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Zecarius? Never Heard Of Him

And with good reason. He doesn't tend to get out much from his regular circle of people. He also stands in the background and watches people, like some sort of creepy stalker. Still, that's what this page is for: so that you can learn more about him.1)2)

The Man Before The Island

That.. is a very excellent question. The "recruitment" team didn't pick up much information about him when they "recruited" him to star on the show. As for asking him directly.. well, let's just say that the Watcher's special gas was super effective and leave it at that. There have been no found records of a person named Zecarius so far, so history before the island is currently unknown. If you know anything about this man, please, call our offices or write us a letter.3)

His Runs On The Show

At the start, Zecarius was a quiet loner. He didn't really bond with anyone on his first appearance. Heck, the only people he had some interaction with were Marly, GeTh, and Sloth, and even those were kept to a minimal. He had the singleminded rookie focus on smashing the drive and getting back to.. whatever.

Of course, the Watcher did her usual song and dance after he did smash the drive, calling him a favorite and that there were more drives and that he was altered before wiping his memory.4) It worked, all too well. Whoever he was before the island is either stuck within the deep recesses of his mind where he can't recollect, or completely gone for good.

Still, it wasn't all that bad; the Zecarius that came out of this, despite having weird color eyes and hair and a new scar on his cheek, was much more friendly and personable. He made a lot more friends at this point, the most important acquaintence being Evenne, someone who seemed to recognize him. She couldn't quite remember, though, so his history is still a mystery, but the two became very good friends.

The next encounter with Horatio led to him becoming a kittymorph, something that he took to like a duck taking to water. He was already somewhat affectionate beforehand, and that increased in his new form. He also was very easily distracted, though he tended to be a bit more logical. Just a bit, though; there weren't really reasons behind most of his antics. A slight misunderstanding from these antics, though, did lead to clarification and a labeling of his growing relationship as Evenne, a childish one where they "like liked" each other.5)

His drive runs after that followed a set pattern: Usually he alternateds from human to kittymorph. If not, then he gets a scar or some type of physical change. Then he hangs around NewHome or wherever he's doing his quest, and uses blunt weapons or the crossbow to beat up monsters. Beats the drive, gets changed, still remembers for some reason.6) Rinse, lather, repeat.

What is more interesting are his interactions with the people of the island. Deciding to join a clan, he signed up for nox, and was accepted. It being only two other people besides him, he was quickly promoted to recruitment officer. He recruited some rookies, though most left for bigger clans. The most interesting twist is that the first officer and founder vanished from the island, causing Zecarius to now be the leader of the clan. He's slowly building up the energy to remodel the clan, and improve it, mainly the clan buff.. and possibly a clan building. However, his rookies have left him, and he's all alone.

Despite not having a mentor/older sibling, he has managed to build himself a little family. The first notable person is Evenne; one long run full of failboat and saving allowed him to save up a ring. They immediately eloped in Kittania, and were happily married. The second is Bree; after an incident involving rogue servo arms, the two bonded some. After a discussion with Evenne, and a brief misunderstanding, she joined the family as a younger sister7). The third is Props; while he does not really have a labeled relationship, they are like brothers, after friendly comraderie.

The couple of Zecarius and Evenne currently own two houses. The first is a beach house on "their" beach8) at (10,4), just a bit southwest of NewHome, and usually open for rookies or anyone who wants to stop by. The second is between AceHigh and Pleasantville, a colorful roundhouse at (12,27). However, after the great dwelling destruction, the roundhouse is gone. The beach house, though, is still standing, and improved.

One eventful day at NewHome where he witnessed a female pirate joker play a couple games with some rookies intrigued Zecarius about the woman. Still, it was much later before he would run into her again, learning that she was none other than the Pirate Queen Genevieve. A brief daydream and a chat later, Zecarius was added to the pirate crew of the Jackalope. He is currently ranked as a Lackey, and has been given the nickname Sparky.

Biggest note is that recently, Zecarius has finally become a joker! His direct improbability seems to be.. low. However, his deck does seem to have a mind of its own, acting like a small animal, and tends to never have the same images on the cards. Besides that, no noticable improbability.

Horatio decided to not give him much of a chance to find out, making him a kittymorph again. Zecarius, though pleased with his feline self, is gunning for a quick run in order to be a joker again.

Zecarius, however, triumphed with gusto, and after a brief run, returned to being a joker. His improbability has yet to improve, though his deck of cards is gathering a set of skills. It appears to be able to hold objects within the cards, from physical things to mental states and everything in between. Now, if only he could control them..

While his race has not changed with his last few runs, the appearance has changed some, first changing his hair to a snow white, and recently giving him an eyepatch. Zecarius has not checked under the patch, unsure to what he would find.. besides, he likes the look for now. He even made a deal with RavenSkye and got a custom eyepatch out of it, marked with a seven pointed star, apparently his symbol.

