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Xane's Tale

Xane has been traveling to different parts of the island at different times. Telling stories that are all interconnected in some way or another. As he tells them, they'll appear here. However, It's up to the audience to piece together the underlying story. The real Story.

Tale One

The Common Grounds, late at night. Xane, Neeip, Daedalus, Escemfer, Ree, and Ebeneezer.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, then says, "well, then I suppose I'll tell a tale. This one is fiction actually, and of my own composition. Dont take it too seriously, it just came to me one day."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe cracks his knuckles in anticipation and leans back, getting comfortable for the storytelling. He clears his voice as he begins. The words sound thick and official as the leave his mouth.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Long ago, long before any of us here were born, or any of our fathers, or their fathers fathers, there was a small villiage on the edge of two coutnries."

High Lady Escemfer looks at Ebenezer. "Don't like cameras, do you?"

Contestant Ree-chan looks at Eben and says questioningly, "There's places without cameras?"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "this village was constantly under threat, the other two countries always encroaching on its land and attacking it. But the village stood, for it had somthing the others hadn't"

Civilian Ebenezer replies simply to Esc, "No, not really."

Civilian Daedalus reclines in his seat to hear Xane's tale.

Civilian Ebenezer makes a grim face and shakes his head at Ree. There aren't any places without cameras that he knows of for sure, but he suspects there may be some somewhere.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe forms a figure of a beautiful woman on his hand, "A Goddess. She guarded the lands from all pain and suffering, but she demanded a terrible price of blood from the villagers."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe dismisses the figure and continues, "but this could not go on forever, it wore on the villagers souls to send their own to their death, for the safty of the rest of the community."

High Lady Escemfer leans quietly on the table, listening to the story and thinking.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "one day, the Goddess made the people an offer. She proclaimed, "I grow old, and tired in my duties. My powers wane. I am to choose an heir, one to take up my mantle"."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the goddess proposed a contest among the people. She would provide challenges, and the one who completed them all would become the next god or goddess of the village."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the villagers hatched a plot. They would gather their finest, most loyal people, whichever of whom won would gain the power of a god."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, ""surely one of their own would never exact such a terrible toll from his fellows?" they reasoned. However, unbeknownst to them, another joined in the contest."

Civilian Ebenezer is now listening to Xane's story too, though he talked through a bit of the beginning part.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe notes the new day, but continues regardless. "It was the Chief's own son. The child had always been sickly, but intelegent. It had always been assumed that the boy's brother would become chief."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the son boasted to the villagers, "If I cannot be your chief, I shall be your god!" the villagers laughed and scoffed at the claim. What chance had this fool?"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "finally, the day of the competion drew near. The competitors, including the boy's older brother, entered the citadel of the godess and disappeared for 5 days and nights"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "during that time, the competitors were subjected to horrible trials, pitting them against one another. Some returned. Many more died in agony."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "finally, the final competition appeared, a horrible beast with many heads to be slain. By now, only five of the orignal competitors remained alive."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the champions fought hard, and finally one prevailed. Weak, and tired, the brother to the son stood atop the beast, covered in its blood and proud of his work."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "however, unbeknownst to the brother, the son had survived the struggle, waiting nearby, out of harms way. As the brother moved to claim his prize, the son approached him."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "it is unknown exactly what took place between those two in that chamber, but hours later, one of the two brothers emerged, filled with the power of a god."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "it was the son, triumphant and filled with strength. The Villagers looked upon him with horror, sure he would exact revenge against their mistreatment of him."

Civilian Ebenezer sneers slightly, as this story has gotten very violent. Though, it did start off violently too, really.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "however, the son did not. He simple acted as the previous goddess had. He demanded the toll of blood and protected his people. The townspeople were baffled."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the son had been changed. He was distant. Cold. Unhuman. The villagers were worried of what this new God might do with his newfound life."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "for years, the people lived, a halflife of worry and anticipation of somthing horrible. Then, one day, somthing unexpected happened."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe a child, stricken with hunger and disease, approached the new god and pleaded to be cured, to be spared of the difficulty his life was filled with.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the God, smiled sadly upon the child and said, "I cannot. I have great strenght and knowledge, but I am not what you imagine me to be.". The child was confused."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the child said, "but you are a god! surely for the price of blood you take, you can give as much." the god began to frown, some inner knowledge troubling him."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "he stood before the child and said to him, "you presume too much of me. I am no god." and with that, he left."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the god disappeared from the land, and never returned. Few know of what happened to the village, and none know what happened to the god. Some say the Village was destroyed..."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "some say a great cataclysm struck it. some say it prospered and ruled the world. None know, except that no trace of it remains today."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "all that can be said is that somewhere in the world, there lies a stone statue of a child, his tears running down his face. those who gaze upon it are freed from pain."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "but as to if that is the child? Did the god do that? Is he still alive? That is a story for another day, and another time. This story has reached its end."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe streaches and sighs, his voice normal again. "well, that went on longer than I thought...and not even the full tale either!"

