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Basic Profile

Name: William Harrowton

Age: 19

Sex: Yes, please Male

Height: 5" 9' 3)

Weight: Erm. . . quite skinny. No exact measurements made due to time constraints. 4)

Hair Colour: White 5)

Eye Colour: Deep Blue

Favourite Colour: Violet, also likes Blue. 6)


First, let's start off from the top, he has white hair, although it isn't naturally white as his eyebrows show that he was born with brown hair, the hair colour was achieved by sheer accident 7). He also has blue eyes, as dark as the sea, his face is of a typically normal kind, although some of his facial features had been described as 'cute' 8), he sports a rather pale complexion.

Moving on, he has been described as quite skinny, but not enough for his bones to be showing, meaning he has been eating decently. He wears a teal blue shirt, which has been tattered in some places, his trousers, too, look tattered with coloured patches 9) covering where the fabric had been breached. Finally, his feet is bare, as he had been sent to the island without time to get his shoes.

Of note, his trousers sports a sort of utility belt, although it hasn't seen much use, it is used to hold a crudely carved wooden sword, one that he had carved, with help, when he was just a kid.


Mr. Harrowton has been described as a clever young lad, he does know his way around the world than most people do, for the most part. He's also been described as sweet and caring, also he had displayed loyal tendencies to those persistent enough to push through his shy exterior and make friends with him.

On the downside, he is considered to be clingy, but only slightly, withdrawn and timid. He is also rather clumsy, dropping things or tripping over them, or both. Also, as has been stated earlier on, he is very shy, and is also quite fearful.

Our advice here is to make sure to try not to touch him in any way, shape or form unless he considers you to be a friend. 10)

NEW William appears to be displaying certain mannerisms and other such things that can be attributed to a condition, it's not insanity although some people would consider it as such. We 11) will be looking into any psychological reports can be found on him off-island to piece this together.


We're currently piecing bits and bobs together in an attempt to try and find out what exactly happened to him off-island before he was 'persuaded' to come here.12) Some bits of informaton may not actually be accurate and may be subject to change.

The kid ain't so much of a lucky person by any means. Heck no, his mother died before he knew her, his father took his own life when he was just two years old. He was brought to an orphanage, where he was made fun of for being different, thinking outside the box, not acting like everybody else. He had made refuge with those who won't bother him, which is good. He figured that if they don't bother him, he won't bother them.

The teachers at school also didn't bother him... until he started misbehaving in classes, work was too easy for him, so they eventually had to take him out of class to yell at him, which only served to withdraw himself further into his shell.

But it's not all bad, though, a school librarian, an old man, took pity on the kid and decided to adopt him as one of his own, and let him run loose around the school library.

When he got older, the Network decided that they need some more people that viewers can sympathize with, and believes that William is one of them, so they carted him off and dumped him onto the island, naked, scared, and confused.

Frontstory (Island)

He had made friends since the first time he came to this island, meeting the likes of Lily, Zecarius, even Beta. Beta. That name still gives him nightmares. You see, he confessed his love for Beta, a similarly shy girl, and had his feelings reciprocated. He was happy. He was finally getting somewhere! At least, until Beta's sudden disappearance...

Ouch. It hit him hard. He didn't know what to do, or say, or react, when he was told by a Network Official that Beta's as good as gone. He tried to keep his spirits up high, but he eventually began to relapse into his withdrawn state, having given into despair. He eventually disappeared underground, his last words heard by the viewers were: "...maybe... the world would be... better off if... I... if I... just... didn't... exist..."

He closed himself off from the rest of the world, and it seemed like he was gone forever. He clearly blames himself for the disappearance of Beta, and fears that the same would happen to his friends.

He got better, mind, somewhat. He's still fragile, and is now pretty skittish, and apologetic. His self esteem is seriously shot, but he has a chance to make some new friends, which he has been doing for a while now. He's met Molly, Megan Jones, Dirk Vanderhuge, Sorrell, the girl who can't remember her name 13), and few others! Despite this, the recovery is slow going, but maybe this time, he won't fall into despair.

1) Technically, could it be called an auto-biography?
2) Also, I'm not very sure if I'm allowed to do this kind of stuff on an article. Oh well.
3) That's five foot and nine inches if you haven't figured that one out.
5) Although it had been claimed that his white hair isn't natural, but it doesn't seem to be changing back to its supposed original colours anytime soon.
6) Why do we document this, seriously?!
7) It involved a paint bucket, some flour, a toy train, a couple dozen eggs, feathers, sticky back plastic and some PVA glue. And that's according to eyewitness testimony.
8) Although I would like to disagree here
9) Or shades of violet to be more precise
10) Whether or not he is capable of love (the sappy kind) is uncertain at this point in time
11) And by that I mean, I
12) And by we, I mean, I.
13) Shi.
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