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Transcript of The Watcher's surprise visit to the Common Ground:

2009-12-30 08:22:59: The Watcher strides into Common Ground, her fists clenched. She's covered in rusty red-brown stains - her hair is tangled, her glasses smeared.
2009-12-30 08:24:06: The Watcher crosses her arms and glares. "Now WHAT did I JUST say?!" She barks.
2009-12-30 08:24:30: Lieutenant Badass Nathaniel tries not to stare at the Watcher and rather fails.
2009-12-30 08:24:56: The Watcher says, "You lot are in a whole mess of trouble. When I get finished with you -
2009-12-30 08:25:26: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva tilts her head at the Watcher, sobering up quite a bit.
2009-12-30 08:25:33: The Watcher stops as the radio strapped to her hip begins to blare static. She lifts it to her ear.
2009-12-30 08:25:35: First Sergeant Juniper upends her hat and taps it a few times allowing some small brown pellets to fall out. She grins and with flourish, "I must be off now." looks down at the objects she pulled out of her hat.
2009-12-30 08:25:48: The Watcher listens intently for a moment.
2009-12-30 08:26:06: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti squeals! Watcher?! She hides against Hiraniva's legs, only peeking out a tiny bit to watch this baffling, terrifying occurance.
2009-12-30 08:26:08: Citizen Saberclaw flinches and hides behind the bar. "Di-Did I do shomething wrong?" She stares wide-eyed at The Watcher.
2009-12-30 08:26:46: First Sergeant Juniper looks around then at The Watcher, "What did I do?"
2009-12-30 08:27:05: The Watcher turns away from the crowd, and mutters softly into the radio. "NewHome now, right. How many?" Her voice becomes even quieter. "Shit."
2009-12-30 08:27:32: First Sergeant Juniper is not liking the sound of that.
2009-12-30 08:28:01: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva decides this was a very bad time to get drunk.
2009-12-30 08:28:13: The Watcher turns back to the crowd. "I'll be right back. Don't you. . . you insurgents even think about trying to wriggle out of this."
2009-12-30 08:28:18: Lieutenant Badass Nathaniel has a great Joker day for travel. Sounds like it'll be a day for ass kicking.
2009-12-30 08:28:49: The Watcher turns and runs out of the Common Ground, clipping her radio back to her hip.
2009-12-30 08:28:57: Lieutenant Badass Nathaniel hears the Watcher's words. Or perhaps a good day to flee for his life.
2009-12-30 08:28:57: First Sergeant Juniper with The Watcher around it is a very bad time to get anything.
2009-12-30 08:29:06: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti blinkblinkblinks, shaking her head vigorously. Come on, what is the fastest way to sober up? . .without vomiting on Hira's shoes.
2009-12-30 08:29:24: Citizen Saberclaw digs her claws into the bar. This is bad. Very bad.
2009-12-30 08:29:59: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti looks aghast. "In. . insurgentss?" She hasn't insurged anything! . . .or, um.
2009-12-30 08:30:09: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva peers at Nathan, "Should we. . . do something?"
2009-12-30 08:30:26: First Sergeant Juniper: "And on that note, it is time for me to leave. Good day Ladies and Germs."
2009-12-30 08:31:20: First Sergeant Juniper waves her hat as she struts her way out of the common ground.
2009-12-30 08:31:37: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti tries to drag herself to her feet with the bar. And also Hiraniva, just a little. Sorry about that. "Whas happ'ning in NewHome?"
2009-12-30 08:32:36: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva curiousity overwhelms her, and she bursts out the gate to see.
2009-12-30 08:33:52: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti scrambles after her, creature in tow. "W-wait f'r me!"
2009-12-30 08:35:06: Citizen Saberclaw flattens her ears back. "Inshurgentsh? I'm nodda inshurgentsh! Right?"
2009-12-30 08:36:01: Citizen Saberclaw runs out, following the others, leaving the smoking pitcher on the counter behind her. It has turned purple with orange stripes.
2009-12-30 08:36:36: The Watcher jogs back into the Outpost, leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind her.
2009-12-30 08:37:14: The Watcher takes a deep breath, and bellows. "Now WHERE was I?"
2009-12-30 08:37:50: The Watcher says, "Oh, yes - something about MORALE! Something about certain TABOO SUBJECTS!
2009-12-30 08:38:33: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti mreeps from where she's standing, rather half-in and half-out of NewHome.