End Tale One.

Tale Two

Pleasantville, Early morning. Xane and Symar.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe grins, "Happy to help! What kind of friend would I be if I didnt?"

Oblivious Symar says, "A really lazy and boring one, probably."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "yes...yes I would be. Now then, I've taken up a little hobby recently, would you care for a story?"

Oblivious Symar says, "Oooh, story-time. Sure."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles and relaxes, taking a deep breath, then begins, his voice slightly different. More athoritative. Real.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "once upon a time, there was a village that lived peacefully and happily. However, one day that village's peaceful ways were put under siege."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "an Evil witch had come, and forced the villagers to send their countrymen to their deaths. This left them distraught. They resolved to find a way to fix this problem."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "they formed a group of the strongest of their countrymen to invade her castle and wrest her from her throne. As the adventureres left upon their task, they were joined by a young man."

Oblivious Symar listens to the story.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "this young man happened to be the son of the Village Chief. He had never been the strongest boy, but he was wise beyond his years. He demanded he be allowed to come with them."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "they treied to convince him to return to the village where he would be safe, but the son refused to leave. Eventually the group reached the castle and the adventurers had no choice but to bring him."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "they battled through many trials until finally they came upon the penultimate room which held a mighty beast. The few left battled long and hard, but were unable to defeat it and fell by its hand."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but, the son, in his cunning, found the Beast's weakness and, taking up a sword, slew it in the blink of an eye."

Oblivious Symar says, "Oooh, and then what?"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the son came upon the tower and battled with the witch. For a time, it seemed he would be triumphant, but the witch was sly and would not be killed so easily."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "as the blade pierced her heart, she summoned a mighty deamon which began laying waste to the town. The son, in seeing this, took the strength the witch had left and used it to seal away the deamon."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but, sadly, before the deamon returned to whence it came, it sealed the son within a stone, a curse which was to last millennia."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "in honor of his sacrifice, the townspeople placed the son's stone within a holy shrine, where they had faith he would one day awaken to lead them."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but, did the village survive? when the son awakened, what did he see? Those are stories for another day, and this tale is done."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe clears his voice, his speech returning to normal, "did you like my little fairy tale?"

End Tale Two.

Tale Three

Kittania, noon. Xane, Sicpuess, Joshua, Giuseppe, Threemilechild, Beeker.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe POOF's into the area with a smell of tnimreppep. He looks around for anybody he might know.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe finds his old tree from long ago...god its been too long since he spent any time here. Why did he ever leave?

Contestant Sicpuess pads out of the Grounds, looking for the Storyteller.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe happens to be lounging by a tree at the moment. He's hoping for at least one more before he begins.

Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo pops in from the Ground.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe believe's Joshua will be ariving soon, and is waiting for him. He shall begin with his arrival.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe begins whistling a tune. Its sad and sweet and he knew it complete when he wore a younger man's clothes. He thinks most people know the tune deep down somewhere.

Returning Contestant threemilechild poofs in on a teleporter, finally giving up walking around; she kept getting kidnapped by mobs.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smells the tnimreppep and smiles. Hopefully it wont be long until Joshua arives...he's getting impatient...

Returning Contestant threemilechild says, "Xane, you're going to sing us a song?"

Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo grabs Three and cuddles, watching Xane whistle.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "not quite. I have a story that needs telling, But I cant tell it all at once, or in the same way twice. It's up to my audience to find the true story."

Returning Contestant threemilechild nods to Xane.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe laughs, "think of it as a literary scavenger hunt."

Returning Contestant threemilechild remember stories like that. They usually came in white books with red titles.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs. He's afraid its time to begin. Hopefully Joshua will be able to pick up the echoes.

Contestant Sicpuess adjusts to calm.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe takes a deep breath and begins, his voice deeper and stronger than usual. Let me tell you of a strange world, with strange people far away from where we are now."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, ""this world is larger than this island, than this entire world or solar system. Its as big as everything that's ever been, but it's infinately more empty."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "it is cold and empty and sad. There is almost nothing within. However, even in this strange dead world, Live exists. And what life it is."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "there are beings in there, beings older than most suns and more inelegent than the smartest man to ever live."

