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Xane's appearance often changed due to his Xenomorphic status, However, since an incident involving someone in a cloak and some fellow in sunglasses, Xane has found himself a Pooka. What might that be?

Well, a Pooka is a lot like a Joker. Just a tad more rabbit-y. He wears traditional Joker clothing, Victorian outfits. He wears a Navy blue suit, hand tailored for him. The overcoat is long, almost oversized, and drapes down to just below his knees. Along with the coat, he wears a cravat, a simple and unassuming one at that. His top hat is a light brown felt material, soft to the touch. Along with this ensemble, he has a purple walking cane which he uses sparingly1).

Physically, Xane appears to be a six foot, humanoid rabbit. He has the long pointed ears, the nose, the whiskers, and even the gigantic feet. However, he also has long thin fingers, walks upright, and has a British accent, although he uses American words and mannerisms2)3).

Xane is the proud owner of a little red Furble named Geiger. The clear crystal creature is a tad hyperactive4). Geiger is also very VERY fond of sweets5).


Xane is a comparatively new citizen of Improbable island, having only come here for the second season. Once on the island, Xane was quick to meet and befriend several people6) through his tenancy to ask people to riddle contests. In fact, that was his main occupation for his early time on the island. One day, Xane visited Improbable Central. While there, he visited a jewelry store and bought a ring. However, this ring, for unknown reasons, gave him all of the abilities of a Joker, but with much less control over them. He used this ring to make wagers with the people he riddled with, and, towards the end of his ownership of the ring, he granted people's wishes with the ring.7) However, after his first Drive kill, he was approached by Zolotisty. She warned him that the ring was much too powerful for him and confiscated it, promising to return it some day. However, Xane had been storing his personality and memories inside that ring, so he became just another Kittymorph soon after. As a Kittymorph, Xane was exuberant and happy, only slightly troubled by his memory loss. After being a Kittymorph for a short time, Xane became a zombie. While a zombie, Xane contracted a case of maggots that would manipulate his body to keep him safe. However, it would do so in ways that were impossible for living beings, so when he became a midget, despite retaining his Xenomorphic capabilities, he could do little other than manipulate his muscle mass, allowing him to have intense strength in parts of his body at the expense of others. After a short stint as a midget, Xane became horribly mutated by the Improbability Drive. He was distraught, but soon realized he still had his Xenomorphic abilities. This allowed him to manipulate his now malleable body into a human-like shape. It also allowed him to use his body as a weapon, turning his arms into blades or growing long claws or teeth. However, he is very self conscious about this and never uses those abilities except in the Jungle, or life and death situations. Zolotisty returned Xane's ring as a wedding present of sorts. Duskrunner took custody of it and hid it inside a mirror in their home.


Xane met Duskrunner back when he was human and fell in love with her very quickly. He first asked her to a date using a riddle competition as a ploy. However, he lost said contest and would have been out of luck had she not asked for a date as a prize. They went to the Cool Rock Cafe as a first date and had a lovely time. Soon after they began spending more time together, especially after Xane became a Kittymorph. However, when Zolotisty confiscated his ring, Xane's memories of Duskrunner faded. Fortunately, the relationship recovered and is now flourishing, despite all of the changes the two of them have gone through8). They were married in a wonderful ceremony with many of their friends, and were very happy.

As a part of the Ex-libris plotline, it was revealed that not only was Dusk a character from the Lewis Carrol poem "The Jabberwocky", but also she was sent back there in an accident involving the McGuffin. Reduced to "The Mimsy Borogrove", she was trapped in the book for a few days. Xane was distraught and left for the jungle, some time during which he tried his hand in writing which resulted in the beginning of Xane's Tale. Fortunately, Dusk was released from her book by Tuesday Next, another escaped book character. Xane and Dusk have been reunited, and have vowed to spend much more time with each other, lest something like this happen again.

Sadly, something like that has happened again. For reasons yet made clear, Duskrunner was forced to return to her book for an indefinite amount of time. Xane kept her book in his room at SUGAR for safekeeping. He misses her dearly, but has started coming to terms with the loss.

Past Events

Xane actually lost his soul. Master Thief Vincent had promised his to Horatio, and in an attempt to protect it, Xane won it from him in a bet.9) However, Horatio took Xane's soul in revenge. Xane was then forced to rely on a shadow soul. For a short time, he lived on a fragment of Duskrunner's soul, but it was too small to conform to Xane's consciousness, preserved in the shadow soul. Xane replaced Dusk's soul fragment with a entire soul of a contestant from Season 110) and placed the fragment in Dusk's wedding ring. Xane has been able to hold onto his personality using the copy of it in the shadow soul, but has yet to become a monster thanks to the stability of the donor soul. This, however, is not a permanent solution, and Xane will need to recover his original soul eventually.

