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Xane's quotebook

Xane is an avid reader of the Enquirer, he tries to give it a once-over every day or so. One day, he noticed a few changes on the snippet page, where several lines were taken off, some of which he was quite fond of. Not one to trifle with a public paper, but not wanting to lose the quotes, Xane decided to pick up an old copy of the paper and note down some of his favorites. He decided, also, that if he saw anything else he liked, but wasn't sure if it would fit the Snippet page, he'd put it in the book you hold in your hands right now.

For that matter, how'd you get this book at all? Who are you? What are you doing in my house?! AAAAAAAUGH!

. . .

On that note, enjoy.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe has a thought. If Escemfer ever had a house, She'd need to be able to get inside. But her way inside would also be her way out, due to it being an Esc Key!
Improbabot Megazord Reverb is a robot. He cannot take a joke, as it is an immaterial concept. The Organic Xavier is not making logic sense.
XeNoMoRpH XaNe rarely does Reverb. Its one of the little perks of going insane.
Improbabot Megazord Reverb is rarely being done by Organic Unit Xavier. How fortunate.
Rookie vizzard says: I just hope its not a live gernade. . .
XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks thats possible, but unlikely. Most of the time, live grenades tend to talk, walk, and appear in musicals. Its the explosive ones you have to look out for.
Ferryn's Friend says "I am from Behind the Fourth Wall"
Genevieve replies "Oh, that makes good sense then"
Ferryn's Friend says, raising her eyebrows "You do realize that means you are fictional right?"
Genevieve nods, smiling "Yes, I am aware that means I am fictional. You have given me a great hope then. You just guaranteed that I am Immortal, and that I am likely going to have a happy ending, and that I do have a purpose in life, and that everything I do is for a reason.. You do realize that by you being real you know none of these things? and you will have to live your WHOLE LIFE never knowing if you have a purpose, or where you will go when you die.. or any of those existential questions you real people ask. . . So thank you! I can now live a satisfied life, without worry or angst.."
Ferryn's Friend looks at her and says "Hm, I never thought of it like that"
NesQuarX furiously points at the typo gremlin scampering down his tree and says. "You are to blam for this!" The gremlin hastily hides the 'e' and then goes BLAM!
XeNoMoRpH XaNe tries to pick a good riddle from his mental store. He browses the shelfs and then tries to haggle with the cashier after he refuses Xane's mental coupon. Several synapses behind him moan angrily.
XeNoMoRpH XaNe walks in and sits on the sleepyFerryn. Why? Because he can, so there.
CentipedeMorph Ferryn would hope she is a comfortable seat.
XeNoMoRpH XaNe adjusts a moment. . . wait. Yes. Yes she is. Quite comfortable.
CentipedeMorph Ferryn yawns, and blinks a few times. "erm. Someone's sittingon me."
XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods and looks down, "Yup. Hi Ferryn!"
CentipedeMorph Ferryn peers up to Xane. "Oh. H'llo. I remember things now."
XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, "Well, if I knew my rear end cured amnesia, I would sit on people far more often!"
Pirate Queen Genevieve has a sudden realization: There are clans for SUGAR and SPICE, but not EVERYTHING NICE
Pirate Queen Genevieve wonders how little girls can be made if that is missing
First Sergeant Jess gives a wink to Gen, before laughing and disappearing in a puff of smoke.
Pirate Queen Genevieve seems to have been given a wink. She offers the wink to Cookie, who politely declines. She asks "Daes anywan want thes wink?"
Dorothy Reverb reckons that often, the Pinata giveth, and then the Pinata taketh it away again..
The wonderful wizard of Bernard comes back round, "Sorry, drifted off there, watching your ea- Ahem, bobbing along to the trick. I see your skill, right there." A mage for all seasons!
Pooka Xane smiles, ego even further inflated. Be warned, his Ego alert metric for Improbable Central has passed sixty. A metric of more than one hundred will easily overwhelm the guards.
The wonderful wizard of Bernard is craftily swiping all of the complimentary snacks into his sleeves. Then, passing the out of order cigarette machine, he heads back to the table.
The wonderful wizard of Bernard returns to Callia, "Bloody hell, that cigarette machine just said I looked like shit, and ought to stop drinking. But then these nuts, up my enormous sleeves said not to listen to it, that
The wonderful wizard of Bernard continues, "That I looked really good, that green is my colour, and I should feel proud to be me." He pauses, "The cig machine is out of order but the nuts are complimentary."
<DICE> Ebenezer looks to Binjali, "You got a typewri-writer. Typewriter. Didn't you?" He adjusts his spectacles and glances at Xane, unsure of what to think of the man's struggles.
<TYPES> Pooka Xane is always unsure of his struggles as they might simply be an outward expression of his inner conflicts, raised by his childhood and experiences in life. In other news, his hat is a giant muffin now.
<LDD> Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac saunters into the square. "Ahoy, fellow Rookies. Where do you get armor? Who is the communications tent? Where is Location For? What is food for? Why are there grenades? Where's my monster?"
Rookie Arkady raises an eyebrow. "You're joking. What is FOOD for?"
<DICE> Bellwether Marly is pretty sure that Jacques is joking, but you never know. In any case, all these and more questions are answered in Location Four and http://tinyurl.com/newbwiki
Rookie Xain is exceedingly certain Jacques is joking, and very highly amused.
Zel points out "Who is the communications tent?" as the one question that may never be answered. It is far to complex for the feeble minds of the Islanders to fathom.
<SAS> Der Schnitzelgeist Ghostface Koalah screeches. "NOOOOOO! Killed by the very quest monster I was supposed to kill! It'll take me forever to track it down again!" Still screching, he launches over the railing into the water.
<SAS> Der Schnitzelgeist Ghostface Koalah disappears from view.
Rookie Corny mutters, "Godspeed, drowning german guy"
Rookie Artisan mutters, "Intereshting... I shall have to see what kind of fuzzy and otherwise critter-type-entities I can wiggle meself into!"
  • "Never get rid of a costume. You never know when you need that outfit to infiltrate an enemy's stronghold and steal all their cookies and milk." - Marly, right after Christmas
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