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If you're new in Town gettin' turned upside Down, go to the Scavenger's Workshop! You can buy a tin Mask all you've got to do is Ask, there at the Scavenger's Workshop! If you want to get high, have Improbability Pie. Every flavor is new! (The last one tasted like shoe!) You won't have to delve Deep because they're very Cheap There at the Scavenger's Workshop! And if you need a Lift it lets Snickerer Gift, IF YOU SHOP SCAVENGER'S WORKSHOOOOOOP! Just make fun of some race, and get some thrown on your face!1)2)3)4)

1) As composed by Sulaiman and Skidge in new home
2) There was probably drinking involved
3) Probably??!!
4) You know, this could quickly worm its way into peoples hearts. Only to have them try to beat it out on a rock like they did with the NewHome is Full of Noobs song.
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