Subject: For the suggestion box

Posted on: May 04 2011 @ 10:54 PM
By: Daedalus


Because the Island has so many gambles built in to the game play ... some more. These have been floating around in my head for a while and I just want to get them out there.

Two ideas for improbable-event-like ... err ... events:
1. Taking medical risks.

Daedalus was recently in the hospital tent with not enough Req for a useful amount of healing, and the Doctor says words to the effect of: "... or I could hand you ever to the work experience lads ... cheaper, but I don't know if they'd do as good a job". Hmmm ... I thought, that could be an interesting gamble. Player opts to submit to the 'lads', but the 'treatment' has an unpredictable (and not always beneficial) outcome. Best outcome ... better than 100% hit points restored, and they forget to charge you. Worst case ... Failboat. In between is a random % of hit-points restored, at say, 50% of the cost of full healing from the doctor.*

2. Selling unopened supply crates for uncertain returns.

2 x 2 scenarios in mind for this. i) Either you go into eBoy's and eBoy (or perhaps the shady character from the PSK?) approaches you, or ii) just as an improbable event in the jungle (probably easier to hook onto extant code than the first? ) ...

"eBoy (or other) is about to walk past you and stops, eyes fixed on your backpack. "Say, is that a crate you have in there? I can ... : (2 scenarios, rather than player choices):

i) give you x amount of req for it, unopened, if you'd like to sell it here and now?" (where x is an approximately average value for the contents of a crate).


ii) ... take it off your hands for a buyer I know, but I have no idea how much s/he'll pay for it till s/he sees it." (you accept) eBoy returns moments later and hands you x amount of req. (where x is anywhere between the value of say 2 x small med kits, and ... umm, 5 (?) teleporters. (Values being the current or average sale price of items at eBoys in a pre-determined post.) eBoy smiles the crocodile smile of a slick salesman. "There ya go ... less a small 'handling commission', of course".


While the writing of these isn't all that challenging, as a self confessed Coding Tragic I have no idea how much work they would entail. And I have no hope what so ever of doing the latter.

So, here endeth the suggestion.


* and perhaps a range of temporary negatives. You wake up encased in plaster from the hips down ... your fingers are sown together ... impromptu training in gender re-assignment is delivered to the lads by Doc Paprika, and you are the 'volunteer'. (This would I guess need to be a temporary or fairly easily reversible effect.)


Re: For the suggestion box

Posted on: May 04 2011 @ 11:30 PM
By: dizzyizzy


I suggested the eboy's box thing, in a much simpler fashion - The boxes operate on the same principle as the rest of the items, and eBoy tells you what you'd have missed out on when you sell.

Re: For the suggestion box

Posted on: May 05 2011 @ 12:34 AM
By: Beeps


That was suggested in another thread. >_>

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