2009-12-30 08:38:57: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva clings to Musti.
2009-12-30 08:39:06: Pirate Queen Genevieve pokes her head in a moment. She hopes this isn't a wild goose chase
2009-12-30 08:39:07: Contender Snow Gray peeks in from the NH portal as well.
2009-12-30 08:39:15: The Watcher takes off her glasses, revealing two white circles in a face streaked with blood. She wipes them on her turtleneck, which doesn't improve the situation.
2009-12-30 08:39:30: Skirling Skidge probably is an insurgent, come to think of it.
2009-12-30 08:39:35: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti returns the cling. SHE IS NOT SOBER ENOUGH FOR THIS.
2009-12-30 08:39:42: The Watcher says, "All right, where's the ringleader?
2009-12-30 08:39:55: Sydney Fletcher peeps around the tree at Her.
2009-12-30 08:40:04: Lieutenant Badass Nathaniel pats Musti on the shoulder and mutters. "We'll be alright." He doesn't add the 'I hope'.
2009-12-30 08:40:16: The Watcher says, "Who started all this talk a few hours ago, about my little announcement?
2009-12-30 08:40:21: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva pulls Musti over to hide behind a rock.
2009-12-30 08:40:26: Captain Neeip Pokes his Head into the Commons, Watching the Watcher with interest.
2009-12-30 08:40:36: The Watcher puts her glasses back on. "God damn it, I can't see a thing," she mutters.
2009-12-30 08:40:47: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti reflexively points to someone random. Agh! She is a traitor! A traitor!
2009-12-30 08:41:01: AwesomelyFine Wench Kierssa looks in, wondering what's going on.
2009-12-30 08:41:14: The Watcher wipes her bloody hands on her bloody skirt. Her radio blares static. "Oh, bloody hell. . ."
2009-12-30 08:41:17: Citizen Saberclaw stares blankly at nothing, panting heavily, ears flattened back.
2009-12-30 08:41:18: Sergeant Willow is peeking into the Grounds. Huh. .
2009-12-30 08:41:29: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva slaps Musti's hand, and is considering offering the Watcher a hanky. But she's too petrified.
2009-12-30 08:41:36: Captain Neeip Blinks to the watcher. "Probably You M'lady, cant anounce something like that without getting everybody's panties in a Bunch. . .
2009-12-30 08:41:38: Contender Snow Gray wonders if she should give the Watcher an ODC pamphlet. . .
2009-12-30 08:41:39: Pirate Queen Genevieve returns to NewHome, she's needed there!
2009-12-30 08:41:50: The Watcher says, "Yes, what is it now? Oh, Christ. . . Okay, I'm on my way.
2009-12-30 08:42:33: Citizen Saberclaw slowly inches toward the little knot of people clinging to one another.
2009-12-30 08:42:34: The Watcher points a finger at the assembled crowd. "You lot just. . . just. . . wait there, okay?"
2009-12-30 08:42:58: The Watcher spins and runs out of the Common Ground.
2009-12-30 08:43:19: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti looks sheepish, then peers out the doors to NewHome.
2009-12-30 08:43:28: Captain Neeip follows the watcher out with a "Not bloody likely. ." Under his breath.
2009-12-30 08:43:37: Citizen Saberclaw collapses near Musti's creature, trembling.
2009-12-30 08:43:48: AwesomelyFine Wench Kierssa rolls her eyes and goes back to Newhome.
2009-12-30 08:44:07: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva looks to Musti, then nods her head towards the NewHome gate.
2009-12-30 08:44:41: Citizen Saberclaw looks at the pitcher on the bar. Getting sloppy drunk is sounding better and better.
2009-12-30 08:45:24: The Watcher jogs back in, now even bloodier than before. She sees the stares, and shows a wolfish grin. "Not my blood, I assure you."
2009-12-30 08:45:53: Captain Neeip Shoves his head back into the grounds.
2009-12-30 08:46:34: The Watcher grimaces as another blare of static issues from the radio. She picks up, and barks. "WHAT?! Where the bloody rotten arse is it this time? It can't be Kittania, I was just there!"
2009-12-30 08:47:01: The Watcher listens for a moment, her shoulders slumping.
2009-12-30 08:47:01: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti is getting that neck syndrome, that one where you look back and forth when watching Tennis? Yeah. It sorta hurts!
2009-12-30 08:48:15: Captain Neeip Watches the Watcher with interest. . .
