliaphone 's tongue pokes between her teeth, and she holds her breath, as she fits the chest-plate back onto the hummingbird. the last screws are removed from the putty and repositioned. Twiddletwiddletwiddle.

2010-02-12 01:49:11: calliaphone sits back, and wipes a sleeve across her face. "Phew! No bits left over? Result!"

2010-02-12 01:50:20: Sergeant GL McAwesome smiles and nods to callia "We're a great team. Turn him on."

2010-02-12 01:51:16: calliaphone smiles, and undoes the clamps. Turning the hummingbird right-side-up, she flicks the switch and opens her palm.

2010-02-12 01:54:11: Sergeant GL McAwesome watches the bird.

2010-02-12 01:54:29: calliaphone beams as the hummingbird rises from her hand, into the air. Its coppery wings are a blur of movement, and its mechanism is a soft whirr. But from its syrinx comes a peculiar noise.

2010-02-12 01:57:10: calliaphone says"That can't be right, it sounds like-" she covers her face with her hands as the hummingbird dives towards her. It's singing, if that's the word, Unchained Melody. Off-key, off-kilter

2010-02-12 01:58:28: Sergeant GL McAwesome cocks his head at the bird, confused "We didn't replace the music."

2010-02-12 01:58:46: calliaphone is divebombed. The hummingbird aims for her face and arms with its sharp, pointy bill. Its voice is halting, and the tune is all wrong. But it's still recognisably that tune. "gahhh, owww!"

2010-02-12 01:59:29: Sergeant GL McAwesome eyes open in surprise, and he goes after the brid "Oy! Stop!"

2010-02-12 01:59:58: calliaphone tries to protect herself, but the bird is not taking prisoners. "i know! the tape's in my pocket. it shouldn't be able to- OWWW!" she thows up an arm, "it must be some kind of memory. . .?"

2010-02-12 02:00:59: Sergeant GL McAwesome tries to grab the bird, missing it by a small amount each time. "Redundent systems, or. . . or. . .. Stop attacking her!"

2010-02-12 02:02:18: calliaphone can't help herself, despite the miniature stab-and-slashwounds the bird is inflicting on her arms, she's forced to sing along. "Ohhhh, my loooooovee pleasemakeitstop GL HELP! my daaaarlinnng"

2010-02-12 02:02:34: Contestant Edith is watching the bird fiasco. Her sense of excitement and wonder has turned to mild humor and a bit of worry

2010-02-12 02:05:17: calliaphone sings, "loooonely rivers floooooOWWW! pleeeease stoppit to the Seeeeea"

2010-02-12 02:05:39: Sergeant GL McAwesome jumps at the bird, missing it by an inch. He pulls a canvas shooping bag from his bag and bags the bird. "Jeez,"

2010-02-12 02:06:22: calliaphone 's paper canary has now realised she's under attack and has joined the fight, chrrping angrily at the hummingbird, while keeping out of reach of that angry sharp bill.

2010-02-12 02:08:06: calliaphone hears the canary pipe down a little, and the hummingbird's voice grow muffled. She gasps, finally able to cease her singing a bit. "You got him? TurnhimoffQUICK!"

2010-02-12 02:10:18: Sergeant GL McAwesome reaches into the bag and gets a grip on the bird. He flicks the swtich.

2010-02-12 02:12:06: calliaphone sighs with relief, and uncovers her face. She has a long cut along her right cheek, and another along her left forearm, as well as several other, smaller cuts and scratches.

2010-02-12 02:13:09: Sergeant GL McAwesome hands callia the bird "Well, he's clean at least."

2010-02-12 02:14:25: calliaphone reaches out, a bit shakily, and takes the bird from GL. "Bloody hell. He's never done that before. It can't just be 'cause we cleaned him. that doesn't make any sense."

2010-02-12 02:16:48: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods " Could it be we took his backwards music, and he prefered it that way?"

2010-02-12 02:19:35: calliaphone is baffled. "Why would he want to sing that tune any which way?" she sucks at a wound on the back of her hand, wincing. "I dunno. Mebbe it's just me." Her shoulders slump, dejectedly.

2010-02-12 02:21:00: Sergeant GL McAwesome shrugs "I'm at a loss, callia."

2010-02-12 02:22:34: calliaphone puts a hand on GL's arm. "Hey buddy, you did your best. I appreciate it. I'm sure it just needs some time to work out its issues, y'know?" she'd just rather it found a less violent way to do it.

2010-02-12 02:23:17: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods "If you need anything else, let me know. It was a pleasent distraction."

2010-02-12 02:24:47: calliaphone nods to GL. "thanks, i'll remember that. i guess i better go clean up these cuts a bit for now, though."

2010-02-12 02:26:20: Sergeant GL McAwesome nods at callia and smiles at her.

2010-02-12 02:26:22: calliaphone slips the now-quiet hummingbird back into her pocket, and starts gathering up her tools into the pillowcase.

2010-02-12 02:27:26: calliaphone stuffs the pillowcase back into her cart, and takes up the handle. With a wave to GL (and another for Edith, just to say hi), she sets off towards the Bingo Hall.

2010-02-12 02:28:04: Contestant Edith waves back to callia.

2010-02-12 02:30:54: calliaphone 's cart gives a sideways skitter as it approaches the hall door. It looks like it might overturn, but she manages to right it. "Oh c'mon, not you as well, gimme a break alright?"

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