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At the moment, Willow is a Joker and looks to be in her early twenties. She has light brown, curly hair and smooth, pale skin. She has golden eyes and stands at five-foot-two.

She has two tattoos; a small, red heart on the inside of her hip and a simple daisy at the base of the back of her neck.

Photos of Willow

Before the Island

Willow doesn't remember anything about her life before she wound up on Improbable Island. It wouldn't be far from the truth if you pictured her as some sort of art student living in a city.

Life on the Island

When Willow first came to the Island, she met a young man named Joseph Kemys. They soon fell in love and were wed. Though, things took a turn and they ended up going separate ways. Much drama ensued, but everyone has moved on since then.

Some time around the end of Willow and Joseph's marriage, Willow met Marcell. Marcell is a strapping young lad, around the same age as Willow, and they instantly clicked. It was as if a spark had been created and has forever grown into a burning flame. They fell deeply in love and fought through hard times to be with one another. No one could separate the two.

Quite some time into their marriage, Willow and Marc discovered that Willow was pregnant!1)2)For months, Marc and Willow anticipated the birth of their soon-to-be suspected daughter. They received many gifts for the baby-on-the-way and had announced Neeip and Snow Gray as the baby's god-parents. Everyone was so excited for this baby girl.

One day, as Willow and Marc relaxed in the comfort of their home, Willow's water broke.

They nervously prepared for the birth as well as they could in their living room, but something awful happened. There seemed to be no baby. After quite some time of labour and no results, Willow began to bleed. Heavily. The panicked couple had no idea what to do. Marc tried his best to help, but the bleeding wouldn't stop. Willow died hours later.

A despaired Marcell carried the body of his wife outside, crying with sorrow and fury. When he lay her down, her ghost emerged from her body.

Willow spent several months as this "ghost".

At first, she was her regular self (mentally), completely aware of the fact that she was no longer in her regular form, and of what had caused it. After months of nearly crippling depression, she began to build a wall in her mind. She soon blocked out her memories of what brought her to this state, and merely floated through life - wandering the great expanse of the Island with no direction or thought.

Until one day, Willow stumbled upon the Improbability Drive. Somehow, she managed to beat the Drive; even though she had no desire to, or knowledge of why she should want to.

Willow awoke in a meadow. She felt the warmth of the sun on her skin and the prickle of dew-drop covered grass beneath her. She smelled the fresh air, with a hint of smoke from a nearby bomb going off. Willow opened her eyes to the light in the clear blue sky, freed from her memories and somehow returned to her human body. She slowly stood up, stretching, feeling her muscles tighten and relax - and started walking in the first direction her feet took her.

Since then, Willow has been aimlessly and curiously exploring the towns of the Island.


(No, no. Not the running kind. The what-the-hell-are-you kind!)

  • Human - 5'2; pale; gold eyes; light brown, curly hair; slim and curvy3)
  • Kittymorph - mostly white with black and gray; short fur and a fluffy tail; gold eyes; smaller than usual; still clumsy
  • Butterflymorph - only happened and will ever happen once; had large, bug eyes; antennae; butterfly wings; four arms, two legs; taller than usual
  • Small kitty - same colouring as Kittymorph; very small, about kitten size; feisty
  • Joker - spent most time as a Joker; same colouring as human form; usually wore Victorian era clothing 4)
  • Blob - she was a blob.

Hobbies, Interests, and Talents

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Climbing trees
  • Throwing shoes5)
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening to music
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