Returning Contestant threemilechild snuggles up to Lorenzo and pulls a blanket over them.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "these beings are what they are because of how they work. The Creatures are not really any one thing, btu a collection of small particles, all thinking and working together."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the closest thing to relate them to are ants or bees, but vaster and more powerful than any colony here on earth. And more hungry."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "these beings, these Creatures are collections of Living intelegent matter, and in order to maintain themselves, they Must consume more matter and grant it intelegence."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but, this dead world of theirs cannot accomidate thise hunger, there is little to no matter there and they would have to resort to consuming each other to survive. That is if it wasn't for one thing"

Count de Reynard Joshua finally arrives after his trip from iC

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the boundaries between this world and any other is weak. The Creatures learned soon after their birth into existence that they could reach through the space between spaces to other realities."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "it is not uncommon for a darkness ot descend over a sun or planet, it disappearing soon after. at least not in the universes bordering the Creatures."

Count de Reynard Joshua catches the echoes of his friends stories

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "do not misunderstand these beings, they take from other worlds, not out of evil or malevolence, although they cause great distruction. they do so out of need. Of a hunger for life."

Deputy Beeker pads into Kittania and sees that it's Uncle XaNe's Story Hour! He hops up on his crate pillow and snuggles down to listen.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "however, should they consume too much, their world becomes bloated with their being. One must leave and enter another universe. This is where the true tragedy lies."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "this exiled creautre will go mad and consume and consume until the universe it has entered is as empty as his homeworld. However, existence will not tolerate such a thing."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "in what would seem to be a massive act of cosmic vengance, the Universe will collapse in upon the Creature and reform itself in a cataclysmic explosion."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "and then...the cycle continues. The creatures take, they leave they distroy. And all in the name of life.""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "However, it is not unheard of for a Host to form. A creaure entering the body of another being and granting them great power. However, it is said this power comes at a great cost."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but where has this happened? Why does any of this matter? I leave those questions to you, for this tale is finished."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe 's Voice returns to normal and he asks his audience, "what did you think of that History?"

End Tale three

Tale Four

AceHigh. Xane, Daedalus, and Chirac.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe takes a deep breath. Not long until the Story begins.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe relaxes agianst a lightpost, He wonders if there'll be anyone to hear this one...He needs an audience....perhaps the echoes will persist...

XeNoMoRpH XaNe looks at his watch, seven minutes to go.

Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac says, "Just did 32974573 damage with an Improbability bomb. To a housefly. Huh."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, "I did that to the drive once. Its been a while Jacques, care to stop by for a tale?"

Dread Pirate Black Jacques Chirac says, "Sure, I'm up for a tale."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "another minute and a half, then it'll begin.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles and streaches. Its time. He exhales and his Voice becomes deeper and more athoritative. Time for AceHigh's story.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "a long time ago, there was a city, one larger and more magnificent than any other city ever built. Its people were happy and playful, very similar to the people in this very outpost."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the city had been around for a long time. They used the energy around them to develop technology and wonderful things that had never been seen before."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the people, however, grew lax and began searching for ways to amuse themselves. When one reaches the top, wehre do they go? This is the problem they were faced with."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "they developed theatrical innovations, televised events, Bigger cars, larger homes, they began to draw on the natural resources of the land around them to fufil their newfound lust for entertainment"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "one day, a mining outfit delved into a local cave, looking for jewels and raw glass when they came upon a strange stone. They took it into the city where it rested for some time."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "one day, months after the stone was found and placed in the city as a curio, a vision burst forth from it. It told the people amazing things, things of power, of war. Of strength."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the people saw this as an answer to their prayers. It was a path to move forward, to do anything but twiddle their thumbs."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the people listened, followed the vision's instructions, collected resources and land, and built great machines of war with it all."

Civilian Daedalus tumbles clumsily out of his teleporter.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "when they finally created an army worthy to rule the world, they found a problem. They had no way to power these great machinations. They had strength but no way to use it."

Civilian Daedalus waves a silent greet to Xane and listens.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles breifly, then continues, "In an attempt to solve the problem, they approached the stone, the Vision appeared again. This time, it claimed their answer was inside the stone itself."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "however, when they opened the stone, desparate to maintain their new way of life, they found no Great power or source of energy. They found their end."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "a great being burst from the stone and consumed those assembled. It began to assault the town, destroying it systematically. It even used their machines of war againt the people."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but, even as the last biulding in the city colapsed, the leader of the people, seeing his error, used a relic from the previous age, a prison. A weapon of peace."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the Creature was trapped within the prison and the leader dragged it down deep below the city. The city was gone, not a trace of it remained. however, the survivors never forgot."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but what did the people do? Did the being ever escape the prison? those are stories for another time, and this Tale is done."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe clears his voice, his speech returning to normal, "what did you think of the Lesson?"

