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A tall form of vegetation, from a distance resembling a bush1) on a pole. Closer up, these often have many side projections, called 'branches,' and open spots where monsters, thieving Squat bastards, and the occasional killer garden gnome can lurk. Bunches of trees together form a jungle.

After enjoying billions of years as the pinnacle of vegetative evolution, recent research by scientists at Improbable City suggests these plant behemoths may be dying out, as a result of disastrous climate policies pursued by US President Bush2) and other major world leaders. Not to worry - Improbable City's scientists are working on the situation and have discovered a way to replace the trees that make up the jungle with towering replicas of Jesus the Pirate Ninja made out of cottage cheese and toothpicks. Improbable City and you: A partnership for a tree-free tomorrow.

1) The plant, not the president.
2) The president, not the plant.
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