2009-12-30 08:48:20: Citizen Saberclaw stares at Musti. "Yer okay now? Drunkgone?"
2009-12-30 08:48:31: The Watcher mutters into her radio. "I can't be everywhere at once. Jesus, I've only been doing this a week and I can barely keep up."
2009-12-30 08:48:42: Sessine grins at the Watcher. It is not a friendly grin. "You're a bloody awful liar, you know that?"
2009-12-30 08:49:54: Captain Neeip flicks the gremlin towards Cookie, still watching. . .
2009-12-30 08:49:57: The Watcher growls at the static. "I've been to five Outposts today. Bloody five. You should see me! I'm soaked! I look like fucking Carrie!"
2009-12-30 08:50:33: Contender Snow Gray is amused that the Watcher is a Rookie.
2009-12-30 08:50:35: Citizen Saberclaw watches the blood pool. So much blood.
2009-12-30 08:51:21: The Watcher listens to the static, runs a hand through her once-blonde hair, now a rusty reddish-brown. She sighs. "No, they don't know, although I think they're starting to suspect. . ."
2009-12-30 08:51:30: Sessine snorts in derision. "Why not admit the truth and get some help from us, er. . . insurgents?"
2009-12-30 08:51:31: Sydney Fletcher peeps around her tree again. She is still here.
2009-12-30 08:52:28: The Watcher looks around at the gathered crowd. She turns back to her radio. "Actually, scratch 'starting.'"
2009-12-30 08:52:45: Captain Neeip Blinks in shock at the Watcher. She. . . She. . She actually thought that would Work?!?! By the gods. . . A small pillar of faith has just been destroyed. . .
2009-12-30 08:52:51: Citizen Saberclaw chuckles darkly to herself. Beginning to suspect?
2009-12-30 08:54:29: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti craaaanes her neck over to look in as best she can. Building fortifications is much less interesting than watching the Watcher!
2009-12-30 08:54:57: The Watcher snarls at Sessine. "Watch that mouth, mister. Being absolutely and utterly bloody correct doesn't excuse poor manners."
2009-12-30 08:55:53: Citizen Saberclaw hrmphs to herself, and begins gathering wood from the nearby trees. As long as we're doing all this, may as well have a bonfire.
2009-12-30 08:55:55: The Watcher talks into the radio. "Plan B. We're going with plan B. Let the contestants sort it out. Sod it, I need a holiday anyway."
2009-12-30 08:56:34: First Sergeant Jess looks down and blinks. Is that who she thinks it is? She must be really losing her mind now.
2009-12-30 08:57:00: Sessine tilts his head back. "Offer stands, though. Want help?"
2009-12-30 08:57:21: Citizen Saberclaw blinks. The contestants? But that means. . . oh no.
2009-12-30 08:57:26: The Watcher points a remote control at each of the cameras on Common Ground in turn. Their LED's dim to nothing.
2009-12-30 08:58:10: The Watcher turns to the assembled crowd.
2009-12-30 08:58:49: Sydney Fletcher looks around at the dead cameras and the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Her attention is fixed on Her.
2009-12-30 08:59:05: Captain Neeip Looks at the cameras. "Huh. Why'd You Do that, M'lady? I Thought Watching people Fight for their lives for the entertainment of others was a mainstay of the show. ."
2009-12-30 08:59:32: Contender Snow Gray holds on to Neeip.
2009-12-30 08:59:37: Citizen Saberclaw stares at the cameras. "Notgood. Notgood. Shoverynotgood."
2009-12-30 08:59:51: The Watcher says, "First things first. Any one of you mentions anything about my needing a break from this," she smiles sweetly, "the paramedics will come for you with shovels and bin bags.
2009-12-30 09:01:00: Captain Neeip Expected No less. . .
2009-12-30 09:02:02: The Watcher says, "Secondly, Sessine - although seriously gambling with his life expectancy - is absolutely correct." She pushes her glasses further up her nose. "Expecting one woman to fend off. . ."
2009-12-30 09:02:09: Sessine smiles back.
2009-12-30 09:03:13: The Watcher ponders for a moment. "Yes, yes I think we're into the thousands now - thousands of monsters every day is a little shortsighted. You can thank the Network for that."
2009-12-30 09:04:19: The Watcher says, "Anyone who thinks for a moment that I created that announcement and expected it to work. . ." She grins. "Your village called, they're missing an idiot.
2009-12-30 09:05:20: The Watcher says, "The Network has learned to never assume insubordination where incompetence will suffice, and thus I was able to warn you in advance.