Zecarius has returned to having both eyes visible, though he does keep the eyepatch in case he's in a mood to wear it.

Of course, this didn't last long, even with Zecarius taking long naps in between each time he was up and aboot.9) Horatio hath smited him with looking like a ten year old version of himself, though he is fortunately a joker. And after the next teatime, he not only didn't get older again, he got his eyepatch back. How lovely.

After falling into a coma of sleep, Zecarius finally got up and about.. though he's working on reconnecting with everyone again. However, first thing that happened as soon as he stepped out of his house and into the jungle was meet the Stranger. Being the naturally friendly guy he is, this ended with Zec rolling on the ground, bleeding from every orifice before he died.. and came back, glowing now. A self imposed quarantine occurred while he was looking for a cure.. but he hasn't found one yet. Fortunately, some teatime with Horatio managed to siphon some of his improbability to keeping the radiation in check.. though he does still glow. This also is causing some of his joker tricks to have.. unique side effects. The teatime also got him back older. 10)

He managed to reconnect to his adopted brother, Props, and through him met the leader of TYPES, Silcatra. After a bit of bumbling, he became acquainted with her and the clinic that was near Kittania. However, disaster struck, as the military pulled Props from the island. Zecarius offered Sil some consolation afterwards, and gave her effects from Props' room at the beach house. It turned out that before he left, the medic had proposed and the leader accepted, placing Silcatra as his new sister-in-law. She offered him a position in TYPES, and Zecarius accepted, retiring the clan nox and joining the new one with gusto to help out. She also helped teach him how to use his Improbability, which he has gotten better at.

After a special visit 11), Zecarius got the idea about building a park, one where contestants can relax and maybe paddleboat along with play on a playground. However, this plan was waylaid when Horatio decided to make him a midget. He managed to take that in stride, and came out a kittymorph, perfect for running around and building. During this time, Silcatra changed from being his sister-in-law to being his adopted sister, and he got to spend time with Jara, his neice. He also met Carlynne, the Pirate Queen back from the beyond, and rejoined her crew, narrowly escaping being known as the pirate Breadloaf to his old name of Sparky... though he may get some title with it.

Following a long time of building, he finally realized his dream: he built a park up north between CyberCity 404, AceHigh, and Pleasantville. Being known as the Park De Clair, it's a place safe from monsters and bad weather, where contestants can relax away from everything. After the great dwelling destruction and the lack of visitors, Zecarius moved the park down to the southwestern corner of the island, putting it at (5,6)12).

He also helped out his captain and pirate queen with a hostage scenario, so he was promoted up to Hostage Holder amongst the Jackalopes. Since then, he's slid through joker and became human; feeling vulnerable and squishy, he began a new project: use the monsters against themselves by using their bits to make superior weapons and armor.

Geared up, Zecarius took on Horatio, and managed to not only keep his modified gear in tact, he also suffered only a small hair color and eye color change. Overconfident, he continued on, taking some lessons from Thor in flogging in order to keep up his position as part of the Jackalope crew. However, Horatio decided to play a trick on him after his next tea time, and now he-she, that is- has to suffer the consequences. She feels quite awkward about this.

Feeling uncomfortable with her regular name, she began to call herself Cari. However, an anatomy change ended up being the least of her problems. A lack of spending time with Evenne (watching her sleep does not count) caused doubt about what to do romantically, if she should leave her wife, or stay around and hope that she wakes up again. This ended up leading to a lack of appetite and bizarre nightmares. However, after much thought and some advice from her sister, Cari decided to break ties, though Evenne is still very important to her, even if she seems to have vanished from the island. But for now, she's single.

Cari has met several interesting people recently, and enjoys spending time with them. Mainly it's Daemion, Lily, Heather, Isaac, and Alice, though she has had the pleasure of meeting itchy, Thanatos, Algus, and Anubis. A visit with Carlynne gave her an all new outfit, making her not only look more like a pirate, but act more like one too. She also constructed a large horn to use as a combined beating tool and instrument, but can't play it worth beans. Thanks to Alice, though, the horn does make sounds... though they are linked to Cari's thoughts, giving vocalization to whatever is running through her head at the time.

Cari thwarted the drive once again, and ended up changing back to her male kittymorph self. Hijinks are sure to ensue as people who knew Cari have to connect that with this very masculine fuzzball. He spent some time with his new friends, his niece, and his sister, though she was starting to lose it.. and then vanished. Hopefully she is doing fine.