End Tale Four.

Tale five

NewHome. Xane, PeasofCrab, Korbel, ArJay.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe walks in, thinking about his new story. A fable this time. A fable for NewHome...interesting...

XeNoMoRpH XaNe checks his watch. Ten minutes from this very instant.

Contestant PeasOfCrab walks in having followed XaNe all the way from Kittania. "Yay, I love stories!"

Contestant PeasOfCrab is ready to be entertained. Clapping his hands, he climbs up on Joe's Diner and crosses his legs, ready for the show.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, and nods to PoC. An audience is always welcomed, and appreciated.

Contestant PeasOfCrab smiles in return and leans back, waiting for the story.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe checks, Five more minutes. Someone else may show up, thats why he was waiting.

Contestant PeasOfCrab asks, "Would you like me to announce something in the Grounds?"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, "If you'd like to, but I dont tell these stories for attention, but for other reasons. This is fine." he is, although, worried he may be missing somthing in the CG.

Contestant PeasOfCrab comes back after just a peak in the Grounds. "Nothing much. Eb's being a bit stiff and everyone's going crazy. It's just like a wedding reception, really."

Contestant PeasOfCrab quickly retakes his seat on top of the Diner.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "thats what I dont want to miss. In any case, let me begin, so we can rejoin the others." he clears his voice, it changing and becoming more authoritive.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "long ago, there was a god, one who was powerful and grand. However, he caused some great error and was sealed away for it. He brooded for thousands of years in his prison."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "one day, however, his prison was breached, and he burst forth. He found things much changed in the world around him. The people had changed, become more intelegent and more developed."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "he approached the nearest bastion of civilization and marveled at the technology. He was soon overcome with meloncholy. What use was he in a place with such marvels."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "he approached a common man, and spoke thusly: "behold, mortal, I am an ancient god, borne anew, I can heal all injuries and ease any mind. Do you not need me, and give me your faith?""

Master Sergeant ArJay walks into Newhome just this moment.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the man replied: "why would I do that? I am a doctor and can achieve such miracles myself, I have even challenged death itself. What makes you more than me?""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the God left, confused and afraid. He approached a soldier and said, "Behold, I am a god. I can grant those who desire it great strength and protect my faithful from others, Do you not have faith?"

Master Sergeant ArJay moves to Joe's Diner, and leans up agains the wall, listening to the story.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the Soldier replied, "why would I? My weapons are powerful enough to level entire homes and destroy armies, I can protect myself. What can you do that I cannot?""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the god, more worried than before, finally approached an elderly man and pleaded with him. "Old man, I am a god. I can cure your old age and all the pains with it. Do you not have faith in me?"

Rookie Korbel steps out of the shadows, listening intently.

Contestant PeasOfCrab passes a box of popcorn down to Sergeant ArJay.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the old man smiled kindly at the god and placed a hand on his shoulder. He said, "young man, I need no help, be you a god or not, This world has given me much and I am happy."

Master Sergeant ArJay takes the box, nods in approvement, and takes a heaping handful. He then passes the box back to Korbel.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the old man continued, "and even should I want to continue my life, this society has many ways to restore my youth." the god's sorrow turned to rage and he yelled at the elderly man."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, ""you old fool, I am more powerful than any of your Technology and I have done more for the people of this land than it as well! Is there nothing left of my golden age that is untainted by its touch?"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the old man looked up, calmly, and said "while I do not understand this delirium of yours, there is an artifact that has been here as long as this city in a nearby shrine. I hope that may help you"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "as the old man left, the god stormed to this shrine. As he strode down the passage, there was great splendor inside and he was amazed. Perhaps it was a murel of his deeds for mankind, or a ballad."