2009-12-30 09:06:00: The Watcher chuckles. "I did make myself look like an absolute muppet in the process, but such are the sacrifices we make."
2009-12-30 09:06:49: Captain Neeip Never was the sharpest bulb in the box. . .
2009-12-30 09:07:28: The Watcher says, "I have been tasked with keeping the peace, keeping morale up and running, but my superiors somewhat overestimated me. I wanted to gradually start bringing in the turrets over the next few months. ."
2009-12-30 09:08:11: The Watcher says, "But somehow. . ." she glances down at her blood-soaked clothing - "somehow I don't think that's going to work.
2009-12-30 09:09:30: The Watcher says, "So, you're going to start to see guards along the Outpost walls. You're going to start to see timber stores, so you can reinforce the Outposts. And you're going to start to see monsters."
2009-12-30 09:09:42: Contender Snow Gray nuzzles her fiance as she listens.
2009-12-30 09:10:07: The Watcher looks at each of the gathered people in turn. "Lots. And lots. Of monsters."
2009-12-30 09:10:40: Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns as she listens, her head poking in from the NEw Home gate
2009-12-30 09:11:06: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva cringes.
2009-12-30 09:11:56: Sergeant Amerithe is starting to wonder if it's possible to catch a break today. Seems not, unless it's a bone.
2009-12-30 09:11:58: The Watcher says, "I'm going to keep running back and forth between the Outposts and bashing monsters for the next few days, while I try to cajole the Network into giving me the resources I need.
2009-12-30 09:12:40: Citizen Saberclaw waves to Amerithe, and returns to stacking firewood.
2009-12-30 09:13:17: The Watcher says, "Snow Gray, you're going to want to hold him close while you still can. Hiraniva, get used to it. Amerithe, keep your chin up.
2009-12-30 09:14:02: Sergeant Amerithe perks a bit to see a clanmate before settling into her chair to listen to The Watcher some more. Then she'll proceed to make a huge fuss.
2009-12-30 09:14:22: Slightly Mad Scientist Musti hides behind Hiraniva. This really couldn't happen at a worse time.
2009-12-30 09:14:26: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva straightens up a bit and gives a weary salute. "Yes, ma'am."
2009-12-30 09:14:40: Sessine feels an unexpected twinge of sympathy for the Watcher, after all. Trying to cajole those Network dolts is not easy. He's tried.
2009-12-30 09:14:44: Mr Snufeluphagus fades into view at the edge of the commons, "Mrrr what is goin on?"
2009-12-30 09:14:47: The Watcher looks at her boots, the blood drying into rust. "I'll keep fighting for you as long as I can, but. . . I'm sorry. None of you have much time before it all kicks off."
2009-12-30 09:15:04: Pirate Queen Genevieve frowns harder. Where's Jacques when you need him?
2009-12-30 09:15:26: Sergeant Amerithe purrs at being acknowledged. "Just need to bludgeon Alt into being around more, s'all, but thank you."
2009-12-30 09:15:26: Contender Snow Gray would have loved to see Jacques meet the Watcher.
2009-12-30 09:15:37: Captain Neeip Nods to the Watcher. Looks like the fortifications will have to go up sooner than planed. . .
2009-12-30 09:16:01: Citizen Saberclaw flattens her ears, faces looking rather crestfallen.
2009-12-30 09:16:10: Contender Snow Gray squeezes Neeip tighter.
2009-12-30 09:16:15: Sergeant Willow 's ears flatten as she listens.
2009-12-30 09:16:57: The Watcher 's radio lets out a blare of static. "Yes," she says quietly. "Yes, I'm on my way." She points her remote control to each of the cameras in turn, and their lights flicker into life again.
2009-12-30 09:17:01: Captain Neeip Squeezes Snow back, and Nuzzles Her. Snowballs chance in Hell He'll Let something happen to Her. .
2009-12-30 09:17:16: Sergeant Amerithe pets Beastie and looks speculative.
2009-12-30 09:18:10: The Watcher turns and heads out of the Common Grounds. She pauses at the threshold, turns around.
2009-12-30 09:18:11: Technical Sergeant Hiraniva looks back at Musti, with a sigh, "Well. Let's go. . . do something important."
2009-12-30 09:19:15: The Watcher says, "Remember - shovels and bin bags.
2009-12-30 09:19:30: The Watcher takes another step, and is gone.

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