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Xith, or "The Weather Guy" as he was known before being dragged to the island1), is a rather odd person2). Due to a strange accident when he was a child involving his chemistry set and some at-home gene therapy kits that his father had bought, his hair color is a vibrant blue3)4). This has lead to several silly nicknames over the years because try as he might, no hair color products stick to his hair5). He has, in recent years however, learned to enjoy his hair color. He also has dark brown eyes and had (before his zombie period) freckles on his skin.

Xith's personality is actually a bit odd, though usually pleasant. He's willing to go out of his way to do some things for people, especially if they ask him nicely, but they don't appreciate it he may withdraw completely and ignore all further requests. He is also prone to fits of depression in his otherwise amiable nature, particularly when he feels unwanted or unwelcome by the people around him. He loves silly people, and since his recent zombification, also their Braaaaiiiiins.

Xith has perhaps a bit too much pride in his profession however. If you ask him how he likes his job, he's liable to launch into a discourse on the inner workings of hurricanes and the mechanics of tornadoes, and how often he has gotten to view such storms up close and how marvelous it was. He also misses his high-tech forecasting equipment that he used to have.

His Past

Xith was born and raised almost completely in the state of Texas, though he moved around inside the state many times. He was a bright6) young man, and obtained a degree in Meteorology when he was only 20, just before the technology collapse. Since the EMP bombings and the destruction of computers everywhere, the science of Meteorology has taken a severe hit. In fact Xith's main weather forecasting technology consists of a large, heavy rock hanging by a thick rope from a tree branch outside the TV station. Xith posted sign next to it that reads:

If the stone is wet: It's raining

If the stone is hot: It's sunny

If the stone is white: It's snowing

If the stone is moving: It's windy

If the stone is jumping: It's an earthquake

If the stone is gone: Tornadoes (or maybe thieves)7)8)

When Xith was young, he enjoyed the outdoors and was a member of the Boy Scouts, where he learned First Aid and various survival and trade skills. Though he never knew it at the time, those skills have served him well since coming to the island.

On the Island

So far Xith has enjoyed his stay on Improbable Island, with the exception of his numerous visits to the Failboat during his first Drive Kill. During that first drive kill, Xith was rather nervous, and kind of shy. He kept his mouth mostly shut with exception of a few loud moans on the subject of failboating, and a minor discourse on the pleasures of midget punting. He later altered his views toward migets after being tied up, gagged, bagged, and dragged to the Skronky top secret warehouse for some "Attitude Adjustment". He now has realized the error of his ways. He is currently enjoying a turn as a zombie which allows him unprecedented freedom of observation, since he won't catch hypothermia from standing outside to watch in a howling thunderstorm, and electrocution from lighting is only a minor discomfort. The only weather he really watches for is blizzards, so as to avoid being frozen into a corpsicle (although since meeting Bob Zarido, he's been able to observe cold weather firsthand from Kittania).

Friends: He's made a few friends through his stay on the island, among them are LadyRavenSkye, Bob Zarido, Buddleia, and several others. He can get along passably with most people, as long as they don't insult or hurt him or his friends. Xith's prized posession is his weather rock, which he was able to keep with him on the island. (It was, in fact, dropped on top of him when he came to the Island). It is roughly the size (though not the shape) of an average soccer ball, and weighs around 3 kilograms. Xith carries it with him through his drive kills, and it has managed to stay with him through all so far. There are, however, strange qualities that have been surfacing in his rock. The rock has, after his second drive kill for instance, changed in composition from a chunk of granite to a highly polished piece of unnaturally strong obsidian. The light that reflects from it occasionally reveals strange patterns, and when that happens, bad weather usually follows.

1) and also since being dragged to the island
2) but not as odd as you
3) google a picture of Franky from Onepiece for a color reference
4) Though not necessarily the style
5) Curse you Loreal! I thought you thought I was worth it!
6) Like a Lightbulb!
7) Read:Midgets
8) Probably just somebody filching building supplies though.
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