Another teatime led Zecarius into becoming a joker again. Horatio thought it would be funny to arm him with needles in order to deliver rewards and punishments.. people seem to fear that.13) He has begun joker games, but has been unable to win. However, he spent more time with Alice and Lily, and slowly reached a conclusion. He finally proposed to Lily, and she said yes. Too bad the chapel seems to have been spirited away.. until now, at least. The two of them eloped and are now happily married.

Horatio decided to interrupt this with making Zec Cari, and changing up her memories; she still remembered some things, but thought she was always a girl. However, Lily managed to straighten things out, helping bring her back. Which is good, cause she was acting... weird. In repayment, Cari, as Zec, managed to save Lily from death, and bond them closer.

Another Horatio visit returned Zecarius to male, though human. Things went okay, though, until he learned that Lily's old master, Gremori, was up and around. Tension grew and broke into an argument. However, things have been reconciled between the two of them... though Zec has yet to talk to Gremori, as far as he knows. Though spiraling from this, Lily did manage to pull out the secret of Zec's past14).

Tea made Zec a... as best as can be told, a midget, though he didn't shrink that much. He turned out to be kinda faeish, and was much more upbeat than usual... though he looked kinda girly. However, thanks to the natural power of midgets, this didn't last long, as he bludgeoned enemies to death with his bare hands. He kept the midget status... but became Cari. She looked quite the same, though even girlier, but it didn't last long as the wheels kept on turning and teatime came and went.

Amidst this, Zecarius pondered things, and reached a conclusion, another shot, if you will. He recreated the clan Nox, with Lily as his first mate- er, co-founder. The clan is still quite small, but they are slowly building into a powerful force... there's even a clan HQ15).



His original appearance, the one he had when Zecarius first came to the island, before beating the drive at all, has been almost lost, just like his memories. Only a picture in the files of the contestants contains it. The remnants of his original personality seen when he was first here are very reserved and shy, almost paranoid and antisocial. That is all but gone now.

Human - The Brawler

As a human, Zecarius has short cut white hair, and blue eyes. His body is quite pale, almost as if he doesn't get out in the sun enough. His body has some muscle, but he tends to be scrawny, though he hides this under armor. He tends to be more reserved as a human, and more thoughtful about what is going on. To be honest, he's not as fond of this.. at least it keeps him out of trouble.

To make up for his squishy self, he has begun beating up monsters and using their parts to make himself gear. Not only is it recycling, it has also boosted his confidence in himself. However, his lion hide gear was stolen by Horatio, so he went with casual clothes, a white t-shirt and jeans, using cesti made from monster parts to pummel monsters to death.

Female Human - The Piratey Huntress

As a female human (hopefully this won't be recurring for him)16), Zecarius- or as he prefers, Cari- stands at 5'6", with white hair that is usually worn in a braid, resting at midback. Still she has blue eyes, the same scars and tattoos. With the efforts of Carlynne, Cari is wearing a tan bandana around her head instead of her beret, a leather corset with bronze accents which show off her assets, an asymmetrically laid dark brown belt, a knee-length beige cotton skirt, and leather boots with knife sheaths17).

Kittymorph - The Quiet Fuzzball

As a kittymorph, Zecarius is covered in white fur, his cat eyes still the pale blue of his human self. He appears a bit more muscular in this form, though it's more like a gymnast or an acrobat as opposed to a bodybuilder. He tends to be very playful and affectionate as a kittymorph, though he seems to wait for a green light before getting right up into a person's face. Zecarius doesn't speak much, and has a habit of partially repeating himself, along with referring to himself as "this one". He enjoys scritches and is easily distracted. He tends to avoid wearing clothes, though his hat and cloak don't count.

Joker - The Cloaked Gentleman

As a joker, Zecarius looks similar to his human self, such as his build and his white hair, but his eyes are a striking green. His outfit seems to vary between a victorian outfit, a very fit and well cut black and white suit, and a more pirated setup, involving a ruffled white shirt, poofy pants, and proper boots. No matter what, he wears his cloak around him. So far, he seems to be as friendly and curteous as normal.. though he does aim to be more sophisticated. He does tend to be a bit more mischevious than usual, but he likes to help out.. if things work that way. Sometimes they don't.18) He's still trying to find his joker game.

Female Joker - The Sporadic Jokeress

Cari actually doesn't look that different from being a human. White hair pulled back into a braid that comes down to midback, sparkling green joker eyes, fair complexion, scars on her cheeks, tattoo on the shoulder... the only differences are the eyes, and that her hands sometimes glow green with improbability. For once, Cari actually wears black gloves that cover her hands; they match the black boots on her feet and the black beret on her head. The outfit is completed with a red corset and a black skirt. She sees improbability as a toy, and doesn't really use it for a purpose; she whips it out for fun.19)

Midget - Spry and Spritely

Zecarius stands 4'6". His hair and eyes are like normal, white and blue, but his ears are pointed, and he looks more like a boy than a man. His attire is reminiscent of a certain hero, being donned in a forest green tunic, tan pants, and brown boots, along with his standard beret. He looks more like a Fae than a midget, though, like most midgets, his speech is rather... jarbled20). He's been working on it, though.

