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Before the Island:

Zephy (born Sephyra Alorona Fenopa Kalio Rowena Petrowyn) grew up the third daughter of a Wealthy Merchant in the kingdom of Valdigard. Starting at a young age, she was rarely interested in what everyone told her was proper for her place in the world.

In her early youth she climbed trees and collected bugs. Her mother fretted and worried, while her aunts insisted she was still young yet.

In her later youth, she would borrow her younger brother's clothing. Snuck into the sword work classes with the town boys, she would go missing for hours. Her mother fretted and worried, while her aunts insisted it was a phase that she'd grow out of.

In her early teens, she changed the S in her name to a Z, and refused to answer to any of her many middle names. Her mother fretted and worried, while her aunts insisted that rebellion in teen years is not unheard of.

In her late teens she outgrew her ruse of boyhood. She started going into the back room of local pub, where she would engage in quick-witted verbal sparring with the many traveling merchants. Her mother fretted and worried, while her aunts insisted that having children of her own would calm her down.

At the end of her teens, she insisted that she was not going to have children of her own. Her mother and her aunts fretted and worried and moaned and carried on without end. Sephyra -now Zephy- was never going to get married at this rate!

Shortly, Zephy's father (the Wealthy Merchant) got fed up of heading a household full of fretting, worrying, moaning women.

He went to the tavern, looking for any traveling merchant who was not overly familiar with his unique situation. There he chanced to find several new faces, along with some of the same old ones. As a proper gentleman of the town, his face was not unknown there, and he was greeted with a hearty back-slap and an invitation to join in to the current game of cards. Seeing a few strangers across the table, he joined the game knowing he could not lose.

Several hours later, and several pieces of gold poorer, the Wealthy Merchant was out of cash to bet. With convincing sadness, he asked if he could try one final game to win his money back. He offered up "his most beautiful daughter" as the last thing he had left to wager. The locals there seemed to take pity on him and refused his bet. The foreigners too seemed reluctant to separate this poor man from his child. Finally, one of the foreigners took the bait- offering him back most of what he'd lost if he was to win the next round.

About an hour later the Wealthy Merchant did remind the foolish foreigner that they had wagered on his most beautiful daughter, and not his best behaved one. The wedding was set for 2 days later. The foreigner waited uncomfortably at the alter, while Zephy's mother and aunts (and father!) tried to drag her into the church.

And then it happened, as if in a dream. Between one blink and another, she was gone- vanished. There was no trace of her.

And then the party started.


Since coming to the Island Zephy has made a few friends. Though she sometimes misses the relative safety of home, she's more often relieved to be living in a place with such relaxed social boundaries. Zephy briefly had a relationship with Giuseppe Lorenzo, though that ended disastrously, and she doesn't really like to talk about it. She has become good friends with Syn and is worried about her recent disappearance.

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