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Rookie Trotsky has been called "a very convincing conniver" by at least one zombie. This is obviously not possible, as Trotsky is a only a cork from a completely unremarkable bottle of Chardonnay.

Trotsky was dropped into Improbable Central by a crow who had carried him from Squat Hole.1) He has a smiley face drawn on him. He got stuck in the stocks fairly often, before they were demolished.

He also has two neighbors: a pebble with a frowny face drawn on it, supplied by sugar-hi unicorn when the two met and the skull of a former (now deceased) ninja, supplied by The Dastardly Genteel RP Whistle, to make a point. Pebble usually spends its time in the grass, as it gets kicked more often than Trotsky does. Brentley is currently in a tree near the Prancing Spiderkitty.

All Trotsky does is look and smile. It's all he can do. But now, thanks to the head of a certain illegal biotechnology corporation and his ballpoint pen, he has a monocle. There is also a facial scar on his cheek, drawn with a quill by the man known only as Svergon. Plus a tiny magic top hat made by a strange, heavily armed musician.

There have also been the matters of ichor, ample cleavage, brain surgery, heavy drinking, being stabbed by the Narrator, becoming a costumed vigilante, singing, barfighting, and the crossing ocean blue. He has known triumph, tragedy, and hardship. Trotsky is the most interesting cork in the world.

1) This was after he served as a plug for a skull-faucet on someone's noggin, but all the blood's gone now. Puddles are like Roman baths for corks, you see.
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