He was married to The Mimsy Borogrove Duskrunner. Their ceremony was attended by Zolotisty, Alpha of the mass Chimental, Master Thief Vincent, and many others. As gifts, Xane and Duskrunner received pocket-watches, a figurine, a wonderful king sized bed, two Improbable gifts from Skidge, a highly detailed glass heart in a box, and a complex puzzle box. There were fortunately no problems, except the return of Xane's ring, which unsettled him severely. They left the area with each other, likely to spend the night with each other. Recently, Xane's shadow has proven to be quite active, causing mischief and meyhem at all possible times, taking control of Xane's body at the most inopportune moments. The only way Xane can think to solve this problem is with the ring Zolotisty returned to his wife. However he refuses to use it until he becomes a Joker, fearing its effects. This means that the shadow will be around for some time to come. Fortunately, since Xane's abilities shorted out, the Shadow has been quiet and unobtrusive. If this is indicative of a plot or some problem with the Shadow itself is yet to be seen.

Xane, Relishing his new title of Chief Disinformation Officer, has taken to telling others Stories of a world of his own creation.11)12) It has been revealed recently that he is not telling these stories by choice, but because the Shadow that holds him together is holding him hostage, in a sense. As long as Xane tells his Tale, the Shadow will leave him alone. He doesn't know whether to hope the Tale ends soon, or goes on forever. Due to recent events, his tale has been put on hold until he can find the time to begin it again. However, even though he no longer has to, he wants to continue it13).

Xane, after a run in with the MurphySkidge, had a slight mental breakdown. He became convinced that the only way for him to be helpful to the situation was to find his ring. However, upon finding the ring in the mirror, putting it on, and claiming his soul back from Horatio, a rather disturbing fact was revealed. Xane, before coming to the island, had been a convicted serial killer with sever paranoia and unrational hatred for others. When he put the ring on, all of those lost memories came back and he reverted to his previous state. He disappeared, only to reappear from time to time, wreaking havoc14). After a string of attacks on the commons, Xane, who's previous self was known as Xavier, was demoralized and sought help from Zolotisty and Skidge. They convinced Xavier to place himself and all of the fragments15) inside the ring, which was then returned to its cricket form. Xane was restored and quickly set about righting Xavier's wrongs.

During the MurphySkidge conflict, Xane was assaulted by Xavier, and easily dispatched him16)17). Soon after he played a small part in the end of the MurphySkidge18)19).

Recent Events

Recently, it has been shown that Xane, when he first became a Joker, emitted a strange brand of improbability that began to wear down the 5th wall. This means that in places Xane frequents, beings from alternate universes have begun to intrude. He has been trying to send them back as he finds them, but he hasn't even figured out how to make sure they go back to the right universe, let alone close the holes in the first place20)21)22). Actually, that last bit was a lie, he figured it out using a rather large fractal, and has sent all of those silly Buggers back home.

Even more recently, Xane came into a factory of sorts, where he produced various amenities for the people of the island, giving them away as a "Thanks for the defense of the outpost"23). However, upon realizing he couldn't possibly run the factory forever, he decided to give it away in a huge contest. Five winners found a special ticket in their treats. However, two of them showed up, which made the contest a tad shorter24). In the end, Abigail won the factory, and now has custody of it to do with as she wishes.

Xane May or may not25) found someone he cares for. She may or may not26) feel the same way towards him. She may be named Silcatra, they may have built a house together, they just might be living together, and there could even be the possibility of a marriage. But that's all rubbish. A little bird told me it, and they're such gossips. You wouldn't believe.

Xane's Quotebook

1) mostly to pick things up when he's too lazy to stand
2) So he's Harvey
3) Maybe
4) understatement
5) I repeat, Understatement!
6) Vincent, Duskrunner, Alpha of the mass Chimental, and Symar to name a few
7) almost none of them turned out properly...
8) Xane went from a zombie to a midget to a mutant, Duskrunner from a human to a zombie to a mutant.
9) There was some cheating involved on the part of a biased judge.
11) go ask him about it, he'll blather on for hours
12) on second thought, run! far far away!
13) although if he ever will has yet to be seen
14) not the least of which was placing Curiosity inside Ferryn
15) except for Curiosity
16) he was only a cricket, not that big of an accomplishment
17) yes, but an EEEEVIL cricket!!
18) he watched from the commons, once again not a huge accomplishment
19) oh, leave me alone would you?
20) he's kind of incompetent like that
21) But we still love him, the silly boy.
22) aww shucks, you'll make me blush.
23) They failed to see the small print wherin the consumer of this object, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, Et Al, they forfit all future...
24) They were eaten by bears...Improbable bears!
25) he has
26) she does
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