Common Attributes

In all forms, Zecarius has some recognizable features. First off is his beret; made by Deimos, it always adorns the top of his head. It is usually ocean blue, though it matches his joker suit when he's a joker by changing to black. Second are his various scars: he has a pair of short scars along each cheek, forming a cross, and a circular scar on the back of his left hand. These are battle wounds from various fights with Horatio. The third notable mark are his two tattoos: on his right shoulder is the word "NOX" for his clan, and inside the circular scar on his left hand is a seven pointed star. Zecarius also wears a leather fur-lined cloak, a very nice piece of gear, made for him by Lily. Thanks to the Stranger, his skin has a faint green glow to it.. but it's only noticable if you are looking for it. It has faded over time, but is still there.


His personality is consistent, for the most part. Zecarius is friendly and helpful unless given a reason not to be, usually sitting around NewHome to assist rookies. He is protective of those he likes, but has sworn not to harm any other contestant. Spending some time on the Jackalope crew has caused him to develop some piratey tendencies, such as alcohol tolerance and more confidence in his step. He enjoys chatting, even if it is nonsensical or smalltalk, though he's not that good at the latter. Zecarius prefers fighting with blunt weapons or projectiles, finding something in the manner of fighting that seems to not be in using blades. He is also fond of wood21), having gotten used to cutting logs for buildings, and is working on carving now. He enjoys building and reinforcing, and is working on becoming the greatest reinforcer on the island. Zecarius has improved his creating skills, now being able to make armor and weapons from the parts of monsters. He has shown some proficiency with math and physics, though it hasn't come up much.

Ohh Ohh See Eff Hey Cue

So, how did you come up with the name? It's been a name I've used for a long time as my alias, and no one else seems to have it, so it's mine. Bwahahaha.

What brought you to the Island? Well, I saw an ad for it off of another site I visit, and I came over and gave it a shot. The concept is awesome, the community is amazing, and now I'm hooked.

So, what plans do you have for your character? Ummm.. not much, really. Mainly for now, I'm working on developing each of the races for him as a semi-seperate entity/personality. The other gender is something I've wanted to do for a while, but I'm stingy with my cigs. Thank you, custom race!

About the races, the appearance changes slightly each time, but you don't keep information about the old ones. Why? Well, due to the flavor text whenever you have teatime, I decided that Zecarius had to change each time, even if it was just something cosmetic. And I don't feel like remembering, so I set whatever his current appearance is for each race as kinda a threshold, meaning that if he becomes human now, he'll be however he last looked like as a human. Now, for when I want multiple runs of the same race, that's when you'll get the variations, like child and female coming in.

Also, what's with the title? Monster Hunter? That goes back to my plans for each race. They'll each have their own title, and a custom appearance, though still Zec. The Human is focused more on killing monsters and making things from their parts, hence the Monster Hunter reference to the game series. I think I have them all planned out now; just need to DK enough to show them all off. Or... not. The titles keep changing depending on my mood. Woo woo!

What's up with the seven pointed star? It shows up quite a bit for Zecarius. Well, when I got the star tattoo, I wanted something different. And four, five, six, and eight are all obvious, so I snagged seven. But once Lady RavenSkye made him an eyepatch with it on it, and Bree gave him a necklace also with the seven pointed star, I've started using it as a symbol for him. By the way, there are currently seven races on II. The two aren't related22), but it's an interesting tidbit!

1) Whether you want to or not.
2) Now's your last chance to run. Click back and get out of here!
3) But seriously, call. Who writes letters anymore?
4) Oh, and kissing him. He should probably get looked at by a doctor. Who knows how many people she's kissed like that?
5) What are they, five?
6) Maybe because he got an immunity from it after the first time.. or maybe he's just too thickheaded to forget.
7) Though apparently she's MIA now
8) I don't see a sign or a deed or anything
9) Yes, aboot. This page is multicultural, eh.
10) So no complaints on child violence!
11) Yes, special. If you don't know, then you lose.
12) Really, go visit. Right now. Zoom!
13) which makes no sense. Why worry about a crazy man with needles?
14) If you want to know... well, you don't get to. Nanny nanny boo boo.
15) If you don't know where it is, then you aren't part of the club.
16) Oh it will be.
17) Dagger included
18) And people should quit whining when they don't. It happens. Get over it.
19) That's what she said
20) He even has problems understanding what he's saying.
21) Yes, I said wood. Keep laughing, ya perv
22) yet.. maybe
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