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'He was always so quiet. We used to go out and shave stray cats together. It's sad that he won't ever be back, but his mom gave me his Pocket Vibro-Buddy and his abacus.' - Emile Hamsterflinger, Former Next Door Neighbor

'This affinity with butterscotch pudding - think we can get a product placement deal?' - Gary Wockenfuss, Network Sales Executive

'It's either a head injury or that's just the way he is.' - Dr G. Wilhelm Crackbanana, Psychiatrist And Curling Enthusiast

'And yea, verily, Improbable Island is a foul and Satanic TRAP for those who follow the path of VIRTUE! There are even MEN on there who GAMBLE with REALITY and wear HORNED-RIM GLASSES!' - Rev Willoughby Gumball, First Church Of Jeebus Cripes Fundamentally Fundamental, Nonergonomic, Indiana

Having recently scored his second third hrair1) 2) Drive Kill, Zog The Disturbed is the founder of Kittymorphs Against Shedding 3), a holder of unlimited bizarre tee-shirts 4) 5) 6) 7), a bad case of allergies, and a desire to crush the Improbability Drive like the foil tray of a Swanson TV Dinner.

Zog is also the High Priest of the First Improbable Island Temple of Eris Esoteric and an officer in SWEET.

After a recent Drive Kill, he finally lost his struggle with unreality, gave in to the Dark Side Of Improbability, and accepted his Joker 8) heritage.

1) I was so impressed by this I think I just went tharn.
2) May El-a-Hrairah bless you, my child, and may the Black Rabbit of Inle not find you in the dark places.
3) Despite no longer being a Kittymorph himself.
4) Friends Don't Let Friends Watch Sequels To Highlander.
5) In A Truly Just World, Yoko Would Have Taken The Bullet For John.
6) Kansas State Ski Team - Hills Are For Pussies.
7) My Parents Went To Z'ha'dum And All I Got Was This Lousy, Scorched T-Shirt.
8) However, he refuses to dress like a Joker. Ties are icky. Top hats are cool, but only if they're purple.
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