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Zrenija Vor

KNOWN ALIASES: Zren, Zrennie, MammaVor, the Vor Whore AGE: 37 HEIGHT: 4ft2in. EYES: Milky (fully blind) HAIRS: Purple ORIGIN: South Vormis, 1241 C.E. Former leader of a dark-ages criminal syndicate, master of illusions and deceptions.

Likes: Organizing crime, collecting socks, mixing drinks, perversion, Russian tea parties, muffins, corruption of the once-pure, caffeine, nicotine, s'mores.

No Likes: Unpunished tea-party ruiners, those who refuse to be mothered a little, people who don't like fun.

Personality: Though once a criminal mastermind, Zrenija's cunning is belied by her sweet, caring personality. She is quick to laugh, host a tea party, and offer consolation after the Plastic Bag has suffocated you for the fifth time today.

Notes: Often mystified by new technology; seems unaware of the cameras apart from their money-providing role. Despite disability, seems willing to make the best of an improbable situation. Bizarrely bent on throwing tea parties, despite not liking tea all that much. Has an absurdly enormous crush and/or torrid love affair going on with the Watcher.

Zrenija's Improbable Scrapbook!

General Portraits (pre-Island)

Portrait - Kharentian Bluffs, Pendall 1240


Week 1 as a Lost Rookie

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