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Background: A construction engineer and former marine plucked from a desk job and dropped on the island.

Significant plot summary: Builds, fights, etc. Founder of BUILD. An ex-leader of SAVOR. A founding member of OST.

Personality: Friendly, caring, level-headed, likes a good challenge.

Apparent characteristics: 5'-10", 30-ish, long blonde hair, mustache and goatee. Typically wears a blue three-piece Victorian pin-striped business suit, white gloves, a black bowler with a blue band, and steel-toed boots. The irises of his eyes are a whorl of green, light and dark mixed together, but the pupils and whites are clear of the Joker trademark. Also wears a small gold ring earring in his right ear, and has a gold-capped canine tooth.

Skills: Handy engineer, builder, and tinkerer. Ordained minister, too, allows him to perform simple marriages.

Weapons: Rossi Taurus Circuit Judge .45 LC - A Joker revolver capable of firing .45 Long Colt rounds and 410 Gauge 3" shotshells. Fitted with oak furniture and pistol-grip buttstock, a long, blued steel barrel, and picatinny rail on top, this is actually a rifle. There is no iron sight at the end of the barrel nor scope on the rail. Curling scrollwork has been burned into the stock, and continues in thinly etched lines three-quarters of the way down the barrel.

As for other weapons, there's something about his right arm. Also, lest it go unsaid: Joker.


The Titan IV Rocket Hotel Casino Resort is his pet project. Made from the shell of an old Titan IV rocket he found in the scrapyard by CC404, he has built a tower and an entire resort complex around it.

The Titan I Farmstead, one klick south-east of the resort, is where he grows food and grains to supply the resort with copious amounts of booze and nibbles.

A Rope Hanging from a Tree is somewhere north of New Pittsburgh and Squat Hole, and is a hunting blind he will occasionally hide out in.

The BUILD Clan Main Offices are located a klick south and two klicks west of Central, and serves as his clan's hall and initiation grounds for new members.

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