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Zahnnie is an enthusiastic young female contestant with a penchant for moustacheried madness1) and humorous shenanigans. She is an ardent support of her beloved clan, GERM- where she has recently been named an Officer. And constructed the bowling alley, which has already been a source of many a shenanigan itself.

She's fluid in appearance, but the one constant that remains despite the mad fluctuations of Improbability is her long red hair. She recently had her wings returned to her by Horatio, though she lost her delicious bacony aroma in the process. A more than fair trade.

She enjoys battle and parties, usually drunken ones.2)3)4)5)


  • Midget Pedro, a skilled mixologist and last-line-defense6)7)8)9)10)
  • Midget Luis, a woefully unappreciated masseur 11)

Alter Egos

  • Nurse Zahnnie - During M*A*S*H 404, a nurse sidelining as a ring fighter. Had an impressive battle wardrobe malfuncion.
  • Templeton "Faceman" Peck - The G-Team's smooth-talking con artist and requisitions specialist, Face is best at passing time with the ladies.
1) beware the bearded lady!
2) GERM does not condone drunken battles. Except drunken battles when skyclad or equivalent.
3) what about drunken battle parties?
4) drunken battle parties are fine with me. I might just drink and leave the battling to you though - Hawkeye
5) Oi! Tis me three fa'orite things rolled inta one, count me in!-F
6) Also known as KK's favorite object for punting.
7) I thought poles were better for punting?
8) I thought Lorenzo was.. . OOps
9) Hey, watch it pal!
10) Favorite for punting? I've only done once!
11) If we were to torture these two, and then move them around, would it be known as rack and minion steering. Ho ho
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