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Here is the weather forecast for today1):

All predictions brought to you courtesy of Xith's Weather Rock.



Newhome will be cloudy with the occasional thunderstorm.


The morning will be dry and bright, witha few cirrus clouds throughout the morning. There will be a short but intense shower around 2-4pm., after which it will clear up. Expect a bueatiful sunrise and sunset. There may be some low-lying cloud in the morning, if so it will remain there all day.2)

If Bob Zarido is hanging around, expect snow showers and pack warm clothing.

New Pittsburgh

Dry and bright, with some wind. Great weather for anyone who wants to go to the beaches there and surf. Also good weather for sunbathing. Just remember to look after your head(s)3)

Squat Hole

We are unable to provide you with a forecast for Squat Hole, due to our equipment being stolen. 4)


It will start off with some morning fog, which will eventually rise and start percipitaion, or more presicly a light drizzle, for the rest of the day. There might some more fog rolling in in the evening.

Cyberville 404

Expect a mixture of blizzards, flooding and landslides. Most of this will be diverted away from the city, but be aware when traveling. It's dangerous in the mountains.5)


The morning will start off with a hurricane after a spectacular sunset6), which will clear way to leave a drought as the day gets brighter. There will finally be another impressive sunrise before a thunderstorm, with lightning hitting all the lowest places. 7)


If Ace of Chimental is annoyed, this forecast will not happen. Instead, expect hurricanes, blizzards and droughts simulteaneously.8)

This weather forecast was provided by the Proffessor and Forecaster Xith.

Have a nice day!

1) and yesterday, and tomorrow, and the next day...
2) Probably too lazy to move.
3) Unless your brain is somewhere else, in which case look after wherever your brain is.
4) Okay, if you're that desperate, here it is. Expect large amounts of theiving, and showers of, well, you don't want to know. It will definatly stink.
6) yes, it is a sunset. Jokers aren't bothered about the proper orer of thing like this.
7) Such as midgets.
8) That's if he remembers if he can actually do that.
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