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Trogdor was a man!

I mean, he was a dragon man...

Or maybe he was just a dragon.

But he was still TROGDOR!


Burninating the countryside,

Burninating the peasants

Burninating all the peoples

And their thatched-roof COTTAGES!


(Woah, this has wicked dueling guitar solos! It's like, Squeedly versus Meedley over here. Go Squeedly! Go Squeedly! SQUEEDLY WINS!)

When all the land is in ruin,

And burnination has forsaken the countryside,

Only one guy will remain.

My money's on TROGDOR! TROGDOR!

And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT...

What is Trogdor, anyway?

What is Trogdor you ask?1) Trogdor is a mythical dragon with a beefy arm. It has appeared in such games as Trogdor and Peasant's Quest.2)

1) You don't know? Shame on you.
2) Mr White and Nerdy, a contestant on Improbable Island, knew of this magnificent dragon and decided to raise clones of it and give them to contestants who visit his rarely opened pet shop in the Common Ground.
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