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The Watcher

The Watcher is the most powerful being on the Island. (Rumors of some admin creature are unsubstantiated greatly exaggerated.)

Unlike the Jokers, who are still contestants despite their power over the less Improbable, she runs the whole show and can decide whether to issue advantages or disadvantages to those who please her - or fail to.

The Count of Saint Germain has announced his intentions of overthrowing her before the reset. Will this change their relationship, though? He can personally attest to the fact that she has more charm then he does, if you know what I mean.1)

BREAKING NEWS: The Count of Saint Germain has defeated the Watcher. At this time, the repercussions for the island are unknown.

MENDING NEWS: No repercussions for the island, but The Count of Saint Germain has disappeared in what seems to be a rather permanent fashion.

WARPING NEWS: There are rumors that the Bad Joker strongly resembles The Count of Saint Germain.2)

WAKING NEWS: Ashtu has collected some of the pages relevant to The Watcher here.

1) Videos of this are available in the gift shop.
2) This is an unsubstantiated lie.
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