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WATCH: The Watch

A clan dedicated to keeping the peace on the island1), they regularly launch investigations into suspicious people, places or other clans.2) Of late, they claim to be working against 'fading' and seem to be causing some shenanigans of their own3).


The clan members are officially4) registered prodnoses, as it were. Despite all-round incompetence, they mean well, and through an improbably large amount of good luck, they do get their man in the end.5) They set up their headquarters on 14,9 on the map and are currently hiring, though the Patrician is getting less and less amused by the Watch's costs. No one quite knows how The Watcher feels about the use of her name, but since the clan's members seem to be in one piece6), she doesn't seem to mind.7)



  • Watch Commander Swede


  • Mike
  • Dresden
  • Fish


  • Xela
  • dark knight
  • Tahvohck
  • Rowley
  • Solebarr
  • Flarehawk


  • Crandros
  • Echo Malice
  • Will
  • Aidan
  • Faylox
  • Taco Cat
  • Hunter
  • Boyd
  • Roasted Wolf
  • Kastril
  • Lucius Ferris
  • Aesen
  • Ace McYntyre
  • Epiales
1) The poor sods are serious about this, bless them.
2) No one has told them to stop it because the investigations are marginally less annoying than being pestered full-time.
3) Maybe they're bored?
4) For a given value of "official".
5) Unless it's one of the various monsters, in which case all bets are off.
6) With the exception of Reg Shoe, though he tries.
7) Despite this, the clan members would do well with an emergency evacuation plan. Just sayin'!
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