Master Sergeant ArJay :realizing Korbel doesn't want any, he tosses the box upwards to PoC.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "finally, reaching the antichamber, He found no murel, no tribute or riches, but a book. It lay on a simple, unassuming pedistle. Its black cover shone with strange letters."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the god opened the book and found nothing he understood. Letters and illustrations that meant nothing to him. In rage and lament for his lost world, the God cast the book down."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "however, the book was not as it seemed. It claimed some of the god's essence as it fell and began to move. The letters rose from the page and circled him, glowing brightly."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the god Shook in terror, afraid for the first time since his assention. A great and terrible presence was within the book. It began to claim the god's body and mind as its own."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "many days after these events, the god reappeared in the city, much changed. He rose, many leagues tall, and began his proclimation to the city."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the god said, "This city hath forgotten me and what I have done for it and its lands. It relies on nothing more than False gods and technology to maintain itself. And thus I pass judgement."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "however, what was the god's judgement? What happened to the city and its people? And what was the presence within the book? We may not know for some time because this Tale is done."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe clears his voice, returning to normal. "What did you all think of this Fable?"

End Tale five

The Prologe

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "not so long ago, and not far away either, there was a man named Xane. He lived on a very strange island with very strange people. However, he was happy."

Rookie Korbel Blue Dawn appears to be sitting atop a chair made of an upturned tea cup, watching Xane intently.

Contestant PeasOfCrab chuckles, trying to keep quiet.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "he was happy for several reasons, he had friends, an easy life, but his biggest joy was his beautiful wife, The Mimsy Borogrove Duskrunner."

The Mimsy Borogove Duskrunner blushes despite herself. Gieger clicks up at her, amused.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "however chaos had decended upon the island, and characters from books had been escaping left and right. Duskrunner and A woman named Skidge had taken up the task of returning them"

Returning Contestant Zephy sneaks in and sits down for storytime.

Returning Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo listens quietly, face hidden from sight.

Returning Contestant Neeip smiles and passes Zep the bottle of soda

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "In the chaos it had been discovered that not only was Duskrunner from a poem by Lewis Carrol, but she had been forcefully returned by an accident with somthing called the McGuffin"

The Mimsy Borogove Duskrunner chuckles. Looks like Peas might get a run down of the story anyway...

Returning Contestant Kuroiten silently passes Zephy a tumbler of root beer as his attention remains riveted on Xane.

The Mimsy Borogove Duskrunner face is even redder. She hadn't been expecting the story he'd been saving to be about her.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Xane found out that his wife had been taken from him and was stricken. He feared he may never see her again. He roamed the jungle in a fit of depression."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "He wracked his brain, what might he do to fix this? He only had physical strength, he could do nothing to get her back with that. He raged for hours."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Xane finally picked up an echo of a memory from his life before the island and it gave him an Idea. He could write somthing! Perhaps if he was a writer, it could help."

Rookie Serene smiles with delight. Dusk is THE borogove? how neat!

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Xane sat in his home and began writing anything that came to mind. For hours, he made no progress. Then he heard a voice he hadn't heard in a long time. The Shadow."

Returning Contestant Neeip winces. the shadow is never good...

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the Shadow, a mysterious copy of Xane's personality with homicidal tendencies. It held his soul together and often made bids to control his body."

Returning Contestant Kuroiten objects with Neeip's judgement, but he knows a different representative of shadows than Neeip...

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "The Shadow, however, was not as it usually was. It sounded confused. It had been quiet for some time. It began to talk to Xane as he sat, alone in his home."

Returning Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo remembers how uncontrollable the Shadow is.

Rookie Serene grabs Neeip's hand tight. he looks worried.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, ""Xane...I know its been a while since you heard from me" it said, "It has taken more effort to keep us alive than normal recently, I'm not sure why.""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, ""However, what you are doing now is...more important that conserving my energy. I have a task for you. A tale for you to tell. Write as I tell you...""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "for hours, Xane sat, copying what she Shadow told him. He saw no harm in it, but was cautious. When he was done, he had the Notes he carries to this day. They swired and changed."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Xane, obviously confused by the bizzare request, questioned the shadow. How did it benifit from this? The shadow was silent for some time, but eventually replied."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "that tale...It is not perfect. I cannot remember it properly but as you tell it, the true tale should take form." Xane pointed out that this was not an answer to his question."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "the Shadow hesitated. "I...I cannot remember where I got this tale...Or why it matters, only that it is more important to me than anything else. I want to make you an offer.""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Xane was confused, this was not the Shadow's normal haughty countenance. He made Xane an offer he could not ignore."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, ""as long as you tell these tales, I shall leave you to your life. However, should you stop, I will Return, and I Will make life difficult for you."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "Xane had no choice but to agree. He accepted the deal and began telling tales. He knows not when it will end, but he is willing to continue until he is finished."

