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Why Leprechauns Don't Date

This reveals why Leprechauns1)2)3) don't date. What was to be an ordinary picnic4) turned to something a bit more unexpected for the little leprechaun5).

The beach where the picnic took place

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi wanders out onto the beach with the basket still swaying in front of him. He turns around and waits for Skye.

LadyRavenSkye follows up after Akogi. Her hat blinks about, then closes its eye. It does not like the beach like Skye does.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods when he sees Skye. He then wanders over to a nice place on the beach where you can see the water, flowing in a nice spot around it. He then sets the picnic basket down into the sand.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi opens the basket and pulls out a large enough towel to keep everyone off of the sand to enjoy the picnic. He then flaps the towel out to stretch it and carefully lays it down onto the sand.

LadyRavenSkye walks over to Akogi, nothing cuter than a midget-sized Leprechaun setting up a picnic 6). "Do you require assistance, setting up" She asks7)8).

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi reaches into the basket and then pulls out a couple of scented candles. He sets them on top of the towel and then goes to light the candles9)

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi shakes his head and says, " Nah I'm good, well maybe puttin' 'da food down. " He then reaches into the basket and begins to pull out the food.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pulls out in order: a bowl of croissants, a full unlabeled box that looks like it came from Joe's Diner, an assortment of salads in tiny boxes, some pizza from Squat Hole rolled up in paper.

LadyRavenSkye takes a seat on the towel, sniffing the candles. "Ooh, vanilla." She says, watching Akogi pull out the food. She eyes the unlabeled box.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pulls some more out of the box. One item is in a glowing green box (that would be find to see what's inside), a plate of brains and spam with plastic over it and then a large battery.

LadyRavenSkye blinks at the battery. She raises an eyebrow at Akogi, but says nothing10).

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi notices the blinking that Skye and says to her, " We're not gonna play zap ourselves with 'da battery, I didn't know what 'cha would be so I planned 'fer 'da worst. "

LadyRavenSkye giggles, "Oh, you really went all out then." She grins, this is cute.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi comments, " Well knowin' Horatio, he could turn 'cha into any'din'. 'Dough I wouldn't of done 'dis is 'cha were a guy again.. 11) After what 'cha did last time, no way. "

LadyRavenSkye giggles even more. "Oh, gee. I do want to apologize for that, I forgot I was a guy at that moment. I'm sorry," She says.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi leans over and is about to unwrap the pizza until he remembers something. He then reaches into the basket and then pulls out a bottle of Glenfiddich and then pulls out two wine glasses to go with it

LadyRavenSkye grins! There is liquor12)!

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pulls the top off of the whisky bottle and then pour some into the wine glass. He says, " I know 'cha don't normally do 'dis 'fer whiskey but 'dis was quite improbable stuff to find. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi hands the glass to Skye before he pours some into his own glass.

LadyRavenSkye grins, "It's alright. Whiskey is an anytime drink for me, really13) ."

LadyRavenSkye accepts her glass, and sips it. "Thanks," She says.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, " 'Dough I imagine 'cha haven't had whiskey 'dat has been around since 'da pre-EMP times, have 'cha? "

LadyRavenSkye shakes her head, "No, I haven't. I have had wines, but that was it. This is.. good stuff."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods. He then takes a sip of the whiskey for himself. He then nods his head in approval of the taste of it. He sets the glass down and then leans over and unrolls the pizza from the paper.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi looks up at Skye and says to her, " Come on dig in, help 'yerself to all o' 'dis. I didn't steal all of 'dis food 'fer 'cha not to eat 'er with me. "

LadyRavenSkye looks at the pizza, she was never really a pizza person, and she is even less of a Squat Hole pizza person. She sips her drink, thank God this stuff is smooth.

LadyRavenSkye blinks, "You stole it?" She laughs, and picks up one of the salads, she knows those are safe. "I'm eating, I'm eating!"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi says to Skye, " How else do 'cha 'dink I got half of 'dis stuff.. I mean 'da midgets in Squat Hole are easy, just pay 'fer a prositute 'dere and tell 'dem 'dey have a bit o' time with 'dem. "

LadyRavenSkye drums her chin, "That is how is works? Do you think I can apply that in other Outposts? Do the prostitutes travel14)15)?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pulls the pizza off of the paper and then takes a big bite out of it. Some of the grease from the pizza is smeared onto his face.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi chuckles and says, " PVille is also easy, 'cha just bring a mirror into 'da diner and 'dey all run away. 'Dough I don't trust 'da place 'dere anymore since I found white stuff on me steak. "

LadyRavenSkye munches on the salad she picked up. She watches Akogi eat, "You..um got a little something," She motions on her face where the grease is on Akogi's, "..right here."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi thinks some more, " In AceHigh, 'cha just have to gamble with some of 'da local jokers 'fer 'da local specialty. Me dice helped with 'dat. "

LadyRavenSkye blinks, what is white and comes from mutants? "Salt? Pus?16)"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi moves his arm up to wipe the grease off of his face. His shirt obviously isn't doing a good job of cleaning it, but it's doing a wonderful job of making a bigger mess.

