Subject: Map access issue

Posted on: January 21 2011 @ 10:39 PM
By: Ashtu


(*Dragged, kicking and screaming, over from Legacy Forums*)

Quote by: dark

Well I'm now level 14, have my invisisute and chainsaw, thus had enough spare rec to try the world map.
Unfortunately, all i get with a screen reader is a list of random numbers and city id codes, with no information about where things actually are.
Would it be possible to replace the graphical world map with a simple textual list of the outposts and their coordinates in the accessible skin?
Sorry to be a pest.

Quote by: dizzyizzy

Quote by: dark

Sorry to be a pest.

You're not a pest.
At least, not to me, But I'm not the one doing the coding. Wink
You should be aware, though, that the forum you're posting in right now is archives from season one. These should be filed further up the page, at Forum Index > Season Two > Feature Requests, Ideas, and Feedback.
(Although, given the nature of the problem, I'd consider this a borderline bug. Either way, It goes up there, and'll get noticed and fixed faster.)
One thing with your suggestion: The world map is for finding everything, not just outposts. Perhaps some sort of input-output thing would be better, as in input the coordinates, name of dwelling, or name of outpost, and it tells you how to get there...
though, you still don't know what kind of terrain lies between you and your destination.... Hm.

Pest? PEST?? Do you have any idea how long CMJ's wanted somebody with a screen reader to do some serious testing??


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