Returning Contestant Kuroiten is intrigued. Telling a tale until it is true...? There are threads of this story he must examine.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe whispers, "he does so not for his sake, but for the sake of his friends, and for the sake of his wife. And with that, this tale ends."

End of The Prologue

Tale Six

XeNoMoRpH XaNe takes a deep breath and begins his tale

Civilian Reverb picks himself off the ground. "Bloody machine!" she shouts at the sky. Not the most diplomatic comment, considering his location.

Librarian Skidge is listening. But nothing will stop her in her quest for a shovel.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "not long ago, there was a Couple. They were happy, lived in a good neighborhood and had plenty of funds. They soon became happier. They were soon to become parents."

Civilian Reverb sits down to listen. It's what he came here for after all.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the child was born and she was wonderful. Beautiful and healthy. She really lit up the home. However, the newfound happiness was not to last."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "a robber came to their home and the parents, when they refused to give up their belongings, and their child for that matter. The kidnapper, in anger, shot the Mother."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the father attempted to fight back, but was subdued. The Kidnapper lit fire to the home and left the family to die."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "however, his horrible deeds were in vain. The Father and Daughter survived to live another day. Years later, they lived in a new home, in a new neighborhood."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but things were not as they were, could not be as they were. As the years wore on, and the light slowly left their home, tensions came to a head."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the Daughter started an argument with the father, and he, in a fit of anger, actually struck her. He regretted it instantly, but it was too late. She left. And never saw him again."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "years later, the Daughter stand, top of her university. They said she could do anything, be a teacher, a scientist. Her future was bright. She became a police officer."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "She always told herself, it was for justice, that she was like the comic book heroes she idolized but without powers. But deep down, she knew why. She wanted excitement, and adventure."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "She had never been satisfied with the simple life she led. Every case, She hoped for a chase, or shootout. Something. Anything."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "and there she lived, in the shadow of the city, unhappy. Unfulfilled. She would find adventure beyond what she knew though. One day. But what might this adventure be?"

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "who knows, because for now, this tale is told."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe clears his throat, "I hope you liked that short little Biography, but for now, I have to be on my way." and with that, he's gone.

End Tale 6

Tale Seven

XeNoMoRpH XaNe pops in with an entire cake in hand. He munches on it, laughing like an evil genius...wait...he's in New Pittsburg...time for his next tale!

XeNoMoRpH XaNe ahem's, trying to decide what tale will do for a city of the dead...

XeNoMoRpH XaNe clears his throat, then begins the Lament. "Long, long ago there was a boy. This boy was nearing his coming of age, and, as the village chief's son, was much looked after and beloved.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the village had a patron saint, one that watched over them, and eliminated all crime. She, on the same day as the boy's birthday, announced a competition."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the winner of the competition was to become a god, as she was. There was much fighting but after a long battle, there stood two left."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe As the great beast that had stood as the final challenge fell to its knees, the Hero of the vilalge approached the goddessm but she looked to the battered, tired man, shaking her head.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe frowns at the gremlin that fouled up his story, but he continues. "the competition was to continue until there was one left, and the Chief's son, having entered the competition, was still alive."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the other competitors couldn't bear to involve him and had taken on the challenges themselves, letting him pass by them, unharmed. And now he stood, the final hurdle in the Hero's path."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the hero looked at the boy, and could not bring himself to raise his sword against him. For a moment, it seemed that there would be no victor to the competition."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "but, a strange look came over the boy's face. He was cold. Calculating. he lept at the man, and within moments, had peirced the Hero's heart with his small blade."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the boy frowned. That had been cruel. However, he had a prize to claim. He approached the goddess, then vanished for some time."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "the boy and goddess were seen together, the same terrible Visage of power. On that day, the boy became a man, and a god. He also lost his innocence."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe the New God lived with the Goddess for a time, however, in time he committed a great sin. The townseople could not forgive him. They were out for his blood.

XeNoMoRpH XaNe growls, ready to kill that gremlin, "the Goddess, attempting to salvage the situation, sealed the New god in a stone, hoping to release him when it would be safe. However, that was not to be."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "In the time between when the God was sealed, and when he was to be released, a neighboring nation began to attack the Village with great intensity.""

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "The goddess, in an attemt to defend the Village, summoned a great Creature with incredible power. However, it turned on the Village, and the Goddess had to give her life to seal it away."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, "however, this left the God, alone. Cold. Sealed away from the world for thousands of years. When was he released? What did he find? that is a story for another time, this tale is Told."

XeNoMoRpH XaNe laughs. The first 100% true story and nobody there to listen to it. Figgures.

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