LadyRavenSkye asks, "What did you get in Ace High?" She pulls a handkerchief from her bosom17), and hands that to Akogi, "Here, dear."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi takes the handkerchief from Skye and then wipes it on his face. The handkerchief works at cleaning it off. He then tucks the hanky into the top of his shirt to then use as a bib.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi replies, " I don't know. How about we both find out. 'Dough I do know 'dere's a lot o' improbability comin' off of 'er. "

LadyRavenSkye nods, "Yes, I like that idea!" It just spells trouble, and she likes trouble. She sips her drink preparing herself.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi leans over to the glowing green box and says, " 'Cha want to? Come on she'd be fun. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi grins upon hearing that. He moves his hands over the box and then tears away the cover of the box. Green light escapes the box.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi peers in and then pulls out a pie plate that has bananas sticking out of a Shepard's pie and a jug of pickled eggs from the box. He sets both of the them on the towel and tarts to scratch his head.

LadyRavenSkye tilts her head, "They have.. more than cake in Ace High18)?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi says rhetorically, " How 'da? I suppose 'dis was some of 'da Jokers in AceHigh 'dat gave me 'dis. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, " 'Cha and I eat 'din's o'der 'den cake don't we? "

LadyRavenSkye pokes the Shepard's pie, "Aren't these usually made of meat?" She looks at Akogi, "I don't like cake, so we don't have too."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says as he too pokes the pie, " I 'dink so, 'dough I've heard of 'da fookin' herbavoires 'ere 'dat try and make 'dem without any meat in 'dem. 'Dat would be disgustin' in me opinion. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pokes his finger a little too hard into the pie and it goes through the crust. He swiftly pulls his finger back out and then cups it into his other hand whilst yelling, " 'Dat's fookin' hot. "

LadyRavenSkye cannot help herself but laugh. "Oh no," She says, concerned, but laughing.. "Um, something cold!" She looks around for something cold for Akogi's finger.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi shakes his head and says, " 'Dat's quite alright. I can survive, she's just a flesh wound after all. 'Dough she did tell us what 'da pie is made out of 'dough. "

LadyRavenSkye raises an eyebrow, "Really?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi removes his hand from his other hand. He then points to the pie with the same finger that has now lost most of the flesh and says, " See, she's made o' meat and some o'der strange din's in dere. "

LadyRavenSkye pulls out from her bosom a stone spoon, and pokes around in the pie. "How.. strange."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi looks down at his finger and concentrates on it for a bit. His finger returns to it's normal shape after a little bit. He then begins to shake his finger.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi chuckles and says as he pulls a screwdriver from his vest, " Since we've seen 'da inside o' 'dis, how about we just cut 'er apart and 'den eat 'er. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi takes his screwdriver and jams it into the pie. He frowns when it hits something hard inside of the pie.

LadyRavenSkye looks up at Akogi, and then back down into the pie. She moves the filling arond to see what the hard thing was.

LadyRavenSkye wiggles her spoon, and pulls it out. Only the shaft comes out. She frowns, "You broke it."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi looks at the shaft and then at his screwdriver. He mouths whoops and then says, " Sorry about 'dat, I didn't see 'yer spoon in 'dere. " He then goes to cut the rest of the pie with the screwdriver

LadyRavenSkye giggles, tossing the broken shaft over her shoulder, "it's alright, I can make another."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi finishes cutting the pie and pulls his screwdriver out of the pie. He then goes and wipes it along the towel to get the filling of the shepard's pie off of it.

