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Time travel is the method of moving one's self through the dimension of time. Technically, everyone can do it. Only special people can control it. On the Island, time seems to flow in stable loops 1)2)3) 4)5)6) 7)8)9)10)11)12)13).

Known Time Travelers

  • Ambra
  • Full Metal Lion
  • Zaharos
  • That guy, you know that guy, says he's half-paradox, oh, what's his name, it's right on the tip of my tongue...wait, what? What are you talking about. I never said that. That never happened.
  • All of the Zombies on the Island14)

Open Time Loops

As a matter of common courtesy, please close your Time Loops at some point, at least off-screen. Possibly before S3.

  • Ambra gave herself all of the time machines she has.
  • The most regrettable incident in which a twenty-something traveler went back in time to ensure the circumstances of his own birth, about which the less said the better 15)16). What was that guy's name again?

Closed Loops

  • The expression "doesn't always have a knife full of drawers" was used by FML the Elder in a conversation with Ambra, and he may have picked it up from Ambra quoting him.
  • Full Metal Lion gave himself his own time-travel watch, but neglected to arrange for a ride home for himself, meaning that Full Metal Lion the Elder (him, plus an unspecified number of years) was bopping about the Island for a while.
1) except when it doesn't
2) what do you mean, 'except when it doesn't', the hell are you on about?
3) Don't you start, mate
4) no, seriously, there's no 'except when it doesn't' when it comes to stable loops, I just don't...
5) Look, man, don't tell ME about stable time loops, why, just last Saturday I watched as my Past Self and my Future Self got drunk on tequila and decided to have a paradox hunt, don't talk to ME about stability
6) You got a weird life, Ronald
7) Never asked for it, Jim
8) you kind of did, Ronald
9) oh let's not start that again
10) all I'm saying, when one marries one's own granddaughter...
12) I'm just sayin', mate, sometimes you bring your problems on yourself
14) Or, possibly, the Zombies are the only non-time travelers. I'm not entirely certain how to pull this Heinlein reference off.
15) and let's not even get into the time he taught himself how to read
16) Oh, please do! Another story for the missus!
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