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Background: Was born a human, but he was very lithe and agile all his life. At a young age, his parents died in an accident, which left him moving between foster homes until he ran away at 16. Ever since then he has lived a wandering life making ends meet as a handyman, until he was abducted and brought to the Island.

Personality: Carefree and fun, he lives in the moment because that's all he has. With such a transient past, the DK mind wipes don't noticeably bother him. He's unskilled at making friends because he has difficulty being serious, but he is loyal and would defend those he loves to the death.

Apparent characteristics: Joker form: Looks human, with brown hair with black tips. Usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and a lab coat or leather jacket. He can take the form of a child, or his old Kittymorph form. Full Size Avatar

Skills: Due to his trade as a handyman, he has exceptional skill fixing most basic things and can learn to fix complex things if given time and practice. Very observant and learns by watching. Also, due to his time as a robot, he is pretty good at fixing machinery that involves gears. His favorite hobby is carving. He almost always has a piece of wood half-carved and takes requests if you ask nicely. As a joker, his skill with carving has translated into an ability to shape basic materials with his hands, like a sculptor would with clay

Life on the Island

Kikuru jumped right into his new life on the Island without much trouble, due to him not having much holding him to his old life. He's not too keen on leaving since he is so comfortable in his kittymorph body and there is more to interest him here.1)

Has a kitten from a box of kittens left in the middle of Kittania. Her fur matches his and her name is Nom Nom.

After one of his fights with Horatio, Kikuru was turned into a robot made up mostly of gears . Since then, he had turned back into a kittymorph, but for some reason both his right arm and tail stayed robotic.

Recently, Horatio has brought Kikuru into the ranks of the Jokers. He is still learning the ins and outs of Jokerdom, but seems to be enjoying it. One of his favorite new skill is that he can mold most basic materials into different shapes using his hands.2)

While in the Jungle one day, he made friends with a Feral Kittymorph named Caru. He brought her back to Kittania and is teaching her how to carve. She is very territorial over Kikuru, and must get used to someone before she is comfortable around them.

After a few DKs as a Joker, his robotic arm and tail started acting up due to the incompatibility between Improbability and machinery. Kikuru used a Joker card on it, not realizing that would only make it worse. As a result, his robotic parts exploded, leaving him badly wounded and short an arm and tail. Devon helped patch him up, and he eventually grew then back.

Kikuru has recently started working at KRIS3). He is focused mainly on experiments involving Cognitive Psychology, but has some side projects too.

Well, It's been quite some time since the last update.

Kikuru spent some time made up completely of water, his Joker abilities being the only thing allowing him to even take form or move. He spent quite some time that way, until he came back as a very young child with no memory. This only lasted one cycle, and he returned to his normal age, with some of his control of water intact but now in a solid form. A short time later, he dissappeared for a long time only to re-emerge quite recently.

1) not that he would remember anything besides his current life, due to multiple DK mind wipes
2) similar to the way a sculptor works with clay
3) Kolojang's Research Institute for Sanity
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