LadyRavenSkye decides that.. her salad is still good enough for her. She returns to munching on it.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi looks up at Skye and asks, " 'Cha want a piece o' 'dis? She smells good. "

LadyRavenSkye shakes her head, "Nah, I'm alright."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, " Alright 'den. " He then picks up his screwdriver again and uses it to scope up a piece of the pie to reveil what it's made out of.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi lifts the pie up and shows that there's a layer of potatos, corn, several layers of meat and then a banana stick out of the top of it

LadyRavenSkye eats her salad. Yes, that pie is scary.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi notices that Skye is only touching the salad. He says to her, " What's 'da matter? Aren't 'cha gonna touch 'da o'der 'din's 'ere? "

LadyRavenSkye remembers the croissants, grabbing two, and munches on them. "Sorry.. I'm just not used to this array," She says.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi tilts his head and asks, " What do 'cha mean, 'dis array? I took only 'da best food 'dat I could get me hands on. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi adds, " 'Dat and I didn't know what 'cha were gonna be so I grab a wee bit o' every'din'. "

LadyRavenSkye explains, "I'm usually eating sandwiches, and homemade meals." She smiles warmly, "Not that the guesture was lost, my dear. You've been really sweet."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, " How about a wee bit o' music to make 'dis meal seem a wee bit better 'den. " He then pokes his head into the picnic baskey to pull out his instrument of choice here.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pulls out a bagpipe19). He wipes the mouth piece off on the handkercheif that Skye gave him. He then blows into it to get the bag to fill up so he can start "playing"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi blows the bag up. He takes a couple of deep breaths and then starts "playing" the bagpipes. Unfortunately he can't play the bagpipes and it sounds worse than someone swinging a cat by it's tail.

LadyRavenSkye blinks, and raises her knees a bit, looping her arms around them to listen. "I like music," She says, grinning as Akogi pulls out the bagpipes.

LadyRavenSkye tries very hard to not frown, or laugh. Her cat ears go down, as the music makes her hat warp away. Her left eye winces, and she attempts to nod along with his "playing".

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi continues playing, although he can't quite get the fingering down right so his notes are played horribly wrong. He attempts to play a celtic song though it sound like horrible noise.

LadyRavenSkye has horrible chills from Akogi's "playing". Her cat ears are flat against the top of her head, as her left eye keeps wincing. Her human ears are thinking of rolling in on themselves.

LadyRavenSkye blurts, "HeyAkogibabyangellovesweetheartletmeplaysomething.. for you, kay?

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi keeps blowing into the horrible noise contraption. He blows harder into it trying to make it produce a nicer sounding noise, unfortunely for everyone around, it gets worse.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi stops playing and looks up at Skye and moves his mouth away from the mouthpiece. The horrible noise stops, thankfully. The mouthpiece to the bagpipe is covered in slober.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, " Sure, 'cha can probably play some'din' a wee bit more pleasent 'den me. I'm only startin' to learn how to play. "

LadyRavenSkye pulls open her bag, and pulls out a busted case. She fiddles it open, and starts to put together a silver flute from within. "Flute," she says.

LadyRavenSkye smiles as she does a quick scale on the flute. "You'll get better, Akogi," She says before clocing her eyes, and putting the flue back to her lips.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi ooohs at the flute and mouths shiny. He sets the bagpipes down to let Skye play.

LadyRavenSkye starts to play something, she plays by ear, from things she once heard. It's rather lively for a flute, high notes, and middle notes with a quick merry tempo.

LadyRavenSkye suddenly, and without much warning, drops the song into long low notes, dragging them out into a somber melody.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi pays attention to Skye's music. His bagpipe in the meantime starts to deflat, letting out a steady note that gets higher and higher as the bag deflats.

LadyRavenSkye slowly brings her notes up, back into the chipper happy melody from before, ending her playing on a long high note. She opens her eyes, and smiles, "How was that?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi starts to applaude Skye and says, " 'Dat's probably a lot better 'den what I could ever try to do on 'da bagpipes 'dere. "

LadyRavenSkye smiles, and starts to put away her flute. Her cat ears stay down while the bagpipes deflate. "Thank you Akogi. You're the first person I have played for in a long time," She says.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi tilts his head and says, " Oh? 'Cha ain't 'dat bad with 'dat 'din' and I'm surprised 'cha haven't played more o' 'er. "

LadyRavenSkye smiles putting it away in her bag. "I play a lot, just alone," She says.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi shakes his head and says, " Good music like 'dat should be heard by o'der people. If 'cha have a reason 'fer not playin' 'er, 'den maybe 'cha could tell me as I give 'cha a massage. "

LadyRavenSkye stiffens, "No, no massage please."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi tilts his head and asks, " 'Cha liked me massage 'da last time I gave 'er to 'cha. Some'din' wrong? "

LadyRavenSkye tightens Oni's tux jacket around her, "Just.. stuff going on. I really don't want to be touched."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi ahhs and says, " 'Dat's no big deal. 'Din's like 'dat happen " He then looks down and then looks at the unlabeled box from Joe's. He hmms to himself whether he should open it or not.

LadyRavenSkye follows Akogi's gaze to the box. "What is in the box?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi feels like a talk show host when he hears Skye say that. He grabs the box and then swiftly opens it up to show Skye what's inside.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi grins as he pulls the cover down to show the greasiest cheeseburger from Joe's diner that anyone has ever seen. He slightly blushes and says, " I also dought cha might turn into a rookie again "

LadyRavenSkye blinks at Akogi, and laughs. "Now, not all humans are rookies, Akogi."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi chuckles and says, " In me opinon 'dey are.. 'dough 'cha might of had some'din' bad happen to 'cha and 'cha might of been runnin' into a req problem. "

LadyRavenSkye giggles. She leans over, and gives the Leperchaun a peck on the cheek. She knows he is trying to be sweet. "You're a love, Akogi."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi blushes some more. He's not used to this. He looks at the cheezeburger like object and then begins to scarf it down trying to hide his embarassement.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's cheeks return to their normal colour and he has unfortunately also has finished the cheezeburger-like object too. He puts the box down.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi says to Skye, " I fiured I should eat 'er since 'cha already said 'cha didn't like 'da food. "

LadyRavenSkye saw the blush, "Ya'sure it wasn't because you were trying to hide something, Akogi?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi quickly shakes his head and says, " Nope, I wasn't hidin' any'din'. Hidin' no'din' at all. No'din'. "

LadyRavenSkye raises an eyebrow, "If you say so.." She sits back down. "Is there anything else planned," She askes.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi shakes his head and says, " I don't 'dink I forgot any'din'. " He pokes his head into the basket and says with his head in the basket, " Nope I got every'din'. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi lift his head up without first taking it out of the picnic basket. He basket goes flying up with his head and it now appears that he has a new hat.

LadyRavenSkye giggles at Akogi, "Here, um, let me get that," She says, holding her hands out.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi tilts his head in slight confusion, only to make the basket slide off of his head a little bit. He asks, " Let 'cha get what? "

LadyRavenSkye grabs the basket from Akogi's head, slipping it off him gently. "This, dear," She giggles more.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi notices Skye taking the basket off of his head. He ohhs and says, " I didn't notice 'dat. 'Cha know 'da helmet keeps me from feelin' 'din's up 'dere. "

LadyRavenSkye nods, "Well, it's good to know your helmet is doing its job.. would you like to walk me home?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi gets up and says to Skye, " After I clean 'dis up. 'Cha know no'din' 'den seein' 'din's 'drown onto a beach and 'fergotten about. "

LadyRavenSkye stands up, putting out the candles for Akogi, "That is true."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi sets the basket beside the towel. He then begins to put all the garbage back into the picnic basket. He picks up the bottle of whiskey and places it into the sand so he wouldn't of forgotten it.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi grabs the towel and then stuffs it into the basket. He then grabs the candles and sets them in the basket as well.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi grabs the basket and the bottle of whiskey. He then looks over to Skye and says, " If I didn't have me hands full, 'den I would offer to carry 'cha back to 'yer house. "

LadyRavenSkye smiles, "It's all good." She grins, and starts walking, slowly of course so Akogi can keep up with her.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and then begins to walk behind Skye with the picnic basket.

Back at Skye's tent

LadyRavenSkye walks to the inside of the tent, stopping at the door. She turns to Akogi with a smile.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi wanders up beside Skye still carrying the picnic basket and the bottle of Glenfiddich. He wanders up to Skye and says, " Well she seems like 'da picnic is over now. Did 'cha enjoy 'er? "

LadyRavenSkye leans down, and kisses Akogi's cheek, not a peck, but a tender little kiss. She stands up straight, and smiles. "I did, thank you so much, Akogi," She says warmly.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's cheeks redden after Skye kisses them. He then moves foot behind him in the dirt and bows his head as he asks Skye, " So would 'cha like to do 'dis again sometime? "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi adds, " Well not 'dis excat same 'din', unless 'cha want ano'der picnic, but some'din' else 'dat might be a wee bit o' fun to do. "

LadyRavenSkye nods, "Oh, gee.. yes I would. I'd love too."

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi smiles and then his mind starts racing as he thinks, ' Oh god, what would I do? What should I do? Walk on the beach, nah.. too cheesy, oh god. I have to 'dink o' some'din'. '

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi looks up at Skye with the smile on his face. He nods and says, " I'll come back and grab 'cha sometime once I 'dink o' some'din' 'fer us to do toge'der. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi quickles adds, " Not today or any'din', but some o'der day. She'd be strange if I took 'cha 'fer a picnic 'den some'din' else in 'da same day. "

LadyRavenSkye giggles, "Of course. I'll be waiting Akogi."

LadyRavenSkye shuffles about a bit, "So, um.. see you later?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi begins thinking to himself, which isn't that good for his head mind you, ' Oh god, what do I do now. Should I hug Skye and call 'er a night or should I just wave 'er bye and 'den leave. '

LadyRavenSkye smiles at Akogi.. waiting.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's brain begins to overheat and smoke begin to roll out from under his helmet as his brain is actually being put to work. He thinks more, ' Should I hug 'er and say see 'cha or just wave at 'er. '

LadyRavenSkye blinks on sight of the smoke, "Akogi,?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's body move to go to hug Skye but holds itself back midway and pulls himself back as it moves his hand up for a wave. He then bring his hand back down as he tries to figure out what he's doing.

LadyRavenSkye tilits her head, and kneels down to offer a hug.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's helmet begins to have black smoke roll from inside of it as he's trying to figure out what to do here. He's never done anything like this before.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi goes to hug Skye again but he's still not sure whether he should or not. He thinks more, ' No no, it'd be insulting to hug 'er, 'dough she is kneelin' 'fer me to give 'er a hug. "

LadyRavenSkye smiles, she is still waiting.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's smoke stops rolling out of his head. He's found a solution. For now anyway, it might give him a little more time. He straightens out his arm that has the Glenfiddich and states, " Have 'dis. "

LadyRavenSkye blinkblinks, and takes the Glenfiddich. "Oh, Akogi! Thank you," She does what?! She kisses his cheek again, just as tenderly as before.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi takes a couple of breaths in and smoke then begins to roll from his helmet again. He thinks some more, ' Oh god maybe I shouldn't of 'done 'dat, 'dough she's booze, Skye loves havin' booze. "

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi's head begins to panic some more, a thought cross his mind, ' Should I also give 'da picnic basket to 'er too.. good job 'dere midget. '

LadyRavenSkye stands back up, and smiles.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi closes his eyes and he mutters to himself, " Screw 'er " He then wraps his arms around Skye quite hard as if he's convincing himself this is the right choice to do.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi thinks more, hence more smoke rolls out, ' What how long are 'cha suppose to hug someone like 'dis 'fer, nor do I 'dink 'cha should be huggin' legs ei'der. '

LadyRavenSkye beams, and leans down, giving Akogi a caring one armed hug. Her other arm is clutching the liquor like it's a God Idol.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi has more smoke roll out, ' Should I let go first or should she be 'da one to let go first. And should I be insulted 'dat she isn't huggin' me with both arms. "

LadyRavenSkye stands back up, letting go first, she looks down at Akogi, and gives him a smile. "Thank you again for the the picnic. You were such a love, Akogi," She says.

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi lets go of Skye and says sort of blurting out some of it, " 'Dat's good. And I'm glad 'cha want to go out again sometime. 'Da picnic was fun. "

LadyRavenSkye smiles, "You're a good friend, Akogi. So of course we can hang out again sometime. See you later, now, ja?"

Improbable War Leprechaun Akogi nods and says, " See 'cha. " He then turns around and then hastle leaves Skye's tent trying not to make it seem any more awkard and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

LadyRavenSkye waves bye to Akogi, and walks into the tent.

1) Well mostly why particular leprechaun doesn't date
2) To my knowledge there is only one leprechaun on the island though
3) Though to many he's known as thieving midget bastard for stealing building supplies
4) It was an apology picnic
5) Just for him. Like usual, Skye is oblivious
6) Red Pandas are rumored to be cuter
7) Not really wanting to help, only asking out of being polite
8) Oh do I hate that too, then the person gives you aa mountain of stuff to do
9) Someone went all out.
10) Her thoughts "You're not making me eat that, are you?!"
11) She kissed him on the nose.
12) Skye LOVES liquor
13) It's always five o'clock in Skye's mind
14) Do they take credit cards?
15) Let us find out!
16) Maybe.. snot?
17) We call these bosomkerchiefs
18) Holy IceCream Cake Batman!
19) How romantic
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